Knight & Hale Pocket Series Mini-Slate Includes Striker

Knight & Hale
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All turkey sounds

The last thing you want is a lot of bulky equipment weighing you down in the woods while turkey hunting. The Knight & Hale Pocket Series Minislate with striker helps you cut down on the volume of equipment you have to carry. This little turkey call packs a big sound. It offers a compact size for convenience but a range of turkey sounds so wide, if you were blindfolded you'd think you were hearing a full-size friction turkey call. It even boasts a surprisingly loud volume capacity that's unexpected for its small size.

The calling surface on the Pocket Series Minislate friction turkey call is natural slate. This is a highly prized surface for friction turkey calls since it can produce the full frequency of turkey sounds needed for a successful turkey hunting trip. Its full range of sounds means this small friction turkey call is the only one you'll need, further cutting down on bulk.

Furthermore, this easy-to-carry turkey call features dual sound chambers and an included hickory striker for loud, crisp yelps, cuts and purrs. Choose the Pocket Slate whenever you need the convenience of a compact call, coupled with the range and volume of a full-size call.