Kershaw G10 Offset Folding Knife 3-3/4" Plain Blade G10 Handle Warranty

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Specifications and features:
Kershaw G-10 Offset folding knife
3-3/4" plain blade
Metal injection molded 440C stainless steel, Tungsten DLC coated blade
Black G-10, 3D machined handle
5-1/4" closed
SpeedSafe assisted opening
Two torsion bars
Stud lock
Thumb stud
Pocket clip
8.5 ounces
Made in the USA
Limited lifetime warranty

For warranty issues, contact 800-325-2891 or

G-10 Offset Knife -
The Offset's rugged and complex blade geometry is provided through state of the art Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and hot isostatic pressing. The result is a precision blade with two bevel geometries, hollow and flat, for incredible cutting power. This process produces a premium 440C PM stainless steel blade with complex, true 3D geometry. The Offset also features the latest SpeedSafe configuration. It has a "Double Pumper" design and it features two torsion bars to ensure easy assisted opening for folding knives with larger blades.

440C Stainless Steel -
This type of steel is a high chromium stainless steel with a terrific balance of good hardness and corrosion resistance. 440C takes a nice edge and is fairly easy to resharpen. An excellent value priced steel for its performance.

G-10 Handle -
Apoxy filled woven glass fiber; it is extremely stable, unaffected by temperature changes, and can be decoratively tinted, ground, and polished. G-10 makes excellent handles and handle scales for knives.

Stud Lock -
It is an extremely secure lock that has 3 points of lock up. It is one of the strongest locks we manufacture. It can also be used for  one hand opening of the blade.

What is SpeedSafe?
SpeedSafe is a patented system that assists the user to smoothly open any SpeedSafe knife with a manual push on the blade's thumb stud or pull back on the blade protrusion. SpeedSafe is built into many of Kershaw's best-selling knives.

How does SpeedSafe work?
The heart of SpeedSafe is its torsion bar. Closed, the torsion bar helps keep the knife closed, preventing it from being opened by "gravity." In order to open the knife, the user must apply manual pressure to the thumb stud or blade protrusion to overcome the resistance of the torsion bar. After the blade is out of the handle, the torsion bar moves along its half-moon track and takes over. The blade opens smoothly and locks into position, ready for use.

How safe is SpeedSafe?
Very, SpeedSafe opens ONLY when the user manually deploys it using either the thumb stud or blade protrusion. Once deployed, a locking system secures the blade in position so that it cannot close accidentally. When releasing the lock, the blade does not snap shut due to resistance provided by the torsion bar. This bar also provides a bias towards the closed position, which holds the blade securely closed. New SpeedSafe users can ensure safe use of the technology by practicing to proficiency.