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Mag AR-15 5.56 5 Round Aluminum Anodized John Masen Competition Magazine

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AR-15 Magazine holds 5 Rounds of .223 ammunition, this was designed for competitor shooters. Extended Plastic bottom. 
Total number of Reviews: 25

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4.0 5
"I bought this mag a few months ago. When i first took a glance at it, it was in very good condition, minor scratches to the outside of the mag. The magazine fit my bushmaster x-15a2 and i am sure it will fit other brands of ar-15 or m16 rifles. The 5 round clip worked well and did not jam often. The only thing wrong about this magazine is that it has a rough outside to it, almost like a sandpaper type of material. Nothing wrong with the material, otherwise i would give it a 5/5 rating"
– deer hunter
4.0 5
"Came in good condition. I would not put 5 rounds in it. Keep 4 that seems to work the best. 5 jams the spring. Other then that it is awesome. Perfect mag for zeroing or hunting!"
5.0 5
"Very Very nice magazine. I don't know what the previous person was talking about not putting in 5 rounds in it at a time? I ran 5 rounds in it all day, ran wolf, hsm, rem, ultramax. 5 rounds at a time through it all day long and NOT 1 jam. Good buy."
– nt ar man
4.0 5
"I bought this mag so i could legally hunt with my dpms .204. MJR was right in saying only load 4. mine hasn't jamed with 5 but it's just too tight and actually pushes the case up so hard it dents the shoulder on the top of the mag as it feeds. I've done a little filing on it but it's just easier to chamber the first round and keep 4 in the mag. All in all it works like you want it to."
– ar hunt'n
5.0 5
"After a little work on the Green Follower, by cliping a little off on the end. Now my Mag holds 5 rounds and doesn't jam anymore... I'm going to buy more, Lots more."
– AR-15-2008
3.0 5
"bought two of these one will hold five but will jam the other one will hold four and jam using various types of ammo thought about changing springs and followers an expensive fix plus new mags just to hunt legally."
– dave
5.0 5
"I ordered one of these mags for one reason, when I'd go to the range I always fired too many rounds. Well, after getting the mag I thought my days of shooting too much was over, it wasn't. I love this little mag, it works great in my Armalite AR and my cousin looked at it and he's gonna get one. Also if I do go where I'm limitied to five per mag then I'm covered.It's a great magazine and the price is right."
– Major A
4.0 5
– firepower
3.0 5
"I can't compare this magazine to other metal ones, but it doesn't stack up to the slick feeding and loading of PMAGs (of course). This is the only 5-round magazine I could find, so it gets 3 bullets for being unique. One issue: with five rounds in the magazine, and the action closed on my AR-15, it will not lock in properly. Fully loaded, there's only about 2mm of depression left. The first round in the mag will hit the bottom of my bolt carrier. I have to have the action open, insert the 5-round, then cock it. The feeding lips are pretty rough, so it is likely to not to feed/seat if you slowly release the charging handle. I'm wondering if maybe I should have gotten a 10-round, which appears to have a similar low-profile in the picture."
1.0 5
"Bolt won't lock to the rear after the last shot is fired (it is not corrosion, my factory mag works fine and I clean my gun after every session), Double Feeds (which are a direct result of a faulty magazine!), not to mention, the magazine will not even feed a round into the chamber when you have 5 rounds in it! I would not recommend this product to anyone. My bushy did not like this magazine at ALL! I am going to return it and go with the more expensive 5 rounder I saw on another site which I should have done in the first place!"
1.0 5
"Got one of these for a Bushmaster to be able to hunt with, feeds poorly jams both gun and mag are clean good ammo, got tired of fighting with the mag, took a thirty round mag and made a delrin plug for the mag 4 1/5\"long, and cut some holes in mag so game wardens could see it only holds five and still looks like a thirty round, put mag back together works flawless. now good times and the delrin cost less then the 5rnd mag"
– Brian
3.0 5
"After shooting 30-40 rounds this magazine started to jam up frequently. I noticed that the bottom section of the magazine moves when I would load up the magazines. Overall for hunting this is ok."
– C.A.C. FLA.
3.0 5
"I use the mags for high power match shooting.They do come with weak springs,but I did a little work to get it running.First I cliped the bottom extention off the follower so it would hold 5 rounds with a little play to load under the bolt.I also used a old 30 round mag spring to get the right spring tention cause the old spring gave too mutch play.I've done the mod to 5 of these mags and they work great for HP. I also have one I added a single round follower to for shooting offhand or off the bench. there a good fit in the mag well and eject with no problem. I'll buy more if I need some."
– comp man
2.0 5
"Just like most others, with 5 loaded it would not lock into the gun with the bolt closed. I Took apart the mag, trimmed a little off the follower, and now it does."
– Rob
1.0 5
"I got 2 mags in the mail on Friday, and I took them to range on Sunday. I loaded three rounds in one of the mags and it split in half. Cartridges and all of the inner parts of mag flew everywhere. I did not even bother with the second mag. I am returning them today as they are junk. If you buy you may have the same problem. So unless you\uFFFDre the guy who likes to pay for stuff and fix brand new stuff, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!"
– George
4.0 5
"I bought this to be able to hunt with it. Seems to work fine, no jams or anything. Holds five rounds just fine. I would buy another if I needed it. The way I look at it is if I can't hit it with five, then I should take up another sport."
– muttAR
5.0 5
"I took a chance and purchased two different five round mags to try on my .50 Beowulf upper and Sun Devil Mfg AR15 lower. A five round .223 mag holds two .50 Beowulf. This mag fit well, and I hand cycled rounds through it with no problem. At the range it worked fine. Fed the .50 cal rounds with no problems. I realize that most people have had to slightly modify a 223 mag to correctly feed a .50 Beowulf, but I made no adjustments to this mag and have had no failures. The second mag I bought was a Bushmaster AR-15 .223 five round. The Bushmaster mag jammed in my lower and took me and a buddy with his leatherman pliers to remove it. I will buy more of these MAG-052 at nearly half the price of the Bushmaster."
– .50CalEarl
1.0 5
"Right out of the box, I could only put 3 rounds in this mag before it jammed. When the magazine is empty, the bolt does not lock back in the open position. I will be returning this for something that actually works."
– Dave
1.0 5
"Would not function at all. Could not chamber even one round.Will be sending this one back right away."
– Ken in MI
4.0 5
"I have used this mag a few times and have not had any problems."
2.0 5
"I purchased this 5 round mag for my Bushmaster, so that I could take it hunting. After placing 5 rounds into this magazine, it would NOT snap into place. I removed one round, leaving four in the magazine, and it will snap into place. I had to also place a thin coat of oil on this magazine so that it would slide in and out without the friction. Cheaply made. I wish I could find a quality 5 round magazine that would not have so many flaws. I have yet to take it to the range. I just hope it won't give me any problems while hunting. I would buy it again, only because there isn't another one available that I could find."
– Howard Blair
4.0 5
"After reading all of the reviews, I decided to take a chance because I really needed a 5 rd mag to hunt with my AR.When I took it out of the box and plastic, I pushed on the mag plate and it was kinda off. So I took it apart,sprayed it with gun scrubber, turned the spring around 180 degrees FRONT TO REAR, wipe it down, then got to the range, and it fed very very smooth and jam free!"
– steve e
2.0 5
"Same as every one else. It held five but wouldn't go in my gunwithout the bolt open. It loads the first round but not the next soI cut a little off the follower with wire calipers and cut an old 20 rounder spring a little longer than the one that came in the five rounder. It seems to work good now but I haven't shot with it inyet. Not the work I wanted to put into a $14 plus shipping magbut if you want to hunt with your AR I guess you have to"
– Andrew
1.0 5
"Definitely not worth it. Does not cycle properly, will not fit in mag well with bolt closed. Gave it one bullet because it cost so much. I would say it's only worth about $5, tops. Don't waste your money. I wish I hadn't!"
– Jason
5.0 5
"Have not had a chance to shoot my ar latly but the mag come fast and looks great.IM sure it will work like it should."
– Paul Ponteaux