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Level III Assault Day Pack Coyote Tan MOLLE Straps 18x10x10" Five Stacked Compartments And Compression Straps

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Rugged nylon with beefy zippers, pulls and hardware. Hydration system compatible, cool mesh back, contoured adjustable shoulder straps with "D" rings. Webbing for all Alice or Molle pouches. Great assault team pack with pockets for ammo and gear. 18x10x10" with five stacked compartments. Very flexible and adaptable, available in three colors. Imported.

Also available in:
OD GreenPACK-125
Coyote TanPACK-121
Army DigitalMOLLE-702

Total number of Reviews: 43

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5.0 5
"This is best day pack you can get! Small and convenient size, but seems to hold all your gear, great tough fabric with wide opening and strong zippers. The straps are fully adjustable so you can make it fit like it should and you can remove the straps you don't like. Since it has the Molle webbing, you can add more pouches outside it you something specific you want quick access to. Really nice pack, hope the make them in more colors soon!"
– Michael
4.0 5
"This pack is a bargain. It is durable and versatile. Also comfortable to wear (compared to many other mil packs)."
5.0 5
"This is my earthquake bug out pack. It has many separate compartments plus the extra PALS panels for attaching MOLLE gear. The material is waterproof as far as I can tell but has a strong chemical odor. Putting it under your bed might be unpleasant until the smell goes away.The shoulder straps are not great. I like that they are padded and very adjustable but the material on the underside (side against your body) is a little flimsy. The tops of each strap should be more rounded for comfort. But it's only a minor annoyance and otherwise this is a fantastic bag for the price.The shoulder straps can be stowed into the back panel on the pack or you can add a water bladder in there for hydration on the move. I would buy another one in a heart beat."
– CJ in Burlingame
2.0 5
"I bought two of these packs, one for me and one for my son. He used it for school and I used mine for work. Neither pack lasted more than a few months before coming apart, the shoulder straps and the plastic M buckles are the weaknesses. Both packs broke down and within a short period of time we both wound up tossing the packs."
– Stalwart
3.0 5
"Ive had alot of bug out bags on different deployments, but this one seems to be the best. I got it a few weeks ago, and i wasnt too impressed with the quality. But for its size it holds everything you need. I keep extra ammo, and emergency stuff like pen flares and extra med stuff. Its the right size for what i need, and the price was right too. I also got some mag pouches and a dump pouch i like. Its better than paying three times as much @ the PX."
– mel
3.0 5
"holds all you could need for a few days, lots of pockets. Used mine one time zipper broke. It says they have repairable zippers, NOT SO. Would be a great pack if YKK zippers were used. Great design poor quality...Trying to find someone to replace zippers and I would still use it."
– retcap118
5.0 5
"I recently dicovered the hard way I have two bulging dics's in my lower, so I needed a smaller backpack for traveling. I had a huge HH that I just had to fill. This one is the perfect size and I'm very pleased with the quality. Thanks CTD!!!!!"
– hueychief
2.0 5
"Had this bag about a year. Used it as a work bag only. The bag started tearing at the bottom of the strap where its attached to the bag. I used a speedy stitcher and piece of nylon webbing to repair the weakness and now the plastic buckle at the top of the strap broke. I guess i got what i paid for but im replacing it with a true maxpedition bag. I would not waste my money on this bag again. Save up and buy a real assault bag.Rick"
– Rick
3.0 5
"I've had this bag for about 3 months and use it to keep some of my work things in. It's been a good bag, but I'm having zipper problems now. Not something I'd recommend, but you can't expect much for this price."
– ....
3.0 5
"I bought this pack awhile back (hey, I'm a poet and I don't it!) and like other folks I had the same problem of the plastic buckles breaking. I've since replaced them with metallic D-rings and now I'm really happy with the pack. It compresses pretty tight when you cinch the straps but it can still haul a lot of gear. It's my daily bag and it's holding up the rigors of NYC life.I say it's worth it if you're prepared to swap out some of the plastic bits with metal."
– Frank
5.0 5
"I purchased this pack to use for range work. After receiving the pack I found it to be VERY WELL made! with high grade zippers and seam stiching. The large compartment stores my CHRONY and PRINTER along with ammo and room to spare. I use the middle compartment for targets, ink pads,shooting gloves ect...The front top compartment is perfect for shooting glasses and lower front has everything needed to store range work documents. I have found this pack to fit my range needs very well."
– Bob
2.0 5
"I ended up buying the small, medium and large bags. The small one is the only one that was worth it. Both the medium and large bags had major zipper problems. The zippers would not close properly and then it appeared that even when closed, the zipper was damaged. I would not buy any of the molle gear from this site if it is from the same manufacturer. Don't risk your gear or you life by using this stuff. I am going to end up buying another company which although 3 times as expensive, the quality reports are a lot better. Not a knock on CTD, just on this worthless bag."
– albert
1.0 5
"Got this pack a week ago and the top seam started to rip apart. It has plenty of pockets to use but the cheap construction ruins it. I decided to go with the Maxpedition version"
– Bruon
1.0 5
"I carried this bag for about 2 weeks and the zippers started screwing up."
– hh
3.0 5
"I wasn't expecting much for the price. I figured that it would be good for road trips and camping. However, I decided to put it to the test and packed it to capacity for a heavy duty trek into the nearby mountains. As I expected, the shoulder strap began to seperate from the bag at the point of contact... bad news. I had to stop in the middle of nowhere, cut two pieces of excess webbing from a couple of the straps and sew them at the contact points for reinforcement. Once done, I had no problems and have had none since. I'd have given the bag a five, had the makers simply added about thirty seconds of labor and reinforced the stress points at the shoulder strap. If you buy it, have a needle and thread ready."
– Desert Rat
1.0 5
"The compartments and size is a great Idea.But the Quality of the pack is very poor. I have had mine Three months and it has not been misshandled it is comming apart in several ares such as the straps and compartment seams I would suggest that you buy another Model poor Quality."
– Joe J.
3.0 5
"This bag arrived and I was originally shocked by how nice it was. Generally speaking, it is a great bag and I was impressed with the quality of material, bladder section, sizes of compartments, shoulder straps, etc. However, I have barely used the bag and already have zipper problems. The zippers look hardcore, however may be prone to coming apart. FYI"
– rob
4.0 5
"I see a lot of people complain about the quality of this item. I have used it for a year now as a hiking back pack. I have yet to have any problems with it. I like how I can attach extra Molle items if I need more space. Low weight, highly adjustable, and in my experience, quite rugged."
– Mike
4.0 5
"I've had one for a year, I use it to carry my lunch and stuff in back and forth to work, it's big enough for a 2\" binder in the large pocket. I use the small pockets for wallet, phone, pens, glasses. It keeps my stuff organized very well, I and I get alot of complements on it. Everyone that looks at it thinks it cost $100. I've had no problems with it, I would buy another."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Construction: Apparently Condor Outdoors has read the reviews. All seams are now double stitched. Shoulder strap attachments are X stitched. Thick nylon material. Self healing zippers are a little sticky but do work well (yes I jumped a few teeth to see if they would adjust itself and it does.) A little bar soap and the zippers work smooth as silk.Color: The internet/catalog picture is obviously computer generated. This pack is GREEN. It is a few shades lighter than my issue ruck, but still green. It looks nothing like the picture."
– Todd
4.0 5
"There is no doubt in my mind that this is a high speed pack and dispite a few discrepancies I enjoy this pack.However, on day two of owning this pack one of the zipper grips competely broke. Apparently the zipper grips (for lack of a better term) are put togeather with plastic. not only did mine break but it also bent the remaining part of the zipper aparatus that was still intact. I do alot of training and i have alot of experience, but I have not fully tested out this pack. So far the only flaw seems to be the zippr grips. i fully suspect that some super glue and 550 cord can cure the problem. Some people have written in and said that you cannot expect much for the money but I disagree . I think that if someone is going to sell you a pack that it should work with zero malfunctions. especialy since most of the parts and materials probably came from overseas or was assembled over seas. Good gear should not have to cost you an arm and a leg. I think that if Condor (the makers of this pack) fixed the zipper problem than this pack would be worth it's weight in gold. The last discrepancy that i have withthis pack in the material found onthe inmside f the straps and on the part of the pack that meets your back. i have found thatthis kind of fabric can be prone to tearing. If you buy this pack be a little sensitive with it around jagged objects and don't put alot of force on the part of the ziper that you grap to open and close it with."
– shadow slayer
3.0 5
"I use this bag every day as a medic and I have had the same problems with the zippers. Luckly for me only one is totally broken so the bag can still be used. Other than the zippers the bag is very well made and has lots of space that can be compressed if not used."
– Kevin
4.0 5
"This is the second one I bought. The first one had zipper problems like everybody elses, but still used it all the time. Just used parachute cord to replace the zipper tabs. The maker must have got a lot of complaints, the second one has great zippers and is better quality. I used them for hunting and a laptop bag."
– arfreak
3.0 5
"I've had this bag for almost 3 years now. Right off it split right down the side, had to fix. After some modifications this backpack is a great buy. The shoulder straps are just plain funky. The padding is positioned lower on the strap, so you really have to sinch it up for it to be comfortable. The lining in the inner pockets(that hold tools and pens, ect) have all come apart. After a good year of break in, its held up for the last couple years. As long as its not a heavy load(for comfort and reliabilty) its a great pack for the price."
– chad in Idaho
5.0 5
"I bought this pack based on the reviews I had read here. I received the pack and was surprised at how small it seemed, but having loosened up all the compression straps it looked like it would do. Having just completed a cross-country trip by bus and a one week location photoshoot with the pack I am very impressed with it's ability to digest large heavy loads whilst being handled roughly. I also use it on tactical exercises in the desert and it handles a full load of ammo, water and food with no problem for days on end. I would recommend it highly as a small versatile pack for anyone. The color on the website didn't match what I received."
– lebateur
5.0 5
"Was skeptable after some of the reviews I had read. However,I wanted a small pack for hunting and a friend had purchased one of these last year with great results. I used it Elk hunting as a day pack and was hard on it. I am very happy with this pack. The zippers held tight, all of the seams held together and for the price...you can't beat it. Light weight and comfortable."
5.0 5
"I purchased one of these bags about 4 years ago . I decided to look at the reviews today and have to say I guess there are some lemons. The pack I have has held up great and the only thing that has come off is one of the strings on the zippers..... Not a big deal . I have put all kinds of thing in this pack and it has held up just fine. No tears and stiching coming undone. All and all this is a good compact pack for anyone for all applications."
– Braden
4.0 5
"Nice bag but small. I have had no problems with the zippers. The bag was constructed well but very small."
– Jim
5.0 5
"I have had this bag for 3 years. I use it as my airline carry-on as I travel around the country and as a range bag when at home. I am tough on this bag and it has held up well. I have paid a lot more for other bags that never lasted this long."
– Infidel Cavez
2.0 5
"I ordered 3 items of coyote/tan molle gear, they are all from the same manufacturer & purchased from this website. They are 3 different shades of tan. The radio pouch is more yellow, the backpack is more green, and the deployment bag has a reddish cast to it.... NO WAY is this stuff even close to MIL-SPEC."
– tuti-fruti
4.0 5
"This is a great backpack.... BUT the interior pockets haven't lasted me a year. All the stitching, zippers, and compartments have held up very well. Overall, for this price, it's great for a lot of things and for a long time. I take it hiking, hunting, surfing, fishing, to school, on road trips... it holds up well."
– dude-6-pak
4.0 5
"I bought the pack a month ago. I figured I could convert it to a sling pack. By the time it came, my son's school backpack was ripped. He tried it on & that's it. He is tall & skinny (just like his dad when he was younger). I took him for a short walk the other day with the backpack on. He didn't take it off during breaks. It fit very well on him. The backpack deserves 5 bullets, only because it fit my son better than me."
– ChefDad
5.0 5
"I read a lot of the reviews for this pack and was a bit hesitant because several people said they were cheaply made. I ordered three for my boys for Christmas and couldn't be more pleased. The packs that I received are extremely well-made and are very good quality. They were tagged with \"Condor\" company tags. All the seams are sticthed strong and the zippers are ruggedly tough. The material is also very strong and durable. There's more pockets on the inside of the different compartments, so you can store and effectively organize a lot of small gear too. Several people complained about the straps, but They are not bad at all. Remember, this is a medium-sized pack and is not made for carrying a weeks worth of gear, so the straps don't need to support a 70lb rucksack. This is more like a 2-day assualt pack, and will only be carrying that kind of weight. So the straps are sufficient in my opinion. For a light-duty pack, you can NOT go wrong with this pack. I love them and so did all three of my boys!"
5.0 5
"Everything in my B.O.B fits in this pack with a few exceptions. I also ordered the deployment bag with it. The level III bag is great. I have a 16.9\" laptop that fits perfectly along with a lot of my survival gear, which surprised me. This is the biggest little bag you can get. Plus, the only other place that has them cheaper is ebay and those will be from china. Those are really low quality and actually smaller."
– Phil
5.0 5
"I got my bag in days and in great condition. I purchased it to attach to my second generation USGI MOLLE Ruck as a Patrol Pack. (The current issue Patrol Pack is like a little kid's Jansport backpack...too small, and way too weak). Using two carabiners for attachments, it works perfectly. This pack is NOT a three day pack. Like the MOLLE Patrol Pack, it is designed primarily as a day pack, with plenty of loops for attaching other modular MOLLE components. I attached two of the MOLLE 012 pouches on the sides to carry water bottles/ Swiss Stove and fire starters. Although it expands like an accordion, this bag is slim, extremely durable, and best of all won't draw a lot of attention, whether you are headed to the office or to the range. I have loaded mine with food, water, a bivvy bag, cold weather clothing etc., and I keep it in my vehicle as a \"get home\" bag."
– Joe
1.0 5
"I currently own several tactical bags, packs and cases by several manufacturers. This pack is POORLY constructed. stitching poor, zippers poor, clips and attaching points poor."
– Jimmy
3.0 5
"As always, very fast shipping. I purchased this on a Saturday and had it at my door Wednesday. Very durable, seems well made, tons of little pockets and zippers. I won't be able to field test and I'm returning mine due to one of the zippers on the inside compartment not opening. The teeth on the zipper are bent and prevent it from opening. Also, I saw the video posted and read the dimensions but feel it's a big small for me. Overall nice bag for the money."
4.0 5
"Great pack, fits 10.5\" x 14\" Dell notebook (snug) and many other things. Good quality, lots of options. I give it 4 bullets because it has no pistol holster like the more expensive brand does, but I improvised;)"
– me
1.0 5
"I recently purchased this and returned it after finding the shoulder straps were drastically different than shown. The straps shipped were approx. 4\" wide and poor quality. Apparently, they changed the design for some and I got one. Couldn't wear comfortably, the straps were too wide and too large for a pack of this size. I returned the pack and went with another vendor."
– JL
2.0 5
"This thing looks huge in the picture. Don't be deceived. It's tiny. I'm thinking about giving it to one of my grand kids as a school backpack. It would be good for a kindergartener to carry their crayons. Did it shrink in the wash?"
– Tony
5.0 5
"This is a great bag. It makes a perfect range bag. I have room to store all my range gear, earphones, targets, gloves, tools, etc. It also makes a pretty good bail out bag."
– Brad
5.0 5
"This bag is tough and has plenty of compartments and places for things. Seems to be very well built. Also, the shipping was very fast. Ordered Sunday and it got here on Tuesday."
– Timothy H
1.0 5
"Purchased this bag during Cyber Monday Sale. I was disappointed as soon as I unpacked it. There is a large MADE IN CHINA tag on the inside of the bag. The straps are small and narrow and do not seem like they could carry a heavy load. The compartments are separated by plastic walls. Save your money and buy a good pack."
– NTX Hunter