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Mag AK-47 7.62x39 40 Rounds Gray Steel

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Give your rifle additional capacity with this new manufacture RPK style 40 round magazine.

AK-47 7.62x39 Magazine 40 Rounds, Matte Gray Steel 
Total number of Reviews: 51

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3.0 5
"This Magazine is not too bad for a 40 Rounder. The fit on my Lancaster Stamped AK-47 is kinda loose, but not as bad as I have expirenced with other Magazines. The Color was a Darker Grey than I expected, and in low light it almost passes for a light Graphite black. American Made, so you know it will last for quite some time. The magazine spring and components are a very Dark Shiney Blue, like some other Chinese AK-47 Magazines I have onwed. The upper lip is a wierd almost two pice stamped design that I have never seen before, when loaded and tested with ammo though, it has a very smooth feed design when chambering a round. The Grey colored Magazine also blends very well and adds a little character too my rifle with all black after market components. A good deal at $20.00 I wouldn't pay too much more though."
– Las Vegas, Baby!
4.0 5
"I ordered two of these mags, and I was expecting some left over former Soviet production, but turns out it was made in USA. They are different from any other mag I have ever ran into, but seem to work very well. Fits very tight in my Romanian AK, and loads perfect."
– Nate B., TN
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these for my amd-65. Both fed really good and will probably be buying more."
– bdick
5.0 5
"The 40 round mag is very good in my WASR-10. It feeds great and I had no hangups or misfeeds. The fitting is fairly tight. I can now carry this mag as in my WASR and have 4 30 round mags in my vest for back up for a total of 160 rounds of pure power!"
– Bigshoman
5.0 5
"Very nice magazine. It came new and very clean (unlike some I've ordered caked in cosmo). Great magazine. Find a black magazine for your gun. This one sticks out like a sore thumb."
– Tracker001
5.0 5
"great mag with great price. If feeds well and fit my romanian wasr10 perfect. i will order 10 more today. overall a+"
– rightwingextreme
5.0 5
"This mag works great, I have a WASR and this works better than the original 30 round mags that came with the gun.I ran through 40 rounds with no problem and the original would not feed properly. Buy this if you want a good deal and I will buy more."
– JleeKvegas
3.0 5
"I purchased 2 of these magazines. I haven't actually been to the range with them yet because I just got them today. My first impression was that they seem very structurally sound and durable. I will complain about two things, because to me it seemed like they could have been easily avoided. I felt like I was almost cutting my fingers when I was loading these things. The area around where the rounds slip in is very sharp and painful... I seriously thought I was going to slice my finger open. Also, when loading the magazines, the rounds have a tendacy to move forward slightly enough for the tip of the round to catch on the front of the mag opening and prevent any more from being loaded without pushing it to the back of the mag. Maybe this is a normal thing, but I have two TAPCO mags that don't have these problems. Other than that, these seem to be the best 40 round AK-47 mag choice available on this site. Good luck."
– 2012 Survivor
4.0 5
"I am happily surprised with the quality of this AK-47 clip. It has the ridged spine along the back, giving it extra rigidity. the spring is pretty good (i expected a weaker one). It fits into my modified sks with no issues and locks in tightly. I expected the metal to be a little more flimsy, since this is a 40 round clip; but it's nice and strong. I expected to be able to flex the side of the magazine with littel effort, but it's hard to make the walls of the magazine flex, if at all. One thing to note is that the metal surfaces along the ridged spine and at the mouth are sharp and will cut you, if you aren't careful. I'm going to fine sand mine to take some of that away."
– Dugan
4.0 5
"perfect just dont like the gray steel color wish the had this in black!!!"
– \"Big Mike!\"
4.0 5
"This is an ok mag, feeds well in my WASR10, no jamming so far. the quality seems to be less that the bulgarian mags, thinner metal and lots of sharp edges. the feed lips are a little thinner and more of a literal pain to load by hand, i suggest a LULA loader. the thinner metal makes this mag somthing not to drop."
– O.D.
4.0 5
"I got two of these to add an even more aggressive appearance to my rifle. When compared to a 30 rounder you can really tell the difference. They wobble just a tad but no feeding problems other than a bent follower on one, but not a big problem. I just had to bend it back by hand and have had no problems since then. Like others have said here the edges are a little sharp but nothing a dremel or quick sanding can't fix. I prefer polymer mags due to weight and worry of rust, but I will say that these are well on their way to becoming my favorites. Other than the bent follower upon purchase, more than likely from being shipped in boxes with other mags, and the slight wobble, these are great mags without spending a lot of cash."
– tactical tendencies
4.0 5
"I Got 2 4 MY WASR 10/63, & Clamped them together. About 5 pnd. together,(4 home defence only) wobble, have trouble feeding, but look good. These are ideal if you find yourself in a firefight!"
4.0 5
"Purchased 2 of these. I dont really care about the color.-Spary paint is cheap.- These things function just like they should. Took them out yesterday and tested them with 400 rounds of brown bear fmj. Tried to get them to misfeed through slow fire, fast fire, and fast fire burst. The 2 mags I got just kept on feeding. I have to say I was supprised. There is a little mag woble in my I.O. AK, so only 4 stars. But, I will be buying a few more. I mean, they just work and the springs seem very well made."
– Subversivepatriot
4.0 5
"Be careful when loading it or the sharp edges will cut your finger."
– Paddy
4.0 5
"This mag is very tight fitting. It feeds okay but you really have to work hard to clip it into the reciever. Don't be nervous about the wobble when its in the gun. All AK mags do that, it's just what AK mags do. It's a loose fitting reliable gun. Word of advice, go with the used European mags, blued with rib back. They fit much better and they are easier to load too."
– ak man
4.0 5
"Mine functioned flawlessly in my AMD-65. The gray color looks bad in contrast to my black gunkoted AMD. I spray painted mine black with rustoleum textured matte and now it looks much better."
– throbbinwood
5.0 5
"I purchased three of these 40 round mags. All were brand new and very well made. They work in my RPK and AMD-65 (AK). Recommend these highly."
– Paratrooper
4.0 5
"I bought 4 of these mags. They feed great, no problems. Buy them while you stil can. I'll be buying more. Thanks CTD!!!"
– ak lover
5.0 5
"Iv bought 4 so far and they have fed hundreds of rounds flawless in my WASR and my Norinco. Great buy"
– Mozis
5.0 5
"I bought two of these mags about a week ago. They were here in 4 days! I loaded them up and went shooting. They are great mags, no FTF or misfeeds. Great product."
– norincoak47
3.0 5
"I ordered 2 of these. They work great, no problems. Loading them you need to be careful as they do have some sharp edges. The springs were very stiff and took some time getting used to. They are a must buy!"
– Grantalonous
5.0 5
"Great mag! Fits my Romanian AK perfectly, and mine had no sharp edges like I heard others say. I would imagine that if they have a sharp edge, a Dremel and a polishing wheel would do the trick to fixing that. Anyway that is BFD compared to the price and quality of this magazine."
– Jim!
5.0 5
"This magazine fits and functions in my WASR 10 63 AK47 perfectly, no adjustments necessary. It arrived 4 days after I ordered it. It is in excellent brand new condition, every part was freshly painted, including the spring. It is dark gray, not black. Good buy for THE MONEY."
– Hamilton
5.0 5
"I have taken this mag to the range several times now and it works flawlessly. I dont mind the gray finish because the performance says it all, that and it holds 40 rounds. This mag fit my WASR-10 just like any other mag and has not had a single jam or any related feeding problem yet. I recommend to all who are into the sport and its not very heavy when fully loaded."
5.0 5
"I purchased two of these 40 rounders for use in a WASR 10/63 and for an AMD-65. The items were well packed and protected from damage during shipping. The finish of these magazines was a flat gray just as described. After removing the floor plate, spring and guide, I used Rustoleum (TM) brand flat black and shot them both with a double coat. I have not used these yet. I would highly recommend this product."
– RetiredPeaceKeeper
4.0 5
"I just bought 2 of these. They have sharp edges, but I wear gloves when dealing with my AK. This mag wobbles in my SGL-20 Arsenal AK-47, but stables up a bit when it's in the rifle. All in all, it's good and affordable. So a thumbs up."
– Tom
4.0 5
"I have only shot 80 rounds through mine but it fed perfectly. A little wobbly in my WASR 10, but no problems with shooting."
– Chris
5.0 5
"I took this mag out to the range and it was really good. I had no misfeeds or anything. It's good for the price. I'll be buying more mags."
– AM
1.0 5
"I'm not surprised by the quality of this poorly made American magazine as most are absolute junk. The mag DOES have some sharp edges but they are mainly avoidable because the worst are by the feed lips, however the spine on the back is poorly matched and is somewhat (though not very) sharp as well. LOADS of mag wobble in my M70AB2 under folder which is typically somewhat tight on most mags. Failed to cycle a round consistently, every time the bullet wound up jammed at an angle. If it were worth it to send it back I sure would."
– Shane Brain
1.0 5
"I bought this mag for my M70AB2 and it is junk. Every round jammed, the feed was terrible. Don't waste your money on this."
– J
5.0 5
"This was my first time ever buying from this company. I bought two mags. I have to say, these where top notch. Thanks for the great service."
– david
5.0 5
"Bought one of these for my Draco. The one I got was not gray but instead a nice shiny black finish! Some edges were slightly sharp but I don\uFFFDt think anyone with the slightest bit of callous on their fingers is in any danger from a slice on the one I got. Good bit of wobble in well I have had no feeding issues whatsoever."
– Unknownhost (aka MGM)
5.0 5
"I got two and they were great. It fed and shot over 1000 rounds"
4.0 5
"Fits perfect, looks awesome. Note that this comes in black not gray. I would give this a 5, but the color was wrong, but for me personally it worked out better."
– Jimbo
5.0 5
"Purchased this as a gamble not being sure if it would function correctly, and the gamble paid off. I love this mag, it looks awesome with the additional length on my WASR. I have loaded and used this magazine prob 20+ times now firing it slow and rapid fire with zero issues so far. I suggest it for all you fellow WASR 10/63 owners!!!"
– David
5.0 5
"This mag came shiny black and completely rust free. Appears new. I had to file a little near the top for it to fit into my AMD-65's mag release completely. I've disassembled and reassembled and all is great looking. Mag holds all 40 and feeds fine."
– Rocket Ishmael
5.0 5
"This was not a gray mag, but a well-finished black one. It fits my Hungarian FEG AMD-65 more tightly than any other magazine; there is NO wiggle at all. For those who have an AMD which has too much mag wiggle, this mag may correct the problem."
– WVfishguy
5.0 5
"Hi I ordered this item for my Draco Pistol and it took a while for the package to arrive (FEDEX). I am very satisfied with the product worked great no jams, tight fit, loaded well, and oiled for preservation. I give 5 bullets. I do not know about other AK's but this item fits the Draco like a glove."
– Ne0 DeathdealeR
5.0 5
"It fits like a glove with NO wobble, feeds perfectly, holds 40rds perfectly. Its not gray as you'd think, its more like dark, dark gray to black in a way."
– Norinco NHM-90
5.0 5
"I got it today and I love it."
– RO
5.0 5
"Works just fine, and it holds 10 more rounds than a 30."
– Dienekes
1.0 5
"Put in 40 rounds and shot it though my wasr-10 and the bottom of the clip fell out and the spring came out...and then it was LOOSE and wobbly made my AK jam and it never jammed before..Maybe I got a bad one idk but it was not good for me."
– Joaquin
5.0 5
"I bought two of these and a mag clamp for my Inter Ordinance AK47. Awesomeness. They are not flimsy and they did not cut my fingers, I purposely tried to, to see if the reviews were correct. Takes all 40 rounds with a thumb. Buy it!!"
– PhilosophicalObserver
5.0 5
"Ordered two of these and received them in two days. Fits snug in my WASR-10. Emptied all 40 rounds with no problem. Wished I would have ordered a couple more."
– danny
5.0 5
"Had issues with tapco mags not feeding my hollow points. Bought this thing and haven't had an issue firing hp or fmj. I just bought 1 more. Get them while we can."
– Jason B
2.0 5
"I have several ak mags and this one is built of very thin material, works fine now but wont hold up like european mags (thicker wall), all in all, they are below average mags"
– Cyates54
3.0 5
"This magazine is much easier to load rounds into rather than my tapco ones. But every so often the bullets tend to slip out while loading. No problems while shooting, just loading."
– ak47 user
4.0 5
"Just got the two that I ordered from CTD yesterday and they seem to fit my wasr 10 pretty good. They look to be more of a darker gray than black but absolutely no wobble when inseted into the mag well. Went in with a nice \"click.\" I'll write more after I take them out to the range. So far so good."
– Todd
5.0 5
"40rds down range no problem. I brought a few great mags"
– chuckles
5.0 5
"No problems, good value and I just wanted one to take out and shoot with. I'd consider buying more, but will probably just buy the 30 rounders."
– peppler