MagnetoSpeed V3 Barrel-Mounted Ballistic Chronograph

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Achieve accurate muzzle velocity readings on almost any weapon with the MagnetoSpeed V3

The MagnetoSpeed V3 Chronograph kit uses patent-pending elecromagnetic sensors and that resist common environmental conditions, including light, wind, and even nearby muzzle blasts at the range. The distance between the two sensors is calibrated precisely, within .005 of an inch, to provide an accurate projectile velocity reading.

In addition to the larger diameter of the V3, the V3 has a built-in additional inch of clearance in the blast zone to account for longer muzzle brakes and flash hiders. The MagnetoSpeed is an exceptional choice for precision shooters, reloaders, and military use.

MagnetoSpeed is an Austin, Texas-based company that produce high tech chronographs and target hit indicators to assist shooters in gauging the abilities of their weapons and ammunition. MagnetoSpeed's chronographs can be expected to provide between 99.5% to 99.9% accuracy and can be tuned to read solid, lead, and steel projectiles in slug, bullet, and shot form.

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MagnetoSpeed V3 Barrel Mounted Ballistics Chronograph Features and Specifications:

Compatible with:
Barrel Diameters from .5" to  2"
Muzzle Brakes from 2.5" Dia and 3" Length

New Improvements:
-New Profile and Color Scheme
-Redesigned Bayonet
-Updated Sensor Design
-Improved Shooting Modes
-New Bracket--Allows for Future Alternative Attachments
-Improved Display over Previous Versions
-More Compact and Rugged Display Housing

Other Features:
-Rapid Mode with Rate-of-Fire Tracking
-Air Gun Compatibility
-Simple Three-Button Menu System
-Rugged Strapping System--Includes Metal Buckle and Triad Thumb Nut
-Easy Access Battery Compartment--No Screwdriver Required
-Advanced Data Logging and Troubleshooting Capabilities
-Downloadable Firmware Updates Allow for Future Improvements
-Dual Data Connection Points

Also Includes:
Bayonet Sensor
Display Unit
Standard 6 ft Connection Cable
Retractable 4 ft Connection Cable
Alignment Rod
Heavy Duty Strap Cam Buckle
Thumb Nut Tightener
Thick and Thin Rubber V-Block Spacers
1/8", 1/4", and 3/8" Plastic Spacer
Rubber Heat/Strap Guard
MicroSD Card with Adapter
4-40 Cap Screws in 7/16", 1/2", and 3/4"
1/16 Hex Drive
(1) 9V; Alternatively Allows (2) CR123s
1" Black Strap
Soft Case with Custom Cut Foam