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Mag SKS 10 Round Detachable Blue Steel Legal to Install

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Fits standard SKS rifles. One piece blue steel magazine with extended front lip. 10 rounds of 7.62x39. Easy installation (directions below). Does not make gun capable of using AK magazines. No adapter required. Will not hold open bolt when last round is fired.

Installation instructions: Remove the trigger group and existing fixed magazine. Replace trigger group and fit in detachable magazine. 
Total number of Reviews: 13

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1.0 5
"thats all there is to it. these are simply the WORST mags i have ever touched for an SKS. save your money. i can load stripper clips faster than i can get these on. getting these mags OFF is the real trick. not machined to specs! THESE ARE A WASTE OF MONEY!!!! spend your hard earned money on a FIXED mag for your SKS, you can find stripper clips for about 25-50 cents each anywhere and they are a million times more reliable."
4.0 5
"This magazine is quite good, at least works good on my Yugo SKS.No jamming or stove piping what so ever and you can still use stripper clipswith just 1 magazine if you prefer."
1.0 5
"Bought this mag and went straight to the range. Loaded it up and fired about 20 rounds before one of the spot welds broke on the side, which was actually quite dangerous because it was throwing rounds up vertically and the slide would crimp the round pretty bad. I'd rather use stripper clips than to have that waste of time."
1.0 5
"I just recived my mag today and i imediatly tried to install it. first thing i noticed was that it didn't even come close to fitting, and after fifteen minutes of fileing i was able to get it into my rifle. And it still took a little forceing. Then after all of that work the follower will not engage and keep the bolt open. Just use the factory attached mag if you only want ten rounds."
1.0 5
1.0 5
"Bought two of these, thought maybe it would function better than the stock unit. The other's below have said it well enough, this magazine is junk, spend your money elsewhere."
5.0 5
"Does no one ever tinker with things when they don't work?Into-I have 3 of these sks \"duckbill\" mags, a 10rd, 20rd, and 30 rd..and I have to say some people are just plain stupid when it comes to the SKS...I have 3 SKSs (Tula, Yugo, and Norinco shorty) I only use these mags on the already butched Norinco short ver....I bought the Norinco with already attached 20 rd mag, and an el cheapo folding stock and guards...I personally like to leave an SKS stock, just because of its beauty and just plain KISS factor (Keep It Simple Stupid) I use the detachable mags with the Norinco only and I must say they are actually quite decent as a replacement mag, but not so much for quick mag changes as advirtised, keep in mind the SKS was not made for this...and stripper clips are much better for quick reloads. Stripper clips are much more affordable, easier to use, and can be used effectivly much quicker than these \"quick detach mags\".This review is for the 10 rounder.Being a owner of a couple of these same type of mags before getting this exact 10 round one here from CTD I knew what I was dealing with before I bought it, hence, I have never had a single problem with the mag. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Make sure your mag is not loose, and make sure it does not overly wiggle side to side. If you insert this quickly and slam it in like an AK it will be loose, and will misfeed often, and this is my #1 cause for misfeeds in this mag. Make sure the top metal piece on the mag is correctly caught in the magwell, when it is not attached to the magwell correctly it will be loose, and it will wiggle around when touched....this is the obvious symptom that you have inserted it incorrectly. another symptom of this problem will be, if you load the mag one by one with the mag already inserted, the bolt will slam forward (on your fingers) after one round is loaded in the mag..this also happens when I load via stripper clip, but not as often, so to make sure, try to load one shot..if your SKS suff."
2.0 5
"You guy's are right!!! I've struggled w/10,20&30 rd mags and was disgusted with the fit up problem. Stick with the standard box! I can feed a lot of stripper clips in the time it takes to \"smith\" those things!"
1.0 5
"This Magazine is Crap, need I say More?"
4.0 5
"The little part on this mag that interlocks with the trigger housing to lock it in place is a little longer than U might like. but this is not entirely a bad thing as I see it...... at least U know it wont fall out while shooting.... only downside is this mag doesnt lock the bolt back after the mag is empty....and U have to open the bolt to take it out and put it in which can be quite tricky after teh last shot.....In term of FEEDING...it feeds the ammo properly on My YUGO....I use the speed loader with stripper clips found on this site and it works just fine....All in all....a good mag (WHEN IN THE GUN)just tricky to operate(TAKE OUT AND PUT IN)....."
3.0 5
"These mags are ok for shooters with welding and smithing abilities who dont mind spending time on them. They have to be modified by breaking the welds and repositioning the center piece back to push the bolt lock catch which is the plastic part. Then the front lip catch of the mag may need to be welded so you can grind and reshape it until the mags slips in easily.There are small details that make the difference between a good fit and a perfect fit. My mags work flawlessly the lock the bolt when empty and drop out like butter the key is an easy fit and getting the bolt to lock back. In my opinion these mags suffer from poor workmanship and very poor quality control. but they are metal and metal is workable plastic is not. Good luck give your mags the jewelers treatment to make them fit perfect."
4.0 5
"I have ordered 2 mags for my yugo SKS and the perform well. Some minor mods were needed for the fit but that is all. Feeds proper, reloads proper.. I consider myself an enthusiast so I don't mind the small details."
4.0 5
"Bot this for may norico and after fitting,performs great.Quality is not bad. Mag follower suchs because it's plastic, but it does lock bolt when emty. I like it cos it gives a M14 look to the rifle. It's good only if you use stripper clips cos it hard to remove and install mag each time.I recomend to people who are good with hands and don't mind using stripper clips."