Lee Precision .308 Winchester Deluxe Three Die Set 90614

Lee Precision
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Lee's Deluxe Die sets are perfect for reloaders who want to load both factory spec. and rifle-specific ammunition. The full length sizing die allows for reforming brass to factory specifications, and the collet neck sizing die allows for brass to be sized only on the neck, to allow for proper bullet seating, and requires no lubrication. Neck sized brass increases case life, and improves consistency, but can only be safely used in the firearm that fireformed the brass.

The Lee Deluxe Rifle 3-Die set is perfect for the beginning or experienced reloader. The set is made of steel and includes a full length sizing die, collet neck sizing die, and bullet seating die. Use the full length sizing die to produce ammunition to factory new specifications using cases fired in other guns. The collet neck sizing die will allow you to produce ammunition that is fire formed to the chamber of one rifle, increasing brass life and consistency. Shell holder, powder measure, storage box, and load data included.

Full Length sizing die
Neck Sizing Collet Die
Seating Die
Shell holder
Powder dipper
Load data
Warranty Information
Neck Sizing Die Benefits:
No case lubrication required
Reduced or eliminates case trimming
10 times increased case life
Unmatched speed and convenience
Minimum bullet run out
Most uniform neck tension