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Mag GLOCK 21 / 30 .45 ACP 27 Round KCI Magazine Aftermarket Extended Magazine Polymer

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GLOCK .45 ACP Magazine 27 Round Capacity Aftermarket 
Total number of Reviews: 16

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4.0 5
"Here is everything in a nutshell. I ordered this magazine and it took over a 1.5 weeks to arrive. It is a KCI magazine, which is steel lined. Yes, it is steel lined! The spring is tight, which is good, because it shouldn't have any feeding problems.It is a 26 rounder, NOT 27 ROUNDER! Once again, 26 rounds. It even SAYS ON THE BOTTOM OF FLOOR PLATE (26 rounds)! The spring was TWISTED. In other words, the spring coils were also SPIRALING, like a spiral staircase, towards the end of the spring length. I had to bend it so the coils were all co-centric. feeds 100% GET A MAGLULA loader, or something similar, or you'll never be able to reload all 26 rounds in it. Quality is pretty good overall. Bang for the buck...it's HIGH VALUE, and 2nd TYPE OF COOL. Going to order more."
– Raz
1.0 5
"I got four of these and had feeding problems in all four. My 21C has never malfunctioned until I tried these mags. Gonna take them apart tomorrow. If I can fix the issues, then I will update this review."
– me
2.0 5
"Had a few feeding issues. In both cases, it seemed as if the follower was jammed, and had to tape the magazine, with it in the firearm (Glock 21) to get the follower to come unstuck. THESE ARE NOT...I repeat..>NOT< drop-free magazines! Do NOT DROP THEM! I was practicing double-tap, running out of ammo, reload, and another double tap. Uhhh, EVERY FRIGGIN' time I dropped it, the magazine FALLS APART! The base-pad retention/locking mechanism is very cheap and cheesy, and should be made better."
– Raz
1.0 5
"I love my G21 and I thought this would be perfect for me, but no, it wont feed properly. It even tries to fight you when you rack the slide by hand. I'm sending it back to CTD for either a refund or an exchange on the off chance it was just one bad mag out of the bunch. The gun looks great and fits in the gun great but it just wont feed. This doesn't work with the Glock 36 as advertised."
– gun fan
4.0 5
"I was skeptical about this mag over the lame reviews, but I bought one to try it out. Took it to the range, could only load 26 rounds, not 27... The reason for this, is the spring is NEW and all descent magazine springs need to break in a little, before they will hold full capacity. Loaded the mag up with reloaded 45acp... NO JAMS, NO FTE, nothing wrong! Loaded the mag up with factory 45acp... NO JAMS, NO FTE, nothing wrong! I dropped the mag in mud at the range, cleaned it real quick and worked even with dirty insides. The magazines DROPPED FREE everytime, and I had absolutely NO issues with these magazines. In fact I've purchased more of them, and I'm going to be purchasing more of these this week!"
– Unknowngunman
4.0 5
"The mag does indeed hold 27, however I only put in 25 for ease of counting. Feeds well. Only feeding issue has been a failure to chamber a round but thats probably due to the rounds not being seated properly against the back of the mag. DO NOT drop these mags. (your mileage may vary)"
– Seck
5.0 5
"I was skeptical about this mag because of the reviews, but I got one, took it apart, cleaned any excess plastic from the inside, loaded and unloaded it several times and then left it loaded for 3 days. I was excited yet nervous about shooting it. I went out to shoot, it ran all 27 rounds without a problem. I loaded it again and rapid fired all 27 rounds, once again, not a single hiccup (video up on youtube). As one reviewer stated, the floorplate/retaining system is very cheap, but they will not break if you drop them. I dropped a loaded one several times to see what would happen and it didnt break or come apart. Although, if you put a factory floor plate on this mag, its as good as a factory mag. I will run these mags some more and see how they do, if it runs good, I would trust my life to this mag. We will just see how it does in the long run, but for now I am definitly ordering several more of these mags."
– snipersteve
1.0 5
"I bought two of these and was anxious to see how they work. I have used a lot of mags in my life and am a retired LE officer. These mags seemed OK at first. I shot about 5 rounds fine then started having feeding problems. You shoot about 2 rounds then have to eject the mag slap it a few times to get the spring to push the next rounds up so you can fire. The spring in this mag is extremely weak. The mag overall is well made and looks almost identical to original. If not for the weak spring that won't feed, it would be a good buy. I'm sorry it doesn't work cause I really liked the idea of not having to reload so often"
– Eric
1.0 5
"These mags are cheap...they are plastic...they dont work well ...I went to the range and these mags suck. I bought 6 or 7 of these things and went to use one and it was not feeding. After a shot like 2 rounds the mag would fall out of the gun or eject..these things are cheap and need some more work before be sold to the public. I am going to modifty it a little and see if i can make it work..but overal they look cool..but dont trust your life with these mags."
– glock 21
5.0 5
"Bought one to test and hopefully reduce loading time at the range. Well it works great. I took it apart and cleaned it with some Ballistol before taking to the range just in case. Fired 100 rounds throug mine without any hiccups. I have ordered another already. Very good value for the money."
– Mike
2.0 5
"I bought 6 of these mags and they are honestly very cheaply made..they look cool but every time I go to the range they malfunction. They will fall out of your gun...I had to turn one mag into a parts mag and to experiment with it..they are made out of plastic, they have feeding issues they take allot of work and customization to get them to work as they appear.It will hold 27 rounds ..they look cool but u will definitely have to work on them to get them to work good. Not happy with this product."
– unknown
4.0 5
"This is a good mag for the money I paid for it. I did take apart and cleaned and lubed before I used it worked just fine its very handy at the range do suggest getting a speed loader"
– Keith
4.0 5
"Purchased two magazines. Was looking for Glock extended magazines for some time (27 round). When I saw them at CTD I pounced on them. Great delivery time from CTD, was to me in a few days. The thing you have to be aware of: check the mags first, right out of the box. Received one with the thing in three pieces. Needless to say, I sent it back and was replaced with a sound mag. I have now purchased a total of four mags. Fired about 100 rounds out of each without any problems. The reason for four bullets was the one broken mag and the time and trouble it took to replace it. Would recommend buying them, but take the time to inspect them first and gradually put tension on the spring by loading a few round at a time."
– jmacdee
1.0 5
"Thought they were very cool and price was very reasonable. So I purchased four for my Glock 30. Loaded one with 25 rounds and left it for a couple of weeks in my range bag. First time at the range, I inserted into Glock 30 and the bottom blew out, spilling every round to the floor without firing the first shot. Very embarrassing and discouraging. Did not have others with me, so I could not try another. Was so disappointed with initial experience that I have not touched the others since I first received them. Will try another to see how it goes and will post."
– Tom
3.0 5
"OK, not great. OK for the range, but I wouldn't trust it to anything more important. Kind of cheap."
– Brian
1.0 5
"Don't waste your money on these. They are flimsy and one of mine exploded while I was loading it the first time. Don't drop one, it's finished if you do. Look elsewhere for an extended mag!"
– Hockeyguy31