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Mako AR-15 Magazine Well Grip Black Finish MWG

Mako Group
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The Mako AR-15 Magazine Well Grip allows you to comfortably hold your magwell. It mounts directly below the receiver's magwell to provide a large, beveled mag opening for rapid magazine changes, as well as a natural hand position for more secure shouldering while firing. This magwell grip comes in a black finish and is easy to install. It may require some shaving of the inside lips of the Magwell Grip for an exact fit. 
Item#: 59888,2-MAKMWG
Total number of Reviews: 28

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4.0 5
"This is really nice. Added aggressive look to my DPMS and was very easy to install with three allen screws. ONLY DRAWBACK...back side of magazine hangs up on the grip. May have a hard time putting mag in or ejecting spent mag. Easily repairable with Dremel or rotary tool."
5.0 5
"Fits perfectly on my oly arms k16. My magazines will fall no problem when ejecting them and doesn't catch on the grip when loading a magazine."
– Wild35
3.0 5
"Gives your AR a nice appearance & a better grip. I'm using this on a Rock River Arms NM A-4 & the only thing I don't like about it is the grip prevents the magazine from falling out freely...I have to tug the mag out."
– Melendez
1.0 5
"Would not fit my Bushmaster C15 lower with any reasonable amount of dremeling."
– JE
5.0 5
"push the stock all the way in, put your nose on the charging handle and grab your mag well grip. All that's left is some mighty nice snap shooting. it weighs nothing and is fairly easy to install and it doesn't block the mag well in the slightest"
– stylish fella
1.0 5
"Just got this today and it would not fit onto my Bushmaster M4A3. I will probably have to dremel out some of the plastic to get it to fit, but I have a bad feeling that it will still not fit."
– David
1.0 5
"This product is of poor quality construction and doesn't seat fully in the rear by the trigger guard. It arrived with a small crack in the rear screw assembly as well. If you really need a mag well grip for CQ, I suggest you look elsewhere."
– Sgt1911
5.0 5
"I installed this mag well grip on my Double Star 5.56 AR lower. It fit as if it was made specifically for my lower! It's got a small window cut out on the port side to show the caliber stamp on the mag well. It does, as described, facilitate faster magazine swaps also. If you have a Double Star lower, I definitely recommend this grip!"
– California Blows
4.0 5
"Easy install and perfect fit on my TACTICS LLC lower. The only gripe I have is there is no slot for your pinkie. But fits the other fingers like a glove. I'm really happy with it."
– Tyler
4.0 5
"I installed this on my P.O.F. 415 AR. It took some grinding with my Dremel to get it to fit right. Once installed, it looks and functions great."
– Quaddog69
5.0 5
"It fit my DPMS Panther light. Took a little time. I had to take the grip apart into two pieces and assemble it in place. This thing doesn't slide right on, but it fits. Gives the best grip for CQB you could ever ask for, and cuts the time of target acquisition. Milliseconds can be the advantage you need."
– that guy
1.0 5
"This grip is in no way universal fit for all AR15s.After hours of adjusting, grinding, drilling and sanding, I was able to get it mounted, but then the mag would not line up properly. Save your money."
– Disapointed.
5.0 5
"Fits great within seconds. Doesn't impede magazine extraction whatsoever. If you have an Olympic Arms AR-15, this will fit and work flawlessly. It pairs perfectly with Hogue grips. Thanks CTD!"
5.0 5
"Fits perfectly on my Smith and Wesson M&P Sport. Hex socket screws (metric) take the grip apart in two pieces, wrap around every mold and bulge of the magwell like a glove, and are screwed back together. Magazines slide in and out freely, there's a nice cutout window to show your serial number and it provides the most natural and fast grip possible for your AR-15.Anyone with an AR-15 that follows the standard pattern of an AR lower will have no problems whatsoever. The more your AR deviates from the standard pattern, the more problems you'll have."
– kimovsky
5.0 5
"Fit like a glove on my Olympic Arms AR-15 with ZERO alterations. Doesn\uFFFDt impede on magazine extraction whatsoever. Ergonomically fits my hand very nicely. Has a nice, tight CQC feel to it. Looks amazing and adds very little weight to the firearm. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, solid, wallet friendly magwell grip!"
– Noble1618
1.0 5
"This did not even come close to fitting my Red Rain lower receiver. The amount of shaving and butchering it will take should not be expected. This is going back to CTD tomorrow. The quality is poor. Just a couple of pieces of poorly formed plastic for too much cost. I'm not going to spend hours trying to make something fit that should out of the box."
– tdleamon@bellsouth.net
5.0 5
"I purchased this item for my DPMS Sportical M4. Five minute install. Mag clears with no trouble. Feels good, looks good. Perfect fit, nice product."
– granny
5.0 5
"I was hesitant to order this, based upon previous poor reviews, but took a chance and this mag well grip fit perfectly on my Palmetto State Armory lower without any modification at all. I ordered this product for my AR when I noticed that I was the most comfortable shooting it when I gripped it by the mag well. My son has the Magpul angled foregrip but that didn't feel right to me. I haven't been out to the range with it, as it just arrived, but I installed it in about 10 minutes (took that long because I couldn't find my smallest hex wrench). I have three different brands of magazines and they all insert and eject without any obstruction. I highly recommend this product!!"
– Redlandsboxerdad
5.0 5
"I chose this particular model, based on the prior posts. No modification needed. It is indeed a perfect fit on my M&P15T. Very solid, feels like it is part of the receiver, and does not move or jiggle around at all or interfere with the magazine."
– S&W
4.0 5
"It's a decent grip once you get it to fit. Alot of fun as a secondary grip to hip fire with a laser on at closer ranges. Will likely take a little effort to put on as they fit very snuggly to mag well but feel very solid once on."
– that guy
4.0 5
"After I purchased my AR, I looked around and tried several grips. I prefer this one of many. It didn't fit exactly and took a little bit of filing down but after the quick fix it works great. I do recommend this grip but it truly depends on your magazine well size."
– Smith&Wessen M&P 15
4.0 5
"This item is functional. It works great and looks good, but i had to take a Dremel tool too it to make it fit my AR. After a little modification it fit like a charm."
– Adam
3.0 5
"I'm sure this must fit nicely on some AR's... But let's face it - aftermarket AR's are as variant prolific now as AK's. It might help someone to know this will not fit A Sig-m400, a Sig-522, nor a Mossberg MTM.. and no amount of Dremel help (short of cutting out the three set screws and going to rubberbands and duck tape) will make it fit. I did manage to get it to mount on the MTM... (sort of) but it mounted so skewed it prevented the magazine from engaging the catch at all. My best advice is if it doesn't look spot-on or at least VERY close out of the box? Don't make the mistake I did and mess it up to where you can't conscientiously return it should you want to."
– Brother Scott
5.0 5
"Put one on my bushmaster carbon fiber AR15 and one on my windham AR15 they are sturdy and solid. Had no problems putting them on or in using with any style of mag."
– Dub
4.0 5
"Quick shipping, came two days early! The grip fit my M&P 15T nicely. Had to take the grip apart to get it. Feels nice and makes a big difference in the look."
– Eric
2.0 5
"dose not fit bushmaster ar. sold it to a colt ar owner fits his fine. it is made very well."
– dale
4.0 5
"Feels and looks great. The mag well grip is solid and does not wobble, feels great in the hand, and fits my mag well perfect. The only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is because I had to take it off my AR, file the inside down around the areas of the mag well grip that extended beyond the OEM lower mag well with sandpaper because it was a bit stiff inserting and releasing the mags. The mags would release but get stuck in the mag well grip. 45 min of sanding down and thinning the inside of the mag well grip and works like a charm. Hardly any manual labor to put on, but only if you have to do what I did and file-down the inside of the grip. Didn't mind honestly."
– Oscar
4.0 5
"I have 2 of these. One installed on my S&W M&P 15. One installed on the wife's Daniel Defense Ambush Series. They are very comfortable for me and her, nice tight fit that has never come loose, & durable. I have had mine installed for 3yrs. FYI, both required minor fitting adjustments with a razor and a file."
– Brandon