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Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982 Pump Action Shotgun 12 Gauge 18.5" Barrel 3" Chamber 5 Rounds Polymer Stock Matte Black Finish Ghost ring Sights 982

Interstate Arms
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Ghost ring sight, five round pump action 12 gauge shotgun with a 3" chamber includes a black synthetic stock, black matte finish, cylinder bore choke, weighs 7 pounds, 18.5" barrel and overall length of 38.5".

Specifications and Features:
Interstate Arms Hawk model 982 pump action shotgun
12 gauge
18.5" barrel
3" chamber
5 round capacity
Polymer stock
Matte black finish
Machined, solid steel receiver
Adjustable ghost ring sights
38.5" overall length
7 pounds

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4.0 5
"I got this as a Xmas gift from my family. The first thing I did was put 20 #7.5, five 00, and three 1 oz through it. It had three \"jams\" with the standard shot. Now, by \"jam\" I mean the slide was lightly stuck in the forward position. All I had to do was pull hard and it came back. The three issues were in the first 10 rounds out of the gun. After that, 0 malfunctions. The ghost ring is nice, the gun has a nice heft, and the recoil is no worse than any other 12 ga I have fired. So, all in all, I would buy this again."
– Thanatos
4.0 5
"Ordered this shotgun, received it at my FFL dealer in about 5 days. Process with CTD was great, my FFL a little slow but it all worked out. I have not been able to take this shooting yet but as for the quality of the shotgun, very nice. It has a heavy feel to it and solid construction. Once I shoot this I will update with another review and possibly a 5-bullet rating."
– Bob
5.0 5
"Ordered this model in December, and it came pretty fast to my FFL dealer. Finally got out this week to do some shooting with it, and everything worked flawlessly. Been probably 40 years since I shot my last 12 ga. Put a grin on my face to feel the power this baby puts out. Pump action is a bit stiff for me, but I am an old geezer, and with some more use It should get easier. The price almost scared me off, but it is a solid well built shotgun. Would highly recommend it."
– Jim
5.0 5
"This is the best gun for the money I have purchased only minor adjustments and this thing shots as good as any other riot gun. Action a little stiff by working it several times it smoothed up. No issue with cycling 2 3/4 or 3 inch shells. I would recommend it highly."
4.0 5
"I didn't even know it was a Remington 870 replica when I bought it. This gun is simple, good quality, and works fine. I have updated it with 870 accesories, and it really looks great. In the end, it was one of my greatest buys!"
– Phil
5.0 5
"Arrived at my FFL in 5 business days. Pretty good I thought considering the current climate. I am very impressed overall with the 982. It seems to be put together very well considering it was only $200. Why spend more for a 'reducing-in-quality' 870 express when this costs half as much. Accepts all 870 parts minus barrel. Extensions are tricky but can be figured out. Cycles very smooth, feels solid in the hands, and built like a tank. Added a Magpul forend and Blackhawk Spec-ops stock. I really like this shotgun and couldn't be happier with the purchase!"
– Chase
4.0 5
"I like the way this gun feels in my hands. I got it from my FFL today and am going out to shoot it this weekend. After doing so I will repost and even possibly rate it five bullets. all in all it is a light shotgun and very easy to handle. more to find out once it is shot!!!"
– Wayne
5.0 5
"super fast shipment super nice deal! i love the fit and finish for the money!this thing >rem 870 !i really recomend got my fde tacticool furniture on the way as well! thanks cheaper than dirt!"
– danimin420
5.0 5
"Got out to shoot it this weekend. The power of it made me feel all giddy. It keeps a good tight spread for being a short barrel. When I first recieved the shotgun, the action was a little stiff. All I had to do to fix that was put a little bit of gun oil on the bolt and rack it a couple of times. That loosened it right up and made it a dream to shoot. All in all, this is one of the best shotguns for the price of it!!"
– Wayne
5.0 5
"I more than got a bargain. It's tight, tough, down and dirty, heavy duty and has a great feel. Good deal."
– Sam
5.0 5
"Recently purchased this shotgun at the $199 price and finally got out to shoot it yesterday.Only put 10 shells of the 7 1/2 shot through it but the gun shot flawlessly and has very little recoil. At 25 yards shooting at a paper target it patterns extremly well!"
– ryan1476
5.0 5
"Took this firearm for a 2 day intensive shotgun course. Performed flawlessly with bird, buck and slug rounds. Outstanding accuracy with Rem slug out to 75 yd. Rear swivel stud hole takes machine-thread stud, had to modify stud to fit for sling attachment. Replaced mag tube cap with Rem studded cap. Ghost sight set-up excellent. If adding ammo carrier that replaces trigger pins with chicago screws, use loc-tite and do not over tighten. Great value."
– Kagey777
5.0 5
"Took it out and ran 3 boxes through without issue, great gun and reliable"
– Todd
5.0 5
"Got this shotgun for home defense. Ran a couple boxes through it, and it worked flawlessly. I am thinking about buying another for my daughter. I would definitely recommend it as a good, reliable, inexpensive home defense weapon."
– Rononymous
5.0 5
"Oustanding Shotgun.... I purchased this shotgun for a early father's day gift for my father-in-law. We ran 50 rounds through this machine without a single flaw. In addition, I decided on this model after reading reviews here. Awesome buy."
– Rob
3.0 5
"Got this thing, FFL dealer waited a week before notifying me it was there. Went to pick it up and whatever they used as a preservative ran people outta the area :) but the main problem I have had with this is loading the rounds and working the action. Ran several boxes of bird shot through it trying to loosen it up without much success, action remains stiff and hard to load. Will take a stone to it and polish it some. Wish I would have known it was made in china."
– RickG
5.0 5
"Never owned or use a shotgun before but I bought this shotgun a couple of months ago due to the cheap price and surprisingly good reviews about it but haven't had the chance to try it till last weekend. Ran a box of 00 buckshot through it at the range, works flawlessly. I'm glad I bought this shotgun. I didn't want to go with any brand name due to very high price especially now with this \"guns panic\", I just wanted one that would be cheap but reliable for home defense and this one fit the bill. No regrets here."
– Kan
5.0 5
"Bought this gun for home defense and range shooting. I have run at least 300 rounds through it shooting clays and have not had any problems. If you can get over the fact that it is a Chinese knockoff, buy it. If not spend some more money and buy the Remington. Since it is my first shotgun I did not want to break the bank. Use it, clean it, and keep it oiled and you will be happy with this gun."
5.0 5
"I like this gun. The ghost rings are good. The gun is solid. I got it to replace my Stoger that thinks it is a semi, but is a pump. This handles 3\" shells well and the weight of the gun absorbs the recoil well. The action feels good.... Over all for the cost this is a great gun."
– Thanatos
5.0 5
"A very good little shotgun, I was kind of set back when I saw the \"made in china\" labels on it but it shoots just fine .Also my local FFL dealer charged $50 to do my paper work so the excellent deal from Cheaper then Dirt wasn't so good any more."
– Chuck
5.0 5
"I've owned Remington, Mossberg ect.. This gun is your best bang for the buck, can't beat it for home defense.."
– Shooter
4.0 5
"I had been looking to replace the 26\" barrel on my 870 for a short barrel for home defense, however for the price of the barrel I got a great new gun. The finish isn't quite as \"polished\" as a Remington but for a gun I'm going to stick in a closet it does the trick. Great buy."
– Andy
5.0 5
"I bought at CTD during a Cyber Monday sale for the Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982, I got free shipping and with only a $25 transfer fee. The 5 stars is based solely price and fit &finish, as I have yet to stop at the range. It appears to be a solid build and cycles flawlessly. Another plus is the extractor and ejector are machined which beats its American counterpart that uses MIM (metal injection molded) parts. Did mention, the receiver is steel as is the trigger guard. Throw in the ghost sight and it was a deal I couldn't pass up."
– Dan
5.0 5
"I have used a tactical Remington 870 for several years and have always loved it. But when I needed a cheaper gun to keep in my side by side at the farm this gun seemed the best based on reviews. Now I agree completely. This is the best tactical shotgun for the price. Reliable with any type of ammo, and you don't have to worry about beating around your gun in a 4 wheeler."
– sniper9
5.0 5
"I'm very pleased with this shotgun. I've fired 100+ rounds thru it without any hitch. Too bad Remington can't produce this 870 clone for the same price. It's my No. 1 home defense firearm now!"
– AJ
4.0 5
"I bought at CTD during a Cyber Monday sale for the Interstate Arms Hawk Model 982, I got free shipping and with only a $25 transfer fee. The 4 stars is based solely price and fit &finish, as I have yet to stop at the range. It appears to be a solid build and cycles flawlessly. I would have given it a 5 but haven't had a chance to try it out and the wife said go for it."
– Duane
4.0 5
"Arrived very quickly. Had a very light glaze of rust over the exterior. Oiled it up but seems to be inbedded into the metal. Has feeding problems, will need to send in for service. This is my second IAC shotgun. My first had feeding issues also and had to be sent in for warranty work. I give it 4 stars as after I get it fixed, it is a great shotgun for the price. GRS sights are worth as much as the shotgun. Receiver is milled."
– Anonymous
5.0 5
"I got one a few weeks ago on sale .It was every thing I hoped for. A little stiff but will break in thing week with a couple hundred rounds . Better than than most 870's I have tried ."
– Redbeard
2.0 5
"Got a great deal on this shotgun, but right out the box it had some issues feeding from the magazine. I cleaned it several times over, and still had issues randomly feeding from the magazine without pumping vigorously several times to get it to load the next shell. ALWAYS got hung up on the last shell in the mag. Tried swapping mag springs, follower, cleaning again, and still had the same issue."
– VA Brown
5.0 5
"Fine firearm. Fast shipping. Great price. A bit heavy, but that is fine. Hope to order more."
– Gunnut
5.0 5
"I purchased this for a defense weapon and am very pleased with the quality for the price. After some break-in it is a smooth operating and dependable gun, a little smoothing here and there helps. Sights are good with fast acquisition, gun is accurate and well built. If you want an heirloom to hand down this ain't it, but if a serviceable reliable gun is needed this one fits that and price quite nicely."
– Moose