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Leapers UTG Tactical Pistol Flashlight and Mount Ambidextrous Rotary On and Off Switch

Leapers UTG
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Specifications and features:
UTG tactical 23mm IRB xenon pistol flashlight
23mm xenon IRB flashlight bulb
Six volt flashlight
126 lumens
Ambidextrous rotary switch
Preset flashlight focus
Constant on and momentary on modes
Universal integral clamp on mounting deck
Fits most tactical pistols and firearms with or without rails
70 minutes battery run time
Aluminum construction
Black finish
3.06" overall length

Multi-functional 126 Lumen flashlight is precision machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum for maximum strength and has an anodized finish to resist wear. Designed to fit the most commonly used law enforcement handguns, Glock and Beretta; features an ambidextrous rotary on/off switch, universal Picatinney/Weaver mounting deck and focusable spot-to-flood beam. Includes two lithium batteries; will fit any pistol with accessory rail, with or without slots, imported. 
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4.0 5
"bought this light for my USP compact, it fit with some modification but is still a bit large for the gun. the beam is very bright and has very decent range. i wouldn't quite call this light a subcompact light, but it is small enough to fit comfortably on a mid-large size pistol or any rifle."
4.0 5
"I put the light on my H&K 45 and it fits great. The light beam is bright and it adds a little weight to the nose of the gun which gives it less kick when firing. Great light for the price."
2.0 5
"I bought one of these and put it on the G19 that lives on my nightstand. It was/is a little large, but looks good and works great. Meanwhile, my wife and I both bought new XDs, so I got another of these lights for her. Same thing: looks good, works great. Then we actually went to the range and tried firing the XDs with the lights attached. On about the 8th shot, my XD sent the light downrange along with the bullet! I was able to snag it with a push broom and pull it back. It still worked, but had a minor ding around the lens... no biggie. So I went to the next booth and warned my wife. She handed me her XD (which she hadn't fired yet) and I torqued down the light tighter. Went back to shooting mine (also tightly torqued!) and after another 8 shots or so, it went downrange again. Snagged it with the broom again, and this time I just threw it in the range bag. Checked in on my wife, and she had fired a few shots and stopped to check her light. It had \"walked\" its way down the rail and woulda gone flying after a few more shots. Took it off and put it in the range bag too.Conclusion: very nice little light, but it NEEDS a way to be secured to the rail more reliably."
4.0 5
"I put this on my XD 45 ACP 4\" Service model and... Lets just say its better on on 9mm Tauras PT 909!!! XD 45 has got just enough power to walk the light right off the rail! Personal opinion... Design something to secure the light on the weapon more efficently! Now for my Tauras PT 909... Lets just say 500+ rounds and still kickin! AND!!! I've used it to clear multiple houses and it still works! Its rugged, a bit BIG... Big enough that you might need a different holster, nevertheless I'm satisfied! In the end if you got a caliber of 45 and above you might be better with something else! Amazing light for the price!!!Quadkings for life!"
4.0 5
"Put on my glock 21 fits good and looks great. Good price and good product."
1.0 5
"placed it tight on my glock 21 and slide right off."
5.0 5
"This is an excellent tactical light at a decent price, I put this on my shotgun and it withstands the shock of firing without sliding off [used some LocTite just to be safe]. Once you add a pressure switch it should be even better to use on whatever weapon you choose to attach it to. This light isn't for everyone, but if you're on a budget like me, it's a darn good light for the ducats spent on it."
4.0 5
"I order one of these not too long ago. The batteries died guickly, but thats to be expected. other than that, the light is as I stated ..\" pretty good\". Fit well unto my glock 19. Can't beat the price!"
3.0 5
"I have owned one for awhile. Have never live fire tested it. After reading the posts about it walking off the rail: I see how I can get a roll pin and drill bit from any hardware store and drill through the right side rail and pound a roll pin in. This will interface with the rail on my Glock so it can't walk off. Only other thing I don't like is that you need a wrench to remove/attach it."
4.0 5
"It does not do a spot to flood like the ad says, thats the main reason I bought it. Fits fine on my SW99. It hangs down a lot lower then it looks."
5.0 5
"It's not as bright as a 200 dollar one but this would definitely blind an intruder whose eyes are likely adjusted for the dark. This is going on my Rem 870 clone."
5.0 5
"I was pretty skeptical about this light. But based on the reviews I decided to take the 40 dollar gamble and ordered the light.It mounts very securely to all my pistols and it is built surprisingly well. While the light isn't as bright as the $200+ lights it is still a very bright light and more then bright enough for indoor or outdoor use.The only complaint I have with it is that the beam isn't adjustable like the description says. I mean yes you can twist to end which is suppose to adjust it, but it really dosn't do anything. But since I wouldn't use the flood adjustment anyway it not a problem for me.All and I'm I'm very glad I bought this and I'll probably end up ordering a couple of more. At this price I can afford to have several tactical lights for my guns instead of one I move between guns as I would have to do if I paid the cost of other lights."
3.0 5
"First off, this isnt an LED light. It uses a standard bulb but if you are looking for a cheap rail mounted light for you pistol then this will work. you get what you pay for. bright enough to blind an intruder but not to use everyday if you are an office."
4.0 5
"For the money sent, I don't think anyone should complain. It fits both my FNP9 and Glock 22 just fine. I haven't exerienced any of the \"walking\" that others have talked about. For the amount this costs I think it's a great light that does its job."
2.0 5
"it did not flew off after 20 rounds on glock 22. but notice it had slide down the rails. light go on and off when firing. it be good for home defense just sitting on a table. well not recommend if u r going to use it for outdoors or duty."
2.0 5
"I ordered this light to put on my XD40 - as mentioned by other reviewers, it flew off after a few rounds at the range, not too big of a deal in and of itself (I'd planned to drill and pin it to remedy this). The bigger issue is that the light is draining my batteries (at $12 / set for CR123) while it sits on my nightstand. The first time I figured I must have left it on by accident, the second time I realized it was the light, not me. Each time, the batteries had been in the light less than 2 months. If you're like me and the only reason you want a light is for defensive purposes, it might make sense to just pony up the extra $40 or so to get something a bit more reliable. Fortunately I'm a dork and play around with my guns enough to notice such things - it would really suck to notice that your light doesn't work when you actually need it."
4.0 5
"This light is pretty awesome, I put it on my Taurus pt 24/7 pro .40 S&W and it withstood recoil very well. It could do to be a little brighter but it gets the job done"
4.0 5
"I have this light on my Taurus PT-99 and it looks good. I only use this light for home defense as I do not take it to the range so I don't know how well it stays on. I have had it for three months and the batteries are still fine. I only turn it on once or twice a week as it's only used to investigate strange noises at night. For the price it is an excellent light to sit on a nightstand however I don't think it would stand up on a full time duty weapon."
5.0 5
"I installed this light on my Glock 20. The fit and beam are spot on. Light is very bight. Batteries are working great. I will switch to rechargables when needed. Does not walk the rail or flicker. Sweet light."
3.0 5
"It's a bright light and great for the money. You won't really need to shoot intruder this would blind them first. It fits great on my S&W Sigma 9mm after getting the rail adapter. The only down side is I bought the TAC-125 and it won't hold my gun with this huge light assembly. I haven't shot the gun with the light mounted yet so I can't say how it does under live fire. It is great for what they say (Glock and Berretta only)."
4.0 5
"Just put this light on my Sigma .40 and so far I am pleased. It's very bright, seems sturdy and holds onto the rail adapter very well. The only problem is the size. The housing for the light is huge so I don't have a holster that fits it. If I didn't need the adapter then it would be fine, but it just doesn't fit without it. That's why I gave 4 bullets. For the price and reliability, you can\uFFFDt go wrong with this light."
4.0 5
"I recently purchased this light to mount on my Maverick 88 12-guage. It turns out that for the price, not much more than the batteries cost by themselves, it is a good light. It is extremely bright for a non-LED light and is plenty rugged enough for home defense use. The construction has been upgraded slightly since the photo on this website was taken: the light now features two tension bolts instead of one. On the other hand, it is both larger and heavier than I expected. It is by no means a \"small\" weaponlight. But for this price, who's complaning?"
3.0 5
"This light is super bright but the screws that came with it were not long enough to fit the rail on my CAA mount for my Glock 17 and hold. It wouldn't even thread. Put larger screws on and works good now but the thing wont stay on when shooting. Doesn't matter how tight you tighten it. 5-7 rounds in and the light starts to move forward. Bright enough to point things out at night though."
4.0 5
"This is a great alternative to some of the more expensive lights. It fits onto my HK USP .40 FS without the need for an adapter. I would definitely recommend this light. I have used it on my M4 without issue as well.Shoot safe RLTW"