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Israeli Chest Rig Fully Adjustable Holds AR-15 Mags

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Constructed of OD Green heavy nylon; features three single AR magazine pouches, one double AR magazine pouch, two grenade style pouches, and a rear cargo compartment that measures 8x6x2".

Rig is fully adjustable with a clip release shoulder harness and clip release waist straps; waist adjusts out to 42".Grade II condition. 
Total number of Reviews: 22

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4.0 5
"Got this rig today. It's used military surplus from Israel but made in Sweden. It is small to medium in size; not for big guys for sure. It fits one mag per pouch and the butt pack is large enough for an MRE or gas mask and has two grenade pouches on each side. I like the rig but will give to my teen son for his AR rig. Great price for used surplus. Well made and heavy duty with faint markings and use. I give 4 bullets for the small size but well worth the price tag."
– PJ
4.0 5
"Picked this thing up for my wife to carry her mags at my CQB range. This rig is made of high quality material, However, the Velcro on mine, as well as the straps and buckles, showed heavy use. It's kind of a luck of the draw thing; you might get one more lightly used. It has a good level of adjustment. I can set it up for me (6'2\" 205 lbs) and my wife (5'4\" 100 lbs) to fit perfectly. The mag pouches are of good quality, too. The storage compartment on the back was fairly worn. For the money though, it's an awesome piece of equipment! Semper Fi"
– Jon
2.0 5
"Received this item yesterday, after ordering it the previous day. CTD has fast shipping, but VERY disappointed in the quality of the rig. Not like the pics at all. As one reviewer mentions, luck of the draw, and I drew poorly I guess. The rig is very worn all over, including the straps which are fraying. Plus, stains throughout. It looks like it was last used in the 6 Day War, then stored in a warehouse since. When in good condition, I suspect it's a pretty decent device. Will be sending back for a refund. Good luck with your purchase."
– Rick
2.0 5
"I received the chest rig today and was somewhat surprised that the condition it was in for a \"Grade 1 Condition.\" It showed signs of considerable wear, as well as oil stains. As for the size, if you weigh over 140 pounds, the rig will not fit. You cannot adjust it for large frame individuals. Very disappointed!"
– Papasmurf
1.0 5
"At 33% more cost than the USGI Tactical Load Bearing Vest Gen II that I received in the same shipment, this is not a good deal. The description was Grade II unissued or very good condition. However, it is in miserable condition, almost disintegrating into dust. I cannot handle it without fine dust/debris coming off of it all over me. The package it came in indicates Grade I! The USGI Tactical Load Bearing vest was labeled Grade II and looks hardly used. Don't risk getting bottom of the barrel with this. I am returning it."
– rdb
1.0 5
"Received my chest rig and I am very disappointed. Grade 2 'not issued condition' means something different to me than CTD. The rig I received was HEAVILY used. Frayed pouches and straps, dirty, and overall poor condition. I will be returning this item as soon as I can get it boxed up! This has been my first bad experience with CTD. Everything I have ever bought prior to this has been top notch!"
– Tony
1.0 5
"The e-mail advertisement I received stated that this item was new and unused. It was not! It was old and funky!"
– Gem
1.0 5
"Per the description, I expected this item to be in very good condition. The one I received was in very poor condition and had been extensively repaired. I returned it for a refund. Could have been a decent item if it had been in good shape."
– DoE
1.0 5
"The sorry piece of rags I got looks nothing like in the picture. It looked like some floating garbage you fished out of the sea, and worse yet, it's missing all the buckles, so I can't wear it, even if I wanted to."
– John
1.0 5
"I purchased one of these Israeli chest rigs right around Nov. 1, 2012. It was listed as Grade II. When I first saw the condition of the chest rig, I thought, \"Well it's not great but I might keep it.\" It had some discoloration or staining on the front and rear but nothing real bad. It has A LOT of frayed and awful stitching, it looks like a young child practiced sewing on it. It was still usable though. That was until I kept looking and noticed that one of the two buckles on the left was missing, making it unusable. I also found that the pouch that was suppose to hold two mags would only hold one mag. I'm completely disappointed and will be returning it. Don't waste your money."
– customer
1.0 5
"Received this and Pvt. Moses still had his name on it. This was in POOR condition. Won't fit anyone over 130 lbs."
– Dpick
3.0 5
"Perhaps it's due to the other reviews that my expectations were lowered, but I was quite okay with my purchases (I got two). All parts were present and operational. Sure, it's well used but still functional. I'm 170 lbs, 5'9\" and both fit me, though one came up higher on my chest, while the other could ride at my belt line."
– Shawn
4.0 5
"I had very small expectations of this rig because of the reviews. It's actually in good condition. Every strap is good, and NO real damage to it, but yes, it has been used, but that is also part of the description. I've been on four deployments (two to Iraq and two to Afghanistan). This stuff works and if any one of you ever join, you will find out you don't get issued new stuff."
– its in good condition
1.0 5
"The e-mail ad indicated this was new, unissued. It came heavily used, dirty, and with patches all over. It was also significantly undersized. I pulled the straps all the way out to the end and could just barely get it on (I usually wear \"large,\" but this is not even \"extra large\"). Couldn't have worn this over anything other than a thin shirt and even then felt a little claustrophobic in it. Was told the ad was in error and should have been listed as \"used.\" But, as always with CTD, I sent it back and got an apology and a full refund. Love their service!"
– Big D
5.0 5
"Mine was in mint condition, but for the price, had it not been, it'd still be an incredible deal!"
– Alan
5.0 5
"I just got this in last week and I'm already in love with it. I'm 6'0\" and 196 lbs and fit perfectly fine in this chest rig. The color is lightly faded foliage green so it works perfectly with my area. A few minor repairs needed on the inside but this is mil surplus - it just adds character. The rig itself is extremely light and fits everything you would need for a quick response. Great buy."
– patrick
5.0 5
"The straps were a little tough to adjust at first because this rig is brand new!! It will just barely fit my AK magazines, but if you're looking for a good quality chest rig for a discount price, this is it!"
– Jihadjoe
3.0 5
"Wanted to shed some light on the rig based on what I received. Rig was in good shape with little fading. Stitching in fact looks like the work of a 10 year old. Some pockets were even sewn together. Had to seam rip them. Magazine pouches barely accepted a single mag, very, very tight. Hip grenade pouches functional, a flight crew emergency beacon/flashlight was a perfect fit. Back (butt) pack is small and will need to sew on a fastex buckle or two to secure items from being lost as the Velcro is inadequate. Overall as expected for the price. Just fine for a spare rig."
– radar
5.0 5
"From reading the other reviews, maybe I'm the exception, but the chest rig I received today is better than I expected. It appears to have never been issued, or had very little use. There is nothing missing and it is undamaged. It has that typical old web gear odor, but that's about it. I do agree that it is on the smallish size. Luckily, my wife and I are 5'-4\" and 5'-9\" respectively, and average weight, so it's a non-issue. I can see that it might not fit a larger person though. For this price, I have no complaints."
– shand
3.0 5
"I received this today and all seemed great until closer inspection. There are two plastic buckles on the right side of this vest and one of mine is broken. It still kind of works but I was really hoping that it would be better. I could deal with a little discoloration but a broken buckle is kind of a big problem."
– Dane
5.0 5
"Got two of them and they are in excellent condition for a surplus item. All buckles are intact. Tried several mag types and they are extremely tight. Highly recommend."
– AK-Man
1.0 5
"I bought 6 of these rigs and only one is worth having. Two were total junk and 3 are scraping the barrel. I am very disappointed"
– RR