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M1 Carbine M4 Bayonet 6" Blade 12" Overall Used Grade I Condition

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We have found a small group of bayonets made with original US Military parts. This is the M4 bayonet for the M1 carbine, not the M4 version of the M16 rifle. Each bayonet is correct and refinished to military specs with correct plastic handle, does not include M8A1 sheath, which we sell separately part number ZAA-057.

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5.0 5
"Description of item does not do it justice. This is a like new bayonet with everything tight, and everything fits. Would not hesitate to buy this item."
– Jim
5.0 5
"Like the other feller said, this is like brand new! Couldn't ask for better! Ordered it Tuesday, got it Thursday morning with ground freight (ordered ammo, too). I like good surprises! God Bless Texas!"
– Brazos John
5.0 5
"this bayonet fits perfect on my m1 carbine. it came in perfect condition and fits great in my m8a1 sheath"
– knife
5.0 5
"Hi,I was worried that this bayonet would be likesome of the beat-up, rusty, overpriced piecesof junk that I've seen in our local Army/Navy Surplus stores. I was SO WRONG! I'd worried for nothing! This is an incredible piece!! The grips were fine, not worn or any checkering chipped away. I thinkthey may be new. The blade flawless, clean and evenlyfinished. Even the handle screws & blivots were clean.WOW! The surplus stores ask $45.00 for one of thiers.Of the 6 or 7 different finishes that I've seen on this item, I was happy to have gotten one in matte black. Next to perfect. Perfect would'vebeen one in blued steel to match my M1 Carbine.But this one actually matches my bayonet mountpretty close. Thanks Guys. Sorry to have doubted you.Bye.Karl-Marcel KoenenMpls, MN"
– Karl-Marcel
5.0 5
"Very nice bayonet. Good condition; everything tight. Looks good on my vintage M1 carbine. It appears to be the equivalent of a Korean war/Vietnam era bayonet. Looked even better after wiping down the metal with some dry CLP. The CheaperThanDirt M8A1 sheath also is very good."
– rf-sprinter
3.0 5
"kinda dissapointed with it...they don't mention that its not sharpened or anything, its actually flat which makes me doubt the authenticity of it, if it is authentic...it looks like something you'd see in a glass case and not on the end of a working carbine...also, the fit isn't very tight, its loose and it rattles a-lot!!....I've sharpened it myself by hand, its a lot of work but i guess overall, its alright...i wish i could be as happy as those before me."
– bez
4.0 5
"This is a new item. Not GI. It appears to be an OK copy of the original. It is loose on the inland WW2 carbine I have. The spring on the lug lock is weak and sticks. It looks good and for a display carbine. It is a very good value for the money. If you want an original you will pay much more."
– M1 Mac
4.0 5
"My carbine is an Inland mfg. and the bayonet is a very loose fit on the lug. The quality of the bayo is ok, no confetti, but it's as described. Suspect the Inland has something to do with the fit as other reviewers seemed to be very pleased. The tip of the bayo was just slightly bent over, not a perfect point, but easily straightened. read the sheath reviews before you buy one."
– A Customer
4.0 5
"Very pleased with this. I would order this item again."
– Bell
4.0 5
"My bayonet was a little loose too, but other than that it's great. I am very pleased."
– M1 Fan
3.0 5
"Got one of these with a sheath a few weeks ago. I can't get this blade to take a sharp edge. This is cheap steel, and the handles are cheap plastic that doesn't line up right. There are two clips to hold it in place on the bayonet lug, one works fine and the other requires that you push it back in place, as its seated off-center and so the spring doesn't work right. Fits very loose on my Carbine, a little more loose than I'd think it should, but I hear that originals are supposed to be a bit loose too. For the price it's hard to argue over the quality, and it's nice just to be able to round out a collection, but it's not very functional."
– Gus
5.0 5
"The bayonet received is US issue in new condition; an outstanding purchase and find for my collection. I read several comments from others who purchased the same M4 bayonet. Those who made unqualified comments about the bayonet are those who never took bayonet training or used a bayonet in the military. Those who stated the bayonet will not hold and edge do not know how to sharpen a knife or the bayonet as movement when mounted (the bayonet by design and regulation are not sharpened because they lose the temper (for you civilian wannabes temper is strength of the blade's edge, will rust and they have no clue how to use a bayonet, Simply put; those guys who made the unqualified statements are bunch of civilian wannabes whom do not not have the mental discpline, cognazant ability and physical strength of a professional soldier. By the way a dull bayonet or knife is useless and I sharpen my M-4 to a razor's edge and who does not care about DOD policies."
– CW3 SGA Special Forces, Retired
4.0 5
"This Carbine Bayonet is an inexspensive M4 copy. One side of the latch has a sticky spring and retaining clip, but it still goes on. Mine actually had a small amount of metal on the lug opening which prevented it from going on. It just would NOT Attach, so I took a small diamond dust abrassive Dremel bit and lightly hit the excess metal on one side. it then fit well, it has a little wiggle, about as mutch as my USGI M5 on the Garand.I would not worry about sharpening the bayonet, I like using it as a hasty tent peg anyway. But it does have a less than optimal spring and latch. Otherwise, the CTD Carbine accessories worked fine for my 57 year old Carbine."
– Dremel Fix er upper
2.0 5
"Well for twenty bucks, it's ok. The fit is very loose and looks like a kid put it together. I found there are some cheaper ones out there that are reproductions but the fit was perfect"
– John
4.0 5
"This was an impulse buy for me. I am not going for WW2 authentic. Bayonet fit fairly snug.. a little play in it. But stays on and looks just like I needed it to. Price and shipping from CTD makes it more than worth it ot me."
– HrntFixr