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Mag Chip McCormick .45 ACP 10 Round 1911 Power Mag Stainless Steel

Chip McCormick
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CMC 1911 10 round .45 ACP POWER MAG.

The Most Powerful 10 round Magazine. Simply put, the highest quality, most reliable and durable stainless steel 1911 magazine made.

The original POWER MAGS pound for pound and size for size. One of the highest quality, most reliable and durable 1911 magazine offered. The POWER MAG is an extra-heavy-duty magazine designed to significantly increase reliability and service life, even when kept fully loaded and seated in a pistol for extended periods.
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Item#: MAG-274,6-1017003,3-1017003,2-MGCMC15150,31060
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5.0 5
5.0 5
"The Chip McCormick power 10 is the only 10 round mag that I trust . When compared to the ProMag 10 rounder, the McCormick Power 10 is much higher quality and worked flawlessly. The ProMag 10 round only failed a few times with Winchester .45 ACP WinClean ammo, But the power 10 has yet to misfeed even once with any of the ammo I fire. Plus, this is by far the best price on the web for a Chip McCormick power 10."
– Petey
4.0 5
5.0 5
"good mag, I like how easly you can clean these. I did have one problem,the first 3 mags I shot off did not feed the last cartridge, But after the first three reloads it worked fine. it proves that you did not have to spend $30+ to get a good mag!!"
5.0 5
"I purchased 2 of these mags shortly after I bought my SW1911. The S&W web site has the same mag selling for about $11 more than CTD. I like the high durability & low maintenance aspects of these stainless steel mags. They work really well in my .45 1911. I shot almost 100 rounds without any problems! I will buy more of these from CTD."
– Dean SW1911
4.0 5
"I bought 3 of these to use for IDPA, they don't work with a mag well. I had to shave the plastic down to fit my gun but that only took a few min per mag. They function fine, and they are great when you need the extra two rounds. If you only do can plinking or you want to carry this is not the mag for you but for competing it works great!"
– Tiny tim.
5.0 5
"Fired over 100 rounds through this 10 round stainless mag in practice and IDPA matches using 5 different .45s ... two Colts, two Springfields, and a Taurus. No failures. Excellent performance from an excellent product."
– IDPA shooter
5.0 5
"If you don't buy this clip, then you will never be able to trust your pistol. I have 3 Springfield TRP's and I have never - never- had a problem with them, they are the very best by far. Mike"
– Mike
5.0 5
"What can I say, I have only one of this 10rd. mag for about 4 years now! Still works great, after all this time! Plan on getting some more for X-mas :O)Its the only 10rd. mag I use everytime I hit the Range!!!Buy one, then you will be hooked, as I am :O)~"
– 2MuchMan
5.0 5
"I own Kimber, Wilson and Chip McCormick and I have never had a problem with anyone of them. However, for the two extra rounds you can carry and nearly a $20 dollar difference between the mags you can't go wrong with this particular magazine. I own five of these mags and all work flawlessly. I intend on buying more of these magazines. But DO NOT confuse these \"Power Mags\" with the \"Shooting Star\" mags that Chip McCormick makes. Those do not compare to the Chip McCormick \"Power Mags.\" I say again I am more than pleased with these both for the price as well as the performance."
– Nando
5.0 5
"ordered 3, wish i got 5. hard to even look at my old 7 rounders. gave one to my buddy. and i want more! haven't shot it yet, but its McCormick man! i know it'll work when i need it. 3 mags would be perfect, 30 rounds... psh... talk about cover'ry fire and then some. you only need 1 in a normal situation, realy... but then again why carry 7 when you can get 10? looks mean in the 1911."
– Dead_Nutz
5.0 5
"I bought three of these mags just recently and they are great! I went out to the range as soon as I could to test them out and I had no problems at all after a couple hundred rounds. I'm quite pleased with this buy and I highly recommend, especially for the price. Because you could go to some gun shop and spend $30 on one but why spend the extra money?? Shipping was fast as well."
– gun slinger
5.0 5
"6 Of these magazines. 0 jams. Functionality-110%. Round Count- 3000+/mag. Price- Affordable.The quality of this magazine is unrivaled by all except HK, STI and Wilson Combat. I shoot L10 with this magazine and every match since I have had them they have proven very reliable. They have been dropped from mid-upper body height onto concrete countless times, and they sustain nothing more than a small dent on the corner of the plastic bumper. Whether shooting USPSA/IDPA or recreational shooting, this magazine will function. A Definite buy.I know I will get more"
– The 1911 Guy
5.0 5
"I havent had a single problem or complaint about these magazines. I baught 4 of them and every one of them got put through my Taurus 1911DT and performed flawlessly, even in speed shooting they followed every shot like I expected an expertly made magazine from McCormick would. Great product, buy some already before the price jumps up."
– LA Gun Smith
5.0 5
"10 shots are better than 7, this mag never failed me, I bought 2 of them and I am going to buy 2 more, very reliable magazine, I highly recommend."
– dleen27
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these. Fired 50 rounds. They all fed flawlessly. The spring tension is smooth and light for easy loading right down to the 10th round. I'm looking forward to more time at the range with these. And when CTD starts selling Chip McCormick's Power PLUS mags, I'll be picking up a pair of those 2. What's not to love about 3 extra rounds and an extra long bumper for quicker swaps??"
– Andrew
5.0 5
"Since my initial review in April 2008, I have now put at least two thousand rounds though this great 10 round magazine ... absolutely zero failures."
– IDPA Shooter
5.0 5
"worked great in my kimber. Had to break them in. the first 200 rounds it miss-loaded 3 or 4 times, after that it worked like a champ. I will be buying more."
– AJ
5.0 5
"I have fired over 500 rounds using this mag with no problems! It's a great product!"
5.0 5
"This mag is the best you can buy for reasons stated above! It is 1/2 the price of Wilson or Kimber and carries 3 more rounds! To me that makes it better! I own 10 of these mags and i feel the weight distribution is prime and i feel i fire better with this mag! This is the best investment you can make for your 1911 along with night sites!!!!"
– Ryan The Marine
4.0 5
"Sure enough, when I got 5 of these magazines, they wouldn't lock into my Kimber with a tapered mag well. Well, I did slam one in hard enough to catch, and the pin holding the mag well dropped out, mag well came loose, mainspring dropped out, what a mess!You HAVE to shave the sides of the rubber a bit to get this magazine in, if you have a mag well. Look at the photo: the rubber comes up slightly covering the bottom hole in the side. Rubber has to be shaved to below the hole in order to get the magazine all the way in. I used a Dremel tool with sandpaper disk to shave mine. I wrote directly to the manufacturer suggesting they either modify all of them or create a separate model for use with guns with mag wells."
– RandyB
5.0 5
"I purchase two of these mags and hearing reviews about them gave them a try. I was impress after firing two hundred rounds and both never jammed. I will buy two more and tell my friends about them. Also .45 all the way"
5.0 5
"I purchased two of these mags and I will probably get two more. They slide right in with no problems and no hang ups on rounds. I did not have to trim anything for my Colt 1911 govt. model and they do not come down too far from the bottom of the grip. The only thing I would like better would be if they were available in blued finish, but I have absolutely no complaints."
– John
5.0 5
"I bought one of these to try it out on my 1911 and it fits like a dream. Amazing craftsmanship and it feeds like a champ. This is by far the best mag you can get for the 1911!"
– Jason H
5.0 5
"Awesome. Best 10rnd Mag I've come across. I tested this side by side with the Mec-Gar 10rnd one and 500 through this one with no hiccups. The Mec-Gar however, had a few FTF and FTE. Granted, I'm sure a break-in period with the Mec-Gar's has been achieved IMHO these are better. Same goes with the 8rnd power mag. Quality at an amazing price."
– JD0202
4.0 5
"Fits real well in my Kimber!"
5.0 5
"I got one of these for my Taurus PT-1911. It runs fine with no problems at all. It's a great way to get +2 in your magazine if you're willing to put up with the slight extension from the grip."
– Taco Getter
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these here at CTD and after using them I had to get more. These are worth the price. These are a must have for anyone with a 1911 pistol. These work as well if not better than the factory mags for my Taurus PT 1911. 2 extra rounds means less time spent fumbling aroung loading at the range and 2 extra rounds for SD if the occasion should ever arise. The springs in these mags ensure a positive feed everytime. Yeah they extend past the handle a bit but so what, it isn't enough to be bothersome. If you are looking for extra or replacement mags for your 1911 buy these, because it doesn't get better than this. Buy them now. You won't regret it. Thanks CTD."
– bigboy23
4.0 5
"bought one for my taurus 1911. works great. small issue with loading the very last bullet at the start but after 30 more rounds, it works great!!! i'll get 2 more."
– PT1911
5.0 5
"Bought one for my SW1911 and my Rock Island A1. Works and functions like a champ!"
– zack
5.0 5
"I just recieved my 10 round and 8 round mags last week. I took them and 500 rnds of winchester white box to the range to shoot through my Colt 1991 commander. FLAWLESS! I will be buying more of both."
– AJ
5.0 5
"These work flawlessly in my Charles Daly 1911. Definitely recommended."
– Daniel M
5.0 5
"Cheaper Than Dirt, what would I do without you? This magazine is great construction (of course it is, it\uFFFDs a Chip McCormick) doesn't have any flaws that I\uFFFDve found. I have fired thousands of rounds with this magazine, NO fail to fire or feed issues yet."
– ceverson
5.0 5
"No issues and they work great! 2-3 rds aren't much difference, but it's nice!"
– bob
4.0 5
"These Mags are great. They are very high quality and shoot flawlessly. These mags are up there in quality with Wilson Combat mags. I will be buying more."
– Chip McCormick
5.0 5
"I bought one of these to test with my Kimber Tactical Pro, TLE, and Para-Ordnance Tac-5 after reading a Combat Handguns review from Leroy Thompson. Hundreds of rounds later, no stove pipes, no double feeds, no jams of any kind. So now I have 2 more of these mags (total of 3 and they work flawlessly) that i carry daily in my 5.11 covert tac vest. And lets face it, an extra few bucks for 2 more rounds in the mag is well worth it in any scenario."
– southern survivalist
5.0 5
"Good mag, fits and cycles well. I keep it loaded with hollow point defense rounds, just so I have two more in there, just in case, you know?"
– Punisher 1911's
5.0 5
"These Mags are great. They are very high quality and shoot flawlessly in my 1911 Springfield. No mis-feed or anything. I have three now and will be buying more."
– JRod
5.0 5
"Very good mags!"
– L-Bizzy the Fire
5.0 5
"These are the best 1911 mags I have ever bought and they are worth the price. I will be ordering alot more of these. The fit is awesome especially with my mag funnel."
– Socom2303
5.0 5
"I've spent 800 rounds of .45 acp through my 1911, 150 in this mag, and this magazine has performed well. Perhaps the only downside with this magazine is the additional 1\" sticking out of the bottom of your pistol but the extra 2 rounds have to go somewhere. This would be good for competition, practice, or just shooting in general. With the additional inch you might not be permitted to use it in your service 1911 for law enforcement because many agencies have adopted the \"magazine must be flush with magwell\" rule. 5 stars for performance."
– SA 1911A1 GI owner
5.0 5
"Got one of these a while ago for my Thompson/Auto Ordnance GI 1911. I've had trouble with other mags in the past but not this one. Never had a problem with 500+ rounds, and I've shot some cheap and dirty ammo in this mag. I highly recommend it for a no-fail home defense mag, when functionality and reliability could make the difference between life or death."
– Hounddog
5.0 5
"Nice Mags! I used one on my new Kimber Stainless Pro TLE/RL II and it worked as described \uFFFD No issues at all. I\uFFFDve only gone to the range one time with this mag, so time will tell if they\uFFFDll go the distance...I'm sure they will. I\uFFFDll probably get one more. If you have a 1911 and want a few more rounds, this will probably be your ticket."
– Dare2Think
2.0 5
"I loved this mag for about the first 50 rounds, then all of a sudden in jams up on me every other round, wish it was working better and I will try and return it because it is no longer dependable."
– Gunsareawesome
5.0 5
"The only feed error I ever had occurred once or twice when I was first breaking it in to loosen the spring action. After that, I have never had a feeding/ejecting problem! Highly recommend this over any other 1911 .45 ACP magazine producer!!!"
– .45Mike
5.0 5
"Excellent 10 cap magazine and performed well."
– Templar
5.0 5
"Perfect fit, feed and dependable. Beats a factory magazine hands down. Chip McCormick magazines are my primary carry in all situations. Period."
– Josh
5.0 5
"I ran this through both my Taurus PT1911ALR and my Springfield 1911. Both guns used this mag to its full potential. It is left fully loaded in my home defense weapon and used at the range about once every other month. It performs with no issues and with all types of ammo. With it being loaded about 95% of the time and still shooting flawlessly after a year of ownership, I give it five bullets."
– Travis
5.0 5
"I bought one of these over a year ago for my Taurus PT1911. It has never failed, and functioned flawlessly over a couple hundred rounds. I regularly use it, along with the stock mags that came with it, but anytime I use this mag I load it fully and fire all the rounds, and have not had a single failure. Also, I use the ditch cheapest ammo out there. This mag currently holds my hollow point self defense rounds, so I trust it."
– Nick
5.0 5
"bought 5 of these mags and they each fed all 10 rounds flawlessly.base pad only extends about 1 inch past the grip, not bad for getting 10 rounds. i will be ordering more soon"