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Leapers UTG Vest Tactical Law Enforcement Right Hand

Leapers UTG
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Designed for the specific needs and comfort of LE agencies with a mesh body that is lighter than nylon vests and allows perspiration to dissipate. Side tab adjustable vest is reinforced to maintain shape and carry the weight of the pouches when filled, one shoulder has a recoil pad, heavy front zipper closure, all pouches have Velcro flap closures, and a pistol belt with ALICE clips for additional gear and to prevent the vest from riding up. We offer this vest in both right and left handed models and your choice of color.

Radio pouch
"D" Rings
Drag Handle
Utility pouch with ID strip
Three Pistol mag pouches
Removable holster with extra mag pouch
Four Rifle mag pouches
Flashlight pouch
Pistol Belt with quick release buckle and two magazine or knife pouches

Manufacturer Number: PVC-V547GT

Black (Right Hand Black)
OD Green (Right Hand OD Green)
Army Digital (Right Hand Army Digital)
Marine Digital (Right Hand Marine Digital)


Item#: 16-PVC-V547GT,7-PVCV547GT,VEST-163
Total number of Reviews: 60

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4.0 5
"Where do I start-this vest has and does it all! Very pleased with the vest and great fit. Only 4 stars because I wanted to see the back of it before I bought it, but couldn't get any pics from anyone there. Thanks, and I will be back for more deals."
5.0 5
"This is a great starter vest has plenty of compartments and space. It has Removable Cross Draw Holster, Pistol Belt, 4 M16/AR15 Magazine Pouches, 3 Pistol Magazine Pouches, 2 Large Concealed Pockets, Grab Handle."
– Elwood
5.0 5
"This vest has been the best that I have ever owned. There is just one problem. I saw the same vest with two pouches under the holster for the pistol. If anyone knows where to find these let me know."
– jackson61
5.0 5
"this thing is cool.Showed some friends, now they have one, or one of the others you sell that are very similar.Added two deployment bags and a fanny pack to the back,three mag pouch to the front.Get some looks at the range but so what,most of them ask where to get one so I tell'em.I'm carrying seven loaded AR-15 30 round mags,seven loaded 45 mags.300 rounds in the packs,lunch and water,I'm set for the day.All with my hands free to take care of business.Thanks for quality products."
– Steve, Florida
5.0 5
"Ill make it short , the vest is great , it will size up to almost anyone , there is more room in this thing than I know what to do with , and the way it is built you don,t know your warring it . Thanks Scott"
– Scott ... st loius MO
5.0 5
"I am a Distinguished Expert Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Personnel Protection Instructor. I can tell you guys that this product is well made. Taking it out the range to teach I can truly say it is one of the most comfortable rigs I have had on in a long time. For the price I would have said this is going to be El-Cheapo but was surprised by the quality! While I would recommend a steal back loop it is a great buy. I am going to purchase an OD for my week hunting trips for packing in and out with the M.O.L.L.Y. system you can easily be the one man unit. Keep checking your 6!!George"
– Instructor
5.0 5
"This is the best on the market unless you're military, add in price and it's a no brainer man. As usual, continue to be a completely satisfied CTD customer...only complaint is how heavy it is with all my mags...... :*("
– b priest
5.0 5
"1.This vest is incredibly comfortible and allows you to move freely in any direction you want! It can fit just about anyone. It also distributes the weight of everything evenly.2.This has more straps and flaps than you'll know what to do with! You can carry anything you need with you and have your hand free.3.You can't beat the price. For other vests of this type, they can be priced for $100 or more."
– Steve from Burlington KY
5.0 5
"I was immediately impressed with the material quality and workmanship of this product. I'd like to cover a few things that were not clear by the picture and description that might help. 1) the elastic shell holder is removable & attaches to the velcro on the right chest pocket. 2)the radio pouch on the left shoulder only fits the small walkie-talkie radios,but makes a great handcuff case. 3)the full size radios we carry for duty use will fit in one of the m16 mag pouches. 4)the holster is removeable and vest comes with an extra double m16 mag pouch that will attach in it's place. both the holster and the mag pouch are secured by the velcro and tention straps. 5)entire vest adjusts easily. I can wear it alone over standard body armor or expand it and wear it over my tactical entry vest. 6) the back of the vest does have a.l.i.c.e. type attachment points for adding gear like gasmask pouch or hydration pack & also has a drag strap. Excellent vest , I hope this helps."
– Hobbs, NM
4.0 5
"well just to start off I only see 2 things wrong with it. Im a large guy and it fits but not as big as id like it, and if your big its a little short too. I can fit my Kevlar under it and the alice attachments work wonders because I have my hydration pack on it. The mag pouches are GREAT! They fit my M-16 Mags no problem, and the pistol magazine holders are great because they double for holding flashlights and other things of that nature. Some of you people may wonder if the Velcro is strong enough, its the strongest hook and loop material I've ever seen. I keep my Glock in the pistol holster, but they also give you an extra two rifle magazine pouches. I think the radio pouch is too small but I still cram mine in it. The main part of the vest is a mesh, I thought it would be flimsy but its quite rugged. Its UTG but its actually a great value. Buy this vest."
– Your Favorite Sarge
5.0 5
"I just got this vest and couldn't wait to try it out, so I backed it and headed for the mountians. I was very happy with the fit and feel of this important piece of gear. I read the other reviews and thought for my needs this might work out nicely, I was right. I took the advice of another reviewer and added the MOLLE-456 Hydration system to mine and another tactical drop down holster as to carry a .22 cal pistol on the vest and a .45 cal on my leg. It has 4 large MOLLE straps accross the back that are strong enouh to support quite abit of weight. The mag pouches in the front are positioned so you can get to them easlily, both pistol & rifle. Two, one on each side, are right under each arm. I thought these might be alittle hard to get, but reaching across they're just right. And you don't have to reach for the sky to get a mag out. It has 3 adjusting straps on each side to the back that have elastic keepers to hold the extra strap from getting in the way. The shoulder adjustment straps are 3 inches wide so plenty of hook& loops to hold in place. The shotgun shell holders can be removed, the space used for somethingelse, i.e. a MOLLE wallet. The MOLLE-456 has 4 snap straps to hold it on. And has 7 straps to attach things to it. With a butt pack and a couple other pouches, first aid & survival, this is a great setup. Top pouch left shoulder holds a GPS or radio nicely. Two extra pistol mag pouches on the belt can be placed anywhere on the belt or taken off. All the pouches , except the 2 extra rifle mags pouches, are sewn on to the vest with heavey canvas backing. The 2 extra rifle mag pouches have hook&loop backing to fit in place of the holster. Or it can be attached to the belt via two straps on the back. Another plus is there're so many different ways to set it up, different pouches for what ever you need in the field. I'm going set mine one way for fishing another for hunting. Each sport requires different equipment in the field. The price is right so you ca...."
– Joe
5.0 5
"i love this thing very much it was the best buy i ever made.so many pockets and places to put things its worthy to be worn by mcgyver.the only problem i had with it is that its hard to adjust the holster for large handguns. but a very good deal!"
– ctd guru
4.0 5
"Bought this Vest for the missle field on Malmstrom AFB. It's better than the issued vietman/spaghetti straps bullshit that they give the new guys. The belt is also much better than the standard OD green one that comes with most other vests. I really like the M-9 (Or whatever you want to put in there) and magazine pouches. The zippered pockets on the inside are nice as well. The only thing I didnt like was the zipper, it broke the 2nd day I had it, it still zips but with nothing to grasp when doing so."
– tuck
5.0 5
"After reading the review on this vest I had High hopes, I got more than I expected. The gun holster works perfect for either my glock 17 or Sig 226, it has more than enough room for all my mags nd it fits perfect. Nothing bad to say here, get this vest or build your own Molle Vest but this is the cheaper way to go and you'll love it!"
– Matthew
5.0 5
"Overall this vest is great, plenty of pockets for everything. The magazine pouches will hold AK mags fine, but I can only fit two in some of them. The holster fits my Sigma 9 perfectly, and has a strap so it can be attached to the belt as well . The vest is large, it seems like it is sized to fit over body armor but when adjusted fully down it fits me alright. One thing that is not noted in the description: there is a pocket lining the entire back that could be used to hold a hydration pack. I would buy this vest again."
– L. Canther
5.0 5
"unbelivable, more then i paid for. nuff said"
– joe
4.0 5
"Well, first of all, it seems to be a very sturdy and durable vest. I'm a bigger guy and it fits me very well, has a lot of adjustment points, and even the belt can be adjusted to fit my 44+ waist. The crossdraw holster uses a plastic buckle, which is my first complaint, but the holster fits my full size USP .40 easily, so I can't complain TOO much. The other complaint, the one that bugs me a bit more, is the magazine pouches can only fit one G3 magazine a piece. It's right on the cusp of being able to force a second one in, you just can't do it. That means the velcro doesn't close easily on the mag pouches (since the mags are shorter), and the mags tend to flop around, but only a little. There IS an elastic band that goes under the velcro to keep the mags from flopping too much. The webbing on the back supports a camelback, or there is a pouch in the back that looks like you could fit a hydration bladder into if you're so inclinde. The MOLLE-like webbing seems pretty sturdy. All in all, I'm satisfied with my purchase. It's worth at least as much as I paid for it, and on the manufacturer's website (UTG Tactical), it is listed for about twice as much. Hard to beat that!"
– Flaxon
5.0 5
"A well executed copy of a Blackhawk Omega crossdraw pistol vest at 1/3 of the price. Materials and workmanship are excellent, plenty of fit adjustments, mag pouches hold just about anything out there. My only complaint is the holster, it's huge, it swallowed my Brng HP and 1911, seems much better suited to light mounted pistols; But I mounted the spare rifle mag pouches in it's place and reverted to my favorite hip carry... no big deal. Definately worth the money; I give it two thumbs up."
– China Mike
5.0 5
"This vest is an excellent quality product. I would not hesitate to purchase another again. You will not be disappointed in this vest! Versatility, quality, and as another purchaser stated \"I got more than I paid for\", a statement true to be sure!"
– sbkaley
4.0 5
"This is a very good vest. The design is great. A zippered front for easily getting it on and off. The removable holster is a great idea. Four more mags or the holster. This is great tactical gear. The only things to be careful of is the mag pouches on the pistol belt. I got rid of mine the minute I took it out of the box. The magazines will fall out of those with ease. I did modify mine a little. I cut the tube out off the padded shoulder and it made moving the rifle stock into my shoulder a lot easier. The tube will restrict were you can put you rifle stock. But all around, I liked this vest and would have been a lot happier to have had this with me in Iraq instead of the MOLLie vest."
– esb2981
5.0 5
"I'm very pleased with this vest. It is rugged and obviously well made. It came with 2 extra rifle mag pouches in case you want to move the holster from the front to the belt. The holster fits my Sig P229 just fine. Nothing bad to say about this vest, what a great value for the money."
– Oregon P.I.
5.0 5
"This is a great buy, just wish that I could of gotten it in marine digital but it was a limited time offer. It is still a great vest in OD green very adjustable and the padded shoulder is and awesome bonus. If you are debating on vests this is the one to go with even if you are worried about the size of it."
– mitch13
5.0 5
"I bought this vest on a whim. I am very glad that I did. It can hold up to twelve 30 round AR mags. That is a lot of ammo on you at one time. The adjustments work great and can accomodate most any size person. The only downfall I have found so far is the length. I am only 5'8\" and it is just a tiny bit too long but overall is great.I would recommend it!"
– Lee
4.0 5
"i ordered this vest for my wife. it came in and i was amazed by the quality of the material it is made from. it is actually better then my vest and was only 5 dollars more then my vest. everything is more durable like the mesh and the waterproof material used in the mag keepers and the holster. wish there was a way to attach the holster and the extra mag holder on to the vest. time to break out the velcro..."
– larmus
5.0 5
"i bought mine from someone who just got back from iraq i paid 30 dollars for mine i use it on a regular basis its the best vest i've come across but mine is all black except for the pouches they are OD GREEN i carry the FN FIVE SEVEN the holster fits perfect the only problem i have is the pistol mag pouchs are not wide enough for my magazine's so its a tight fit when i do put them in there"
– choppy
5.0 5
"I bought this vest a few weeks ago, it easyly holds 12 Ar-15 30 round mags and has nice pockets for other stuff, you can even remove the pistol holder! highly recomended!"
– Drake
5.0 5
"A great vest for the money. I bought mine a year ago and it came with two extra rifle mag pouches backed with velcro that fit the vest where I removed the holster. These rifle pouches are big enough to hold a M14 twenty round mag. They are snug and with the two extra mags I can hold 120 rounds of .308 plus one in the rifle. That's a full combat load for the M14. A few complaints -the length should be adjustable. I've got a long torso and had to sew additional lengths of webbing to keep the belt from curling up in the back. This is best vest that CTD offers. I also ordered a Molle vest and returned it. It's inferior in every way to this deluxe vest except for the length adjustment at the shoulders and the two snap buckles across the zipper that takes the pressure off of the zipper under strenuous action. I hope UTG can make these adjustments to new vests, but its still the best tactical vest around. I am going to order another one in the future as a backup."
– Hannibal
5.0 5
"Ok, so I ordered the vest (olive drab model 163) just a couple of days ago and it came today (3 days total) and I have to say Im quite impressed so far. A few things different (but all for the better) on mine when it arrived. Mine came with an extra rifle mag pouch (dual pouch) and although not shown in the pic it also came with an elastic loop style shotgun shell holder on the outer right top pouch. Holster seems nice and snug, and includes an extra pistol mag pocket on the top of the holster itself. Material is heavy weight and seems quite durable. Zipper style map pockets on the inside of the vest are a nice touch, as well as the hidden hydration pack carrier on the inside back. Belt has a pistol mag pouch on either side of the buckle and the whole vest is quite easily adjustable for both length and girth. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give this vest a nice big fat 10. Ya just cant go wrong with this one. Its an excellent choice for anyone looking for a TAC vest wheather you've had a hundred before this one, or if this is your first one. I'll be ordering a few more very soon."
– Warpig
5.0 5
"This vest is a great purchase. It is very heavy duty in every aspect. My 3 in. Mag. SS Judge is secure and at the ready in the front holster and their is an elastic shell band that holds six more 410 shells \"firm\" over the right top pocket. (Not shown in the photo) My glock 35 is in a drop down leg holster that attaches to the heavy vest belt. The two magazine holders that are on the belt (inline) hold my extended 17 round 40sw glock magazines as do the additional three magazine holders on the top left. The large caliber pockets will accept a Saiga Surefire 25 Rd. 7.62x.51 (308) or a 30 Rd. 7.62x.39 just fine. One magazine per pocket. All my magazines fit so I am one happy South Texas Camper."
– Mr. Plinker
4.0 5
"Like the other reviews, I've found this vest to be well made and seemingly very strong, but like most vests, it is on the large size. I'm slim (38 Regular jacket) and 5'10\", 150. I have all the adjustments as tight as they will go and it JUST fits. Not snug, but not too loose, either. I'm happy with the fit. The only thing I don't like about the adjustments is the shoulder fabric doubles up when you tighten the hook-and-loop fasteners across the backs of the shoulders. Since I have them as small as they can get, the extra fabric is bunched up under the vest across my shoulders. It's not terribly uncomfortable or annoying, but it would be nicer if the front and back were two separate parts that didn't fold over each other. I may have to take a knife to it if I find it becomes an issue. Other than that, lots of features and places to carry stuff. I may also remove the tube from the right shoulder patch as it seems to interfere with my personal shooting style. Again, it's only slightly annoying, but it doesn't need to be there, so I may make it go away.I took away one bullet for the lack of adjustability down to my smaller size. Still a great buy."
– PDBreske
5.0 5
"I just received this today and am very impressed with the quality.Its got pockets for anything you need to carry and is very adjustable for any size man.The gun holster comes off and can be replaced with the extra magazine holders that are included which I will be doing.Ill be buying a leg holster in od green to accommodate the vest part # TRW-501.Great price for a quality product!!Grab one you wont regret it!!!!!!!"
– Jeremy
4.0 5
"I received my vest two weeks ago. I should start off by saying I'm 6'0\" tall 310lbs. with a wide frame. My torso is longer than most people my heigth. I wear a 30\" inseam in pants.This vest will fit over my kevlar vest just barely however the belt is 3\"-4\" up my back. There is no other ajustments to be made, so I will cut it at the shoulders and sew in a piece of material to make it longer. Other than that I was amazed at how well it was put together. I'm pretty sure it will fit almost all big boys however you guys 6'3\" and taller might want to look at a different vest."
– eric
5.0 5
"mag pouches will hold two ak standard 30 cap mags.or two ar-15 mags easy. you cant customize the front of the vest past changing position of pistol holster. standard fit all holster with standard pistol mag pouches. on the back you can add a camel back or molle pack. drag handle is stirdy, though this is a sporter vest so why whould any idiot need to be dragged anyway? fits you is ur way skinny or pretty fat."
– zombie killer
4.0 5
"I just got it yesterday and it looks good but it had few rubber bands teared up. So I had to cut it off. Over roll not bad for ur buck."
– WhiteWi
5.0 5
"I ordered vest on Oct 1st and received it on Oct 3rd 09. It is exactly as shown in picture. It also came with a double rifle magazine pouch to replace the spot occupied by the pistol holster if you wanted. I am quite heavy for my size (69\"), weighing in at 240. Vest was easy to adjust to my fit. At first it was way, way too small, but after a few minutes of adjustment it was just right, and there was still plenty of room to make it bigger. I guess I must be the right height for it as shoulders, sides and waist fit nice. I checked it out for errors and could find none. I would recommend it to anyone."
– Jim in AZ
5.0 5
"This vest is a great buy for a mere $50. I bought this vest for what I call \"property management\" and I like it. Quality-wise the construction is good, and even though it's half mesh it still feels tough. I swapped out the holster with the extra mag pouches and mounted my Serpa and paddle to the included belt, which is easily detachable and makes a good pistol belt with the included mag pouches. There's plenty of pockets for gear, and two map pockets and what I suppose is a bladder pocket on the inside. Also, the shotgun shell holder comes off and you can mount a flag or your name there. The mesh helps me beat the Florida heat with this great buy!"
– AntiThom
5.0 5
"CTD delivered this to my porch almost before the ink dried on the order form, less than 48 hours from Texas to Indiana. Whow!I was very undecided between this vest and the Molle-52. Based solely upon the rating, I chose this vest, and boy am I glad I did. I liked the options of removing the holster and adding the two additional rifle magazine pouches, or using the holster as needed. I bought this vest for a grab and go, if needed. It will definitely fill this need. The green is much better than the picture makes it look. The vest is heavy duty and well made. One thing I believe is wrong in the description though. The pistol belt that came with my vest does not have the ability to add ALICE equipment. Not a problem for me. I have an old Army belt laying around that I will swap out. There is Molle webbing on the back so Molle gear can be added. My vest also came with a shot gun shell holder that attaches to the velcro on the utility pouch. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. Quality is great. I am 5' 9\" tall and 185 pounds, the medium large fits me perfect. There is adjustments that allow you to adjust as needed. There is also zippered compartments on the inside. Glad that I went with this vest. Much better than I even expected."
– Lonny in Indiana
5.0 5
"IT FITS! I am about 6'2\" and 425 lbs. It fits. Everything is maxed but it fits. This is just what I have been looking for but was never able to find. The belt didn't fit but I already have one that does. The mag holsters fit both the polymer Magpul and Aluminum AR Stoner mags. Double stack pistol mags have no trouble in the pistol pouches. I was able to get all 6 shotshells in but had to take it off the vest first. Big guys should consider a drop leg holster. With a gut out there the fully stocked mag pouches get in the way of the cross draw holster."
– Average Joe
5.0 5
"I originally wanted the black one, but they were out of stock. I'm 6'2 about 180 lbs., this vest is fantastic. It has everything plus the video shows most of the stuff. Of course theres another pouch, but what I'm really interested in seeing is on the inside, it has pouches as well. It's almost like you can slide trauma plates in it. I assure you I will be getting some plates and seeing if they fit."
– mark
5.0 5
"I was very impressed with the quality of this vest. Has all the right compartments and they are palced where they feel natural. I think the vest would respond favorably under pressure. Just another great deal from Cheaper Than Dirt!"
– Bluegrasscotty
4.0 5
"I was very pleased with my vest. It shipped fast and wasn't too hard to resize considering I'm only 5'8 and there are so many pockets. I love it."
– chevymudder
4.0 5
"this thing is great.... I'm looking at getting one for my friend."
– cujo
5.0 5
"I have had many tac vests in the past and I have never even seen one that is this great of quality and low cost!! When it arrived, my hopes were not really high judging by the price, this thing is GREAT!! I use it for target shooting and home defense (loaded with a taurus 24/7 .45 acp and 7, 12 shot magazines). I am planning on buying me an assault rifle and filling the other pockets with high cap magazines, but until then I use them for drinks and things while i am at the range.. BUY THIS VEST U WILL LOVE IT!!"
– Anderson
5.0 5
"Great fit, everthing you need for a trip to the gun range aka \"city dump\". Thanks CTD"
– Billy F
5.0 5
"I have several vests and this one is one of my favorites. The mesh is semi-see through which blends in your base layer camo with the vest unlike a lot of other vests out there. Heavy duty construction and as others have said the option to go with sidearm vs. 120 more rifle rounds is great."
– Ben
5.0 5
"Got this vest in record time, 3 days after ordering. Really happy with it. My XDM 9mm fits in the holster good. Holds 5 mags for side arm, and 10 mags for ar 15 style. Good quality as always! Can't find anything to say is a negative, good vest for the price."
– CrazyuncleRalph
3.0 5
"It's loud. When u go to open a pouch the velcro is loud. U can't walk around and hunt while wearing it. You can't quietly crough down and get in a comfortable position to shoot whatsoever. It's like it's got cardboard built inside it. It is perfect for wannabe police or anybody looking for a vest that should be worth about $ 25.00"
– Pigslayer08
4.0 5
"For the price, a very good vest, tough. Looks like a hydration pack can be fitted on the back as well. AK & AR mags fit well (might have to practice with AK mags to be efficient, due to the curve of the magazine, but still works)...most likely works with SKS mags too. The mesh doesn't keep you as hot as other \"solid\" vests do.Only thing I did not like was the padded shoulder with the piece of rubber(?) inside to make a ridge on the shoulder: gets in the way of acquiring targets quickly. Practice might solve this though. Other than that, great buy and awesome product."
– Shepherd
5.0 5
"I bought this to work with my hi-point 40 and to carry more ammo. It works great for me to switch from using a rifle to handgun in just 4 seconds. Pistol holster can be undone in two ways. One way is to unbutton the strap. (for larger guns with laser sight) The second is to unfasten the buckle."
– Black Reaper 5
5.0 5
"Jammed this badboy full of ammo, mounted tons of extrs and still have room.And shipped in 3 days, this thing fits me (6' 300lbs) it'll fit anybody"
– robthefreak
5.0 5
"I've had this vest for about a year and have fully tested it... it's great!!! I use it with my AK mostly, it hold the mags very securely and they're in the right place for quick reloads. It holds 6 or so 1911 mags or 3 double stack firmly, again in a good spot for fast reloads. This vest is very durable in the desert climate I've tested it in! It allows the skin to breath with it's nylon mesh areas! I highly recommend this vest to anyone looking for a pre-set TAC layout!!! As always, fast shipping!"
– gunnerbob
4.0 5
"This is a real nice vest. High quality. Very sturdy and well made, with plenty of room for extras. Only reason for the 4 bullets is it's a little tough to adjust for size."
– AR15 Shooter
5.0 5
"Great vest, rugged and well made"
– Hoffs333
5.0 5
"As this was my first vest, I read most of the reviews. I would have to say they did not let me down. UTG makes some very good stuff. The quality of this vest is great and the material seams tough, as well as the zipper. You have six AR-15 mag poaches and five pistol mag pouches. I can hold 12 AR mags in it, but it seams too bulky, so I just run six. Also, it has a holster for a pistol with a mag pouch on it. Holster fits my Glock 22 very well."
– J.R.
4.0 5
"This is a very nice vest. It's durable and affordable. It takes a little time to adjust but is fairly easy to do. My Berretta 92fs fits nicely into the holster but the magazine pouch on it is a bit tight. All of the other pistol mag pouches work perfectly. I was also able to fit two mags from my ak-47 in each rifle mag pouch. I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a good tactical vest."
– Swen
4.0 5
"I bought this vest about a year ago, and I have worn it everywhere (to the range, the woods, around the house, etc.) and it has held up great. My shooting buddy is really upset he doesn't have one. It holds all my SCAR 16-S mags and all my Hi-Power mags with ease. Found room to fit my boot knife, my skinning knife, and my 18 inch survival knife. Would buy it again if this one gives out. Only problem is I couldn't find it for a left handed shooter."
– kevin
5.0 5
"Great service from CTD, as always. The vest is just what I needed to carry everything I wanted at my finger tips. It holds my Beretta 92 just right and I can quickly draw it out. The vest holds all of the AK mags and/or AR-15 mags I would possibly need. It is \"noisy\" as one reviewer said, but this vest is designed for a firefight, not sneaking up on turkeys. I like it best for the range. I can hold all of my ammo for shooting without having to stop and go to the car or range bag. LET'S FACE IT, GUYS, IT IS JUST PLAIN COOL. So far, the quality of the vest has been great. I have not had anything break."
– lance
4.0 5
"Read all of the reviews and figured I would give it a shot... Very decent quality, pretty stiff until you break it in.. Holster works sweet with a Taurus judge, and supprisingly there is a spot on one of the front pockets to put some 410 rounds! I was stoked to see that.... Also I am tall and thin, about 6'1 and 145lbs and I have problems finding anything that will fit right so I was skeptical when ordering, however after adjustment it fits really snug! Wow I could not believe how tight I was able to get it.. It will accommodate a very very large human if need be so I wouldn't stress about it fitting and it's plenty long which is perfect.. Not a whole lot I can say bad about the product except there should be more Velcro on the inside flaps of all the pockets.. If the pockets are empty then the flaps close kind of funny... Would give 5 stars but holster was too small to fit my fnx tactical.. Should of known better"
– J marks
5.0 5
"I didn't purchase my vest here because I wanted Army Digital Camo and CTD didn't have it. This is a great vest but the \"cell phone\" holder on the left shoulder is only for small phones. I will have to use a rifle mag pouch for my newer larger phone. This is no big deal. I just wanted to let everyone know, just in case. It adjusted well to my larger size and is surprisingly comfortable."
– Spinner
5.0 5
"Just got mine and very happy. Hasn't gone through the test of time but looks extremely well made, double sewn, super strong everywhere. I am 6'2\" 200lbs and fit me perfectly out of box, but plenty of room to adjust up/down. The pistol holster can detach and you get another pair of rifle mag pouches you can put in its place and still use the holster for a side arm. Plenty of room for AR/rifle mags, pistol mags, shot gun shells and other necessities in the field like a phone, radio etc.."
– hypertactical