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Mag Chip McCormick .45 ACP 8 Rounds 1911 Power Mag Stainless Steel

Chip McCormick
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CMC 1911 8 round .45 ACP POWER MAG.

The Most Powerful 8rd Magazine. Simply put, the highest quality, most reliable and durable stainless steel 1911 magazine made.

Introduced 10 years ago, the original POWER MAGS! The Most Powerful 8rd and 10rd Magazines, pound for pound and size for size. One of the highest quality, most reliable and durable 1911 magazine offered. The POWER MAG is an extra-heavy-duty magazine designed to significantly increase reliability and service life, even when kept fully loaded and seated in a pistol for extended periods. Compare with other brands and see how long and protruding their mags have become, yet they still can't match up with the strength, service life and long 10 year history of reliability that POWER MAGS have achieved!
Shooting Star Follower 

Item#: MAG-271,3-1017004,2-MGCMC14131,31061,6-1017004
Total number of Reviews: 33

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5.0 5
"Fit pefectly into my Springfield 1911 GI model. Came out smoothly when released too. No issues with the spirngs either."
– Rez
5.0 5
"Power Mags are Great! I orded 5 and I'm very Happy! Can't beat the Price! They Sell for almost 30 bucks in stores!"
– Zane
5.0 5
"man I love these clips. they are probably the best clips I have ever used."
– John
5.0 5
"The Chip McCormick 8 round Power Mag is the only mag that I will use in any of my 1911 .45's. I have a vast collection of Colt's and I use this clip and ONLY this clip in all of them. The spring has the strength one desires in an auto loading pistol. It keeps PUPMIN' Em up as fast as I can squeeze the trigger. I have attained a much tighter pattern and have yet to experience a weapon jam using this clip; regardless of how fast or slow I squeeze them off. Strong, fast and reliable. During my 30 year tour in the United States Armed Forces, (USSOCOM) we used this clip as well as; the 10 round Power Mag. In SPECOPS we had the option of handgun to carry. I always choose a 1911; as did the majority of my team mates, and we ALL punched them with this mag. HOOYAH!Sincerely,GMGCM WestUnited States Navy (CAG SEAL)United States Marine Corps (Force Recon)Retired/Disabled"
– GMGCM West
5.0 5
"I bought 3 of these clips from CTD about a month and a half ago and after roughly 550 rounds not a single problem with my 1911 jamming up. I will never use any other clip in it. Strongly reccomended!A++++"
– Kyle-northern Indiana
5.0 5
"the mags are great. they fit perfectly into my springfield armory mil-spec m1911a1. they are 100 times better than the original mag which after 50 rounds caused double feeds like it was cool. you can find these else where for $31 or more. thanks ctd for another great buy"
– seedofchuckie
5.0 5
"These magazines (no, they're not CLIPS) are the best value on the market these days."
– Pammer
5.0 5
"The 1911 mag was designed for 7 rounds and is not always reliable with 8 - but I have been really, really pleased to discover during competitive shooting that these mags run and run and run. The extra power magazine-spring in the PowerMag makes a huge difference in reliability - these are my go-to mags and one sits in the gun at night"
– AndyC
5.0 5
"These are the only after market mags I use in my Taurus PT1911. Fit great and always do their job with out a hitch. I always recommend Chip McCormick mags since I have 8 of them and not a single issue with any of them!!!! They also come with a 3 year satisfaction guarantee!!!"
– Rob
3.0 5
"I bought 3 of thes mags based on the positive reviews writen here and judging by other peoples comments these are good mags for them. They would not work in my gun, not only would they not lock the slide back, the portion of the follower that contacts the slide lock would pop over the protrusion and I would have to pull the mag out of the gun. The follower on these mags in my opinion is flimsey and not nearly of the quality I expected. I would say you should try this mag in your gun befor you buy it to be certin that it will work for you."
– Joe
5.0 5
"I got a half dozen of these to use in Single Stack competition with my Springfield M1911A1 and they function perfectly until they are empty. The follower has a tendancy to pop out. While I haven't had a propblem until after the mag was dropped or when reloading, it does make me nervous when competing. I do realize that these are some of the best mags out there for any 1911, they are by no means perfect."
– Buck
5.0 5
"I use these mags to train, qualify, & carry at work in my Kimber Custom TLE II. I've never had any issues caused by the mags at all, nor the gun for that matter only ammo (squib round). highly recommended."
– Justin
1.0 5
"Whats happened to this company? This country? has quality control just gone out the window? SOME of us depend on our weapons to protect our lives and our families lives and the lives of others.These magazines failed in TWO seperate 1911s the have been customized and performed FLAWLESSLY until these mags were used they would either not fall free from the weapon or hold the slide back after the last round moreover when tested with the slide lockd back they refused to allow the slide realese to go down and release the slide forward. We went back and forth with both mags one did all of the above all the time the other would do one of the above some of the time but always one of the above not always the same problem! Frustrating at the range at least at worst DEADLY I need my weapon to go bang EVERYTIME I need every function on it to work EVERYTIME Im not thrilled with the thought of DYING because Chip McCormick decided to retire and let some sweatshop in east los angeles or wherever these are made build crap and pay him to use his name JUNK DANGEROUS JUNK maybe you weekend warriors can tolerate a so so mag but im not about to die over it."
– John
5.0 5
"These magazines have performed perfectly in my SA 1911-A1, Colt Series 70, and Kimber Stainless Target."
– FrgMstr
5.0 5
"very good quality mag, was thinking twice about spending this much on a 1911 mag, but i was not dissapointed at all. Works perfectly in my springfield loaded target. Have not had any malfunctions whatsoever with this mag, i highly reccomend it."
– SDshooter
4.0 5
"I bought 2 mags for my taurus 1911 and they both work perfectly."
– Kansas
5.0 5
"I own 4 of these mags, I baught them about 5,000 rounds ago and 5 months. they function flawlessly even when they are filthy whith carbon build up. they are easy to disassemble for cleaning and go back together with ease, unlike my mil-surp mags. I don't plan to buy any other brand besides Chip McCormick POWER MAGS, except maybe some 7 round shooting stars for wild bunch matches with SASS."
5.0 5
"I've been using nothing but the factory magazines for my Springfield Operator since I bought it because the sheer number of aftermarket magazines was a bit overwhelming. I was recently advised by a long-time 1911 owner that I'd have little to worry about if I just stuck with McCormick, Metalform, or Wilson. I can't speak for the others yet, but this magazine is just fantastic. I've had no problems with magazine changes or feeding, and I never realized before how much a better magazine can affect the ease of loading the magazine in the first place.."
– Laughingdog
5.0 5
"These magazines are out of stock for a reason. The most user friendly magazine on the market bar none! They feed flawlessly and eject perfectly. These are great for competition shooting."
– Chazzman
5.0 5
"Bought this for my brother's Taurus 1911 and it works great! Makes a very distinctive 'steel on steel' sound when inserted into the mag well . . . Looks great with the stainless 1911 too!"
– Kellen
5.0 5
"I'm finding that my both my McCormick and my Wilson Combat work better than my original Kimber magazine in my Crimson Pro Carry."
– Rules
5.0 5
"Best mag available, I have had them all and this one is superior. Also unlike factory and shooting star mags this one is rated by the MFG. to indefinately keep fully loaded, no spring fatigue."
5.0 5
"I bought this for an early Kimber Classic and works perfect. I tried in a newer Colt Combat Elite and again, flawless performance. The bumper on the bottom is great for fast mag changes and gives the heel of your palm something to rest on while you drive the mag home. There's never any question of whether or not this mag is properly seated. I'm going to buy more."
– dfunk
5.0 5
"This is the only mag you want to buy for your 1911. It works flawlessly in my Springfield Armory. I bought 5 more."
– KLRKrusher
5.0 5
"I ordered 3 of these for my Springfield loaded model 1911, and they are outstanding. I have run over a 1,000 rounds through the three mags combined, and have had no problems. A little high in price but still a good buy."
– Will
5.0 5
"After purchasing 3 of the 10rd power mags for my Kimbers and Para-Ordnance I got one of these to replace the factory mags that came with my 1911s. Yeah, I'm that impressed.These are amazing. I've had this mag and 3 of the 10 rounders for 5 years and they have yet to jam in any form or fashion."
– southern survivalist
5.0 5
"I have paid extra for Wilson Combat mags, but not since I received this quality magazine! It is easy to load and my SW1911 loves it!"
– RobTx
5.0 5
"I have several of these, which I run in Taurus PT1911s. After hundreds of rounds, I have never had a single failure. They're great!"
– Bill W.
5.0 5
"Great quality mags at a great price! Once I switched to the Chip McCormick Power Mags, my Citadel 1911 never had another misfeed. Will be ordering a couple extra of these great mags soon."
– Todd W
5.0 5
"This magazine feeds much better than the one that came with my 1911 - no problems at all."
– RIA A1
5.0 5
"Does what they say. No failure to feeds (FTFs). I already bought 4, but plan on buying more."
– matt
5.0 5
"After reading a couple reviews I decided to buy 2 mags. At first they were a bit rough going into my gun so I added a little bit of lubrication and worked out perfect. This mag actually holds one more bullet than my original, no failures, feeds great. I would prefer the original anytime, I just use these mags as back up. The only down side is that the end [butt if you will (black part)]sticks out quiet a bit. If you don't mind that...then get yourself a couple."
– El Cazador
5.0 5
"Bought an Iver Johnson Eagle 1911 and decided to buy some REAL magazines for it, and these McCormicks are the real deal. My gun jammed with the cheapo magazine twice, and this particular model does not need a break in, so I threw the magazine away and busted out the McCormicks. 600 rounds down the pipe and ZERO malfunctions, thanks to these great magazines. These mags are an amazing deal for how well they are performing. I will definitely pick up more. thanks CTD."
– Marc