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Level III Assault Day Pack Army Digital MOLLE Straps 18x10x10" Five Stacked Compartments And Compression Straps

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Rugged nylon with beefy zippers, pulls and hardware. Hydration system compatible, cool mesh back, contoured adjustable shoulder straps with "D" rings. Webbing for all Alice or Molle pouches. Great assault team pack with pockets for ammo and gear. 18x10x10" with five stacked compartments. Very flexible and adaptable, available in three colors.

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1.0 5
"Within 4 days of getting this pack the straps on the shoulders broke. I couldnt fix them and didnt want to use duct tape because of the sticky residue. I dont really know how to fix them and for now the backpack is useless to me. DONT GET IT, IT ISNT WORTH IT!"
– Matt
4.0 5
"Great pack. Ive had mine for a month now and its been used HARD. Absolutely no problems. You can really pack a lot of gear into this medium sized bag.Only drawback is the hydration pouch on the back side is a little too small for issue bladders. They stick out the top a little but no real big deal. Thanks again CTD!"
5.0 5
"This pack is the best i have ever had!! it can fit alot of stuff in it easy. it has been great for the hikes i go on alot. people it is totally worth buying!!"
– Cole Brown
5.0 5
"I use mine for everything from school, hunting, camping, and use it for everywhere I go. Best bag ever, very durable, looks smaller than the picture but holds A LOT of stuff!! Still a good bag. It's material makes it almost impossible to rip, and is good for in the rain, or wet areas. Other than that it is very comfortable. I've already got a few people purchasing the same bag."
– Chuck
2.0 5
"EVERY NEGATIVE RESPONE IS TRUE! The quality of this pack is very poor. Originally I thought I was going to save a bundle buying this. So I ignored the bad reviews and ordered one... And in a few days it arrived at my doorstep. Well I opened the Box and there it was, I thought it was going to be great, but I was so disappointed within the first 10 minutes of receiving this pack. The STITCHING was of very very POOR QUALITY. I would say that if I kept this bag it would of lasted maybe a month at most. You can tell that this thing is just cheaply produced, so if you're in need of a real pack don't buy this one. READ THE REVIEWS! The ones that give LOW RATINGS are 100% TRUE!I did'nt even use this thing and I could see it falling apart by just looking at it.The design IS very cool, and that is why I gave it 2 bullets, but do some searching... I ended returning this pack and I bought the FALCON II. This pack is a VERY cheap copy of the FALCON II.I did spend more money in the end on the FALCON II, but you can definitely see that there is a real difference. Buy this pack for your little kid or something like that, but if you expect to use this pack for Service or Work... I'll tell you now... YOU WILL BE DISAPOINTED! and you will probably spend just as much as you would going out and buying a REAL PACK in the first place."
4.0 5
"this bag is the best bag i've ever owned. it's kind of smaller than i thought it was at first but that would be my only reason i didn't give it 5 stars. the zippers are so easy to use they just glide open overall a good bag."
– avid hunter
4.0 5
"When I received the bag, I was disappointed by the size, the quality of the waist strap, and one of the shoulder straps was missing a metal loop former. I cut off the waist strap, used the loop former for the ailing shoulder strap, and stuffed the crap out of it. The zippers are beefy enough, and the cloth thick enough that it easily holds rain gear, couple field stripped MRE-s, extra rounds, couple cans of cope, weapon cleaning gear, etc. The shoulder straps cinch tight enough that you dont really need the waist strap, especially if you are wearing armor and vest. The inner pouch for the hydration bladder is small though, so I use it for other things, and put 2 100oz bladders in it. Its definitely worth the money."
4.0 5
"This bag is a great buy. I have tried to buy a durable bag for awhile now. After going to most of the Military Shops in Vegas, the biggest thing I found was price. The price is very good. I use this bag daily for everything. Many pockets to hold just about everything. Very strong. You will not go wrong with this purchase."
5.0 5
"Great pack for the price. As a corpsman with Marines you need to pack everything you have. I have enough gear for things as little as Motrin to a minor surgery and suture kit. I carry at least 4 bags of IV fluid, tubing and about 15 needles of various gauges. Ive had no zipper problems or seam problems. its holding up great compared to other packs i have seen or used in the field."
– Corpsman
3.0 5
"Not as big as I thought it would be, but it makes good use of the storage room it has, and I like the pockets inside the storage compartments. Not really crazy about the way the cinch strap goes over the top of the bag in a 'Y', but I could cut that off if it gets too annoying. The shoulder straps are a bit stiff, but should conform more as you use it. Not a bad little bag for carrying just the essentials on your next mission."
– SSG Marsh
4.0 5
"I have two of these bags. One for use in the States, one in Afghanistan. They both get used, HARD. I have had no problems with either of these, and conditions over here are hard on all gear I use. I can carry enough basic supplies for two days in the field. Great for extra ammo, water and med gear, but if you need a lot of carrying capacity, get a bigger pack. All in all, I heartily endorse it."
– Charles
4.0 5
"I have had 2 of these. Both have gone through hard treatment. I use them mainly for medical supplies while on short patrols. I maintain a bigger resupply bag in my vehicle. I would deffinately recommend it. My only improvement recommendation is to put an additional side support strap higher up."
– Line Medic
5.0 5
"Let me first start off by saying that this pack is just what every operator should have on short ops. This pack is capable of an extreme load, Trust me, I tried. I loaded it up with 55lbs. of load and it came out signing cadence, asking for more for more! I over stuffed every pocket and was worried about the zippers splitting/breaking, But when they say these zips are beefy, they aren't kidding. I did a \"dunk test with this pack by dunking it in a swimming pool, not to mention while loaded with the 55lbs. and for a short immersion, it stayed dry inside. Perfect for getting caught in the rain for a short time. The 5 pockets, as well as the organizer and small stashes inside some of the pockets really do organize the gear nicely. To end, this bag is great for short \"trips\" when you need to move fast with only essential gear, as a bug-out-bag, or even a book bag for youngsters. Thank you CTD for another great product."
– Ghost1
3.0 5
"My bag had a big rip in the center of the body that had been repaired. I think these bags are factory seconds. You can put a good amount of items in the bag, but it does get bulky and hard to manage if it's too full."
– wrestlepsu99
5.0 5
"This back pack is great. I can put a extreme cold GI sleeping bag on it and my local surplus store wants 49.99 for it. Over all great bag. I would recomend this bag to any one. Thanks CTD."
– john doe
5.0 5
"Great value!I don't know what people expect when they buy a $40 backpack, but this one exceeds ANY expectation!It's small, but u can easily take a 3-days minimum, plus ammo!Great value!"
– Ryykaanen
4.0 5
"I was a little worried about ordering this after I read the reviews. But what I recieved seem's to be a well built backpack. I have other military packs and this seem's to be similar."
– Josh Johnson
4.0 5
"When I first started reading the reviews I did not think that I would really like this pack, but now that I have it, I love it. I've been using this pack for school, and it can easily fit two textbooks, and many notebooks. Some reviews say that this pack is kinda small, and it is but it can really expand. The straps make hiking, and running very comforatable. I'm not saying that you should take this pack, and go on a two week camping trip. But for a one or two days it's good for that. The zippers are also extremely big, strong, and I really like this pack even though it is a little small."
– Dante
5.0 5
"This pack has a smaller than average profile and looks a little narrow, but definitely does not lack in its capacity capabilities. The pack has points all over it to attach different pieces of gear and other smaller storage units and/or weapon sheaths. This pack is amazing because at a smaller size, it can carry a lot and has great organization features inside and out."
– McClain
5.0 5
"Great pack, very good quality, and lots of room. Would get another if the shipping wasn't almost as expensive as the pack."
– Steppenwolf
4.0 5
"This bag is an exceptional deal for 19.99. I really thought I was going to regret the purchase but quite the opposite. It is nearly perfect. The only thing I wish that it had that is doesn't is more webbing on the sides. Small issue and for the price, I really don't care that much. Great bag at a stupid low price. Awesome."
– Skillzburn
4.0 5
"I purchased three of these packs; one for myself and the other two for my sons. I couldn't pass up the price. They are not full size back packs, but they can still hold quite a bit of stuff on the three compartments. ?I love the way it is organized and the zippers are quality. Thanks, CTD!"
– B52Buff
5.0 5
"Want to use it for a BOB bag. There is ample room; with lots of organized pockets. I like the 3 large separate compartments. The MOLLE aspect also adds to the versatility of the bag in that you can expand it if you desire. You can\uFFFDt cram a ton of stuff in this pack but why would you want to. It should be the bare minimum to get by. For what I want it for, Its more than up to the challenge. I added a canteen and the deluxe trauma kit (FAK) and will add a dump pouch.I plan on throwing this in the trunk of my car all loaded up and if I end up getting stuck somewhere or if I have to hoof it home I\uFFFDll be prepared. 25 mile walks at worst.If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail...CTD got it to me fast and with no problems. I\uFFFDm happy with the service and quality of merchandise."
– Bobby
5.0 5
"This is the second one of these bags I have purchased. I bought the first one in black and this one in Army Digital for my son to use for hunting and backpacking. Both are quality built and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a small backpack."
– chris
4.0 5
"I love this bag. I can fit 5 days worth of clothes in here.I use it for hunting all the time, just packed it up full of fishing gear -2 trays of lures and all my other fishing gear this bag is great lots of room in this bag good deal."
– justin
5.0 5
"I got this bag some time ago and I love it I use it for hunting and short backpacking trips. It's a great light pack plenty of room for what I use it for. I did break one of the Sinch straps on the side trying to shrink the bag down as small as I could so watch how tight you try to make your load other than that this bag is by far my favorite of all my bags it's completely useful for all sorts of activities I might be ordering a couple more in the near future."
– Wes Clearlake CA
5.0 5
"Love the pack, Nice super fast ground shipping guess because I lived in state on lytook one night and it was delivered the next day. Love the assortment of pockets and the hydration pocket making this in my opinion a great hunting pack for those who live in hot temperature's like me (South Texas).Great pack, love it has plenty of room for all my hunting necessities, and survival gear."
4.0 5
"I hate to order items on line with out checking out inperson . Took a chance by the positive reviews for this back pack , just got it today and checked it over . It has a Condor tag on it, looks like it is made by Condor. I don't recall seeing it in the description . Going to use it for the fall hunting season so I don't have to stuff everything in to my pockets because it's all going to go in to this back pack. Zippers feel good and the material and assembly of the pack looks good and decent, better that the packs I have found in the dept. stores . The compartments are set up good for what I think are for most needs for storage Plenty of MOLLE attaching points all over so you can attach alot of extra things to this pack . I don't see a problem with it and should hold up well for normal to some what hard use . If you want a nearly indestructable back pack then your going to have to spend alot more money . Over all I think this is a good pack , worth the money and then some ."
– Jeff
2.0 5
"I ordered this backpack to do hikes and backpacking. After a short time the threads started to come out of the seams and even the straps wouldn't stay to the length I set them to which was really frustrating while trying to hike and do camping trips and survival trips.. Did I get a dud ?"
– Christopher Mahoney
4.0 5
"I should've gone with a bigger bag. I got sucked into the whole \"What else can I put in here.\" I'm using this as a survival pack with food, first aid, and fire starting items. I didn't have enough space, so I got the M60 belt pouch and hung it on the front. Still don't have enough, but that's probably my fault. Alright, first off the straps weren't designed to take a lot of weight. Mine haven't torn or frayed, but I'm wary about them. Zippers are strong. Fabric is, too. Mine's been snowed/rained on, thrown down on rocks. No problem. Get creative with how you stow your items. (I.E) I have 100 ft of 550 cord through the adjustment straps on the bottom. Pry bar on one of the side MOLLE webs, more rope on the other. Imagination is key. Everyday pack, it's great"
– RayzorBlade
3.0 5
"Got the bag about 4 months ago. I still use it every day and I'm starting to notice some ware in all the wrong places. The right shoulder strap is barely hanging on at the top and the bottom. The left side strap ripped after a month. The straps seem to want to readjust themselves. Looked bigger on the internet, but that's a chance we take, right? Overall, I feel like it was a good buy. But once the strap breaks, I won't buy another. I'll probably go a little bigger and drop a little more money."
– Fox212
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