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Law Enforcement AirSoft Shotgun Full Length Stock Short Barrel

Multiple Manufacturers
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It is illegal for minors to purchase airsoft guns. You must be 21 or older to purchase this item.

Feels like a real shotgun. Includes a pellet speed loader, sure-cock foregrip, tactical tri-rail system, combat magazine and a full length stock.

This Air Gun uses .12 Gram BB's (Item # Soft-200, Soft-201, Soft-205 or Soft-206). 
Total number of Reviews: 18

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4.0 5
"The gun is quite accurate and powerfull but the mag has a horrible spring you can get about 15 out of 20 shots becuase it does not have enouhg power to feed them into the chamber but you can turn the gun upside down and cock it"
5.0 5
"this gun kicks ***!!!!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"This is an excellent gun to have. When I have airsoft wars with my friends we always have 4 or 5 of these. They are super accurate, decent magazine capacity, and very reliable. I'm not so hot on the idea of it (I prefer automatic guns or sniper rifles) but I'd give it 5 bullets. My friend's gun of choice, he uses this gun better than he uses GSG X8s, M16s, or even Master Sniper Rifles!! It's a must-have gun for any smart airsoft war player."
5.0 5
"kick @$$!!!"
4.0 5
"This gun is one of my favorite shotguns. I have the version of it that has a pistol grip though. Its a really good gun, it has great accuracy, great range, but the only flaw is the magazine capacity, im kinda disipointed about that, but you can by lots of differant types of mags for it that hold way more ammo. Also, this gun is way better with 20. gram bb's. Its way more accurate. By the way, ive noticed alot of times in the directions it says to slam fire this gun. (thats when you hold down the trigger and continue pumping) DO NOT DO THIS! It will destroy this great gun. Another thing i like about this gun is how many types of stocks you can buy this gun with. Such as the pistol grip version, the version with the Retractable M4 stock and this version. Sadly this is my least favortie version, mostly because of looks. I never really though the rifle stock looked well with the picatinny rails on it...it kinda became a combination of a tactical shotgun with a police shotgun. Resulting in looks that I really dont care for. The version with the m4 stock is by far the best, but overall this is really great gun and i advise for anyone who is looking for a good reliable, accurate gun to purchase this gun!"
1.0 5
"it sucks so bad"
3.0 5
"I recomend you dont put a strap on it because it will break within a month. Other then that it shot really good and stuff"
5.0 5
"This gun is the best most powerful shotgun ive ever shot it is not the most accurate ever but this baby can pack a punch."
5.0 5
"i got hit so hard with this gun it wasnt funny"
5.0 5
"This gun was pretty good the one thing i disliked about it was the capacity is not verry good u can only hold around 20 so when you run out you are out. But one thing i love about this gun is that it is so accurate. When i am having wars with my freinds i carry this gun automatic, and a pistol. When i take this gun out every1 is so scared they run of and hide or teamip on me but i always win.... oya."
5.0 5
5.0 5
"This gun is awesome. It goes about 280 fps with .2g BBs and about 320fps with .12g BBs! This gun is great and will last you for years."
4.0 5
"This is an ok gun it shoots kinda acurate. I would recomend this gun if you like to pump. do not hold trigger and pump. it screws up ur gun"
5.0 5
"i got this gun i thought it was plain but it comes with scope but no speed loader other than that this gun is raelly high fps about 400"
5.0 5
"this gun is very good i got the pistol grip version i want a stock can anyone gimme a link ive looked everywhere on the net."
5.0 5
"ok i think this gun is pretty good i didnt buy it off here but its the exact same as the one i bought in academy and im sorry to say that it does not shoot 400 fps it was quite funny to read that on one of the other reviews i think that it shoots about 325 or 350 which isnt too bad but sure as heck isnt a M-14 or M-1A i do believe this is a good buy though just dont let any of ur idiot friends sit on it"
5.0 5
"this gun is so freakin awsome me and all my friends have huge 4 on 4 wars at my house and this gone is very good. i kill my oppennents with this gun love the clip 2"
5.0 5
"This gun is the absolute best gun for beginners. My friend just got one of these but the one with the retractable stock and big mag. We went to a big 24 person, 40 acre war and it was by far the best gun for the money. This gun has Hop Up that can be turned down or up, but nothing in-between. It is very accurate. This is a very common beginner gun and for a reason. It's very powerful, it will go through one side of a coke can. I really enjoyed shooting this gun. It can fire multiple shots quickly because it's pump-action. With .12g BB's it's not very accurate, but with .20's it will consistently hit a coke can from 30'. I'm not too certain on the accuracy though because i haven't had very much experience with it. Its range is not too bad, but again i can't tell you for certain. The required-by-law \"non-removable\" blaze orange end piece breaks off pretty consistently but other than that i don't know much about the long-term wear and tear effects. I have found no better 'gun for a beginner or for $30 and less. I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for an inexpensive and yet good gun. HUNTER.(by the way hunter i didn't steal your name)"