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LaserMax Uni-Max Green Laser Sight Universal Rail Mount Warranty

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Specifications and features:
LaserMax Uni-Max green laser sight
532nm green laser
5mw output
10pps pulsing beam
Top & bottom Picatinny/Weaver mount
Rails allow other accessories to be mounted to laser
Fits handguns & long guns
Windage & elevation adjustment
Ambidextrous sliding switch
Holds zero
Fiberglass-reinforced nylon housing
2 lithium batteries
Visible during daylight
1 oz.
Made in the USA
3-year warranty

For warranty issues, contact 1-800-527-3703

All green laser products operating at 532nm are subject to varying degrees of illumination power loss in cold weather (60 degrees Fahrenheit or less) unless proper procedures are followed.

For optimal and maximum illumination in cold conditions:
1) Place 2 hand warmers around unit and secure with self adhering wrap which can be found in drug stores or camo color wraps in sporting goods stores. (The hand warmers slow down the heat loss through the aluminum housing).
2) Place a warm battery (room temperature) in the unit and turn on before going outside.
3) If the power level fluctuated, replace battery with a warm battery and continue use. (Rotate batteries as needed)."


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Total number of Reviews: 6

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5.0 5
"What a great product!!! Quality assured with this laser!!! A breeze to install and adjust for wind. and elev., Fit like a glove on my G17. Also, with the I.P.R. (Integrated Picatinny Rail), i could keep my Insight Procyon light mounted. The strobing green laser is visible both at night and outside in the daylight!!!! Took it to the outdoor range and had no problem seeing the dot at 25yrds., and not to mention the attention it received from everyone on the range. Combined with the Procyon, both lights strobing down a dark hallway in your home is enough to scare away any intruder. If your thinking of buying a red dot laser..... DON'T!! GREEN is the way to go!!! Lasermax and CTD teamed up to offer a great product at a great price!!"
4.0 5
"Had it installed on my FNP-40 in 5 minutes and had it centered for 25 yards 10 minutes after that. Excellent light source, I do love the green lasers, especially for daylight conditions. Only minor drawback I have is that the end of the mounted unit winds up being flush to the end of my barrel, and powder residue makes it useless after about 50 rounds until the lens is cleaned, but if I didn't hit what I was aiming at after 50 rounds, I probably lost the battle anyway. It does chew up batteries pretty fast (uses 2) but you can find blister packs of 12 on the internet pretty cheap, so that's not a big deal for me. To be honest, I prefer the Crimson Trace grip lasers (what I have on all my other handguns), but they haven't gotten around to making them for FN Herstal pistols yet so this was a great alternative. (and, I do love the green lasers)"
3.0 5
"The green lasers are fair at best, i give it an easy 5 out of 5 for ease of use, accuracy, and size...BUT, for me, going through a pair of batteries every time I use it...just aint worth it. not only that...the batteries WILL RUN OUT EVEN IF ITS NOT IN USE. I am planning to sell mine asap in exchange for the red version with a 10\" cord."
4.0 5
"I purchased this months ago for my Sig 556, and was it blew my expectations away. This laser is super bright and easy to see. I wasn't a fan of it's blinking/strobing beam (I though it was defective at first) But after cheaking out lasermax's web sight I found out that's how it's supposed to operate as well as a few other helpful bits of information. I love the low profile design at hardly noticeable on teh bottom rail where I mounted it. Sighting it in was quick and painless. As I said befor it's super bright at night you'll see it go on for a mile, and day time it's alot easiter to pick up than a red laser (the strobing action helps alot with finding the green dot) I compaired it to a red laser and the results are impressive. The red laser just projects a dot, where as this little guy sends an almost solid green line to the target because it pics up every dust partical in the air like I was shinning it through smoke. If you don't want something to know your aiming at them then you shouldn't be using a laser in the first place unless it's IR. Bottom line it's a great buy, and I'm happy with it. One little reminder, I wouldn't use this in the winter or someplace very cold. Green lasers don't operate so well under 40 degrees F."
4.0 5
"I just received my green laser which arrived on time and am totally happy with it. I never knew how much more powerful it is compared to a red laser till now. It fits on my Glock 20 as if the gun came with it on. I think having a green laser on a hand gun for self defense is an extra deterrent and raises you ability to defend yourself much better. Every one knows where ever the dot goes, so does the bullet. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve there ability to defend yourself. The only reason I gave it 4 stars cause there can always be an improvement to anything........"
4.0 5
"Great laser. Easy to mount, easy to see. Didn't give it highest rating as it is a little difficult to see during the day and it has a tendency to be turned on in my gun safe and run the battery down."