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Fighting Knife USMC KA-BAR Straight Edge 11 7/8" Overall 7" 1095 Cro-Van Steel Blade Leather Handle and Sheath NSN: 1095-01-581-9100 KNIFE-COMBAT

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KA-BAR Fighting Knives are an American legend and used by US forces in every conflict. They've proven their battle readiness and are as solid as the country they have defended!

Specifications and features:
7" straight edge blade marked USMC
11-7/8" overall length
Crafted in the USA
Stacked leather handle
Leather sheath embossed with eagle and globe
Epoxy powder coated high carbon steel blade

The KA-BAR USMC Knife -
Ka-Bar's 1217 USMC knife is a fixed blade that is amazing for its piercing power. The Ka-Bar knife was designed to serve our troops in World War II and is still doing an excellent job today. The Ka-Bar knife gains its strength from the 1095 high carbon stainless steel blade. A black epoxy powder coat is used on the KA-BAR blade which is perfect for camouflage and stealth action. The stacked leather handle of the KA-BAR knife has a non slip grip that has amazing control in any weather.

Fixed Blade -
A fixed blade is a solid piece of steel, anchored to the handle without any folding mechanisms. It's durable and holds up well against the elements.

Epoxy Powder Coating -
A coating process that protects blades from corrosion and also makes them non-reflective.

1095 Steel -
This knife is easy to sharpen, plain carbon steel used in knife making. It's proven to be one of the most popular steels used in KA-BAR knives.

Epoxy Powder Coating -
A coating process that protects blades from corrosion and also makes them non reflective. NSN: 1095-01-581-9100 KNIFE-COMBAT 

Item#: DBA-800,9-58149
Total number of Reviews: 70

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5.0 5
"This is the best knife money can buy, thank god for the KA-BAR"
– someone uho used it every day
5.0 5
"i bought this knife a while back and have put it through its paces camping and doing all sorts of things in the woods, and have not been disappointed, i would highly recommend this knife."
– castle_ahh
5.0 5
"This is the best kife I've ever you used. When someone says knife my mind automatically thinks of the KA-BAR. I've used for hunting, camping, fishing, the works. I've had my KA-BAR for three years and it's still sharper than any knife I have ever used."
– 1st Sergeant
5.0 5
"Ka-bar like never go dull or bend. the g-r-r-e-a-t"
– Brent
5.0 5
"I carry an all black version of the KA-BAR right behind my M9 pistol. It stays with me constantly in Iraq and I will go nowhere without it.'nuff said."
– Chris
5.0 5
"I purchased my first k-bar knife back in 1985. I am now purchasing my 2nd. It is the best ever. Holds a forever sharp edge. I lied this is my 3rd bought for my son for hunting. Sorry about that. Buy one today you will not be sorry."
– Brian
5.0 5
"When I was a boy my Father had one of these knives tucked away in a footlocker with two other knives and some old war photos of the beaches of Iwo Jima. He was in the US Coast Guard and was stationed on one of the many landing craft that took a part in that piece of history. His ship was also at the battle for the island of Okinawa and later in Tokyo Bay for the signing of the Peace Agreement between The United States and Japan. That K-Bar was there also. He sent it to me as a gift last year, I think because he knew ,as a boy, I always wanted him to give it to me. It is my most prized possession. If I never get another thing from my Father I have his K-Bar. When I received it it was still super sharp. The finish is abit worn and the blade had some blood pitting on it but the handle and scabber held up very well to the many years it has been around. I had to take it to the field and use it at least once, so I took it fishing. I spared it no chore in the woods and at camp. It did everything as if it were new out of the box. It sliced fish open like it was a scaple. More than 60 years old and still an outstanding field knife. I also had one when I was in the military, 33 years ago, and still use it as one of my primary knives in the field. It has dressed many deer, coyote, bobcat, rabbit , bear and trout. Trimmed toe nail and made splits and lean-tos. It also is still in great shape and is as sharp as a razor. The K-Bar knife is without question one of the best knive in the world today, and as history shows, since it was first made. If you need a good field knife that will last your lifetime, taking good care of it ofcoarse, then look at history and look to the K-Bar. You won't be sorry.P.S. My Fathers knife is now in a display case with a photo of his ship on Red Beach 1, Iwo Jima, 19 February 1945"
– Cowboy
5.0 5
"I just got my KA-Bar Knife today and I will carry it everyday I love knifes and guns and always carry a knife but from now on my personal self defense weapon will be my KA-BAR what a great knife everyone should own one"
– Seth Merriel
5.0 5
"I bought one of these as a gift, but now I don't want to give it away. The KA-BAR is as good as the other reviewers say. I'll be buying another one for myself with my next order. I have to agree - if I could own only one knife, I can't think of any other knife I'd rather have."
– General Protection Fault
5.0 5
"Wow! What else can you say. I bought this knife about 2 months ago and it is another limb to me. What bad things can you say about it? Nothing I can think of. I have spent many years as a Spec Ops, So I know alot about the Buckmaster Bowie Special Ops tactical knife. But a good friend that told me what a excellent knife this was, So I had to get it. 5 Bullets! By it. Trust me you will not be disappointed."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"Super knife, Got it last month and I put it to the test. After much use around home, the boat, hunting and general outdoor everyday farm use I have yet to find a single problem with it. Still sharp still strait. Cuts thick rope like butter. Better then most of my 150-200 dollor knives. I give this knife 5 bullets, BUY IT."
– John
5.0 5
"Received my first Marine Corps KA-BAR back in 1981. Used that one until the over-sharpened blade finally snapped after being run over by a personnel carrier trac. That was 2001. I have my second one now, and am looking forward to another 20 years with this one! Simply the finest knife anywhere, and for the price you might as well buy two and take your wife out for dinner on the rest that you'll save over the over-priced blades.SEMPER FI!"
5.0 5
"I am bowled over by the outstanding quality and balance of this knife. And at thid price it is the best bargain on CTD.com ever!"
5.0 5
– usmc semper fi
5.0 5
"Best knife i ever owned, never dulled and is completely beautiful, buy it if ur thinking about getting a new knife."
– Hunk
5.0 5
"I use this knife in my squadron everytime we are on a mission or just camping and everyone want to use it. It never gets dull! I use it for cutting branches for a fire cutting rope for portable hammocks. It's works for everything. GET ONE IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE. great deal too"
5.0 5
"If you want a Knife that wont ever let you down buy this one. The blade comes razor sharp and i can seriously shave with it. The best part is the blade even if its razor sharp dosent get dull. This is a great knive for skinning game and all kinds of tasks. If you want a Good American knife for a affordable prize this is it The USMC Ka-Bar.Semper-Fi"
– Tenorio
5.0 5
"One of the best knife I have ever bought"
5.0 5
"The name on the knife says it all!!! SEMPER FI!!!"
– Hard Corps
5.0 5
"Worth every penny, bargain knife with better than bargain quality and brings a flood of memories for some of us."
– shooter
5.0 5
"I purchased my K-Bar prior to shipping out to Desert Storm (1991) and found it useful in every aspect of my day, from pounding tent pegs, prying open tent crates, opening cans of G.I. Coffee and I even found it useful at Mail Call. I am no longer in the Marine Corps but often find uses for my K-Bar in Civilian life. Camping, Fishing and if I ever go hunting I know I will have it by my side. Keep it sharp and oiled and it will definitely outlast me for sure. Kyle Sayles"
– Kyle Sayles
5.0 5
"God bless you marines, I'm in the Army and I purchased one of the these for the field and it works great. And it's definately something that makes you feel good to have at your side. Definately worth the mone!!!"
– Shadow Fox
5.0 5
"If you be a knife person, and are thinkin about gettin a new knife, this seriously is the one.... For those who think it don't get dull however, they haven't used their's very much.... Every knife gets dull when you use it, but as long as you have the smallest bit of common sense on how to sharpen a knife, this knife will last many generations past your's. This is my dream knife since I was little, and i've had one for many many years... It's been through some S**T! Bye this one over all if ya in to fixed blades :)"
– Knife Killa
5.0 5
"i just got my ka-bar and it is great,awsome looks,super sharp,a genuine ww2 fighting\\utility knife.if youre looking for a great knife this is the one ,im planning on having this knife for at least 5 years,although its the ultimate usmc fighting\\utility knife i do no recomend this knife as a starter due to its sharpness or to some one under the age of 16 because you could get seriosly hurt.five bullets period."
– william t. mccurdy
5.0 5
"Still have my original 1968 issue k-barand own several others .You just can't find a better overall use knive"
– Dennis Antle
5.0 5
"Great knife, have it on my hip currently. Wonderfull for all kinds of cutting prying and slashing. Only thing I could ever find wrong is that the finish can get worn off. otherwise, great knife. hi-quality steel, hi-quality leather, sturdy, no wiggling, holds a great edge. Overall great knife and I would recommend it to anyone."
– LCPL Lunchbox
5.0 5
– son of a blood thirsty marine and i am 13
5.0 5
"I got my first Ka-Bar for Christmas (with a lot of heavy hinting). I have had numerous occasions to use it and am amazed at this knife. It is everything the other reviewers have said. I like knives and have 10 or 12 fixed blades and this one is the best all purpose knife I have ever seen and #2 is not close. It is really one of a kind."
– Cut n Shoot
5.0 5
"i got this knife for xmasi've used it many times for alot of thingsaround the house yard workhunting and just out in the woodsi've ownd 100's of knifesbut this is the only knife i've ever hadthat has held up this wellits well worth the pricethis is the only brand ill ever usewen it comes to knives"
– ~C~
5.0 5
"Simply put the best knife in the world. I will never trade it for anything! I recently came upon an overturned truck in a very rural area of Texas. We were so far off the beaten path it took over an hour and a half for the fire department to arrive. Some other bystanders and I stabilized the injured woman. We rolled her truck upright because the gas tank was leaking. I used my KA-BAR to access the battery to cut the battery wires to prevent a fire. We had to use the KA-BAR as a pry bar to get the hood open. The owner of the car needed the insurance card from the glove box. We removed the windshield and opened her crushed dashboard with the knife. We also cut the valve stems off her rims to stabilize her truck. I was expecting my KA-BAR to be at the very least dull, bent or chipped. My knife came through without a scratch and was still very sharp! I had my knife in my trunk because I was planning to trade it at a gun show that weekend. I now keep it in the car with all my other emergency gear."
– Doc
5.0 5
"Theres no doubt that this is one of the best knives ever conceived. Looks menacing, incredibly durable, and proven in combat. You should buy this knife for whatever price, but with the incentive of it being only $49, every knife enthusiast should own one. I DO OWN THIS KNIFE."
– Airman
5.0 5
"Wow! I've had this knife for over two years! For starters, it's beautiful! The knife is rugged and proven in combat. I've put this knife through hell and a few goes with the sharpener and its ready for action once again! It fits great in your hand it is perfectly balanced and perfectly priced. This blade holds a wonderful edge. I highly recommend it for anyone."
– luke
5.0 5
"This is an awsome knife. It is very high quality. I absolutely love it. It is one of the sharpest knives I've ever seen, and it is definately my favorite knife that I own and I have many knives. It is well worth the cost so if your looking for a high quality knife then this is the knife for you."
– Dev
5.0 5
"Good looking, nice size, fits in your hand really well, it's the perfect knife. They sell these for seventy bucks at the gun shows 'round these parts. Great deal Too!"
– Craig
5.0 5
"Hands down, this is the undisputed King of Knives. This knife will save your life in the face of a villain or an unforgiving wilderness. Buy one, buy two, buy three. Keep one in your truck, keep one in your bug-out-bag, keep one in your home."
– the Zombie Killer
5.0 5
"this is the best knife that i have ever owned mine has many years of use i ordered a new one recently just to keep my older one for the sentimental value i have had my other one for 5 years since i recieved it from my grandfather who passed away and we both have put it through hell and it is still going strong the only reason i ordered a new one is because of this very low price i suggest that every outdoorsman buys at least one of these"
– koby
5.0 5
"the best knife i have ever owned, and out of the box it smells great too."
– daren
5.0 5
"Best knife for money"
– kevin
5.0 5
"wow not only did i get this knife early, it was very sharp out of the box,and it holds an edge very well this is my absolute favorite knife it is sharp,strong and is a fine addition to any collection.p.s. smells great out of the box too."
– joesph milsurp
3.0 5
"Ok initially I thought this was the greatest knife. I used it for 2 hrs in the woods, the hand protecting curved metal bar was bent. Knife was bent of the handle, I had to bend it back again. The sharpness was gone. Did I do something wrong, I used it to cut some tree limbs, probably 3-4 inches in diameter. Guy at the store said, this is cheap level combat knife, good ones cost in 100s."
– Kawlym
5.0 5
"There are tougher more expensive knives out there, but they are not the USMC KABAR. Every Marine I know owns one. They work 100% for what they were designed to do."
– Sarge
4.0 5
"This is a great knife! It holds a edge pretty good. I sharpened the upper clip making it more deadly and that was an easy home project. The Shealth is a traditional leather that wears out where the cross section of the knife rubs on it in and out the shealth. The handle feels suprisingly good in hand. My blade has some chips from hitting a rock on the ground when cutting up a log to make a fire so be little carful."
– knife dude
5.0 5
"Every American should have one because this knife earned your freedom. I love mine, its sharp, its tuf."
– An American
5.0 5
"I carried this knife when I served in my beloved Corps(Persian Gulf era)you will not find a finer blade.Rugged and reliable like the rifleman who carry them.Semper Fidelis to all my brothers,Past,Present and future."
– Hellhound
5.0 5
"First, get the Ka-Bar brand.I'm only gonna add one sentence about it, and believe me I could list 20 or more.Since about 1994 (3 tours, aside) I have brought it camping to 1) flip burgers, 2) adjust the height of the park BBQ grill when hot, 3) stirred hot food, 4) eaten with it, 5) hatchet throws into trees, 6) made bear spears for the kids, 7) shortened ropes, 8) stoked the fire, 9) hack larger kindling, 10) pick teeth, 11) gore food cans when I was missing the p-38, 12) shape and shave a hiking stick, 13) stake a claim to my seat at the picnic table, and 14) show up all others who arrived with a Leatherman or Swiss Army knife. :-)"
– Eric M
5.0 5
"Well it sure does attract attention. I hung this beauty on my belt last weekend when we went out for some fresh sharks down the Jersey Shore and it made the grade. Took the heads right off the frozen mackerel and set up the bait like butter. Also came in handy for some nasty snags on the braided lines and chummers. Smelled nice when it came out of the box but not so much after being put to work. Held an edge till about lunchtime but sharpens right up. Thanks CTD !"
– NJ Sharkhunter.com
5.0 5
"Ka-bar knives are the best fixed blades out there. My father still has his exactly like this one from when he was in the Marine Corps more than twenty years ago. They are rugged and reliable blades. They will endure YEARS of abuse."
– Mike
5.0 5
"I ordered one with the leather rings and one with the polymer handle and love them both. no real action seen yet, but they came out of th box nice n sharp! Full tang, and they look like they can handle alot of use. I bought the leather handled one first but all the good reviews led me to buy another. One for my bug out bag and one for camping gear or maybe my vehicle first aid kit. It seems like alot of enlisted guys have used it and love it and that helped me make my decision. if they carry em over there, its gotta be the best to use over here. quick delivery, its a sturdy blade with a nice edge but make sure you buy some sharpeners too tho for the future."
– zombie stalker
5.0 5
"Wow! Do I need to say more? I have used this blade for practically every thing from cleaning game to killing game. Makes an excellent spear, tie it onto a pole and presto! Spear."
– trigger
5.0 5
"EASILY ONE OF THE BEST KNIVES I WILL EVER OWN!!! This knife is worth every single penny.Its one of the best.Thanks alot,I really love this knife."
– anonomous
5.0 5
"Had one of these in Vietnam. The best tool you could have, except for a sharpened E tool(wooden handle version).Hoorah"
– Retired Gunny
5.0 5
"Well, I bought mine at Camp LeJeune,NC in august of 2000.It is now 2009.I've used it through the best and worst times imaginable including trips around the world and especially in the Middle East.Everything you could think of to use it as, I have..EFECTIVELY!If I was going to an unknown place with unknown climate, and unknown living conditions, I would want this knife with me."
– 1/3 GRUNT
5.0 5
"No dissapointment here. Tuff, dependable and Made In The USA!!!!"
5.0 5
"I own a vietnam era Ka-Bar marked usn mkii , and another I bought 19 years ago, they are both diferent from each other. Now this new one I bought to conserve my others is not parkerized but has the same standard and ballance or fit and function of the others. I just can't advise anything else as trustworthy as a Ka-Bar when it comes to fixed blades. I stuck this one in a tree for five hours. It never fails if you know what your doing. I resharpened the first 2 inches took 5 min and were back in the game. It's a good knife? It will stand the test of time...................."
– samson
5.0 5
"I love my Ka Bar! This knive is super sharp right out of the box. The blade will need a light coat of oil and DON NOT LEAVE IT IN THE SHEATH this will cause it to rust. This is very high quality knive its worth the $54."
– robert
4.0 5
"I got this knife for Christmas to replace my rusty and rotten old one that my grand dad gave me. This knife is the best ever! All Marines I salute you because we would not be free without you guys!"
– joe
4.0 5
"The only way to get a better knife is to have it custom made, but I'm not overly impressed with the sheath."
– Donald
5.0 5
"I did not buy my Ka-Bar from CTD but got one from my grandpa that my great uncle had for all of WWII and I love it. But it is old and I do not wish to destroy it with use so I plan to buy one from CTD. It is a very good knife to have. Just sharpen after use and oil it up, and DO NOT leave them in the sheath. They will get small holes in the metal. But over all it is the best knife I have ever had and I will take the one I get from CTD in the army with me when I join in 2-3 years so BUY THIS KNIFE!!!!!"
– Knifeman
5.0 5
"This knife is a Marines' best friend! Perfect for any camping or fishing trip. I've spilt logs, hammered tent stakes, and opened canned beans. This knife will take anything you can dish out. -SEMPER FI-"
– 0331 Devil Dog
4.0 5
"This Knife was an integral part of American History. I have had mine for over ten years. This is a tough knife, b/c I have put mine through h*ll. It has split wood, opened cans, dug holes, been used as a hammer, pry bar, fork, fire stoker, and personal defense. It has gone thru a car door and hood a few times. The result was that it took some of the paint off the blade. The only bad thing is the sheath. The leather sheath wears out. The rivots will dull parts of your blade, so get a nylon one. Besides that, this thing is as tough as they come. You can and will use this knife for things you never thought possible. You pretty much can not break one of these, b/c I have tried."
– Tommy The Gun
4.0 5
"This knife is amazing, great knife extremely sharp right out of the box. This knife will last a life time. I use mine for camping, and all the out door activities. The only down side is the leather sheath because water isn't to friendly to leather, but over all a great buy!"
– Mike
5.0 5
"Outstanding knife. Tough, heavy blade that was sharp out of the box. It can take a beating. I have one in my truck kit, and will getting another for my home BOB. Plus, it's a real classic."
– Noseguard
5.0 5
"Outstanding knife! Lose the leather sheath unless you love cleaning rust. Other than that the knife is outstanding!"
– SgtUSMC0311
5.0 5
"It's a KA-Bar. Buy one. You won't be disappointed."
– Antique blonde
5.0 5
"This is an excellent knife for the money, however the sheath blows. When I received mine it smelled. Horrible would be one way to describe it, I can not think of anything else that smells like it (the smell has left it now). When I put my knife in the sheath the first time it was an extremely tight fit, and it marred up the leather pretty badly so be careful when first inserting the knife, I think mine was messed up so bad because the leather was cold. other then that it is a beautiful hair shaving knife (literally, I have a bald spot on my leg now.)Overall this is a wonderful knife. The sheath could be better (not being made in a foreign country would be a nice start)but the knife it self is well made in the good Ol' US of A"
– Dat Bar
4.0 5
"great knife good price, thank you ctd, although i am finding small peelings around the bottom of each leather washer very small, could be normal I'm not sure but i do know i love this knife"
– Eric Craigo
5.0 5
"I got one of these. It is cool, perfect weight, nice to throw.. all around great quality. this knife will satisfy for years. I want to get one of the next gen ones next."
– Nowicky
5.0 5
"This is a large knife. High quality and should last for years."
– JustAnuther
5.0 5
"This KA BAR is just what this old MARINE was looking for and i shopped around,cheaper than dirt definately had the best price.Thanks."
5.0 5
"It is a great knife and lives up to the kbar name. It shaves the hair on your arm right out of the package !!!!!"
– FL