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Mag AK-47 Drum 75 Rounds 7.62x39 Loads from back Bulgarian Manufactured Chinese Style with windup key

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The Bulgarian drum magazine is from one of the finest firearms arsenals in the world, the famed "Circle 10" in Bulgaria. High-capacity 75 Round drum magazine for AK47. Chinese style magazine, new production from Bulgaria.

Loading the Bulgarian 75 Round AK-47 Drum

Loading is easy, please follow these instructions.

Terminology used:

1. Cover Latches - The 2 latches at the top of the drum that secure the cover in place.
2. Spindle - The circular device inside with cutouts for holding the rounds, rotates in a circular motion.
3. Locking/unlocking shaft - The center spring-loaded device with a dished top.
4. Small winding key - Directly underneath the locking/unlocking shaft with two ears to grab onto.
5. Follower - Located in the spindle and engages in the spiral groove or track. Pushes the last few rounds up the tower.
6. Tower - The "squarish" part at the top of the drum that inserts into the mag-well of the rifl.
7. Main Winding Key - On the cover that looks like a wind-up-toy key.
8. Main Spring - Not visible, but under the spindle mechanism.
9. Spiral track - Visible at the bottom of the drum Loading the Drum.

Instructions for Loading:
1. Clean the heavy oil from the drum with some Gun Scrubber, you will need to re-oil it when loaded for proper feeding.
2. Release the 2 cover latches at the top to open the cover.
3. Push the locking/unlocking shaft with firm, sharp pressure using your thumb to release any pressure on the main spring, please use caution when releasing spring.
4. With the locking shaft still depressed, wind the spindle clockwise until the follower returns to the beginning of the spiral to release the shaft.
5. Load 5 r ounds of your ammo, point-down, into the top of the drum along the largest diameter of the drum, just under the tower, loading in a clockwise direction.
6. Firmly hold the spindle to add two clicks in a clockwise direction using the small winding ke.
7. Slowly release the spindle and allow the 5 rounds to load into the tower.
8. Turn the spindle clockwise and remove 2 of the last rounds loaded and continue to turn the spindle clockwise until it returns to the end of the spiral track (starting position) and add those 2 rounds into the top of the drum in the same place you just loaded the first 5 rounds.
9. The spindle will be locked in position and you can release it and continue loading until 75 rounds are in the drum.
10. Close the cover and secure the latches.
11. Use the main winding key and turn it about 10 good turns or clicks. As you turn the key, you will hear and feel the spring as it clicks, over-winding is not recommended.

Please note if you are loading to put the drum in storage for future use, do all the loading, but only wind the main key 1 or 2 clicks to keep pressure on the loaded ammo. Save the winding till you are ready to fire.
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1.0 5
"first,very poor setup, you could put 100rds in this drum.but with only two clamps holding the back lid on it will not feed well at all. to much weight on two little clamps.plus the lid will be facing down when you lock it in your gun,also it wabbles badly in my romainian ak.however I would say cool novilty bad shooting drum!!!!!!!!!!!"
4.0 5
"These drums are much better than the ones that do not open from the rear. I have two of these and two of the alternative drums. These are much better, and unless you have a beta c mag for a AR 15, no high capacity drum is truely easy to lead. Mine locks up tight to my sks/ak, Mak 90, and russian ak47. If shaken, the ammo rattles inside a bit, but this is the case with many of these drum mags. At the new price, these are a bit over my price limit. If speed reloading is a necessity, have a few 30 or 40 round mags on hand. If you have the spending power, a few of these will make for fewer reloading."
5.0 5
"These function flawlessly, and are by far better that the Romanian style. They load much easier than than the 75 rd Romaians too. These are the Chinese style, but made in Bulgaria so they can be imported into the U.S. The only slight drawback is that the cartridges sometimes rattle a bit in the mag. They can be stored long periods while loaded, and become operational only when the key on the back is wound. I expect that these will be a great investment over time. A similar version imported from China before the ban could cost you twice as much. Stock up now!"
5.0 5
"These are the best. As the previous guys stated, you can load these A LOT faster than the Romanian ones. They work great and are Bulgarian, a country which has a reputation for the best AK gear.P.S.---Guy who gave these one star is a moron. The reason why his \"didn't work\" is because he was too cheap to get a nice rifle and put this drum on a Romanian AK (P.O.S.). There is NO problem with the thing staying clamped. I've had this type since 1999. Being cheap with guns doesn't pay off."
5.0 5
"These fit and function perfectly in every AK that I have ever tried them in, whether it was Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, or even the heavy duty Yugoslavian RPK. These are getting scarce and very difficult to find already, and are expected to become much scarcer over time. They also add that \"mean\" military look to your rifle. The fun factor when shooting these is great too! As prior reviews mentioned,they are much easier to load than other types of magazines. I've seen them priced much higher than this at gun shows, if you are lucky enough to find any for sale."
5.0 5
"I bought one of these as an investment, thinkng they might be banned soon.If that happens, then you can expect the price to skyrocket! I was a bit reluctant to buy one of these when I saw the price, but after using it I can say that it was worth every penny!The FUN factor is priceless! You can fill it up and keep shooting! It functions smoothly in both my yugo M70 underfolder and my Bulgarian SSR-85C. My sister used it in her WASR 10/63 and my dad's Draco pistol too. There were no problems in any of them, even with a wide variety of amunition used. AK-47 Drum magazines seem to be sold out about everywhere but at Cheaper Than Dirt, so grab one while you can!"
5.0 5
"These fit perfectly in my M72 RPK. The one I got was packed in oil so it needed cleaned and it is a little confusing at first to load but once you get things sorted out it will be possibly the best accesory you can find for any AK. you can keep it loaded with no spring tension indefinately so all you have to do is slap it in, wind it up and go. These will be harder and harder to find over time so if you are wanting one buy it NOW! Dont be confused by Romanian top load drums for less, these backload drums are the real thing and the most dependable design you can find anywhere."
5.0 5
"A piece of history and soon after Jan.19th you will no longer be able to find one let alone be able to buy one, buy this now! Man, 75rnd drum what a dream come to!! I bought one what a great investment, another great buy from CTD!!!"
5.0 5
"Buy one of these before they go out of stock again. For that matter buy one before you know who outlaws them. Works great out of the box in my WASR. Def worth the money. Thank CTD!"
5.0 5
"These are simply the best! Everywhere else seems to be sold out of these, so get one while you can. They are scarcer every day. My friend also bought one for his AK, an expensive Bulgarian SSR-85c, and it works like a charm. The drums are solidly made, with the design features that set them above the rest. You load up to 75 rounds by opening the back of the drum, putting them in, and then winding the spring key like a wind up alarm clock. These are the easiest to load of any magazine I've ever seen. (I wish we had these when I was in the navy)."
5.0 5
"I saw one of these at a gun show at a much higher price, and the guy buying it got the last one. They are a great value at CTD, and extremely hard to find anywhere else. I tried one and it was easier to load than any other mag I've ever seen. It fed bullets efficiently in a smooth synchronized manner. These should be a great investment. If gun laws chenge, then these will be grandfathered in. These are already banned in some states. Buy now while you still can! I teach a firearms safety class, and everyone in the class was told to stock up now on high cap mags, especially drums!"
5.0 5
"These drum magazines are probably the best bargain at CTD. They are very high quality, and work with a rugged clockwork wind-up action. They cycle each bullet in an amazingly smooth manner. As soon as I got mine, I tested it at the range with different ammo types. After many hundreds of rounds, there were absolutely no problems. We tried the drum with a Yugo M70AB2 and a Bulgarian SSR-85c, both higher quality versions of the AK-47. I am frugal to a fault, and CTD has the best deals. Most other suppliers ran out and can't get any more. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt!"
5.0 5
"Having been a customer of CTD almost since it's inception I can honestly say that it's been a pleasure dealing with them. You guys have the best customer service on the web! (thank you for providing customer service that means direct contact with another human being who actually speaks english!)Keep up the good work! I have an original 1980's era Chinese version of this magazine that I paid about $200 for back before the '94 ban went into effect. These are EXACT copies of this proven design and were/are still issued for use in the RPK light machine-gun. As an avid and known GUN-NUT I can say that anybody who tries to put 100 rds into a 75 rd drum is an idiot. Plain and simple.When loaded and maintained properly these work flawlessly in every type of Kalashniclone I've fired it through. At current count it's 3 different Romanian SLR's, 1 Bulgarian SAR1, 3 Chicom type 57's, 2 Yugoslavian MAK90's and 1 Maadi (you wanna see the difference between a good cheap AK and a real junky POS set a Romanian next to a Maadi ;)The commies know how to make it cheap and still maintain a measure of ruggedness that's fit for combat. If you hate reloading or just want that Tommy gun look without the $1500 price tag then this is the way to go...I also suggest the AK vertical foregrip here at CTD to complete that Chicago Typewriter look."
5.0 5
"My boyfriend took me to the range with a couple of his AK Draco pistols. We loaded up the drums and had a great time! They are sooo much fun! They give your gun a powerful look. We went to a big gun show and saw only one of these for sale. It was about double the price that Cheaper than Dirt lists. It's a great bargain here, since these are in extremely short supply. Anything that is related to the AK-47 seems to be going up in value, and the drums are no exception."
5.0 5
"ive never had a better shooting drum.Leave loaded and when ready to fire just wind.Ive shot over 900 hundred rounds through it and never had a problem.The reason it doesn't fit very well and even wobbles in the romanian is because that was a Clinton ban gun.They were made during the clinton administration to satisfy him.They were made to shoot only the ten round clip that was made for only that gun.After the ban was up the started to grind the receiver open untill the high cappacity clips would fit but they fit real loose and very cheaply made.The gun itself is almost just a collectors item to remind us of the jokes that washington plays on the people that take care of them."