Mag AK-47 Drum 75 Rounds 7.62x39 Loads from back Romanian Manufactured Chinese Style with windup key

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The Romanian drum magazine is from one of the finest firearms arsenals in the world. High-capacity 75 Round drum magazine for AK47. Chinese style magazine, new production from Romania.

Loading the Romanian 75 Round AK-47 Drum

Loading is easy, please follow these instructions.

Terminology used:

1. Cover Latches - The 2 latches at the top of the drum that secure the cover in place.
2. Spindle - The circular device inside with cutouts for holding the rounds, rotates in a circular motion.
3. Locking/unlocking shaft - The center spring-loaded device with a dished top.
4. Small winding key - Directly underneath the locking/unlocking shaft with two ears to grab onto.
5. Follower - Located in the spindle and engages in the spiral groove or track. Pushes the last few rounds up the tower.
6. Tower - The "squarish" part at the top of the drum that inserts into the mag-well of the rifl.
7. Main Winding Key - On the cover that looks like a wind-up-toy key.
8. Main Spring - Not visible, but under the spindle mechanism.
9. Spiral track - Visible at the bottom of the drum Loading the Drum.

Instructions for Loading:
1. Clean the heavy oil from the drum with some Gun Scrubber, you will need to re-oil it when loaded for proper feeding.
2. Release the 2 cover latches at the top to open the cover.
3. Push the locking/unlocking shaft with firm, sharp pressure using your thumb to release any pressure on the main spring, please use caution when releasing spring.
4. With the locking shaft still depressed, wind the spindle clockwise until the follower returns to the beginning of the spiral to release the shaft.
5. Load 5 rounds of your ammo, point-down, into t he top of the drum along the largest diameter of the drum, just under the tower, loading in a clockwise direction.
6. Firmly hold the spindle to add two clicks in a clockwise direction using the small winding ke.
7. Slowly release the spindle and allow the 5 rounds to load into the tower.
8. Turn the spindle clockwise and remove 2 of the last rounds loaded and continue to turn the spindle clockwise until it returns to the end of the spiral track (starting position) and add those 2 rounds into the top of the drum in the same place you just loaded the first 5 rounds.
9. The spindle will be locked in position and you can release it and continue loading until 75 rounds are in the drum.
10. Close the cover and secure the latches.
11. Use the main winding key and turn it about 6 good turns or clicks. As you turn the key, you will hear and feel the spring as it clicks, over-winding is not recommended.

Please note if you are loading to put the drum in storage for future use, do all the loading, but only wind the main key 1 or 2 clicks to keep pressure on the loaded ammo. Save the winding till you are ready to fire.

For more information on loading the AK drum magazine, see our blog post with detailed instructions and step by step photos.