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Laser Light Combo Red Laser 80 Lumen Xenon Light BSA Optics Seperate Pressure Switches

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Specifications and features:
BSA LLCP laser and light combo
650nm laser
5mW output power
3V, 0.85A Xenon bulb
80 lumens xenon bulb
Windage and elevation adjustments
5 MOA windage and elevation movement range
50 ft/lbs. or 1,000Gs maximum recoil
Includes momentary pressure pad switch
Black matte finish
18.9mm tube diameter
70mm overall length
20mm wide
20mm tall
One year limited warranty

The brilliant beam of the BSA light and laser combo finds your target quickly and precisely, while the target illuminates your target in low light or no light. Perfect for home defense

BSA Precision Laser and light clamps on your scope, perfect for varmints or tactical applications, complete with remote curly power cord, switches, and batteries, easy to install and works on any one inch scope with objective bell up to 50mm, not for magnum rifles. The batteries for this unit are light takes CR123A and the Laser takes LR44.
Total number of Reviews: 28

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4.0 5
"I recently bought this item... after a brief discussion with the online help here at CTD making sure it would fit my new barrel + scope combo I was ordering...When I got this item, I promptly mounted it, (easy to mount). And went off for my weekend of target shooting with my friends.It took all of about 4 shots when the light turned itself on... then 2 more shots it turned itself back off, the laser wouldnt keep zero...So why did am I giving the product 4 bullets?Because when I got home, I noted the packing clearly states \"Not for rifles producing more than 1000 fps\".I checked the website description again, and at the end this time noted \"... not for magnum rifles.\"I was using a Mossberg 500 - 12g slug barrel w/scope.So... At night, the laser was fun to shoot through the campfire smoke, but otherwise, useless unless I buy a 22 or something small.Anyway, hope this helps - in looking at the fine print on this product description."
– mcubed4130
5.0 5
"after buying the first one i went wow-finally a easy way to use the larger scopes(up to 50 mm)on my air rifles and my 22lr with a 50mm scope. i now have 3 of these items and love them. the lite is so much brighter when it is above or beside the scope. on my air rifles i like my mounts as far apart as possible then i adjust the laser lite to fit. on barska scopes no problem but my bsa 3-12 x 44 has tall adjuster caps so i mount the laser straight on top and the lite to the side. get spare batterys (123) and the 303/357(3) as on my three units 1 was dead & 2 corroded."
– bsa tactical lite & laser
5.0 5
"as a add on to my first review when you are happy with the laser adjustments tighten the slot screw quite tight,final adjust and it stays put.i use lithium grease on all battery connections to reduce poor contact.i am using these units on 3 winchester 1000 air rifles. i still love them."
– george
5.0 5
"I bought one,clamped it on A ten-22. The light bulb went out almost immedeatly. The bulb has no numbers on it, I cannot find one anywhere. The rifle has A 7x Leupold on it. In low light and sighted in to 100 ft. and the laser set to the crosshiars, it makes A real good pest getter with Cb longs.Can help me find A bulb?"
– jack
5.0 5
"I mounted this on my .22 which I use frequently for varmint hunting/plinking. It still works well after a year except the spotlight is just now starting to dim because it needs a new battery. JUST DONT USE THE PRESSURE PADS; they suck."
– not bad
5.0 5
"I have this mounted on a 30-06 Single shot Encore Handgun & YOU MUST TIGHTEN THE SLOT SCREW or the Laser won't stay on Zero"
3.0 5
"Unit arrived with a defective on/off switch on the flashlight. Had to use the pressure switch for it.Laser didn't stay centered, after adjusting the hex head screws for windage/elevation, then securing the slot screw to lock. Took lots of back-and-forth adjusting to get it right; a real PITA.Flashlight good to maybe 30 ft., because of its small size. It will obviously illuminate further, but intensity suffers.This combo is great for short range night sorties, after you get everything set right. The mounting hardware is great.I just gave it a 3 of 5, because it arrived with a defective switch."
– r1derbike
4.0 5
"i got this product the other day. the shipping was fast. he product is not bad for the price i have it on a .17 HMR the laser likes to dance all over the place but once you get it zeroed in it stay's set. you just have to make sure the set screw is very tight. not to found of the touch pads they donot keep either the laser or the flash light on all the time as soon as you let go they go off."
– cooker300
2.0 5
"I ordered this and the flashlight didnt work after i tried switching the on/off switch wit the pressure pads. I sent it back to CTD and the same thing happened on the second one. Im going to send it straight to BSA. Ill right another review when i get the 3RD piece arives. I must say though the laser is awsome!"
– angry reviewer
4.0 5
"Had this mounted on a Mini-14 on to of a BSA Sweet .223 Scope. Now on my Marlin 22LR with BSA 22 Plinker Scope. Worked well on both guns. Be careful with the pressure pads, I kept them in a bag separate from the rifle so they wouldn't stay lit. Wires on laser pad came loose, easy to slice open case from side a resolder but seemed frail, they don't come loose now. Recovered pad with electrical tape. Only gave it 4 of 5 because the fit over a 1\" scope was very tight and scratched the finish on the scope. Doesn't work well on the BSA Tactical Scopes as it gets in the way of the top turret, love it on the 22 fixed power scope."
– Marlin22LR
5.0 5
"For the money this cannot be beat. Excellent plinking or pest removal tool for small caliber shooting. Wish the light was a little brighter but can't complain!!"
– G
5.0 5
"Just got this in and the combo sets is great for low caliber rifles. I use it on my Marlin .22 and it has held up to the recoil thus far. The light is pretty dang bright even at 25 yards and the laser works quite well. Though laser is a little dim during day it works great at night which is expected for a red beam. It comes with 2 different methods of attachment for different heights to ensure a solid fit without comproising ease of access. For the cheap price its definately worth the product."
– Squirrel
5.0 5
4.0 5
"Wow! I read some reviews and some of the reviewers are idiots. One guy dings the product as he says when he lets go of the touch pads the light and/or laser goes off. Duh! What a dumb$hit! That is how they are made! My god, and to think that guy owns a gun!"
– skizz
5.0 5
"Laser alone is easily worth the price. Brighter than my stand alone laser but not as bright as a Crimson Trace. Flash light is OK for short range. Bright enough to help find the pests, but definitely not going to blind any 2 legged intruder. Mount is quite versatile and either light will also fit in a 3/4\" scope ring if desired. Easy to see red dot in the flashlight beam. I mounted it on a bull barreled Ruger 22 pistol barrel (7/8\") with a pvc shim. Laser was nearly Zeroed out of the box. I'd call it about perfect for barn pest control from snakes to raccoons. As long as it works for a year I'll be pleased. It's not too heavy on the Ruger."
– Pistolero
4.0 5
"I got this a few years ago, and everything still works besides the pressure pads. It never worked right ever since I got it, and both completely stopped working at the same time. The laser is worth the thirty bucks alone. With it I can hit a basketball sized target every time with a .22 long rifle at 75 yards. The flash light doesn't do much and on top of that it sits so close to the scope the front lens blocks half of the light. It comes in handy for pests, but if you want something for home defense you are going to have to pay more."
– Affsa
5.0 5
"everyone that got this must of got a bad seed. i have 3 and have had them for over 3 years. there mounted on ak-47 mini 14 and a 357 Henry rifle and nothing has gone wrong. pressure pads are still working after 3 years the laser is great for day and night use.i work on a private lot and it has done its job 7 days and night a week for 3 years nothing has gone out except the batteries. for any one planning to get this don't put the factory batteries in go to walmart and get a real battery.other wise the best thing i have ever go. enjoy all that get this!!"
– mj militia
5.0 5
"It has a very long range. It worked good for me. I don't use on a high powdered gun. It comes loose, but overall, a very good add on to your rifle."
– jcc in college grove
2.0 5
"It's only good if you want to have a little fun with it at night, but that's pretty much it. The laser is too dull, light isn't great and its battery dies in a heartbeat, and it gets super loose after awhile. Like I said, good for only a little fun, so spend a bit more, and get a better one."
– FE
4.0 5
"For the sale price it can't be beat"
– HH
5.0 5
"I bought this light laser combo for my mossberg 12 gauge and it works perfectly. It's easy to install and light is bright enought to see some distance from you in the dark.The item was reasonably priced."
– Jack Miller
1.0 5
"I bought this item on sale knowing it would be an entry level device. Mounted under the barrel of a 22 pistol it fit reasonably well. Cons, touching the adjusting screws makes the laser intermittent. Adjustment is VERY touchy. Ok for practicing getting a new gun up and on target quickly. Flashlight is useless but at the sale price, the combo was cheaper than the $25 laser only models I saw at the gun show 3 weeks ago."
– Kelly
3.0 5
"Out of the box the item looked Ok, however, the pressure switch for the Laser did not function, also the light was not working at all with either switch. I replaced the battery in the light and it still did not work. Since I am using this on a .22 wmg for coyote hunting the light was no big deal. The Laser does work well out to 100+ yards and does what is needed."
– Earl Phillips
5.0 5
4.0 5
"works fine not a do all system but very easy to set up and quick source for light and lazer at close or med. with scope."
– easydoesit
4.0 5
"I bought 2 of these for my AR-15s. Work great. Granted, it's not the best on the market but, you're not paying $200 plus. The light could be a tad brighter and a little more range on the laser would put it almost on an equal par with the high dollar models.Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely. It's perfect for home defense or close up (your back yard) purposes."
– Smokey0347
5.0 5
"I bought 6 of these. What a great price & gave the others as Christmas presents. My Pellet gun is perfect for varmint shooting.The spring in the laser was crooked & I had to shim it from the side to make it contact the batteries but so far I think it's a great laser while the light isn't anything to brag about. I bought another set to mount on my AR-15 or AK-47. I will replace the light w/ a similar 250 or brighter, lumen light for hogs."
– Patrick
3.0 5
"Price is right. Bought 3 and one has bad on switch, but they include 2 types."
– Ohio Jack