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Leapers UTG Law Enforcement Unit Vest Right Handed

Leapers UTG
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Designed for the specific needs and comfort of LE agencies with a mesh body that is lighter than nylon vests and allows perspiration to dissipate. Side tab adjustable vest is reinforced to maintain shape and carry the weight of the pouches when filled, one shoulder has a recoil pad, heavy front zipper closure, all pouches have Velcro flap closures, and a pistol belt with ALICE clips for additional gear and to prevent the vest from riding up. We offer this vest in both right and left handed models and your choice of color.

Radio pouch
"D" Rings
Drag Handle
Utility pouch with ID strip
Three Pistol mag pouches
Removable holster with extra mag pouch
Four Rifle mag pouches
Flashlight pouch
Pistol Belt with quick release buckle and two magazine or knife pouches

Manufacturer Number: PVC-V547RT

Black (Right Hand Black)
OD Green (Right Hand OD Green)
Army Digital (Right Hand Army Digital)
Marine Digital (Right Hand Marine Digital)


Item#: 2-UTGPVC-V547RT,VEST-170,16-PVC-V547RT,7-PVCV547RT
Total number of Reviews: 39

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5.0 5
"CTD.I bought one of these vests to use while playing paintball. The front pouches will fit standard 100rd pods. The nice thing about the Mole on the back is you can add many different packs & pouches to carry more gear.I bought another for a friend and many people on our paintball team now use the vest."
– Skid
5.0 5
"All around great vest. Takes a lot of abuse and is very adjustable. Easily the greatest vest out there for the price. I love it!"
– Patriot
2.0 5
"SOUTHPAWS BEWARE ! Even though the item description states that the holster and magazine pouches can be interchanged, they CANNOT. There is no velcro attachment to remove the mag pouches. The holster itself can be repositioned, but that's about all. And even if it could be reversed, the holster would not be in a crossdraw position, due to design. I did rate this product with two bullets, however, as it is very well constructed, and of very good quality; recommended for right-handers. I'm hoping that CTD can locate a \"leftie\" version for me."
– Police Chief, Ret.
4.0 5
"I used this vest while deployed for Iraqi Freedom 05-07. I enjoyed the easy to use features and loved the fact that my pistol was off my thigh. Anybody who spends time in the gun truck knows how cramped you can get. I gave it four bullets because of the pistol holster. It's held on by a strap and hook and pile (velcro). While moving at a run or crawling it had a tendency to come loose. While it never came all the way loose it tended to bounce around pretty freely. If they had rigged the holster directly to the vest I would have given it 5 bullets. Still a solid buy."
– James
2.0 5
"I am about 5'9\" and 140lbs. No matter what I tried I could not make this thing fit well. I think I would need to be about 175lbs before it might work. The shoulder adjustments are the problem. The rear pouches are hard to reach. But man, does it look cool. I don't think quality is an issue just sizeing."
– LtDan541
5.0 5
"good vest got to match my army digital bdus for air soft and works great i love holds my pistol perfectly and all my ex clips and gear 5 bullets"
– king
5.0 5
"little bit stiff at first.. love howit comes with the two extra mag pouches to switch with the pistol holster. i'm 6' 3\" and i was worry about it fitting.. but once to adjust it.. it works fine.. deff worth the money spent.. would recommend it to anyone!"
– wann-A-R
5.0 5
"I'm 6' 220 lbs. with a 47\" chest. With a minor belt adjustment this vest fit me perfectly. I would not recommend this vest for people of small stature, as it only appears to only tighten in a few more inches. But a big boy as plenty of room to adjust. I bought this for paintball and the range. As stated previously 100 rd ammo pods fit perfectly in the rifle mag pouches. The pattern and color perfectly match the flight suit I play paintball in. My Sig P226 fits just fine in the holster. I'm left-handed, but pretty ambidextrous, and train constantly to improve off-hand skills. So, the right-hand holster does not bother me, as it may bother other lefties."
– Jay
4.0 5
"Brought a number of these in ACU pattern with us to Iraq. It fit well over our body armor until we were issued side plates. The small pistol ammo pouches did not fit Beretta magazines well. The top flaps were too short, so we had some ACU nametape material with velcro sewn on to extend the flaps which then worked. We stopped using these, after our body armor got too big for it to fit over, but we kept the belts (included) to use with drop leg holsters. We also painted the black shoulder pad tan - since it was a perfect sniper aiming target. The panel on the front with the holster comes with an optional 3 magazine pouch replacement. I was planning to have a replacement ACU velcro panel made with MOLLE straps to increase the possibilities for use, but never got to it. The shotgun shell holder is removable (velcro again) and fits nametapes as well."
– KSoldier
5.0 5
"I recently purchsed a ACU color vest. I am medic in the national Gaurd. I love this vest it holds every thing i need plus some.. alot easier to get off and on vs the old military LBEs.. 5 STARS!"
– Combatmedic
5.0 5
"Ok... So when I read the reviews i knew this was a quality product. The only thing i was worried about was the whole sizing issue. I wouldn't say i am tiny but i wear mens medium shirts and am about 5'9 and weigh 148 pounds. I heard people sayiing that this thing was huge. I presently opened up my box today and put the thing on RIGHT OFF THE BAT. It was HUGE... But I looked carefully and found out the the entire vest HEIGHT WAIST and CHEST were all adjustable i made all nessecary adjustments and the thing slid on me like a glove. I couldn't have been happier... I just want to say to all the skeptics like me who were doubting whether this would fit on them THAT IT DOES. Unless your under 5'7 and under 140 pounds then i think your in the clear. If a mens small is baggy on you then you might want to reconsider... other then that your good to go and this vest IS AMAZING"
– Alex
5.0 5
"This vest is awesome. It holds my Glock 21c and plenty of clips for it. My mini 30 clips fit ok in it too. Good vest - highly recommended."
– Glock Man
5.0 5
"I use this vest when I am out riding my four wheeler.I carry a Glock model 21 in 45 ACP and 2 spare 13 round magazines, my cell phone, GPS, a knife, glasses and assorted other items.My vest is comfortable to wear for hours, even in the summer months and does not restrict my movement while riding.When I am home it hangs in my garage and when I go out all I have to do is grab the vest on the way out and go. All my equipment is in one place so I don't leave anything behind.The vest fits well and it is easy to add other small pouches.The holster secures even a large semi auto pistol and keeps it within easy reach.I would recommend this vest to everyone. Thanks"
– Brian
5.0 5
"This vest is excellent quality. I am not a big fan of the holster being mounted on with Velcro. However, if you can get past that, it's worth the $$$. Holds Magpul mags with no issue"
– Canadian Infantry
5.0 5
"I'm pretty chubby and this was so adjustable that it fits me just fine. I would not spend more trying to find a better vest - this one is great. The only warning that I would give is that with the placement of the pistol holster the butt of your pistol might rub on the butt of your gun (when carrying it in the front). This is the only issue that I have found."
– The Rabbinator
5.0 5
"I use the vest when we go out to the range mostly holds everything. I put the extra clip holders on the velcro and let the pistol holster just hang over them works pretty nice. The vest has adjustments for all size and shape people although unless your very small or over 7ft+ I'm not sure it'll fit. I'm 6'3\" and about average weight it fits nice and snug and I still have tons of room for adjustment to go bigger or smaller. Only problem I have found with it is a few frays and fuzzy string ends but nothing a lighter once over wont fix like said before."
– Kayote
5.0 5
"Just got my vest today, and it kicks ass. It can store all kinds of stuff. From mags, to guns, to shells, a phone or radio, knives, cigs, chew, drinks, flashlights, more mags and whatever else you want to bring along. Looks great and will probably fit anyone. Unless your unsually small or skinny. Everybody said this vest was huge. Well, I'm 5'9'' 175, and I got it to fit me perfect. It adjusts around the beltline, shoulders and has adjustments around the back of the ribcage to make it snug. The holster might be the only glitch; the gun will move around a little if your running or jumping. Velcro holds it on, yeah it should've been tied down. But I prefer my Safariland drop-leg holster anyway. So I'm still giving it 5 bullets."
– Adam from Kentucky
4.0 5
"this vest is the best for the money. it has almost everything you need for the range or the field. the only thing i wish it has more of is mag pouches. other than that its perfect!"
– phatty-t
5.0 5
"I have looked at this vest several time wanting to get one and I finally ordered it and it came today. I got it for my border watch adventures along the US/Mexico border. With the problems in Mexico bleeding over to the US side, and considering the tenacity of the drug runnerrs, I perfer the ability to at least be able to put up some level of defence. It was an excellant choice. The magazine pockets will each fit two Mag Pul M-15 mags for a total maximum capacity of 12 mags if you remove the crossdraw holster and add the other two provided pockets, plus the ability to carry six, sixteen round mags for my XD 9mm. I'm going to keep my crossdraw holster as it will work for my Taurus Judge for rattlesnake charming. I also bought a seperate drop down leg holster for my XD9 which fits perfectly as does my XD40. The only draw back to that is that my .40 is subcompact but I did not buy the vest for it anyhow. I found a place for my mini mag lite, and my Garmin Rino. The pocket that is supposed to be for a radio does not fit my Garmin Rino 530Hcx.I can also fit my Gerber water bottle and belt pack combo over the vest with no restrictions.Chuck SAlamogordo, NM"
– Chuck S
5.0 5
"This is the best vest for just about everybudy. Its cheap coums with a holster and mag pouches and a tactical belt with 2mag pouches. And a range of colors. And it's a great vest."
– Michael Cline
5.0 5
"Just got this vest in the mail it will suit all the needs that you can imagine, probally the best vest on the market right now, just wish it had a place for a knife, but it should not be to hard to find a place to put one."
– DakotaKid
5.0 5
"I give this vest five bullets because i think its best gift form God to this earth it fits my AK-47 mag 30rd and my .223 mags thanks Cheaper Than Dirt."
– Mirnes
3.0 5
"This is a really good vest, and is extremely comfortable.. I am a HUGE guy and it still fit me like a glove (6'6\", 350 lbs). It has a large amount of space for extra ammunition, and should only be purchased if you are in need of more room for magazines or clips for your sidearm or primary rifle. The shotgun shell holders are a little small... The overall constructions appears flimsy and weak, but is actually rather rugged and tough. The vest is well balanced and designed to offer maximum load bearing distribution... good for long days with loads of ammo. The only big issue I have with it is the fact that everything is designed with velcro in mind, and this vest uses masses of the stuff. Its very noisy to just open up a mag pouch and the \"screeeech\" of the velcro makes my partner cringe everytime...If you want to buy this, I would look at the more expensive vests first, since this is very high priced for the quality of product you are getting. Would definitely Buy it again though!"
– Shane Fr. LA
5.0 5
"Very well built, I\uFFFDm happy with it for the price. It has 2 large zippered inside compartments, 1 on each side, which I think are great. Many adjustments were needed to get it to sit and fit properly and bear the weight well. I made some modifications. I removed the shotgun shell holder (since I\uFFFDm carrying an M-4 rifle, not a rifle and shotgun, and the vest has 4 rifle mag pouches and 2 additional. It\uFFFDs for those of us carrying rifles) which Velcros onto the flap of the right upper breast pocket and attached a Unit ID. The rifle pouches hold AR-15/M-16/M-4 mags very securely, and have an elastic band around the outside of the pouch, yet they come out with ease. There was extra Velcro extending up past the opening of the rifle mag pouches. I cut it off flush with opening of the pouches and applied a lighter flame to keep it from fraying. I think that is a must, and am not sure why the extra Velcro was there, which did interfere with grabbing a mag out of the pouches in a hurry. I rate this vest Combat Ready, (just remove excessive Velcro as stated) 110% Satisfied"
– Bill
5.0 5
"This is buy far the best vest I have ever toyed with! I can very easily fit all my stuff in it with room to spare. The additional AR mag pouches are excellent when combined with a leg drop platform. The holster fits my Glock very well. All my magazines fit well and all together its the best for the money. I highly recommend this vest to any one looking for top of the line quality."
– jay pike
5.0 5
"First of all, I am a tall and overweight guy. This vest fit amazing after a little adjustment. I would highly recommend this product for the larger body fellows."
– Adam
5.0 5
"The best buy and I can't wait to use it. It is very comfortable and fits well. A must buy!"
– fourtrax
5.0 5
"Ordered it yesterday, and it arrived today via standard shipping. Vest has 100's of options and is user customizable. I will order other items in the future."
– Eric
5.0 5
"First, mine shipped crazy fast. The vest is well made with solid stitching and quality material. I'm 6\uFFFD2\uFFFD\uFFFD and 275 lbs and i was easily able to adjust the vest to fit me perfectly. Granted I have a long torso, the vest could've been an inch longer, but fits great all the same. The inside zipping pockets are a nice touch. They're not y2k zippers, but they seem to be heavy duty none the less. Overall: great adjustably, great craftsmanship, well thought out design, solidly built, very functional for most philosophies of use, plenty of space for ammo (for the average user). Thanks UTG!"
– jrod
4.0 5
"Shipped very fast. It came in two days. The vest is well made and stiched very good. You can fit one AK mag in each pocket and enough room to carry a radio and extra rounds. This vest is great buy and well worth the money."
– DonColeone
5.0 5
"I'm 5'9 270 pounds and this vest fits me perfectly. A little adjustment and its ready to go! Def worth the money!!"
– Big Rob
5.0 5
"This vest is great. It has solid stitching and a good fit. (I'm 6\uFFFD2\uFFFD\uFFFD 275 lbs with a long torso) plenty of room for all kinds of gear. The pistol \uFFFDholster\uFFFD is okay. It wobbles a little with my full size 1911 in it, but it's perfect for my little ruger LCP b.u.g. I like that the back has MOLLE webbing. I attached a Camelback to mine. I also added the UTG drop down holster. I will buy another in black soon (I got ACU). I painted the black shoulder pad so it doesn't stick out so bad compared to the rest of the camo."
– jrod
4.0 5
"I'm 6'8 300lbs and it fit me nicely with an abundance of pockets to put all your ammo, and shooting needs. Great vest!"
– bigboi
5.0 5
"Just got my (VEST-170) UTG Law Enforcement Unit Vest. It is awesome, better than expected, I'm 5'9\" 170 lbs, was able to adjust it to my size without a problem. Received it in three business days, good service. Thanks CTD."
– happy customer
5.0 5
"This is great for the money, with the options, even better. Still has plenty of space to configure other items, have mil-spec from prior service (retired Army), but for contract work, this is the ticket. I'm 6'2\", 230lbs, and 58\"chest, this rig fits great, carries more than I want to. Great buy."
– Bud
5.0 5
"I like this vest a lot. I actually went back to CTD and bought more mags just to fill up all the mag holders in this vest. Great product!!!"
– Joeyc
5.0 5
"Received my army digital vest and it is more than even I expected. Quality is great and holds most everything you want. I love the fit and it's fully adjustable. One \"KEY\" trick,..... I Use a single point sling and wanted the comfortable fit with the rifle high in front of me. Since the sling put a lot of strain on my right neck, I did the following. I ran the right side of the sling through the shoulder Velcro adjustment and the weapon fits PERFECT and there is no more strain. The rifle sits just like seen on troops in the field. Weapon is ready to raise and fire or just as easily lay at you front while patrolling. WOW, What a good investment. Don't hesitate. This product is well worth the investment.Mike T."
– Mike T.
1.0 5
"The picture shows almost no color (like it's black and white), and the vest is VERY green. Yes, the description says Army Digital, but apparently that doesn't just describe the \"digital\" texture--also army green.Also, it's a HUGE vest. Way too long. VERY disappointed, and will be returned.Going back to a blank Blackhawk MOLLE vest."
– Tom Ace
4.0 5
"After looking around shortly, I finally decided that this would be a great fit at a great price for my specific needs. It's a great buy! Firstly, it shipped the VERY NEXT day. I was looking for a few days but no, I ordered Thursday morning and had it Friday by noon! It has plenty of cargo spaces like advertised, it's not bulky at all when fully loaded with my M16 mags and full size 1911 and mags, I was happy to find out the handgun holster did come with it as well as the shotgun shell rig. Only thing about that (reason for 4 bullets and not 5) is that my 12 gauge shells will NOT fit in this thing. It is very small and may be good for .410 but not for my 12 ga slugs or 00 home defense rounds. But it does have an open flap pocket that will hold about 15 shells. Other than that, the color is great (army digital). It's fully adjustable (I'm 5'11''- 235 lbs) and very rugged and durable as well as versatile. I would recommend it for multiple uses."
– Ranger Thomas