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Mag AK-47 Drum 75 Rounds 7.62x39 Loads from back Romanian Manufactured Chinese Style with windup key

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The Romanian drum magazine is from one of the finest firearms arsenals in the world. High-capacity 75 Round drum magazine for AK47. Chinese style magazine, new production from Romania.

Loading the Romanian 75 Round AK-47 Drum

Loading is easy, please follow these instructions.

Terminology used:

1. Cover Latches - The 2 latches at the top of the drum that secure the cover in place.
2. Spindle - The circular device inside with cutouts for holding the rounds, rotates in a circular motion.
3. Locking/unlocking shaft - The center spring-loaded device with a dished top.
4. Small winding key - Directly underneath the locking/unlocking shaft with two ears to grab onto.
5. Follower - Located in the spindle and engages in the spiral groove or track. Pushes the last few rounds up the tower.
6. Tower - The "squarish" part at the top of the drum that inserts into the mag-well of the rifl.
7. Main Winding Key - On the cover that looks like a wind-up-toy key.
8. Main Spring - Not visible, but under the spindle mechanism.
9. Spiral track - Visible at the bottom of the drum Loading the Drum.

Instructions for Loading:
1. Clean the heavy oil from the drum with some Gun Scrubber, you will need to re-oil it when loaded for proper feeding.
2. Release the 2 cover latches at the top to open the cover.
3. Push the locking/unlocking shaft with firm, sharp pressure using your thumb to release any pressure on the main spring, please use caution when releasing spring.
4. With the locking shaft still depressed, wind the spindle clockwise until the follower returns to the beginning of the spiral to release the shaft.
5. Load 5 rounds of your ammo, point-down, into t he top of the drum along the largest diameter of the drum, just under the tower, loading in a clockwise direction.
6. Firmly hold the spindle to add two clicks in a clockwise direction using the small winding ke.
7. Slowly release the spindle and allow the 5 rounds to load into the tower.
8. Turn the spindle clockwise and remove 2 of the last rounds loaded and continue to turn the spindle clockwise until it returns to the end of the spiral track (starting position) and add those 2 rounds into the top of the drum in the same place you just loaded the first 5 rounds.
9. The spindle will be locked in position and you can release it and continue loading until 75 rounds are in the drum.
10. Close the cover and secure the latches.
11. Use the main winding key and turn it about 6 good turns or clicks. As you turn the key, you will hear and feel the spring as it clicks, over-winding is not recommended.

Please note if you are loading to put the drum in storage for future use, do all the loading, but only wind the main key 1 or 2 clicks to keep pressure on the loaded ammo. Save the winding till you are ready to fire.

For more information on loading the AK drum magazine, see our blog post with detailed instructions and step by step photos.
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3.0 5
"I got one for Christmas and had to file a bit off of the back for it to fit in my WASR 10 AK. It looks like it may be because the part of the drum that catches the mag release is spot welded instead of being cast as a whole. As long as it works it was worth saving 60 dollars compared to other drums. I will write another review as soon as i get it out to the range and test it out, if it works correctly it will get 5 stars."
– joe grizzly
5.0 5
"I recently bought one of these drums and finally got around to trying it out. I fired around forty rounds at a fast pace and had no jams or malfunctions whatsoever. The instructions provided with the drum proved to be satisfactory and easy to follow. Five to ten minutes proved to be more than enough to learn the functioning of the drum as a whole. For the price considering one could pay well over $200+ for a like capacity drum I say it is well worth it."
5.0 5
"Ordered the drum on 1/9 got it on 1/12, that was quick. Nice drum, ready 2 go try it out."
4.0 5
"I just received my Drum Mag this past week and took it to the range this morning. The drum arrived with easy to follow instructions and only required minimum cleaning from the factory. I shot about 55 rounds and it worked without a flaw. I'm very satisfied with the purchase and the price was excellent."
– Coop
5.0 5
"I ordered this and it arrived on time. I loaded and unloaded it several times when at full capacity. To my surprise I had no problems. The Romanians really know their designs and they work well. I took it out to the range and it worked as it should. I am Very pleased with the results. It\uFFFDs nice to see that cheaper than dirt do stick by their customers and really try to keep the lowest prices available to us the consumers out there. That\uFFFDs why I gave it 5 bullets. The name says it all C T D."
– patriot
5.0 5
"Couldnt resist, had to have one! these drums are fantastic. easy to load and feed great in both my AK's. got a second shortly after the first and am still very happy with both!"
– Mozis
5.0 5
"I just bought one of these fabulous devices. It arrived after 3 days and much more anticipation. It came free of any cosmolene and in great shape. The instructions that came with it were, I thought, confusing. I found a video that showed an easy way to load. I was able, actually to fit 76 rounds in. I look forward to having a chance to try it out. It fit my Romanian made Ak great. I love this design as you can load it without having to keep tension on the spring. Great work CTD!!!"
– gman
3.0 5
"I ordered one of these , arrived quickly. Wouldnt fit into my WASR 10, took out my bolt and noticed that it caught on a support going across the rifle. I took out the dremel and filed down the back of the drum clip, finally for it to clip in after 10 mins of carefull filing, I have yet to take it out but I am ordering a new one in hopes it was just a flaw."
– Grantalonous
5.0 5
"Bought this to try out on my Saiga AK and it worked prefectly. No modifications needed. Easy to load and fun to unload!!! Good quality product and amazing price. I will deffinitly be buying a few more of these."
– Daniel
5.0 5
"I Feel Like Rambo with this bad boy, wonder how it will look on an Ak pistol. I might order 2 more for \"the big one\". I suggest you do the same:)"
– RedneckRambo
5.0 5
"This is my second time ordering one of these. The first one I had to file down the back of the clip. The new one fit in perfect no filing or hassles. After I ordered this one a friend of mine sold me one he had lying around. DOH!"
– Grantalonous
2.0 5
"Did not come with instructions. I had to a lot of dremel work to get it to fit. It also jams after every few rounds. It does look cool though."
– ak lover
5.0 5
"This is a great item! Granted I mainly got it for fun, it cycles like a dream, came with no cosmoline on it, fit perfectly in my Romanian AK, and it just flat out looks cool! Good for the money - now only if I can find cheap enough ammo for the sucker to be able to afford to go plinking around."
– Display Name
5.0 5
"I just got this Drum last week and took it out for a test. It was great as it fit my Romanian WASR 10 just fine. It also fit my Draco AK pistol and it was really fun. It looks pretty good on a pistol too. A good buy for the money, but there are one's out there going for twice the money. This one will make your day at the shooting range and save u some time."
– AM
5.0 5
"I ordered this drum on Monday and got it in the mail on Wed. I shot 75 rounds of Brown Bear FMJ through a WASR 10-63 and it functioned flawlessly. I would buy this product again and to be honest, I may just do that."
– Chad
1.0 5
"After 2 mags it started unwinding the spring during shooting because the gear teeth on the wind up key was barely interlocking. Then the sheet metal housing cracked right under the front mag lock hook. A waste of a buck if they are all like mine. P. O. S"
5.0 5
"At first I was worried about buying this for my Norinco AK since there are so many different versions of the AK-47, and there are no guarantees that the parts will inter-changable. But it worked very well. with only 1 jam due to improper loading on my part. I would recommend this for your AK-47."
– Captainkl
5.0 5
"I got one of these in my last order, took it out this week for a test, shot 2 full drums out of my WASR 10, not one jam an cycled just fine! Easy to load, good quailty. Better buy them while they're available at this price. I know I will in the near future."
– Topgun
5.0 5
"Works great in my WASR. Like another reviewer mine holds 76 when full ( counted 3 times) Fired 4 full drums (304 rounds) of mixed hollow point and FMJ Wolf without any kind of jam or ftf. Fit and function was fine right out of the box with no mods required."
– PABob
5.0 5
"Works 100% on my Century Arms Romanian WASR 10/63. This mag is of the Chinese design but made in Romania. The Chinese made version is more highly sought after, but good luck finding one. The Chinese invented this contraption and I can say this is the only useful design from the Chinese I would actually place on my weapon. They work! My buddy has six of them. These are \"Alamo Mags\", meaning you don't want to be carrying this thing on your weapon while on a patrol unless you have Popeye arms. But if you need to lay down the most hellacious covering fire, this is your lucky day! The fun factor alone will break you in ammo. Just remember to pre-load the drum and place just enough tension on the coil spring to keep the rounds from shifting inside. About two or three quick turns on the spring will put you in rock and roll mode. Defend your Alamo...buy this puppy!"
– Ready Prepper
4.0 5
"Saw this item and had to have it. Mag was smaller than I thought it would be, but is perfect anyway and does not interfere with my shooting stance. I had to grind down the top to get it to fit into the magazine well, a dremel works fine and thats the only reason I gave it a four rating. Directions for loading not great for first timers, but the internet has plenty of online videos to show you how it's done. Loaded it with silver bear and shot the whole 75rds no jams, worked as advertised ( isn't it nice when that happens ). Got AK ? Get this."
– J. Reed
3.0 5
"I am happy with my Mag I did have to do some filing on my Romanian Wasr 10 to get it to fit though, just in front of the trigger guard at the back of the mag well. Instructions really suck, but just check you tube for good directions on loading. I bump fired mine and it worked great once I figured out how to use it."
– T
5.0 5
"Great Magazine. Loading is simple once you go through the instructions once. You can actually load 77 rounds in it if you are clever."
– Peter
1.0 5
"I was able to successfully use mine once. The second time I took it out the pop rivets on the side, where the mag goes into the magazine well came out. So now there is no seal from the drum to the top part of the mag and it does not feed properly."
– Majorpain762
5.0 5
"This mag my not be an original Polytech drum but for the money this drum is a great buy. I have not had one problem with this mag. It is true you can load 76 rounds but it does cause space problems so I suggest loading 75. I only have one complaint, it is hard to determine how many twists it takes to fully unload the mag, other then that I love it and I plan on buying more."
– ak man
4.0 5
"I just received it. It looks great, in good shape and seems sturdy, but I have to file it down on my WASR 10. Unfortunately I\uFFFDm not gifted with filing and I\uFFFDm going to have to have someone do it."
– jr1987
4.0 5
"I bought my dad an Ohio Ordanance AK and wanted to get him some accessories for it. I saw this and thought it would be perfect since he has problems conserving ammo. Loading instructions were too vauge for my dad to figure out so I looked them over and figured it out. It functions flawlessly and fits a little snug in the mag well but results in no rattle. It looks a bit overkill, but thats a good thing. The only problem were the directions and tons of cosmoline; seriously the underhood of most cars have less oil on them."
– tackleberry
5.0 5
"I purchased this drum for my WASR 10/63. It arrived in about 4 days, fit my AK-47 without any modifications. Was easy to load and had no misfeeds. It also makes the AK look a little like the old Tommy Gun, which is kind of cool. I think that this drum is a great buy."
– Jim
5.0 5
"I got this for my MAK-90 and ran one full mag 76 rounds not 75 works great looks great. I used a video on the net to show me how to load it after that I put one more in the top of the mag to make it 76. Fun to unload. It was hard to load at first I just keep doing it over and over now it is fast to load and fast to unload."
– bilskee
4.0 5
"I'M GLADE I GOT THE LAST ONE PRETTY QUICK TOO two days tops tried to order another but now they're out of them, thanks for the great reviews that sold me, and it was greasy and kind of difficult to load at first. Fits perfectly. They should just add a cool 25 more make it a even 100."
– frank
5.0 5
"Awesome fit to my American AK-47. This is Romanian made and fits awesome. Do not buy Korean made. They don\uFFFDt fit and junky."
5.0 5
"Well, not much to say. I have owned it for almost 6 months now. It is freaking awesome. It holds the rounds and was shipped quickly. I can see that the paint is starting to wear off in some areas, but no signs of rust (Utah weather)."
– seeker
4.0 5
"As always, shipping is super duper fast. The only reason why I gave it 4 bullets is because the one that I got came in used already. I didn't know that I was getting a surplus. Hope it works and not another customers returned junk. I will update this as soon as I try it on the range."
– ssz33tt
5.0 5
"I got 1 then 2 more this is great way to spit some ammo down range fast. All 3 work great. I hope they get some more I would like 2 more so I can have one for each AK I own.Dirt Dust and Glory it always shoots."
– bilskee