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Mag ProMag 7.62x39 SKS 30 Round Black Polymer Quick Change Out - Detachable

Pro Mag
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Increase the capacity of your stock SKS with this polymer SKS 7.62x39 quick-change-out magazine. Holds 30 rounds and will not rust or dent. Made in the USA by ProMag and covered by their Lifetime warranty. 
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2.0 5
"It's a good thing that these come with a warrenty, because you will need it! After a few hundred rounds, the polymer at the tip of the magazine begins to crack and eventually break to the point that it will not hold ammo anymore and will spring right out of the mag. Stick with steel!"
– Tim
1.0 5
"This mag is terrible, sent it back to ProMag, they sent another, was no better. They said they would refund me my money, and after I sent it back its been months, nothing from Promag. I have had 30 round metal mags from CTD work great, but this polymer Pro Mag is useless."
– andy
2.0 5
"Just like the other guys said after a few hundred rounds the feed lips crack. If you keep it partially loded it ok for home defense. on the other hand so the does the poly from from COBRAY (cracked feed lips)"
– Brian
1.0 5
"I made the mistake of buying one of these mags, it's junk the spring is so weak it won't feed and the shells always point down. from what i've read might as well trash it. Stay away from this peice of junk and Promag has no contact on their website."
– Steve
1.0 5
"bought this mag for my norinco and it was the worst peice of junk for lack of better words DO NOT BUY OR YOU WILL REGRET"
– capone5150
1.0 5
"STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRO-DRAG PIECE OF JUNK!!!!! it will not feed right on my SKS, heck, it wont even let the bolt close on my SKS, and when it did, you couldnt pull the bolt back to get the cartridge out, even when i fired the rifle with this mag in it the bolt would not cycle. Word of advice- buy the metal SKS 30 rounder, or the TAPCO 20 rounder ( the best) at least those will actually work. You might as well throw your money in the street if you buy one of these pieces of junk. WORST SKS MAGAZINE EVER MADE!!!!!"
– Mad Max
1.0 5
"While Promag is a decent company making quality products for other guns they really dropped the ball on this one.Knowing that all SKS rifles are just a little bit different between manufacturers I decided to try this mag.Out of the package I knew I had a lemon the mag would hold barely 20 rounds much less 30. The rounds would get bound up and slam into the front of the well.the upside is that the mag looks awesome on the rifle so I'd say its more for decorative use.Get a Tapco 20 round if you have any doubt."
– zonianjohn
1.0 5
"Ditto on every comment before mine. Absouletly unbelievable worst SKS mag ever. Quality control at Pro Mag was really asleap when they let this one slip through the cracks. I am going to contact Promag and demand a refund and recomend they read the coments on Cheaper than Dirt.com to get an idea of what the puplic thinks of this piece of black plastic shaped like a magazine. I am at a loss for words. Cheaper than dirt should refuse to sell this to thier customers because it makes them look bad for selling a known nonworking product with so many complaints. Ahh! Will someone wake up and take notice and do something already!"
– James Swayne
1.0 5
"I thought that all the bad reviews of this mag COULDN'T be ALL true. I was wrong. I bought three because they were on sale. ALL three are nearly impossible to load rounds into. All three fail to feed; the follower gets stuck and they jam every one or two rounds. Please believe all these negative reviews and don't waste your money on them. A functional mag for a couple of bucks more is better than an ugly piece of useless plastic for whatever the cost."
– David Jones
1.0 5
"today is 02-29-08. I have purchased a 30 round SKS magazine from a local gun shop here in Indiana, and I think this is the worst magazine ever. I paid $21.99 for it and I am going back to the gun shop tomorrow to get a refund or exchanged it for the 20 rounder. I was only able to put 5 ammos in it and it was not feeding right for some dumb reason."
– Apollo
1.0 5
"I bought one of these at a local gunshow last weekend and the first clip ran through with no problem. After that Jam city! Every other shot would jam and it even broke off a piece of composite in the front from the bullets jamming into it. NEVER BUY THIS!"
– Unhappy
1.0 5
"I recently purchased this mag and after repeated failure to feed problems from the start i threw it down range and shot it. So if your looking for a $20 target, by all means, buy one. If you want something to feed rounds to your sks, buy the tapco 20 round, they function flawlessly."
– Mrgoodwrench
1.0 5
"I wish I would have read these reviews first. This is complete garbage! First I had to do A LOT of filing(no big deal), Then I loaded it, and it wouldn't take more than 7 rounds! I took it apart and tried everything, but still junk. The spring just stops! I honestly don't trust their warranty either. I guess we will find out. Promag makes great AK mags, but this thing is horrible! Buy the Tapco 20rounders!"
– DLL1488
5.0 5
"I called Promag today, and they have redesinged the mag body, and have grooves internally to help the rounds move in the mag. They say that this should solve the problems with it jaming up. If you buy the mag, and have a problem with it, send it back, and they said that they will send the new style mag back to you. I'm going to buy the mag today."
– Sterling
1.0 5
"Promag is usually a pretty good company but the 30 round sks mag is junk. It looks good with the waffle design but it's useless. It dosen't feed right and dosen't load right. I have sanded and filed and even stretched the spring but nothing works. Definately a waste of materials to produce this one. Stick to steel."
– mad at promag
1.0 5
"All this thing does is jam. I took it apart, filed and sanded for a proper fit and it's still junk. Wasted $20.00 and a whole lot of time trying to make it work. I would not have even given it 1 bullet in the ratings, but that is the lowest you can go. Next trip to the range I'm going to give it a whole lot more than just 1 bullet, maybe a whole mags worth."
– mike1967
1.0 5
"Purchased 2 of these magazines neither of which would take over 7 rounds of ammo. Called Promag and they sent me prepaid postage to send them back. I did and they sent replacements and this time they did hold 30 rounds but seem to eject 2 rounds at a time after every other round when pushing them out with my thumb. Haven't had the desire to even try them in my Yugo so far as i have not confidence in them now. I wish I could just get my money back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAG!!!"
– Dale in Ohio
1.0 5
"I own two Chinese SKS rifles, and same issue with this mag in both. Constant jams and the bolt doesn't even want to close properly. I was sent the updated version and have the same problems."
– Don
1.0 5
"Total crap, stovepipes everytime. If you have composite stock go with TAPCO mag."
– Jeremy
1.0 5
"I should have read all the reviews first. Took it out boar hunting first time using it and the stupid thing wouldnt allow the reciever to close. Made me look like a dummy to all my friends. Had to use another gun. Later I found out it's the mag, not me."
– Surferjoe5899
1.0 5
"I bought two of these and not one would work, I have not heard one good thing about these mags. If want a good mag buy tapco 20 rounders, they work flawlessly and dont get in the way like a 30 round mag seems too."
– phillip
1.0 5
"Do not waste you time with this thing. I am going to use this thing as a target next time at the range. Had problems with the spring being too weak and not pushing the rounds up into place. the thing jams about every 5 rounds. Don't waste your money on this thing just find something else."
– Jared
2.0 5
"On my quest to collect all the different mags for my yugo, I though this one looked really cool. It looks really awesome with my tapco stock, but it jams about every five or six rounds. I think the problem is the front of the follower is low and it doesn't tip the front of the bullet up far enough to load it. Well, anyway, It does look cool and this is the mag I keep in my sks (when it is unloaded of course). When I need to shoot, I use the tapco 20 (MAG-634). . .they haven't failed me yet!"
– Mike
3.0 5
"I have one of these mags and mine works ok, it doesn't always cycle the round into the chamber smoothly and you have to play with it a little bit, but most of the time it worked fine"
– it worked ok
1.0 5
"I, too, bought one of these nice looking decorative gun accessories, i call it that because it's for damn sure NOT a functional gun magazine! mine would feed fine if i cycled the first round slowly, but if i fired, EVERY time the next round jammed against the front of the mag body, after several tries it had distinct dents from the bullet noses! It absolutely would not feed, but fortunately, the dealer refunded my money, he also said he would never carry Pro-Crap mags again, from all the refunds he'd given. I've Never had a good pro-mag magazine, they're junk."
– dave b.
1.0 5
"these mags jam every time i fire, and they also stovepipe really badly in my chinese SKS. the first round never cycles quite right and requires that i lift it manually into the chamber and cycle it VERY slowly.... its not worth the money, i wouldnt trust my life to it, and thats my standard. get a TAPCO mag if you really want quality!"
– Nate
1.0 5
"Warning!! Bad mags. Do not buy."
– Washington
1.0 5
"this mag is a perfect as a r, billy club, or just about anything but a mag. i gave it 1 star because their is no no star option it looks great but every round jams in it and i mean every round."
– hos
4.0 5
"These Mags work fine. I have used many of them but, when you get them, you will have to file the inside edge on the bullet side because the bullet will catch while shooting causing feed and jam issues."
– MCourson
1.0 5
"i have one of these magazines and it worked the first time, now every it ejects rounds without chambering them, also, it doesn't feed the rounds into the chamber good when it does chamber them most of the time jams, not a good investment"
– Tim
1.0 5
"I bought one of the Pro crap mainly foor looks and that it held 30 rounds. It jams every time. Get Tapco mags if you actually need to shoot something!!!"
1.0 5
"I HAD 2 of these mags. The springs are weak, the rounds do not chamber properly, and I could not get 13 rounds in either one. Like many say \"Looks great, works like crap.\". The TAPCO 20 rd mags work fine. Have 3 of those, much better. But, nothing works like the factory fixed mag and brass high velocity rounds."
– d
1.0 5
"I own a Chinese SKS rifles, and this mag will jam on the first round and the bolt doesn't even want to close properly. It looks good, fits good but it will not work. Oh it will only fit 25 rounds so you should go with the 20 round Tapco."
– CombatNinja
1.0 5
"This mag is a no go. Don\uFFFDt buy it. I have a Norinco and yeah it will not feed."
– EFD727
1.0 5
"Don't waste your money on these mags. I purchased six of them and they all hang. They don't have anti tilt followers which causes it to jam like every third shot. Recomend Tapco 20 round mags"
– Pogie 5 0
1.0 5
"This magazine came with a used SKS I just bought. Unfortunately I almost thought I bought a lemon and requested a refund before I saw the reviews on here of that mag. I took the gun and mag in and found out between the crap clip and the Tapco stock not being properly installed. Between getting the stock prooperly put on and buying a Tapco 20 rd clip I was in business.FYI Promag will take these back and exchange them for 2 20s or 1 steel 30 if you pay the difference."
– Steve W
4.0 5
"I got one for my converted Yugo SKS with Tapco stock. I had to file a little bit off the inside front to stop cheaper ammo from hanging, but it was far less work than I've had to do to the Tapco mags. So far, I haven't had any real problems.I'll post again after putting a few hundred more rounds through it and won't consider buying another until then, given all the bad reviews."
– Myk
1.0 5
"I own a Chinese SKS with a TAPCO 20rnd magazine. I dont think I've jammed once with the TAPCO; works great. I just bought a second 20rnd magazine made buy ProMag and it wont chamber the first round by itself. The problem is the the bolt catch, for some reason, stays up and wont go down on its own. I have to reach in, while holding the bolt back, and push the catch down. Then the first round chambers with ease. The only difference i can see between the TAPCO and the ProMag is above the latch catch on the back side (stock end) of the magazine (which is where the problem occurs). it's flat on the ProMag and rounded on the TAPCO. I plan to take it back for a refund. This magazine is not for the Chinese SKS! Not sure about the others... Good shootin! :)"
– hiagainandagain
1.0 5
"I have one of these mags. After heavy modification it finally worked for 7 rounds. I ended up using it for target practice. If you're interested go look at the Tapco stuff instead. They WORK."
– ralph
1.0 5
"Does not work. Period. The end."
– Jon
1.0 5
"Mags easily held 30 rounds (honestly you could even fit 35) but would not fit into my SKS. I tried them on both my Tapco fusion system and my folding stock. The problem wasn't the stocks, the mags won't fit into the receiver without sanding. I had to sand them so much that the plastic became flimsy. Any more sanding and I thought the bullets would bust through the plastic. I haven't been able to fire them yet because they wont even fit in the gun. I will be returning these asap."
– Nati Chris
4.0 5
"These were very very nice mags, had to do a bit of sanding to get them to fit in my SKS but other than that great product."
– paul
1.0 5
"Don't buy this. Buy TAPCO. ProMag does not load well in my Chinese SKS. Loads first round fine and jams after that... every time. Frustrating and annoying."
– JAV76