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Mag AR-15 Drum 90 Round MWG Clear Plastic Includes Stripper Clips and Loader

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223 Drum Magazines
90 Round drum magazines hold all the ammo you could want! Clear back lets you keep track of remaining rounds. Complete with instructions and loading tool. 
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4.0 5
"Bought it and like it.The only drawback is that it makes the rifle a little heavy on one side. (duhhhhhhhhh). If i had it to do over i would buy it again."
– Austin
5.0 5
"The 90 Rounder is great to use. Light weight, durable & dependible. Looking forward to getting another one."
– James
3.0 5
"Was fun to use when it was out of the box, But is not suitable for combat operations dust causes it to jam frequently and it is difficult to field strip and reassemble better off buying a couple 40Rnd Mags."
– david
4.0 5
"Actually I make these, I work for the company who manufatures them. They are a great idea and cost much less than that of a 100rd drum. However it is not the best design so I can't give it 5 bullets, but for thought and durability I could give it 4. My boss put one to the test in a hurricane and yet it still functioned."
– David84
4.0 5
"I have 2 of these mags I love them I just wish the part of the mag that inserts into the magwell was metal instead of plastic. I have had no problems to date with the mags but I am always afraid that the plastic is going to break when I am loading the thing, Still the price is better than the 100 rd drum. My advice; buy these while you can who knows when another draconian hi-cap ban will come up..."
– lordofzombies
4.0 5
"This thing is a blast! It's functional and looks great too!My lula doesn't fit on it because of the mag being to close to the drum and the loader it comes with is a little awkward, but it all just works when you get the hang of it."
– Shooter Bob
2.0 5
"This magazine has a good seat, and feels very well built, but it is just too big. I am not a small guy, but I have a hard time getting a good grip on my front rail of my flat top bushmaster without putting pressure on this magazine. I never fired it since it was so uncomfortable to hold, I had to return this item since I knew I would have a difficult time firing when standing up. One of the previous reviews about this not being a good tactical mag is very accurate. Try to quick shoot with this thing fully loaded and you will be sore the next day. It seems fun to shoot, but not for hunting or tactical use, great for wasting ammo I'm sure."
– RichScep
5.0 5
"Purchased a while back. Hasn't jammed yet. Loader works great. Get them while you can before they are banned again!"
– Captainbipto
5.0 5
"Less than half the price of the beta, which only holds ten more rounds."
– Cfx
4.0 5
"Long story short, it's a little bulky, but you don't have to worry about being to tactical when you have 90 rnds to your disposal. Keep in mind the drum will be on the left side of your weapon, so your weapon won't be able to rest on your chest very well. Never the less, it looks GREAT!!!"
3.0 5
"my DPS accepted the drun well. On my OA the drum didn't seat well in magazine and had problems locking in. the drum makes the left hand side of ur gun heavy and hard to control. the drum never jammed and feed was smotth..i sold mine and have ordered the double drum..."
– NRA84
5.0 5
"I have owned this mag for a year now, have used it many times and have never had A problem. 90 rounds of ammo is a great advantage in a firefight as it gives you fire superiority. I would trust my life with this mag. The construction is very solid and the loader is smooth and crisp. When the last microchip goes out I will be able to defend myself from whatever is out there, weather they be zombies or not."
– Z-Day Merc
5.0 5
"This drum is great! Super high quality. No jams whatsoever. Better than the Beta in my opinion."
– Brad
4.0 5
"This drum is all plastic but seems to be well constructed. I'm not a fan of plastic feeder lips, but they seem sturdy enough. Drum comes with a great speed loader, I use it for my standard 30-round mags as well. The one downside to this drum (and the reason I only gave it 4 bullets) is that it's very large, and you have to bend your arm around it. I'm 6' and have long arms, so it's not a big issue for me. My best friend is 5'5\", and it's more inconvenient to him. The 100-round Beta doesn't have this problem, but for the extra money only 10 more rounds, this is definitely the way to go."
– Myers
5.0 5
"Loved it.. no misfeeds on Bushmaster AR 15Girlfriend 5'1\" 100 lbs had no problems either.. Will order another- why lose targets due to reaching for more mags?"
– HoustonUser
5.0 5
"I've ordered a few of these in the past and one more today and I've got nothing but great things to say about them. I carried one in the early days of Afghanistan with no problems. I'm left-handed so the weight offset wasn't any particular issue. You do want to watch the dust, but it's not a mag killer. It's plastic, yes, but it's really durable plastic. As long as you take care of your equipment and don't leave it laying around in the dirt, it's a reliable mag that will serve you well. One of my mags went through an explosion in Najaf and STILL worked! Now that I'm a civilian I still keep a couple of these around as I am a rancher and a pilot, and it's a lot easier to keep 90rds in the mag than it is to pack 3x30. There are a ton of these mags currently floating around the 7th Special Forces Group and simply put, we don't endorse equipment that's crap."
– Jas18D
5.0 5
"So I bought this about a year ago. I have a Bushmaster M4. I've shot a little over 700 rounds through this drum and I have never had a single jam or problem. The drum keeps up with my slide fire stock or bump fire stock. It works great with my bipod. Only one thing: it's very large. It's a very nice drum. I do recommend this because my uncle bought three 100 round drums for $150 each and two of them broke in 20 minutes. He is trying to sell the third one. Trust me - buy this one. It works and it looks sick on the wall."
– the can hunter