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MAKO AK-47 Recoil Reducing, Collapsible Buttstock

Mako Group
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Recoil-reducing butt stock features a spring-loaded buffer intended to improve accuracy and keep you on target during rapid fire while minimizing painful recoil. Constructed of a rugged reinforced polymer to be lightweight and incredibly durable, this collapsible M4-style stock has six locking positions to enable rapid shouldering and a comfortable battle stance. Includes a rubber butt pad with a hidden battery and accessory compartment. Battery storage compartment is fitted with rubber pads to prevent batteries from rattling. Bolts to any AK stamped receiver with no gunsmithing required.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: SBT-K47FK
Spring-loaded buffer
Constructed of a rugged reinforced polymer
Six locking positions to enable rapid shouldering
Includes a rubber butt pad
Hidden battery and accessory compartment
Bolts to any AK stamped receiver
No gunsmithing required
Lenght of pull: 7.5" collapsed, 11.5" fully extended.
Weight: 15 ounces.

Item#: 59893,AKS-161,2-MAKSBTK47FK
Total number of Reviews: 53

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5.0 5
"great stock, does everything its suppose to, and install was a piece of cake. the only thing that was tough was getting the inside retaining screw to thread on, but common sense will take over and it shouldnt be too much trouble, the battery compartment is real nice and so is the rubber end to it. definitely a step up from the crappy tapco stocks."
– brett
4.0 5
"very comfy stock... fitted right into my romanian wasr-10 plus it gives me extra length for my gorilla arms, the only problem i had with it is the forward bolt is too short so either get a slightly longer bolt or do what i did and shave some of the plastic from the nut holder/ expander it took some patience but once i got it... it fit like a glove."
– diverguy
4.0 5
"This is a great stock but like the other reviewer stated, the front screw is to short for a Romanian WASR-10. It's not that big of a deal, I went to the hardware store and got a .05 longer machine screw and the problem was solved. It is a nice stock but a little pricey compared to the other options out there."
– D
5.0 5
"Swapped out the MAK thumb-hole stock for this one. Very similar to my AR and I like that. My youngest son can shoot this and have the weapon fit him. Really reduces recoil and I can get on target quicker and hold a tighter grouping. Fit extremely snug on my MAK. This was a great buy for me."
– dividejag
4.0 5
"The Mako AK-47 Collapsible recoil stock was placed on an I.O. inc. AK-47-C no problem. 300 rounds later works great. thank you C.T.D."
5.0 5
"Nice stock. Fits my romanian wasr10 great. I just did what diverguy did and shave off a tiny bit of plastic. Solid fit and the rubber pad is comfy too. Haven't shot it yet but it def feels like it will reduce recoil. Extra storage is nice too. Good job ctd."
– killbodies
5.0 5
"I put one of these on a Saiga 308 and it works great"
– Dyingtime
5.0 5
"Took about 15 min to install for my Mak 90. Had to do some shaving but once its on very tight fit. Will definitely buy another one for my other Mak. Delivery was quick. Excellent service with CTD. Thank you."
– zach
5.0 5
"Got this as a Christmas present and have to say it just might be the best one that I've ever received. Went on very quickly but only one snag. Like others have said, the front screw was a lil 2 short but after shaving down the wedge that holds the front nut it fit just fine. Holds extremly well and snug no rattling or wobble. Haven't taken it out to the range yet but have put to my shoulder and pulled on the spring simulating recoil and seems very well built. Can't wait to test it and will post a review as soon as I do."
– tactical tendencies
4.0 5
"I ordered this stock for my Wasr AK47. I ordered a Mako stock #SBT K47FK w/ a spring buffer tube. I received a Mako stock # GLR16-S and a spring buffer tube,this stock is for an AR15. The buffer tube was for a Wasr AK. The AR stock fit AK buffer tube. The only diff is the AR stock has swivel connections on both sides, works for me. The front bolt needs to be longer (quick fix at the hardware store). Looks and feels great. I also ordered the Leapers UTG rail system. Everything looks and fits GREAT!!!"
– Phil
5.0 5
"With the original wood stock it was definitely too short. I'm 5 ft 9 inches and with this stock on it's perfect for making a long shot through the scope or going indoors for close quarters combat. The only problem is the upper bolt is too short just like everybody else said, but it will only require me couple minutes of my time to fix it. Even with the one bolt in its tight as a drum. Love it. Would recommend it over any other butt stock."
– mi5veezee
4.0 5
"Like Diver Guy stated, front bolt is too short so I bought a longer bolt. Fits like a glove in my WASR. Between the recoil buffer, forward grip, and this stock there is hardly any recoil at all. If you have a WASR, I would recommend getting this. 500 rounds and no wobble. This stock rocks!"
– Bad Day
4.0 5
"I purchased this product for my Lancaster Arms AK74 RR and was instantly a believer. Very easy to install with a very tight fit. No wobble or movement of any kind. Recoil is reduced to not much more than a .22 rifle! Rapid fire with tight groupings is no problem.I think the price is a litle high, but the results can not be argued with.I would definetly make the purchase again.Another great item from CTD."
5.0 5
"With this product you have adjustable length of pull and recoil reduction. What more could one ask for in an AK stock? Oh, you want easy fitment and solid, durable design. well it has that too! I will make one point against it. In order to install with the supplied hardware you need to remove the wedge that allows self adjustment and start the bolt in that. Then slip the stock on. It requires a bit of force but it's not hard to achieve a flush fit.Great product, thanks CTD!!!!"
– grimlock
5.0 5
"This is a must have product for the AK-47. It took myself ten whole minutes to install. No problems like prior reviews. The butt stock needs no additional check rest for the AK-47 iron sights. Very lightweight and took a lot of the recoil."
– Daywalker
5.0 5
"Helps a lot with recoil. Holds CR123 Batteries! Awesome!"
– EZ
5.0 5
"The only problem is it doesn't have a swivel for the sling, but it does have a slot to put the sling on. Absolutely the best stock for your AK-47, REDUCES recoil greatly! Love the storage compartment for batteries in the butt-end! Easy to install, wedge screw a little short but made it work."
– Bill W.
5.0 5
"By far the best investment I have made towards my Saiga 12. With this installed my 12 gauge kicks less than my AK. Can\uFFFDt say enough good words about this stock. The only draw back is one of the screws could be longer......so what, the difference in recoil is well worth the pain of one little screw."
– Drdeep
5.0 5
"Installed this on my Romanian AK and took it to an Appleseed shoot. Put around 300 rounds through it the second day. Another shooter asked how I could take such a beating. Just smiled & responded, \"I'm old but still tough.\" Then I showed him the shock absorber. I plan to get one more for my other AK, too. I just need someone to tell me how & where to attach a sling to this buttstock."
– Billy Hank
5.0 5
"Buy it buy it buy it. You will not be disappointed. The screw is short just like everyone said but it's still worth it. No more red rash on my shoulder after firing several mags and I can stay on target better. I love this stock!"
– mephistos
5.0 5
"I got this for my MAK-90. With the the larger walls of the 1.5mm receiver and the trunnion, it sits a little low, so this unit was a file fit which makes it an even better fit. I went and got a longer screw at ACE hardware and used a hacksaw to cut it down to fit. It took away a lot of recoil. I gave it a five because it is a great one size fits all unit. Overnight shipping from CTD with normal shipping."
– bilskee
5.0 5
"Other than converting your Saiga in the first place, this is the best thing u can do to your Saiga 12. For the record the screw is not to short. You just have to push the wedge up with a thin screw driver till it reaches the thread on the bolt. A longer bolt not done right will hit the bottem of the reciever."
– boomstick
5.0 5
"This is a great stock, went right on my Arsenal SGL21 and I didn't even need to get a longer bolt. It does a great job absorbing recoil and has a good feel to it. It also has plenty of room in the stock's compartment for batteries and such."
– ADF tactical
4.0 5
"Yet another short screw on a Romanian 10/63. I kept the screw that came with the kit and shaved a bit of plastic off the front retaining nut piece. That allowed it to go just a bit further up into the stock and allow the nut to catch. 4 Bullets because for the price of this stock, nobody should have to go out and buy their own screw. Mako should include one that's a few more mm longer for use with the WASR models. That being said, it's one of the only recoil-reducing stocks made for the AK frame. You could always get an AK/AR adapter, but why?"
– Chuck
5.0 5
"Update from last review... Dont get me wrong this is a great stock BUT for a newbie like me the product description is missing something important and may want to read \"For use with AK's with existing set buttstocks.\" Reason? I have an underfold swing stock! Which means the entire back end of the rifle needs modifying just to fit this piece. IMPORTANT NOTE TO THOSE BUYING THIS.... DO NOT BUY if you have a underfold swing stock on you AK and wish to upgrade to a full size buttstock. Or else this will NOT \"Install easily without the assistance of a Gunsmith.\" Aside from my small brain not realizing this prior to purchasing... this would have been VERY easy to install and would have been very appreciated on my AK!"
– Skoogs
3.0 5
"I am really new at this modifying business and I must be the biggest idiot in this review panel but I take one look at this thing and I cant even begin to figure out how this is going to fit on my WASR10. Would be nice if there were some actual directions provided with this package. Now I have to wonder about where my missing screw is like everyone else. Would love some install suggestions but without them, I give this another day of tinkering to figure out or its going back."
– Skoogs
5.0 5
"Bought it for my AK Norinco. It was a little bit big, so I had to file a little and used a little force to get it fit in the receiver. After all, it works great. I took it out to the range yesterday. Shot around 200 rounds. It worked great. Much less recoil. Perfect invention."
– Leon Nguyen
5.0 5
"I've felt compelled to comment on this. I find reviews very useful and I looked at this stock and searched around for a long time until finally buying it. It's precisely what I wanted. Easy to install on my WASR. fits and feels great. Haven't even shot with it yet but am confident it will be awesome. It telescopes 4\".I looked around for cheaper and couldn't find it....it is expensive, and that is it's only con but I still gave it a 5.I Hope this review helps others."
– Mk1000
5.0 5
"Looks and works great fit right on my WASR-10 had no problems with any of the hardware it came with greatly reduced recoil works great highly recommend."
– ak lover
5.0 5
"This stock is a must have if your gunna go with a recoil reducing buttstock. From the very minute I opened it, you could feel the rugged dexterity this buttstock has. It is painfully easy to install and this picture does not do it justice. The stock actually comes with 3 slots for 1-point sling attachments and a quick detatch sling swivel mounts on each side near the rear of the buttstock. And of course, CTD delivered it lightning fast (as usual). Very happy customer here, looking forward to my next purchases..."
– G-Rag
5.0 5
"Nice product, easy to install. would be even better if it came with a pistol grip but an otherwise great product."
– Ray
4.0 5
"Looks great, functions even better. I had no issues installing this on my wasr-10. I just tapped the nut in there a little further so the screw would reach. Took it to the range and loved it!! Buying another one for my Saiga 12. My only issue is that it isn't made by mako, but rather FAB defense out of Israel, so pretty sure it's not a compliance part! Looks like I'll just have to replace more parts."
– Seth
5.0 5
"This part fit my AK great, good snug fit that I feel will stay that way. As others say it is easy install. Looks and feels great, an adjustable cheek rest would complete it. Little more expensive than I was planning on but glad I did."
– Mark
5.0 5
"I had to do a little trimming before I could get it to fit my Poly Tech AK, but once I did... Oh man! Well-built, solid, works as advertised. As others have pointed out, it's made in Israel, but then again... Israeli- When you care enough to use the very best."
– Texan Raven
5.0 5
"This stock is the worth every penny. The screw does stick up a little bit but I have a grinder to fix that. Grind the screw not the cut in to the stock. Trust me it's a lot better. I have my finished blackwidow AK47 on YouTube if anyone wants to know what ctd did for me. It's under blackwidow AK47 it's the second video rate it and tell me what u think of it."
– sammo the great
5.0 5
"Perfect fit, I was impressed with the snug fit without any modifications such as filing away material. Easy instillation with the included hex key. Reduced recoil as advertised. Reasonably priced. Looks great. I will be ordering one for my wife\uFFFDs AR. I recommend purchasing this product to anyone looking to improve their AK."
– Michael
4.0 5
"The stock itself is quite excellent, with solid construction and very little play in the collapsing mechanism. The rubber pad and internal compartment are also excellent additions.My problem that keeps it from getting 5 stars is the set of fasteners they've included. The hex-head bolts strip out VERY easily and don't allow you to really crank them down hard for a solid install. The installation initially seemed solid, but I found the stock wobbling back and forth a few hundred rounds later. I was able to find phillips-head type replacement bolts at the local hardware store and this has effectively fixed the problem."
– Busdriver
4.0 5
"This is the best stock on the market. It looks and feels great. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 5, was the front screw was an eighth of an inch too short. I had to file the wedge nut so it would fit closer to the top to start the screw. All in all, I am well satisfied! I recommend this to any one! I mounted this on a Century Arms AK."
– ricashy
5.0 5
"Love this stock. Very easy to install. I also love the spring action in it. The best part is there is no bulk at the end of receiver, like with other stocks."
– jay
5.0 5
"Three day delivery!!!! I don't understand all the talk about inadequate hardware and the need for modification with a Dremel. The hardest part about this install was getting my wood stock off (I used Loctite on the two screws). Maybe the folks at MAKO listened to the complaints and fixed the problems. Again, I had no problem with this item. Popped it in place, cranked down the two screws (more than adequate length), and headed for the range. I hope the foregrip (AKS-034) I just ordered is as easy. Don't hesitate to buy this item. You'll be glad you did! :-)"
– squirrel
4.0 5
"Received my order 3 days after ordering it. The recoil stock took me less than 5 minutes to install. I own a Romanian AK. Did not need to make any adjustments. I rated it 4 out of five only because I just finished cleaning it and didn't wish to get it dirty so soon, not to mention it's raining cats and dogs. Thanks ctd."
– lee
3.0 5
"I was lucky to have a Dremel for this item. Took about two hours to remove enough material to get the stock to seat correctly. So much for the \"no gunsmithing required.\" I'm hoping the recoil compensation makes up for the extra work."
– Robert
5.0 5
"I had no issues with installation, had a harder time getting off the wood furniture. Looks great, feels great and the recoil compensation feature worked great.. did notice sometimes it was a bit slow to come back to full extension.. may try some graphite if that continues. All in all, buy it, it rocks!"
– wilddog
5.0 5
"Best thing I ever did on my MAC. You will not be sorry. Rock solid fit for over a year. Back on target in half the time. Add the fore end. Mako products are excellent. Never fail and look great on your rifle. Buy it now!"
– Defender
5.0 5
"Outstanding product. You will not be disappointed."
– Talon LM
5.0 5
"Got it in a few days; regular shipping, no worries as usual. Took it out yesterday and can completely feel the difference. Stayed on target, with almost no recoil. Very impressed. Went on easily with no instructions, but that's what YouTube is for. Recommend to anyone with an AK variant."
– dewey
5.0 5
"This unit has been on my AK for a year and has had over 2000 rounds through it. The spring is still strong. I get back on target faster because there is less muzzle climb. The unit was a file fit and still is the best stock for the AK."
– Bilked
5.0 5
"Really loved this item, I've was planning on getting it for months now. The original wood stock on my WASR 10 was to short. The stock not only looks good, the spring built in is pretty flawless I would say I'm very satisfied with this item and highly recommended"
– Marty D
5.0 5
"Excellent option for the price! The compensation was truly felt."
– Brett Silvia
5.0 5
"Stock works exactly as advertised. looks good too... not that that matters. definitely helps cut down on recoil and allows for faster follow up shots. great product."
– Rustyg.
5.0 5
"I orderd this at like 8:30 at night and it was at my door by 9:45am the next day.11 hours how is that even possible!?The stock itself is way beyond my expectations. virtually no felt recoil and back on target in a flash. I swiched from a folding german wire stock and cant ever imagine going back. I will miss the compactness of the folder, but not much with this kind of performance. installation on my i.o ak was solid as a rock, and a snap with no smithing at all. simply a must have."
– mako
5.0 5
"I wanted a six position stock for my wsar10. The fold to the side stock it came with was lacking everything but making the rifle compact. After my new stock arrived it took me maybe 5 minutes to install it. Its very well made and with the 6 position you can set it to your length of pull, but how did it shoot? Took it to the range and WOW! What a difference! With the recoil spring it tamed that AK right down, easier to stay on target and get the more accurate shots. Excellent AK upgrade."
– p derr
1.0 5
"The "Rubber Butt Pad" is made of Hard rubber with Sharp Edges. I took & rounded off the rubber Edges with a razor & file, now it's a lot more comfortable. The collapsible stock is Difficult to Adjust. It Sticks & Hangs up when you try to adjust it, not smooth at all, even with lubrication. My Tapco collapsible SKS stock adjust so much smoother and easier. Conclusion: Poorly Constructed, Cheap Materials, Overpriced, **Buyers Beware, Purchase With Caution**"