Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Water Filter, Purifies 1 Gallon/Hour

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Filter water without effort—gravity does all the work with the Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Water Filter System. Perfect for your base camp, backcountry cabin or construction site, this water purifier can supply six months worth of safe water for up to six people. The free-standing filter includes 3 ceramic filters and can store 10-liters of filtered water at a time.

The silver-impregnated ceramic and carbon granulate removes dangerous microbes and other particles including bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, viruses and sediment. This filtration system reduces other chemicals that may be found in your water source, and improves the taste and odor of your water supply. For a long-term solution, the Katadyn Drip Gravidyn water filter will provide all the potable water you need.

Features and Specifications:
Katadyn Drip, Gravidyn, Endurance Series Microfilter For 1 To 6 People
Filtration Output: Approx 1 gal/hr
Filtration Capability: Eliminates Bacteria, Protozoa, Cysts, Algae, Spores, Sediment, Viruses And Particles Greater Than 0.2 Microns; Reduces Chemicals
Improves Taste And Odor
Water Type: Suitable For Clear, Cloudy, And Extremely Dirty Water
Filter Life: Up To 39,625 gal Depending On Water Quality; Six-Month Filter Effectiveness

Filtration Method: Cleanable Silver-Impregnated Ceramic Depth Filter, 0.2 Microns
Activated Carbon Granulate

(2) 10-Liter Containers—Dirty Water Goes In The Top, Clean Water Comes Out The Bottom
(3) Ceramic Filters Work Together To Clean High Quantities Of Water
No Pumping Or Connection To A Tap
No Movable Parts Means Simple Maintenance
Measuring Gauge Indicates When Filter Element Should B e Changed

Materials: Silicone, Ceramic, Activated Carbon
Weight: 6.56 lbs
Dimensions: 9.75" x 17.55"
BPA-Free And FDA Approved