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M14 M1A Buttstock Maintenance Cleaning Kit. Includes Chamber Brush, M14 Combination Tool, 4 Piece Rod, Bore Brush, Dual-Reservoir Oiler and Patch Loop Tip.

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M14 Maintenance Kit

Conveniently fits in the butt stock and is perfect for your M14 or M1A rifle. Includes a combination tool, chamber cleaning brush, double end case for lubricants, cleaning rod, cleaning patch holder and bore brush. Indispensible for maintenance and cleaning of your M14 or M1A rifle. 
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5.0 5
"With a little manipulation the whole kit fits into the buttstock perfectly. The chamberbrush works very well and is the only easy what that I have found to clean the chamber out properly. The cleaning rods are strong and sturdy. Works well on other .30 Cal firearms also. Overall, excellent quality."
– SF Sergeant
4.0 5
"Yeah, I got it to fit. I had to lose the plastic wrap the sectional's came in and the plastic ring that formed around one of the sectionals. After that it slid in with no trouble on a new M1A from Springfield. I bought a kit like this for my 2 M1 Garands and they did not have the plastic ring. I sure would like to know what this is for. The pic provided on the item even shows it. I had to wrap the bore brush in a patch to keep it from snagging the fabric case that houses the sectionals."
– Budding Combat Rifle User
4.0 5
"the plastic ring is a muzzle protector"
– m14
2.0 5
"These part are made cheaply, however most of them seem to work fine. Had to remove a plastic part on the cleaning rod so that the kit would fit into the stock of my M1A. The worst part was the oil/grease container. It is of cheap clear plastic. The tops of the caps separate from the threads of the caps. One was broken when I got it and I thought that I would just deal with it and filled the other end up with oil only the find that it broke while shooting. This lead to a nice oil stain on my wife\uFFFDs carpet and oil on important papers in my safe."
– let down
3.0 5
"This kit has all the stuff but here are some problems the oil container is cheap and it leaks and it doesn't quite fit in the buttstock I actually broke the latch when I tried to force it in..."
– DaVe F
2.0 5
"bore Brush broke the first time I used it !!!! It is made of cheap plastic. It pulled apart while in my bore. I had to pull it out with a pliers...There had got to be a place where a guy can get an original kit"
– Macash
1.0 5
"This kit is a piece of junk, the cleaning rod segments are bent, and porly threaded. The oil bottle is cheap, and fragile. The only redeeming quality of this kit is the combination tool\\handlewich appears to be the only USGI part in the whole kit. Save yourself some time, money, and grief by passing on this kit."
– matt
4.0 5
"The combination tool is exactly like the combination tools I used in the service. The cleaning rod sections are heavy guage, and fit together well. Clean this kit up a bit, and it's a great kit. I usually chuck the oil bottles in all these kits into a cubby hole somewhere. These days I'm only going to the range, I'm not going into the field for weeks on end where I'd need some oil."
– More Ammo
4.0 5
"Everything works great and is durable, at least for a just in case kit for emergencies while you're out and about. My only problem was getting all the cleaning rods in the butt stock. The segment with the plastic part wouldn't fit."
– Alex
5.0 5
"After reading some of the poor reviews, I became convinced that I had made a mistake in ordering. However, upon arrival all the items were in good condition. Two of the cleaning rods has some rust on the threading but that was easy to get off. The combination tool is excellent, and both brushes are made of brass and in new condition. The green case for the rods is also in good condition. The only area of issue is the oil bottle. It's made of an older type of plastic and you can tell it could easily break or the threads could easily be broken. I don't even intend on using it unless I absolutely must, but even then I'd be careful with it and I'm sure it would be fine. Overall, it was better than I had anticipated and exactly what I wanted."
– Atlas
4.0 5
"Just what I needed to get the chamber clean. If I threw away all the other parts but the chamber brush i would still feel like I got my moneys worth. It makes cleaning easy and unless it's time for a major tear down and clean, this kit does the trick. No regrets. I've seen it elsewhere for a dollar or two less at times, but CTD has earned my business. You guys have the great buys."
– Socom Lately
3.0 5
"The little canvas holder broke the first time I tried to pull it out of the stock of my Socom, then the brush threads stripped out when boring the barrel. All in all, not really worth it."
– Chaos
3.0 5
"I couldn't fit all of this in my buttstock. I tried every combination including the way my M1A users manual told me to. I ended up leaving out the plastic oil holder. The o-rings on it don't seem great anyway. The Chamber brush doesn't work well and likes to come apart when you try to remove it from the chamber. The rods were barely long enough to go all the way through my barrel. Everything else is fine."
– Dan
4.0 5
"This cleaning kit was very good and accurite to the original G.I. kit, but it will not fit in my M1-A. It is still a good product and I would highly recomend it to any one with a M1-A or M-14."
– Mr. Krebs
5.0 5
"After reading the other reviews I bought this kit not expecting much, but I wasn\uFFFDt disappointed. The combo tool and breech bush alone were worth the $21.97 I paid for the kit. I will echo the responses about the dual ended lube bottle in that it seems cheap, but I wasn\uFFFDt planning on using it anyways. The rods were straight, without rust, and seem to have good threads \uFFFD Although I have a NM M1A and I\uFFFDm not going to be using these (or any other segmented rods) for cleaning the bore. One of the other posts suggested leaving the rods in the buttstock for the added weight, which is what I\uFFFDm doing. I got everything to fit into the stock expect the plastic bottle-o-cheapness. Other than that it is good!"
– Dare2Think
5.0 5
"When I ordered this kit I was a little skeptical given the reviews. When it arrived, It fit just like the ones we had in the 70's. Fits in the stock of my Springfield M1-A just fine when installed with chanber brush, handle and lubricant container in upper compartment; rods, bore brush, patch holder and pouch in lower compartment. No extra room, but will fit when done correctly."
– Former USMC Marksmanship Instructer
5.0 5
"Everything was in nice condition, the combo tool was covered in a white powder/dirt but it cleaned up very nicely and everything looks basically unused. The chamber brush base/ratchet is plastic, not sure if that was USGI spec or not, overall very happy with the kit, most everything you need to clean an M1A/M14"
– John L.
3.0 5
"Kit is as pictured. Trying to fit it in my M1A was tough so I did some research, turns out the plastic piece on one rod is for the M1 Garand, the M14 kit shouldn't have it. After removing that the kit fit into my stock perfectly, tool and grease container one side, rods, loop and brush on the other in the green case. Have not shot with it in yet, a bit weary about the fragile looking plastic container breaking and leaking fluid into my nice walnut stock. Also a word of caution, I have read that nearly anything besides the original break free solvent will eat though the plastic. It is meant to carry break free in big side / lubriplate grease in small btw, not oil."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Kit fits my rifle perfectly after removing the plastic guide on rod. Double ended lube bottle in great shape. Every piece in great shape. Very happy all around with this must have kit."
– J.R.
4.0 5
"I'm basically happy with the kit. All conponents fit, a little snug which is fine. However, the chamber brush was pure junk. The bristles ALL fell out the first time I used it. Like a Charlie Brown X-Mas tree, so may wanna look for a better brush CTD."
– 88Ranger
5.0 5
"What can I say Perfect great value chamber brush works great have loaded M1a so can't stash it in buttstock so just carry in cleaning carry box. Recommend if you have an M1a you definitely need this in your tool kit."
– Juan A.