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Leapers UTG AR-15 and M16 NATO Magazine Clamp

Leapers UTG
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AR-15 magazine clamp. Blued steel construction. Holds two 20 or 30 round magazines. Compatible with most .223 Remington magazines, including Ruger Mini-14.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: TL-A050
Material: Steel
Weight: 5.2 oz
Color: Black

USGI M16 magazines and similar sized steel and aluminum magazines
HK M16 and SA80 Magazines
Magpul PMAG (Rev M)
Magpul PMAG MagLevel (Rev M)
Magpul EMAG

Does not fit TAPCO, Thermold or similar polymer magazines  

Item#: ARR-050,16-TL-A050
Total number of Reviews: 46

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4.0 5
"Can't beat the price. Only one thing to note it the black paint is shinny on the clamp surface."
– Chad
2.0 5
"This mag coupler is not a good design for actual field work. it will bend easily if you have it in your mag pouches and lay down on it in the prone. i wont be using it anymore after being let down by it once"
– Lcpl Krueger
4.0 5
"Fits good, I don't feel it is robus, but what to you expect for this price."
– Hoss
5.0 5
"this is a grat product. the clips fit easy and it holds them strong. simple and a great price."
– adam
3.0 5
"It functions well and is worth the money. I would not recommend this if you are a soldier who's life depends on it. I most likely will bend with little force. Use it w/ a couple of cheap STEEL mags. It will however provide me w/ quick access to 60 rnds."
– dustnuckl
5.0 5
"Wonderful product. simple to use, just get our two AR-15 Mags and put them together with a simple screw and alan wrench included!! no problems"
– Robert
5.0 5
"Very secure clamp- Can't see spending more money for any other!!"
– Rick
4.0 5
"Great item, except..if you hit the ground it will bend, so.. am ordering 3 more.. put two on a set of mags, should minimize the problem, also moving the mags to a more protected area, like on the side.."
– Jake in Fla
5.0 5
"holds to mags very secure and does not interfere wit the function of the gun at all if you adjust the mags in the clamp properly"
– Tommy
4.0 5
"I was very surprised about the strong gripping power with the stiff support. I never had problems with bending of any kind. I even used 2 clamps to hold three mags with the same results. Any more than 3 mags and it wouldn't be combat efficient. How would you carry 3 coupled mags on your person as backup?"
– Deputy V
5.0 5
"DEPUTY V per your question; get a saw pouch item #ARR-009 here at C.T.D. i have 3 of these, you will find you have room for more mags as well. good luck"
– merc60
5.0 5
"I ordered one just in case I didn't like it. Well now i'm ordering a few more. makes reloading quick just when i need it. I really recommend these puppies!"
– CombatMedic
5.0 5
"I also bought only 1 just to see how i liked it and now I plan on buying more. Fits mags tight and secure and switching mags is easy and FAST. Awsome product!!!"
– CIRE ar15
3.0 5
"I had mine attached to 2 factory aluminum mags and no matter what I did, if I hit the ground hard, one mag would slip! I had two Thermold polymer 30rd mags (from before I discovered Magpuls complete dominance!)so I replaced the springs and followers (took some work to make em fit) and then trimmed down this metal coupler to about .75\" tall so it would fit tight between the mags molding. WORKS GREAT! It is now one of my favorite setups! Wish you could do it the same with Magpuls mags but the molding is different :( If you have any Thermold mags, a bandsaw, some magpul followers and some TIME then this is for you!"
5.0 5
"Installed a set of clamps on two MagPul polymer mags. The grip is tight, the installation took seconds, and the groves on the MagPul Mags even fits the gripping lip on the clamp. Solid product, keeps your ammo where you need it, and I'll be buying more."
– The Seraph
5.0 5
"IT GOOD TO SEE OTHER AGREE ON THE QUALITY OF THESE MAG CLIPS ARE GOOD, YES THEY ARE SHINY BUT (steel wool dulls the finish to a matte look)thanks C.T.D."
5.0 5
"Awesome product, I have several of these and they work great with both my colt and brownell mags. Nice having 60 rounds at my fingers. Its 8 bucks what are you waiting for..ORDER THEM!!!"
– Gunlover
5.0 5
"Awesome mag clips. I use them for my airsoft AR mag. I use 2 Magpul mags and it fits them like it was part of them. Screw it down it will never let go. Simple and incredibly effective. Get these!!"
– Flex
5.0 5
"I have 2 other couplers from CAA (plastic) and while this one does spread the mags a lot more than it, it also facilitates the changing of magazines far more than my CAA mag coupler. I bought 2, but might think about buying more..."
– Chris from KC
5.0 5
"This sucker is a tank. Used it with some Pmags and it fits them well. not the prettiest girl at the dance but the toughest!!!"
– Master Putter
5.0 5
"Works as well as advertised. No problems with putting it together (takes two minutes) and can take the rigors of shooting and movement. Good product, worth the money."
– Frank
3.0 5
"Not bad. Putting it on is a piece of cake."
– Loid
3.0 5
"They work well as said by others. They bend easy, but seem to hold up."
– Al
4.0 5
"For eight dollars this is a great way to make 60 rounds readily accessible. The magazines hold securely in my Colt. This is worth the price. I tried my Magpul PMAGs and they do not fit well, metal mags work great."
– BH
2.0 5
"Check out the picture for this product. See how the flanges do not connect up with the screw plate? Yeah thats because the screw plate is not the right size for these mags. When you tighen up the plate, those flanges keep getting further and further away from the mag, and will catch anthing they come in contact with - like your hand/glove. You can tell that the original design was to have the screw plate cover those flanges, but someone surely burnt the toast. Oh, and you better be careful and not bump the other mag - it WILL slip. But hey, if your goal is to throw down 60 rounds real quick with no reliablity, then go ahead."
– XXXshooter
2.0 5
"This thing is crap scratches the hell out of your mags. The mags will slide fairly easy and as stated these will spread and will snag things. If you want the look you can get it. I guess it makes the gun look intimidating. I don\uFFFDt recommend for actual use."
– .308 Keith D.
5.0 5
"The best investment for my AR-15!"
– primer
4.0 5
"This thing is pretty cool and pretty in-expensive too."
– Hickory Creek Taxidermy
5.0 5
"Works great with my cheaper mags and is light weight."
– Cruz
5.0 5
"It works great. You just have to really tighten the screw to make the mags stay in place."
– Ken
5.0 5
"Using these to clamp together Magpul's Pmags and they work great along with standard GI steel mags. Great product that works with multiple mag types just tighten them down real good."
– Dan
5.0 5
"It works best with metal mags. A great item!"
5.0 5
"This is a good clamp. It works well, but not for magpul, but surplus mags."
– Cruz
5.0 5
"Not only do they look sweet but work like a champ too. I have shot hundreds of rounds using these clamps and never had a mag slip or any malfunctions. Can't beat it for the price and when the zombies attack you'll be glad to have 60 rounds at the ready at one time. And as allways CTD has shipping and costomer service that you cant beat"
– Dragrat
5.0 5
"I have had this for over a year now and it is so sweet! It will fit my Pmags just fine along with all my other standard AR mags. Functionality is wicked cool! Super fast reloading and is super durable. Yes this will scratch up your mags a little bit when removing and putting it back on. But since when do your magazines have to be scratch free? All in all awesome product, awesome quality and awesome price, thanks CTD!"
– DR.ut
4.0 5
"Great product holds the magazines firm and tight no movement."
– mi3nhboi
3.0 5
"This thing works OK. Not great and I ended up having to put some tape between the clamp and the mag for a snug fit. Also be aware these only work on the old school steel mags if you have poly mags it wont fit!"
– the Doc
4.0 5
"Great product..Works really good in all types of weather..The magazines never even moved once secured. I would recommend them to a friend."
– SP
3.0 5
"I put them on my 20rd. clips for my Smith&Wesson M&P 15. It looks weird, dosen't look good on a 20rd. clip! I was going to give it a 2 but CTD is a great place to shop! Never had any problems."
– G_$
4.0 5
"They work well and cost little. Admittedly, there are very few people that would ever actually need anything like this, but they're plenty fun for range use."
– Deadpool
3.0 5
"This clamp works for the most part. I didn't mind scratching up a pair of old mags. Whenever I would tighten it enough to secure the mags, the clamp would start to twist and torque in funny ways. Take a care when installing and tighten lightly."
– GM2 Crow
4.0 5
"Good little product. It's cheap and it does what it is supposed to do. Can't really complain"
– BrokenSJ
4.0 5
"This is a great item for the cost. It holds the mags firmly and perfectly spaced apart. As others have said, they only work with steel mags and will not fit polymer mags like Tapco or Magpul. Still can't beat the price."
– jwgata05
1.0 5
"I got two for my 7.62 AR-15 magazines. Fit well, but the two pieces of the magazine clamp won't interlock, no mater how hard you torque down the screw, and will warp the clamp. A little bump or tug will cause the clips to shift."
– 57 Chevy
4.0 5
"Once you get the mags in place and tighten down the screw, the mags start to flex inward. But with a little time, you can get it where you want it. Overall, I like it. Looks really good on my DPMS."
– Wesley
1.0 5
"Purchased two of these mag holders from Cheaper than Dirt. No Bueno Man, bent when I got them tight enough to handle a mag slam home. Clamp needs to interlock with retaining bracket and a spacer needs to keep both sides parallel, from getting out of shape when tight enough. Very poor materials and bad design over all, not happy. I feel like I wasted my money for this product."
– Dave F