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Leapers UTG SKS Scope Mount Integral Ring Cover with Rings and See Thru

Leapers UTG
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SKS receiver cover mount with 1" scope rings which are integral to the receiver. Just replace your factory rear receiver cover install scope and you are ready to sight in. Will work for either Chinese or Russian Rifles. May require minor filing on front of mount for a snug fit, complete with instructions on how to adjust for a perfect, solid fit. The scope rings are one inch, so this mount will not work with 30mm or rubber armored scopes like our SCP-026. Manufactured by Leapers. 
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5.0 5
"i think this is the best scope mount ever for the sks. very durable. only a few modifications to be made to the mount though. there is one problem though. putting a scope on your sks will not be a great as you think. i put a scope on my yugo. its pretty nice. the one problem that you have is the accuracy and range. ( for me ) at fifty yards, i can shoot a grouping the size of a beer can. at 100 yards its a VERY different story. the gun is not accurate that far away. i flipped the mount around backwards to mount my scope. now i keep it for scouting purposes so i dont have to have binoculars. the SKS is a very good brush gun for close range!"
5.0 5
"This mount is nice. I don't know what planet the other reviewer is on! Saying it isnt accurate at 100 yards, WOW - whatever. I think he needs to work on his dialing in of the scope. My YUGO was dead on, right out of the box, new - at 100 yards - before scope. Using Iron sites I could barely see the target, but ALL shots were grouped nicely on it. Nice mount, you will love it. AND you still get to use your iron sites!"
– Firearm Lover
4.0 5
"I face many SKS in my days and I found these rifle are veryaccurate with the correct soviet block ammo,my Yugo SKSis dead on to 200 meters with just iron sights,with this scopemount and a good scope it make a fine rifle out to 300meters.Make sure you follow instruction than enjoy."
– IDF Sergent
3.0 5
"I bought this part a few years ago but didnt write a review until now. The part that replaces the top of the receiver which the scope mount fits is a little sloppy. This part isnt ment to have a scope mounted to it. It is just too loose of a fit. There are 4 set screws, two on each side. Even tightened down the receiver top still moves around. What I did was drill some countersunk holes for the 4 screws to mate to. This seemed to help. It isnt 100% what i want but it works. A better mount would be on the side below the cap. But this would require drilling and tapping. And this is beyond the regular hobbiest ability. It is accurate at 100 yds. Not a tack driver, but a pretty fair dear rifle. So Iam not dissatisfied just some what disappointed. But I modified it and made it work."
– m_t
1.0 5
"I don't like giving bad reviews but this certainly deserves it. This is cheap junk. If you don't believe me then ask yourself this- \"Why is this mount priced so low?\" A: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR."
– +Weaponsaint+
5.0 5
"Owning a Russian SKS, It was a tight fit until I filed down the front ever so slightly and it was in there tighter than the original reciever cover. I would highly recommend this mount for anyone wanting to scope their SKS. The Shell Deflector sold by Cheaper Than Dirt!, Item number SKS-050 mounts perfectly with this scope mount. The shell deflector is highly important if you want to protect your scope on your SKS. I would very much recommend this mount #SCP-250, and deflector #SKS-050, to anyone looking to improve there visibility and target aquisition on there SKS! HAPPY SHOOTING!"
– Billy Shea
5.0 5
"excellent fit i didnt have to do any filing just a little tapping to get it into place. About the only thing i could think of to make it fit better would be to drill and tap holes to thread the mounting screws into. that way it would go back to the exact same place when you took it apart to clean. the screws in the rings were nice and long the allen wrench that came with it was junk but for the price i own allen wrenches. I almost forgot you have no eye relief adjustment with a 3x9x40 scope. You cannot slide the scope back and forth. I had a extra recoil pad or stock extension i installed to acheive this adjustment. without it my eye was too close to the scope"
– john
5.0 5
"this products was just what i wanted and had expected. the price was unbeatable and had no problem putting it on the rifle. i can now use my scope for the 100 yards out also still use my iron sights for short range. product is great and would recommend it to anyone. thank you cheaper than dirt."
– flip
5.0 5
"This is the only scope mount worth purchasing for a yugo sks. I ordered mine about a week ago and just dropped on a 3-9 x 32 simmons. I had to do no filing on this piece just a little tapping. I varmint hunt alot and usually stick to calibers like the .223 or the .22-250. but i've done alot to my sks and wanted it to be a little more practical when varmint hunting, so i ordered this scope mount and im glad i did. The original reciever cover fits a little loose, but this mount goes on TIGHT. i think i'll have more trouble gettin it off than on. i had to tap in my disassembly pin this mount was on so tight. Definately a smart purchase."
– The Shootist
4.0 5
"I haven't tried to sight in my scope so I cannot attest to the accuracy of this mount. After I filed (about 1 hour) I used cold blue on the filed parts to refinish them, and it worked like a charm. Overall I am pleased with the fit, and design, but the finish isn't all that great. It almost appears to be made from a sand mold. The part itself is well made, but the mount isn't smooth like machined metal. I tried to reblue it, in order for it to have a darker finish like the rest of my rifle, but it wouldn't take on the blued parts. I may eventually sand the finish smooth, and try to reblue, but it isn't really that big of a deal. The height of the mount easily facilitates the use of iron sights. Overall, it works and I am satisfied for what I got. Also, I think that the person that recommended taping the lower receiver for the mounting screws in order to maintain the accuracy of the scope, has an excellent idea, although I probably would not tap too deeply in order to maintain structural integrity of the lower receiver. Even drilling slight indentions may be a better ideal."
– jm
4.0 5
"Great solid mount. Read directions first!!! This mount is made big from factory, I had to do a little filing but not a big problem. All of this is explained in detail in the directions. The finish on the receiver cover is poor at best. I used a little bluing to match the finish of my rifle. The scope rings and mounts are a nice powder coat black aluminum. Great deal for the money."
– JG in WV
1.0 5
"If I wanted to do gunsmith work i wouldve done it for a career, universal my butt. this thing is a worthless piece of crap. i filed on it for 3-4 hours and still dont work, my gun is a norinco. i would recomend this piece to anyone in the scraping business im sure its worth more for scrap. i hope others have better luck than i did."
– unhappy customer
4.0 5
"With a bit of filing, this fit my Yugo's receiver better than the factory cover did. Very tight. I had a few problems when installing it:1.) The screws on the sides of the cover might as well have been made of butter. I stripped the heads off of three of them almost instantly. They only give you one spare. Replacement screws were easy to find at the hardware store, but they don't fit as well as the originals.2. My front ring was visibly off-set to the left, so much so that fine adjustments to the scope itself couldn't compensate. This is obviously not a minor defect in a scope mount! I fixed the problem by removing the ring portion of the mount from the receiver cover portion, putting a washer between the two parts (in line with the rear hex screw) and reassembling everything. Zeroing went smoothly after that.All in all, this is not a perfect product, but is a good value for the money. It looks very, very cool. It doesn't obstruct the iron sights at all. And it preforms well at the range. I'd probably buy it again."
– West Antioch
4.0 5
"The scope mount works well. It took 1 hour to file, install and sight in. The only problem I had was the screws stripped almost instanly. I had several in my shop that worked. I would replace them before installation. Other then that the instructions are plain, just folo them and you will have a great fit and finish. Thanks CTD another great product at a great price."
– celtic
5.0 5
"I purchased this mount system for my Yugo SKS because I wanted to use the shell deflector that's designed to work with it. I removed about 3/16\" of material from the front and rear edges of the ring mount which allowed me to fit a standard 12\" 3-9X32 scope. LocTite the four adjustment screws once you have adjusted your scope and don't overtighten! Use lockwashers under the ring mount screws so you can remove it in case of a jam."
– madmaxx
4.0 5
"I got this recently and i agree w/whoever said it before me but it did take a while to file down and properly fit my SKS. But now that it does, it fits just as well and even snugger than the factory receiver. I haven't shot with it yet but i'm pretty sure it will do great."
– VGreve
2.0 5
"Requires at least 30 min of work for it to even try to attempt to fit and you cant have a scope with a large front objective because you cant use your iron sights."
– Alac Patrova
3.0 5
"Got this product, and it is somewhat roughter than I anticipated, and I am going to have to do some work to get it to fit. I dont like the tape stuff in the scope rings."
– Jonathan
4.0 5
"Easy instructions, and took me about 20 minutes. I would suggest thread locker on mount screws. I can't imagine how some of these other fools couldn't get it to work. It took just minor filing to create a tighter fit than the original receiver."
– coyote slayer
4.0 5
"fit but need to grind it down"
– ryan
4.0 5
"I thought I might have been bitting off more then I could chew with this one do to the other reviews but it was easy. I can't belive that people are having a hard time with this. It did take a little fileing but that is expected to make a custom fit concidering no two rifles are the same. It took about 15 min. and the threads on one set screw was off so I just used a thread chaser and it was done. I used this with the shell deflecter and worked great, I can even still use the more reliable iron sites which I really like."
5.0 5
"I ordered this item a few weeks ago and just recently installed it. Yes you do need to file it a little but it only took me about 10 min. Just be sure to keep the original angle when you do or you won't get a truly tight fit. Mine fit better then the stock one did. I didn't even need to use the set screws as it fit so tight that it's not going to move no matter what. Which is fine by me because it preserves the stock finish on the lower receiver in case I ever want to change it. This is a GREAT product for an unbelievable price. The SKS is one of the best riffles ever made and this product makes it even better. If you own an SKS, YOU NEED THIS!"
– Gunfreak29
5.0 5
"I have an Chinesse SKS and i had previously bought a scope mount for it, and like all aftermarket parts there is always a little gunsmithing and tinkering you gotta do to get that parfect fit, well the mount i had purchased was a pain in the butt after filing like most SKS mounts there was an additional task of using a vise or something like that to spread apart the mount to get a snug fit otherwise there is a wobble that will never allow you to sight the gun inThis mount has fixed that problem by using set screws which is perfect and can stablize the wobble without trying to bend steal just enough and not too much, I def. recommend this mount or one similar to it(with set screws), because without a stable mounting the scope is pointless and set screws are more of a reassurance of that stability and saves the pain of more steps to mount it"
– Itkis
4.0 5
"First off this is a great price, but don't expect it to fit with no work. Put on my Norinco and shot 180 rounds with no problems. Read the other reviews. Upgrade the screws at a hardware store because the ones that come with are garbage. I had to do quite a bit of filing on the mount but this is important DO NOT FILE TO MUCH, you want a very tight fit before using the 4 side set screws. When you have a tight fit put two of the set screws in on one side (i did the left side) and set them so it is tight but the cover can still come off. Lock-tight these and never use them again. Put the other side set screws on and tighten, these two will be the ones you loosen to disassemble. Otherwise if are removing 4 set screw each cleaning you add 4 different variables to your scope being off zero when the cover is reassembled. I did make sure this method worked and so far it was still zeroed. Shell deflector SKS-050 did not easily work with this and required major grinder work. Also if using a long scope you will not be able to easily use iron sights."
– utxj
3.0 5
"Bought this peice hopeing it would be perfect. Nope lots of fileing needs to be done for a chinese sks. Would of gave it 4 bullets but cut my self filing with the file. Make sure you get a short scope cause if you have a long scope on it. the shells will hit when they are ejected."
– Brock
3.0 5
"scope mount easy to install works good but screws that mount on side are on the cocking side of the gun and need acorn nut covers to protect you from cutting hand when cocking"
– Bill
4.0 5
"I used this cover for my two son\uFFFDs SKSs. As long as you take your time filing, it will fit well. I recommend blue Loctite for the four set screws and the two mount screws. My sons put 300 rounds apiece thru their SKSs and the scope (6 x 32 5th gen leapers) I used on their rifles held the zero. My sons consistently hit prairie dogs at 250+ yards with this combination."
– joe
4.0 5
"Took me over a soild hour of slow fileing down.It fits a little to snug must file just a touch more.Nice mount have not shot off it yet though.Waiting for my scope to get here.Shell deflector fit very nice too."
– Fred
5.0 5
"As others wrote in reviews I did have to file this down to make it fit my gun. It says in the instructions that the teeth are intentionally longer so they can be filed down to fit each gun. I filed mine down with my dremel tool little by little until I had the perfect fit. It does not move and fits perfectly. The screws that came with it are cheap and will break if not careful. I put this on my Norinco SKS."
– Justin in AL
1.0 5
"First of all, my hat is off to those who had good performance from this product or anything like it. It looks good, but the results can be poor. I have a different style unit and it uses the recoil spring cover as the mounting base also. I believe they all do.The SKS is a rifle that some swear by, while others swear at. I am in between right now. The bottom line is, the SKS was never built to hold a scope; otherwise there would be a scope mount somewhere near where the rear sight is. No matter how tight from filing the points on the receiver cover you do, it will still move from the shock of the bullet slamming backward on the recoil spring and rod when leaving the gun. This can and will, sooner or later, move or jar the recoil spring cover loose and put your scope cross hairs off, sometimes way off target. It did mine.Unless you weld the recoil cover in place (and you don\uFFFDt want to do that), it's a weak point in the system. However, all is not lost. I now use my scope as a ready-made, mounted 4X powered monocular to spot and watch my target through, and the original iron sights to shoot with. By doing so, I don\uFFFDt spend time or chance being spotted from my movement/s while putting down binoculars to pick up my rifle. Being one unit now, while watching my target through my scope, my rifle is already pointing in the direction of my target. So, when the target is close enough, I simply transition from the scope down an inch or so and aim and shoot using the iron sights. It works very well.I also had major problems with mounting screws and had to replace two."
– Lester.
4.0 5
"2 minutes with a dremel and I had it fit snug on my chinese SKS, had to remove about 1mm off both ends. I didn't mess with the 4 set screws and 2 mounting screws at all due to stories of stripping so just went to the hardware store and got some hardenend steel ones to match for 2$ and locktighted as needed. It is rock solid now and after 500 roound of wolf it's holding up great. Minus 1 star since i had to get quality screws."
– Eric
4.0 5
"I mounted this with an illuminated 4x scope with great ease. It holds good and true on my yugo. I think it was a great deal. I had it set in about 15 rounds for 100 yds. I shoot 3x before making an adjustment, or it would of been lease."
– speedy
5.0 5
"Installed on a Norinco. I fit the cover, got the pin to lock in (Tight) and removed the set screws. Marked the holes on my rifles frame. I then removed the cover and used a center punch to give my bit a centered bite. Drilled tapered indentations into the frame (not too deep) so the setscrews have something to \"hang on\" to. Got real machine screws and Installed the cover. Used locktite, lockwashers and torque. Had rifle boresighted, couple of inches up and right. Made my adjustments and cooked through over 400 rounds. Not a budge. Just in case anyone else wants an SKS without a wiggly scope. Oh yeah! Good cover for the $$"
4.0 5
"It works really well and installed on my Norinco in minutes.There are 2 problems with it, however...the first being that the screws that came with it sucked (for lack of a better term). They strip easily and soon the scope was not secure at all. Easy fix though...went to Lowes and spent $0.80 on 2 new screws (M4-.7 socket head cap screw). When I screwed them back on I threw some Loctite Threadlocker on it for good measure.The second problem are the screws that secure the mount to the receiver. They will mar the receiver. That being said, I don't have any particularly sentimental feelings toward my SKS so I don't mind a little cosmetic defects. But if you do, I would not recommend putting this scope mount on it."
– Kyle
5.0 5
"just got this in and took about an hour to put on my sks and mount the scope some filing work but made a tight fit . way tighter than stock. haven't fired it yet look forward to it. i haven't stripped the set screws but i don't even think i need them it was that tight ill most likely get better screws and locktite them in just in case thanks CTD!"
– fullyarmedjustin
5.0 5
"The People that have trouble installing this mount are the same people that take their lawn mower to the shop after it won't start on one pull. Using a dremel tool with a stone makes it a lot faster - BUT take your time. Remove the complete bolt assembly and it will make it a lot easier too."
– Mike
2.0 5
"Well first off it does appear to be a quality made mount for 20 bucks, minus the screws.However it did require about 20 minutes of filing, mixed with trial and error before I got it too actually fit. Wasn't horribly upset about that, but after finally getting it on and charging the weapon, I noticed the cover is rubbing against the bolt (or recoil spring, or some other part of the action I cant tell) and causing friction and grinding. Not sure if its enough to effect semi-automatic cycling, but I'm not going to shoot with it anyway. Sounds like most didn't have this problem.(FYI, I'm running a 54' Russian)"
– CA5811
5.0 5
"This cover is the best of four that I have had on my SKS. One inch rings are high enough to see under a scope to use a peep sight or the original iron. Be patient filling the two angled tips is necessary to line up the rear lock pin with the hole in the cover. This is a good thing, you fit the \"snugness\" yourself. One I bought once before was too loose to even use at all. This is the last cover I'll need to buy, unless I get another SKS."
– Steve
4.0 5
"I just installed on my Chinese SKS, and I must say the product is well worth it! It fit snug and nice. It has set screws. I had a small problem loosening that I had to re-sight my scope after shooting. The screws that are for the scope bracket were loosened from recoil. So I just used loc-tite, and shot another 30 rounds or so. I had no further issues and had a great grouping at a 100 yards. A great product for the price and good for using open sights."
– Keenan
5.0 5
"When installed properly and tightened, it is so solid you could drop it on the floor. It has held zero so far and I plan on buying another. You even have the option of using irons if the scope fails."
– Blake
5.0 5
"I have installed this on my Chinese SKS with almost no effort. It has a good tight fit and holds my scope well. The only problem I had was getting the pin through the hole. After about 10 mins. with a Dremel it was perfect. I would recommend this scope mount and use blue Loctite."
– Adam
4.0 5
"I did not care for this that much, You have to do more fling and fitting then I would like. I was hoping for more of a drop on part. It does do what is says but I ended up taking it off and going back to the iron sights."
– clay5769
5.0 5
"The mount did need to be fitted but this was not a problem. File and fit and you can be proud of your 101 gunsmith ability. TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!"
– Dave
4.0 5
"While this is not the best scope mount out there for the SKS, the pic rail one is far better, it does the job. Be ready to have to file down the front teeth and make sure to check how tight the mount screws are every time you get ready to use the rifle, they will come loose even with loc-tite."
– Robert1911
3.0 5
"I purchased this mount for SKS rifle. I read all the crap about it on CTD. I inspected it and found that most complaints were valid. Further investigation found that threads tapped into the mount (receiver cover) are not metric, however supplied with metric screws, very loose, and don't think Locktite would secure them satisfactorily. The threads tapped into the mount for the four locking screws are 10-32USS, not metric. 10-32USS setscrews with cone point and 3/8\" long work fine and actually fit the threads tapped. The threads for the scope mount are 8-32 USS, and sockethead screws fit nicely and tight. 3/8 inch work fine, may have to shorten with grinder so don't interfere with bolt. I found this problem with the SKS rifle. You would think it would be metric, but Chinese are using USS threads on lots of stuff produced there. The cone shaped allen head screws will secure it very well, and it will never move. As long as they are 10-32 thread, and the bracket screws are 8-32. Loctite probably not needed."
– AlS.
2.0 5
"It looked good out of the box. It required a lot of filing before \"fitting\" onto my Russian SKS. Major down fall is my bolt rubs against the inside of this mount. I havn't actually fired it with this system mounted, but the rubbing is bad enough where I can imagine it may hinder cycling. Even if it doesn't cause a malfunction, I'm not going to use this mount knowing it is going to add extra wear and tear (and/or damage) to my Russian SKS."
– CaliforniaCPL
1.0 5
"Very poor replacement part, I had a very difficult time getting the cover to fit and when I finally did, the action of the bolt was bound up. It would not pull back at all! The rails inside of the new cover were too thick and would not fit inside of the groves on the original bolt! Therefore I took the rings off and trashed the cover. Would not recommend at all!"
– chris
5.0 5
"After all the reviews, I figured this would be a nightmare, but got it anyway. Yes, it did take a little filing, and I broke one of the set screws tightening it, but overall this product works well for the price. Once I got it on and put some locktight, its solid as a rock. As long as you don't mind putting a little bit of effort into it, its definitely worth the price. PS. I have no previous gunsmithing experience and got it no problem."
– Huey