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Interstate Arms Hawk 982 Pump Action Shotgun 12 Gauge 18.5" Barrel 3" Chamber 5 Rounds Polymer Stock Black Finish 982

Interstate Arms
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This 3" chamber, 5+1 round pump action 12 gauge shotgun includes a black synthetic stock, black matte finish, cylinder bore choke, ghost ring sights, weight of 7 pounds, 18.5" barrel and overall length of 38.5".

Specifications and Features:
IAC Hawk model 982 pump action shotgun
12 gauge
18.5" barrel
3" chamber
5 round capacity
Polymer stock
Matte black finish
Machined, solid steel receiver
Adjustable ghost ring sights
38.5" overall length
7 lbs

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5.0 5
"Hello everyone. Background is weapons all my life, military and other experiences. This gun was designed off the Remington 870 express, and the Mossberg. This steel piece of machinery is better built and more durable than either one listed. Think about this, for the price of 3 of these, that would cover a 870 express fixed up. Guys and gals I would recommend this to anyone looking for tactical shotgun, with ghost rings. I have 500 rounds through it and not a glitch. And the sights, I am shooting federal slugs at 50 yards no problem. Look under google and type in hawk 982 max100 (he is not online anymore) who reviews these and has many posting regarding these. I was not convinced, but what the heck 183.00 dollars. No question now, the extended family is buying a few as well. Recommend the mesa tactical LEO stock with pistol grip, Wilson Combat +1 extension tube, and Metic size 4 x 7mm to replace the front and rear flat head screws for the rear ghost rings sights, and with a little locktite. Happy Hunting and always use 00 or 000 for your protection."
5.0 5
"I purchased this 12 gauge for home defense. Drop it in the mud/snow/sand and it still works. Can handle any round cheap or not. I cleaned the initial shipping oil off and then went to town with this shotgun. Did not clean it after 150 rounds and still don't need to. Must buy for SHTF!!"
5.0 5
"I have just put the ATI Talon Tactical 6 position Shotgun Stock with the Scorpion recoil System and the Triton Mount system A.1.10.1141, that is made for the Remington 870 pump, on my new 12 Ga Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982 Pump and it fits great. I did not have to do anything but follow the instructions and use the hardware included. I was thinking that I may have to go to the local hardware store to find a different thread screw to attach the Triton mount, but it was a perfect match. I think this info should be passed on to the buying public. I was told that it would not work - it might work - and so on. But it fits like a glove. Have shot 200 + shells of 00 and 1oz. hollow point slugs and a lot of #4 & 7 1/2 perfectly! There isn't one bad thing I can say about the gun...I wanted to buy American and I would have but I am sorry to say this Chinese gun is better than the Remington 870 and I bought it here for $177.08 with 10.99 shipping! Great Deal!"
5.0 5
"At first, I was hesitant to purchase this gun, but upon further research, I found there were little to no negative reviews, so I went ahead and bought it. Now I know why there are no negative comments on it. It really is a great gun, and the best value for it. A Remington 870 is twice as much. The gun came in good shape, and FAST! I might get another!"
5.0 5
"I did a lot of shopping around before deciding on this particular shotgun, and I can tell you first hand there is no better value. Absolutely a solid shotgun and super easy to mod. For the price of a bare bones Remington 870, you can pick up this gun, a ton of accessories, and a few boxes of shells. I absolutely recommend this product."
5.0 5
"Overall, I give this gun a 4.75 (out of 5) or 9.5 (out of 10). I prefer it over the 870 in several ways. I do not have the time to go into every little aspect, but this gun is just made better. Although the same weight as the 870, this gun feels heavier and more solid. It fires anything I feed it and is accurate. I've been having problems getting any aftermarket forend to fit it, but with a little modification (Dremel, sanding) most will fit. If you intend to just buy a tactical shotgun to show off to your friends, whereas any and all accessories will mix and match easily and flawlessly, then buy the 870. You'll end up spending a couple hundred more dollars. If you don't mind having to hobby/modify/experiment with a tactical shotgun that will cost less to beef up and last you a lifetime, buy the Hawk 982. Seriously guys, once you get past the American made pride obstacle, you will be happy with your purchase. A little food for thought... If you've ever taken a course on the history of firearms and ammunition, you will soon learn that everything was either invented or made better by China."
5.0 5
"Very surprised by the quality of this shotgun. Got it a few weeks ago and it has performed flawlessly. The ghost ring sights are great. Fit and function are excellent and there is a lot of steel in this thing! The gun is already drilled and tapped for mounting a sling, it is also heavy and very well made. If a person were to run out of ammo, it would make an outstanding club. A truly unbelievable deal at this price. Not very often can you find a real bargain like this. I love it. The only detractor for me is that it's not made in the USA."
5.0 5
"Just got this little bugger last week for a friend and I have to say it's a great deal. When I picked it up, my FFL put the 870 right next to it and it's identical, except for the one made in China is heavier and better made. Huh....how 'bout that? I really don't NEED another shotgun, but what the hell?! I'm gonna get another for me. I might have to arm the neighbor."
4.0 5
"I had to get over the Made in China thing, but I'm glad I did this time. It's a very good shotgun and the best value going, IMO. I own two 870s and an 1100, among many other arms. While this may not be exactly up to the refinement of those, it is a great knock-around home defender. The ghost ring sights are good and simple to use. Just replace the screws with hardened M4x10mm flat head Allen screws. The original screws are standard slotted with shallow cuts that may strip. This is a known issue and it takes 50 cents to remedy. I docked one bullet from the full five bullets because it does cycle a little rough, compared to my 870s. It has smoothed out from use, but only time will tell if it will equal the original in smoothness. Most of the roughness comes from the hammer face, which is serrated. The stock is very strong and has threaded brass liners for the buttpad and sling mounts, instead of just threading directly into the plastic. That's a nice touch. The forearm is equally strong and I like how it feels in my hand. I did add a Picatinny flashlight mount to the mag tube/end cap, which cost $15, and now it's a perfect HD gun. The recoil pad is soft, but it's no Limbsaver. All my Remingtons have the Limbsaver and it works very well with those big boomers. Contrary to most of what I had read, the trigger guard assembly is plastic, not metal. Not a big deal, but I was expecting metal. The Hawk will share parts and upgrades with the 870, except for the barrel.Overall, it's a SOLID shotgun that should serve you well. Other than the China thing, I have no issues recommending this shotgun. Having patterned it many times with various loads, I have full confidence that it will help me protect my home and family, and it's affordable enough that I wouldn't mind confiscation as much after a legal shooting, if that should happen. My fully tacticool 1100 would bring a tear to my eye if that ended up in the evidence room.Side note: If \uFFFDrange pride\uFFFD matters to you, buy"
5.0 5
"I carried and shot the 870 in the military and was convinced since everyone was using them, they were the best. Well, this Chinese made shotgun is every bit as good, and maybe then some. Nice tight pattern at 30 yrds. Chambered smoothly from the first round to the 50th and only getting smoother. Didn't kick as much as I expected and remembered of the 870 days and no bruises from shooting all day. Overall, I don't care where it's made anymore as long as it holds up, shoots well and doesn't cost so much as a familiar brand (just paying for a label). I'd recommend this to anyone who is a first time buyer of a shotgun. They won't be disappointed."
1.0 5
"After several positive reviews on the Hawk 982 I decided it would make a good HD shotgun. I bought it and the thing will not even take/feed a shell. CTD says on their site that all sales are final, no returns. If I want to do anything about it I have to pay and ship the thing from GA to Oregon to have the IA gunsmith look at it. I can't even get it swapped for a working, new gun and will have to take a repaired piece of junk instead of what was advertised! What a crock! If you send me a piece of crap that WILL NOT EVEN FIRE!?!?!!, how can you say all sales are final!? Never using CTD again.... forgive me Bud's, I should've known better."
5.0 5
"We picked up three of these and when they arrived, they were in perfect shape. We compared them to a Remington 870 and the only difference is in the way the barrel mounts to the tube (longer than the Remington). We installed ProMag T-6 stocks and shell holders to them and took them to the range.After several rounds and shooters, we had no problems. If you are hung up on the \"made in China,\" oh well, your loss. All the Remington aftermarket parts work, except the barrel and tube extensions (need single due to barrel).Nice groupings and the ghost rings are perfect. I would highly recommend this shotgun to you for department or personal use.At half the cost of the Remington 870, you could buy two and bury one for just in case. It's heavier than some shotguns of the same size, but it is built like a tank!"
4.0 5
"I was impressed when I received this, until I tried to load it, and I couldn't even get a shell to load in it. I couldn't return it so I thought it's pretty much an expensive boat anchor. It is very heavy! I did my research and shipped it off for repair. It came back fast and free of charge, other than my initial shipping cost. Shoots great! Is great! I would have given it five bullets if not for the hassle of having to send it off. The professional gunsmith went completely through it and made it perfect, then sent the bill to Interstate Arms. He told me on the phone that he's had to do a few of these and that they really are great guns, they just have a bit of a quality control issues at the factory. Order with confidence and if you do happen to get a lemon like I did, you can rest assured that it will be rock solid dependable and accurate once the professionals work their magic on it."
5.0 5
"Built like a tank and their AKs. You won't be disappointed."
5.0 5
"Awesome. Put a scope on it and get 2\" groups at 100yds with fiocchi slugs"
3.0 5
"Umm, it was fast shipping, but it is kinda a cheap made gun... don't always clear in new round when you pump it"