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MAKO Group Mossberg 500 and 590 Handguards with Rail

Mako Group
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Handguard accessory rail system for shotguns is specifically designed and manufactured to provide a rigid, ultra-light platform for mounting virtually any mission-specific accessory. Features a full-length, bottom Picatinny rail, and includes two removable, side-accessory rails. Manufactured from reinforced plastic composite, and requires no gunsmithing to mount. Includes a lifetime warranty from MAKO.

Two models to choose from.
Remington 870 Handguard SHT-075
Mossberg 500/590 Handguard SHT-078

Mossberg has changed the forends on the 2009 and newer model 500s. Please check to see if the forend will disassemble with a castle nut. If it doesn't have the castle nut this item will not work.

For Warranty issues please contact the following
The Mako Group
74 Rome Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735
631 270 7663

Item#: SHT-078,9-72977,56347,2-MAKPRMO
Total number of Reviews: 34

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4.0 5
"Overall I like this product, but I did have to modify it to fit a Mossberg 500. The action tube of the 500 is too short to allow the retaining nut to connect (an inch or more). I ended up grinding the internal rails of the forend that limit the position of the forend on the action tube. I also had to grind a small amount of the top of the forend to allow the receiver to fit in the rear of the forend (like the factory wooden one does) when working the action. The manufacturer should include a modified (longer) retaining nut so that the forend requires no mods to fit the gun for which it is marketed. Overall seems like a good product, would be \"great\" if no mods were necessary."
– ko
5.0 5
"Just received this today. Previous reviewer said he had to modify it. I had NO problems on a Maverick 88. I should have my barrel mount next week. I am still working/thinking about my rail accessories. I am going to add a laser, and also a quick detach tactical light. This is worth the money. Well made....replaces original perfectly."
– Phoenix708
5.0 5
"I just installed this on my 590 and i couldn't be more pleased. The look, the feel, all top notch, a perfect replacement for the factory synthetic original. Installation was a breeze as well, had no problems with it."
– red
4.0 5
"I ordered this product for my Maverik 88 but after receiving it saw that the action tube on my Maverik was too short. fortunately I have a Mossberg 600 (newhaven) that I had doctored up as well that had a longer action tube. I switched the hardware from one to the other and achieved my desired platforms for my 2 home def 12 gauges. Before you order this item....Measure your tube. If the overall length from the threaded nut to the guide rods is 8 in. then you are all set. If you have the 7 in. tube then Youhave some heavy mods to do"
– E.K.
3.0 5
"I too have a 500 with the shorter tube. Luckily, I have no qualms about grinding away excess plastic.I've rarely found anything that says it would fit multiple items that actually would fit everything listed,so I always count on self done modifications. Other than that, I like the grip, I put a rail attached handle on it and with the previously mounted shock absorbing hand grip/buttstock, my Mossberg now fits me perfectly."
– Roger4Wheel
4.0 5
"This thing went on so slick. Snuck it in the house and was able to get it on while the wife was in the shower. Hey CTD can you do a little more discreet billing like come up with a vague fake name so I can order more stuff!!!"
– ExKalifornian
5.0 5
"I dont know what the other feller is talking about, but i just got this in yesterday to go on my Mossberg 500A. This thing slipped on SO easy. No mods whatsoever. I reccommend this to anyone wanting the Picatinny system on your tactical shotgun."
– TennesseeJon
5.0 5
"Wow the best add on for your shotgun. Added front grip with flashlight holder part#arr-606.Thanks CTD"
– Elite tactical force
3.0 5
"great accessory, but im guessin ive got the short action tube, guess im breakin out the dremmel..."
– mojomuscle
1.0 5
"Too bad it didnt fit. Im sure I would have loved it. Too long for the tube on my Moss500A. I didnt want to get into cutting away plastic but it sounds like someone made it work. Kudos"
– Wolfgangfrankenstein
4.0 5
"I too have a short tubed Mossberg 500A so I had to break out the Dremel. After about a half hour or cutting and filing it fits great. Installed a Knoxx Spec Ops stock and a UTG tactical scope mount as well and am very pleased with the results. As long as you have some patience and some mechanical know how this fore-end will work for you. Now all I need is a tac light and a holographic red dot scope!!"
– J Red Bills
5.0 5
"I am a patrolman who works third shift in a small town and rural area. Trying to handle a Streamlight flashlight and a shotgun is a fairly clumsy thing to be doing. So, I purchased this to give my shotgun (Mossberg 590A1) rails to mount a light. Installation was a breeze. The hardest part was getting the old factory one off, which really wasn't that hard, it had just been stuck from being on there for the life of the gun. It is mounted secure, and works smoothly when chambering a round. I dare say it fits better than the original factory piece. I have a Streamlight TLR2 mounted to the left side. It fits the rail perfectly and has no play or wobble. I couldn't be happier with this product."
– Dave
4.0 5
"I purchased this forr my Mossberg 500A. My mossy has the shorter tube and so I had to take the dremel and rasp to it. About fifteen minutes later with a little help from an adapter nut I had it mounted. It fits nice and secure and is a nice complement to the 6-position stock I added already. The rear of it does not extend past the magizine tube onto the reciever and with this replacing my stock forend I was able to install a six-shell side saddle onto the receiver. However, if you cycle you gun by gripping the rear of the fore-grip be aware that you will have to grip a little farther foreward than you are used to. The grip, while not the greatest, is actually almost comfortable. I would recommend rail covers, however, as they make the grip very nice, almost as if it is some new type of hand massager.The reason I gave it four bullets and not five was for the small amount of modification I had to do (which I always consider will be part of any non-factory after-market piece) and the need for tha adapter nut to secure it. If you want a forend with rails and also want to put a large side-sadle on your reciever I would consider this front end."
– Poor Bloke
5.0 5
"Can't speak for the others that had problems with installing this forend, but it went on my 500A Persuader in less than 20 minutes just like it was stock from Mossberg. Make note though, judging from other reviews if you have a differant model 500 with the shorter magazine tube sounds like it my need to be modified a bit, but if you have the longer 7 round tube, should have no problems. Thanks to CTD for a great product at a great price."
– Greg W
5.0 5
"I have never changed out this part before on my shotgun (500a) but I figured it out very quickly and the install took only 5 minutes. Study product and looks great!"
– Brian Rizzi
5.0 5
"Great product. Super fast shipping. I installed this on a Mossberg 500A with no troubles. Looks great and functions perfectly. Great for adding a tactical light and foregrip to your pistol gipped Mossberg 500A home defense system. Thank you once again CTD!!!!!!!!"
– Blacksberg, VA
5.0 5
"I removed the original handguard and installed this one onto a Mossberg 500A in under 10 minutes with just a pocketknife, and I'm not even a gunsmith! The craftsmanship and quality are excellent and the material is exceptionally rugged. Dare I say it is even better than the original factory handguard! It securely fits my weaponlight without any give or gaps. Once mounted, the handguard itself wobbles just a bit, but no more than the original factory handguard. Overall an excellent product and worth every penny. As usual, superb customer service and very fast shipping even all the way to California! Thanks again, CTD!"
– K2 from California
5.0 5
"I have a Mossy 590 with 8 Round Tube. Absolutely awesome product that installed in about 5 Minutes. What took the longest time to install was to take off the ATI collapsible stock and shell holder. Otherwise, it went on in seconds. Great add-on to my 590. It is now complete because I already had my Tru Glo Red Dot! Great Product!"
– Joe
2.0 5
"This was fairly easy to install (if you pay attention to how you disassembled your action) and I've got no complaints about the fit and finish, but I could not find a comfortable grip on this forend when firing. My fingers constantly came up against either the wing rails or the mounted streamlight (TLR-1) and got rapped on every shot, which was uncomfortable to say the least. My hands aren't that large (M/L in a golf glove), but couldn't find a \"safe\" grip."
– Jammed Fingers
4.0 5
"I just got this item for my Mossberg 500A tactical 6 round shotgun and I must say I like it. I have not gotten a chance to shoot with it yet, but to counter the rails being uncomfortable I got a AR15 forearm (ARR-190). In compliment of the looks the handguard also had a simple assembly for anyone who learns their weapon and its disassembly. Thanks C.T.D, for an overall good product."
– Scott
5.0 5
"When I got this I was biting my nails cause of the reviews, I'm gonna say what others have failed to. You will need a slide action tube that measures 7-5/8. Every thing fits great really snug and no probs. I have a mav 88 and in order to make it all work I had to get a slide action tube cause most of the mav's don't have one and every thing came together perfectly. I recommend this product."
– jaj
4.0 5
"Nice fit and finish. I have a New Mossy 500. Got the forend to mount a light. Little did I know that the 500s now have a forend w/ the action rails pined in. So, IMPORTANT you need a short forend tube (got it from Mossberg-$20). You then need to drill out the front of the forend w/ hole saw and use a longer Houge adapter nut. Mako's website has a nice link w/ pictures on the whole process. Once that's all done. It's sweat. The rails mount firmly. Easy to attach and remove lights etc. Sounds like a lot of work but not that bad if you have the tool know how.."
– Adam
5.0 5
"I had read the reviews regarding the size of the action tube so I made sure to measure ahead of time and was greatly relieved that I had the longer tube. This made installation pretty simple. The hardest part was getting the nut off initially since it was pretty well stuck.You will have to learn how to hold the forend when firing because that side rail can be pretty brutal on the thumb. After about three slugs I learned to put my thumb on the rail rather than behind it.The most amazing part was that I placed my order Friday morning and received it Saturday morning. I was dumbfounded that I had received it so quickly considering that it was Friday when I ordered. Thank you, Cheaper Than Dirt, for your excellent service!"
– Jim
5.0 5
"Never ordered form CTD. Looked at the site a lot. I was replacing my stock forend (wooden Maverick type) on my Mossberg 500a. I love the tactical rails. If it's a good accessory for a \"black rifle\", hey...why not? Feels great (snug and solid), looks great. Had trouble figuring out the action guide rails. I did the \"online help\" with Scott. He knew exactly what I was talking about. The old wooden forend was not coming off of the interior aluminum tube (and guide) assembly. I kept tugging from different surfaces and it finally broke loose. I wiped it well with Birchwood Casey and inserted it into the new Mako. Works like a charm. No trimming or modifications. If you're going to mount a light to this rail, you may as well purchase a vertical forgrip as well. It's pretty tough to get a good grip on the forend with a light attached to any of the available rails....unless it's a compact light...something less than 1 1/2\" Lg.Great product. I'm very happy with the forend and the online help service."
– Jacksdayjob
3.0 5
"This is a Pretty good forearm.The Cons: it mounts kind of loose, it \"rattles\" more than the O.E. forend, especially with a light mounted and no installation instructions!Pros: this is good quality and a good fit lengthwise, it is very functional, the color matches the O.E. stock well!"
– \"BReady4Anything\"
5.0 5
"Great item ! Installed in less than a minute. looks and functions great.Gives you a lot of mounting options!!!"
– Devildog1985
5.0 5
"After reading all of the reviews here, I was a bit worried about this part fitting my Mossberg 500 AB \"Police\" model with 18 1/2\" barrel and 5 round mag (6 3/4\" slide tube). Mako must have made some improvements, because mine fit perfectly without the long Hougue nut (I ordered one before hand. Also, it fits with absolutely no slop. Much tighter than the OE wood one."
– cpmodem
3.0 5
"I have a Mossberg 500 Cruiser. Install only took a 5 minutes, but there is a lot of side to side slop. Might make shooting a bit of a pain. If I had to do over, I would modify a rail to fit the factory forend."
– 0101010
4.0 5
"For the price it is worth it... Its not as tight fitting as i hoped but it works fine."
– Button
1.0 5
"I was upset to find out that this product is for mossberg 500 12g shotguns made before 2009 so it does not fit new guns unless u buy the longer action tube. . . not worth it but it looks like a good product for older models."
– -blank-
5.0 5
"I read the reviews and then bought the piece for my Mossberg 500 with the door breacher barrel and 5 round mag tube. New gun with the castle nut. It fits great. It only took two minutes to install and fit my compact rail-mounted light perfectly on the left rail where I can operate it with my thumb. If you don't have one, buy the UTG forend wrench. You will need it."
– Cecil
4.0 5
"It fits my older Moss 500 just fine, went on in a few minutes. However, the bottom rail ends too soon, and prevents you from installing a light to the extreme front/bottom of the forearm. Installing it further back makes it impossible to use (I'm not pumping my shotgun by gripping a flashlight)."
– Mark
4.0 5
"It took no longer than 10 min. to install this and I'm satisfied. I bought the tommy gun looking forend about 2 months ago because I was being cheap but I regret it, on this forend I attached my red dot laser and my Surefire light. I like it."
– The Resistance
5.0 5
"This is a great product that fit my Mossberg 590A1 perfect. Everything fit as it should and is very tight. If you know your gun you can install it in 15 min. Excellent product again from Mako. They are the best in the aftermarket tactical world. Could not be more satisfied for the money."