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HK .223 Rem/5.56 NATO Mag AR-15 30 Rounds Black 233614

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This replacement magazine is a factory original from HK. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts which guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation. This magazine features a super-slick follower with a silent, even-tension spring that makes it the choice for all military and LE ops teams. Extremely hard to find.

Keeping a few extra factory magazines around is never a bad idea; extra magazines save loading time at the range and also serve as a backup for those days when you simply cannot remember where you put your primary magazine.

Features and Specifications:
Manufactured by Heckler & Koch
Manufacturer Number: 233614
Some may be marked "For Law Enforcement Use"
Used for the H&K Model 416
Maritime finish
30 Round
Caliber: .223
Made in Germany
Total number of Reviews: 31

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5.0 5
"Total night and day when comparing this magazine with a G.I. contract magazine. This magazine is built to work and last considering it is made out of steel. I just wish the \uFFFDDirt\uFFFD can find a deal on these because I cannot keep buying these at this price."
– Richard
5.0 5
"H & K is the best in weapons and these mags are no different from their guns. This was developed for military use and has dual rails in the magazine to ensure a jam free feed. The price is a small price to pay if you entrust your life to an AR 15 or M4. Remember, you get what you pay for!"
– CJ
5.0 5
"The finest quality AR magazines around. I've tried them with my S&W M&P 15 and with my DPMS. They feed flawlessly with every type of ammo I tried. I have never seen another mag of this quality. Definitely expensive but you get what you pay for in this case."
– markless
5.0 5
"hands down the best possible upgrade you can make to enhance your m4 - if you have buddies in country make sure to get some to,em !!!!!!"
– gabriel
5.0 5
"I carried these for a year in afghanistan and they functioned flawlessly!!"
– rmyscout
5.0 5
"There is NO doubt that the HK mags are the Very Best Money can buy. You have to purposely try to hurt them to make them stop working."
– Fxrel
5.0 5
"I'm amazed that the British Army has issued some excellent kit in the form of these magazines.These are standard issue for the SA80 A2 rifle and after having fired 10's of thousands of rounds out of the mags, I've yet to have a single jam.In short these mags rock."
– Kiwi in UK
5.0 5
"Simply the best AR magazines you can find. Sturdy construction. No rattling or noise. No-tilt follower to ensure proper feeding. Even spring tension from the first round to the last. Expensive but worth every penny."
– Mark
5.0 5
"Other mags I have had have not come close to the H&K mags, I have purchased the H&K and have been very surprised and pleased with the construction and quality of this H&K mags, so much so I have ordered a third mag.This product is hands down the best I have seen both in quality and construction."
– FM
2.0 5
"HK's \"high reliability\" mags are alot of hype. Yes, they are reliable, but not as reliable as a PMAG or a USGI with a magpul-follower. And for $60 per mag?? NO WAY. HK spent alot of money, and came up with a product that, while better than regular USGI mags or that Orlite crap, doesn't even come close to being as good as a PMAG. And a PMAG is 1/4 the cost!The only way i'd ever choose an HK mag over ANYTHING else is if i wasn't the one paying for it..."
– TM
5.0 5
"To poster TM: I'll trust HK mags rather than those polymer pmags anyday.I'd only resort to pmags is they were the last mags on Earth!"
5.0 5
"THE BEST as many different ar mags i have this is got to be the best mag ive seen for the ar- rifles flawless operation well built simply the best very pricy but if you want reliability this is the mag for you i dont think your going to find anything better once you see one youll know what im talking about like any thing in the world you want quality you have to pay for it i would highy recommend this mag you can bet your life on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"Bought some of the cheaper \"GOVT STAMP\" mags from CTD and they were absolute garbage. Decided to purchase 2 of these to see what the hype was about. Other than being a bit costly, these magazines ARE 2nd TO NONE. Absolute perfection, something you would expect from German Engineering.These are the MERCEDES of Magazines, you pay for what you get. If you have a jam issue using one of these magazines you can guarantee its NOT the magazine."
– Doc Holliday
5.0 5
"I now have six of these magazines, and I would not trade them for any other mag. Not cheap, but if you want reliability, they're worth every penny."
– WPlank
5.0 5
"I bought four of these a while ago and no matter how many rounds I've put through them, I've yet to get a malfunction. These magazines are second to none. Anyone who says these aren't worth the price probably shouldn't have bought themselves a $1,000+ AR in the first place; they would have been better off with an AK if they were so concerned about cost."
– Chris
5.0 5
"I've tried 'em all, and I finally decided to give one of these a shot. All steel (no denting like the original Stoner-specified aluminum--don't blame him; he thought they were one-use-only magazines), no feed lip spreading, perfect feeding, spring won't take a set that causes any problems at all, extreme-duty finish is just like on my H&K USP .45 Tactical magazines and surprisingly tough (not exactly Robar's NP3, but what is?), and absolutely built like a tank. I tried the first one and immediately bought three more. I still like my MagPuls with the view windows, but those things need the tight-fitting top caps to keep the feed lips from spreading. For my absolutely-have-to-work, kept-loaded, when-the-red-balloon-goes-up magazines, these H&Ks are the ones. I have them singly, jungle-clipped, and fully stoked with CorBon's screaming 55-grainers. These mags stay with my SIG 556; the others are with my Colt and Bushmaster."
– Deputy Doc
5.0 5
"These are best mags I have ever used, my Colt M4 runs flawlessly. They are worth there weight in gold!"
– R W Novak
5.0 5
"these are the very best mags made, you do pay for the quality. i have 8 of the H&K mags and 15 of the P-mags with the window. i keep some of the P-mags loaded with 75 grain TAP with the lids on them for emergency but if i know i will need a rifle i will use the H&K mags."
5.0 5
"I ordered this mag a few months ago. It is of superior quality than most any I've ever seen. Of course, no malfunctions as of yet in my DPMS. For the current price, which keeps going up on these things as demand soars, the PMAGS are just as reliable in my opinion. Granted if I could only take 1 mag with me to battle, this is it. It is a little longer than the GI spec mag, interestingly. If you are willing to spend this much on a mag it won't let you down."
– Rey
5.0 5
"... for spending the extra money on this mag. It always irked me that the AR-15 has all the elegance and tolerances of a Swiss watch and yet all the magazines I've seen for it looked like they were stamped from tin foil, with a crummy plastic follower that rocks more that a see-saw, and with the spring that creaks like the boards of a haunted house. This is understandable, as most mags are military and are meant to be as disposable as the ammo. This mag is different. It's designed with the philosophy that the mag ought be part of the rifle, rather than a part of the ammo, and is meant to slug it out side by side with the rifle every step of the way. The magazine is steel and hefty feeling, and the spring is silent as a ghost. The follower, the source of most AR-15 jams because it's prone to tilting and misfeeds, -will- -not- -tilt-. Best of all, it's a nifty black finish that matches the finish of the rifle perfectly. It will give your rifle a \"don't screw with me\" look that no other mag will.Will the cheaper mags work? Well, yeah, when they're new, but if you're gonna buy a Porsche then you'll want high performance tires for it, not some worn retreads you bought from the junk yard. Buy these mags in confidence. Your rifle will thank you for it."
– Good Ol' Dave
5.0 5
"Ok, so you buy a good AR15 gun, trick it out with great aftermarket sights/optics, etc,(you did ADD a REDIMAG II to your AR15 didn't you? Do it. Second mag is then at your fingertips and with a few minutes practise you can do 2 second reloads)... and then you want to buy cheap mags? What are you thinking? This is the part that HAS to work for you to survive. 99.999% of all malfunctions are related to the magazine. The other .001% is the guys who never ever ever cleaned their weapon. This magazine will feed your ammo perfectly every time. I carried 18 in central asian recreational tours. 2 on my weapon (add the REDIMAG II), 12 on my vest in mag holders & one in each cargo pocket on shirt/pants. You can NEVER have too much ammo. Buy what you want, but if the mags are not these H&Ks, you will eventually be disappointed. In an exciting aww s... situation clearing a weapons failure because of a mag failure can be the longest 8-10 seconds of your life."
5.0 5
"Without boring you in details, I would dare say I have as much experience as anyone with these things. These are the best mags hands down. If you are going to the range to shoot milk jugs, use any old mag. When the ship hits the sand, you will want these."
– hope & change
5.0 5
"I won't Carry any other mags. The H&K mags function perfectly in my M4 and also as teaser strips or emergency ammo in my M249 Para SAW. There is nothing else I will fill my mag puches with."
– Chevy Man
5.0 5
"Best you can have! The only downside is the weight. If you're gonna carry 10+ on your kit the extra weight is noticiable. It's worth it though, never ever had a magazine malfunction. Reportedly the steel mag will eventually chew up the mag release (aluminium) on your AR. I'd rather have my boomstick go boom, and replace a mag release (5bucks) once a year."
– Group Guy
5.0 5
"I absolutely love the quality of the H&K magazines. I bought this mag along with a usp .45 hk mag, and both are great. The only thing i can complain about this mag is that is wasnt marked for \"LE ONLY\" like in the description. Other than that, this mag is great in quality and materials. On a side note, the new ATI steel mag offered by CTD is very similiar to this hk mag, and sells for 15 dollars. If you want an awesome mag that is better on the budget, and just as good quality, i would get it."
– Matt S.
3.0 5
"My unit is currently fielding these mags overseas, and it is the general consensus that the older issued mags (yes, the ones sold on this website for much much less) are much better performers. These H&K mags are solid and heavy, but have chronic misfeeds and double feeds (especially at a high rate of fire), sometimes to the point of taking a weapon out of action for the duration of a firefight. I don't know how they perform with an H&K weapon, but used with an issued Colt M4, their performance is unreliable at best."
– Gunner
5.0 5
"These are as good as the reviews! These mags are silky smooth and really unlike any other mag."
– fishinfreak
5.0 5
"During my last deployment to Iraq, My unit fired through 260,000 rounds in three hours with these H&K mags. We had not one single mis-feed during the exercise. There were four of us that day using these H&K mags. We tried the Army's standard issue mags and had countless mis-feeds and/or jams. Now mind you, we cleaned our weapons the night we fired the H&K mags. We had trouble with the Army issued mags even with weapons cleaned thoroughly."
– ol'e eagle eye
5.0 5
"The best mag i have seen in my many years of working with the ar15."
– mccloud
5.0 5
"I bought this mag based completely on reviews here at CTD.By far the nicest mag I have seen for my AR-15, even nicer than my factory Colt high capacity mag. The motion of the spring is so fluid. I won't buy any other mags ever again for my AR-15."
– Federico Arismendi
4.0 5
"HK makes great mags. You just have to pay for it. I bought two of these to add to my pmags and emags. The HK mags never caused a malfunction and are of the utmost quality. However, for the price, I could buy 3 pmags or 2 emags that perform just as reliably and weigh a fraction of the cost."
– el duderino