Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool Titanium Handle Nylon Sheath Warranty

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Specifications and Features:
Leatherman Charge TTi multi tool
Comfort sculpted titanium handle
Bronze bushings
4" long closed
Fixed lanyard ring
Removable pocket clip
Quick release lanyard ring
Nylon sheath
Limited warranty

Needle nose pliers
Regular pliers
Wire stripper
Hard wire and wire cutters
Large screw driver
Small bit drivers
Large bit drivers
Bottle and can opener
Wood, metal, and diamond coated file
Serrated knife and cutting hook
S30V stainless steel clip point blade

Included Bits and Accessories:
Phillips and flat tip eyeglasses screwdriver
Screwdriver 1/8" and Torx #15
Phillips #1 and #2
Hex 3/32" and 5/64"
Hex 5/32" and 9/64"
Hex 1/16" and .050
Hex 1/8" and 7/64"
Robertson #2 and #3

For warranty issues, contact 800-847-8665 or toolwarranty@leatherman.com

Charge TTi Multi Tool -
The Leatherman Charge TTi Multi Tool is a combination of Charge AL and ALX tool. It features TTi premium comfort sculpted titanium handle scales and the S30V stainless steel clip point knife. The bronze bushings make the exterior blades smooth and quick to open.

Serrated Blade -
A serrated blade has a cutting edge that has many small points of contact with the material being cut. By having less contact area than a smooth blade, the applied force at each point of contact is relatively greater and the points of contact are at a sharper angle to the material being cut.

Lanyard Hole -
This is a hole to fit a lanyard, rope or carrying imple ment through.

Screwdriver -
A tool used for turning screws.

Bottle Opener -
Used for removing caps or corks from bottles.

Saw -
A tool that uses a hard blade or wire with an abrasive edge to cut through softer materials.

Scissors -
A cutting instrument for paper, cloth, etc., consisting of two blades, each having a ring shaped handle, that are so pivoted together that their sharp edges work one against the other (often used with pair of).

Needle Nose Pliers -
Small pliers with long thin jaws for fine work.