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IMI Defense AR-15 30 Round Magazine for Calibers .223 Rem. 5.56 NATO .300AAC

IMI Defense
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$8 For a military magazine, what a great deal! Buy now before these are all sold out! This was a one time buy from IMI, when we are sold out, we will not be able to offer this great magazine at this super low price again.

Produced by IMI Defense, these are the magazines used by Israeli and other European military personnel world wide. Each magazine has a 30 round capacity and is constructed of a durable composite polymer material similiar to other U.S. manufactured magazines. This magazine will fit all AR-15 or M4 rifles in 5.56 NATO, .223 Remington or .300AAC Calibers.

Specifications and Features:
Manufacturer: IMI Defense
Israeli Military Specifications
Calibers: .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, .300 AAC
30 Round Capacity
Brand New,unissued condition
Polymer Construction
Black Ridged Design

Total number of Reviews: 28

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4.0 5
"if you have a mosberge MMR Hunter you will have to make alteration to the rear of the mag., for quick load, it will not en-guage to fire weapon, lts nice product but takes engineering to fix flaws give it A++ ill buy more"
– oilhound81
5.0 5
"I just ordered a couple of the IMI 30rd AR-15 Polymer Mags, and I have to say that they are well built and VERY similar to my PMAG's. Other than some cosmetic differences, they seem to have the same design and use the same materials. I'm no expert, but in today's market, they seem to be a nice alternative to buying a $75 PMAG. No jams or FTF with them so far. Nice product at 1/2 the price."
– Aggiesdm
5.0 5
"I am really surprised at this magazine. I was worried about it being so inexpensive, but I have had no issues with anything. I have a Bushmaster, and these mags slide right in and lock in, not one issue. I ordered more, that's how much I like them. Even with cheap ammo, no jams. Thanks A++++++++++"
– Erik
5.0 5
"I just got these magazines today and I must say I am surprised. The magazines fit in my core 15 just fine. They feed well in appear to be of good design. I will be purchasing more of these magazines."
– Adam
5.0 5
"Not bad. I really like these they are alot like the pmags. The polymer is a little thin and smooth but its sturdy. The followers have a bit of play but dont tilt. Good spring. They fit and feed well in my LWRC ..no problems will buy more."
– mattk215
5.0 5
"Mine arrived last night! Very pleased with the construction and you can't beat the price. Recommended it to friends for purchase."
– BamaMan
5.0 5
"Just received 3 of these mags today and I have to say, I'm really shocked at how good these are! For the price you cannot beat this deal. I'm going to stock up on these. Fit my colt m4 great!"
– drew
5.0 5
"I just got a pair of these yesterday and although I have not yet had a chance to test fire them for feed efficiency, they lock in great and the springs seem tight. They disengage fine as well. They seem a little flimsier than my Magpuls but still a great value."
– Pedro
5.0 5
"i got 4 of these and they seem to be good quality. they feel a lot like pmags but look slightly different. i havent fired my s&w m&p 15 with them yet as ammo is scarce but i have high hopes. these fit much better than the metal promags that i had bought. then again i have never had a promag magazine that has worked correctly. if these feed good then i will buy more. to be continued."
– thetreyman
3.0 5
"Not only have I been shooting for a long time, but I've been in the Infantry for 9 years and deployed 3 times so this isn't a biased review. The mags are a heck of a lot better than C Products and Promag crap but they cannot compare in quality to PMAGs or Lancers. The polymer is thin, where the mold meets is questionable, however unlike some I did fire 120 rounds of various ammo from LC green tip to South African surplus and they functioned fine those 4 mags....we all know 4 mags means nothing in terms of real reviews but the follower is anti tilt and smooth and the things didn't break when I was babying my rifle at a range."
– JDS556
2.0 5
"I purchased three of these and after getting them one of them does not fit my Bushmaster M4. The other two work just fine and click into place. The one that doesnt fit slide up just fine but wont lock into place and just falls out easy. After inspecting it further I can tell it looks a little different than the other two I received and this was all in one shipment."
4.0 5
"Bought two of these and the first thing I notice was the notch in the rear is different from the bushmaster mag that came with the weapon. I put 4 rounds into the IMI mag and slapped it into the weapon, fit nicely,just a little loose. Put the weapon on safe and tried to chamber the rounds. The first round chambered but as I tried to cycle through the rounds, the first round would not eject, and the weapon jammed. I cleared the rounds and decided the notch at the back was the problem. I disassembled the mag and carefully cut the notch, I easily saw where it needed to be cut to match the original, carefully cleaned the edges, and cleaned the shavings, reassembled the mag and loaded it again with four rounds. This time it cycled though all four rounds, clambering and ejecting perfectly. The mags are well constructed and fit nicely. I am taking them to the range this weekend and will update this post. I did not mind the very small fabrication needed to allow the IMI mag to work in my Bushmaster Carbon 15."
– Jimijammer
5.0 5
"I now own 7 of these magazines and haven't had a single issue with any of them. Have only shot Lake City 55gr M193 with them, but all 30 always fed smoothly and I wouldn't hesitate to buy more. I use them in my Windham Weaponry SRC AR15."
– Drew
5.0 5
"I bought two of these and they are great!!! I will be buying a couple more if they don't sell out."
– barrintp@gmail.com
4.0 5
"Ok, went to the range and used the slightly fabricated IMI mags, ( as described in a previous review). The mags worked perfectly. I put around 120 rounds through them, no problems. I gave a 4 bullet rating only because of the slight fabrication I had to do to allow them to work on the Bushmaster Carbon 15.( as described in a previous review). Will certainly buy more."
– Jimijammer
5.0 5
"Very solid and well made, fit perfectly in my KelTec-PLR16, locked in with ease and ejects smooth and fast from the mag well, and while i have not yet fired the weapon using these mags i am confident in theyre performance. On a side note however, i loaded them with ammunition and manually racked a bunch of rounds through them into the weapon just to see how they fed, and i noticed that the bolt of my weapon was catching just barely at the very tip top rear part of the mag, which slowed the speed of the bolt movement and had a few failure to feed malfunctions. I simply used my pocket knife and shaved off just a smidgen of the very top rear of the mag(less than a milimeter in depth and length)and they worked flawlessly... I have 4 of these mags and will certainly be purchasing more. Thanks CTD! What a great buy! and as always SUPER FAST shipping."
– TheTrippyHippy
5.0 5
"I'm new to ARs, so I bought one of these to start with. Then bought 4 more. It has a fairly good amount of reviews and it's cheaper than the Pmags on here. They seem to function well. I finally bought a Pmag from my local shop to compare and they seem pretty similar in my opinion. The follower doesn't seem to tilt either."
– Conner
4.0 5
"The 2 mags that I purchased are great so far. Had to make a slight adjustment to make the single stack follower fit these mags, but after I did, the mags work fine after mannually running 5 rounds of .450cal. through my Bushmaster .450. I would of given these a 5 bullet rating, but I haven't live fired w/ these mags yet. A future review will be coming soon. CTD has not dissapointed me yet!"
– Dan
4.0 5
"Bought two to experiment with, didn't exactly know if I was going to like them. I put a few rounds through both magazines to see if there was any wear in case they would have to be modified, didn\uFFFDt see a scratch. Sense the fabrication is not up to Magpul\uFFFDs standards I tried bending and dropping the magazines on the concrete. I\uFFFDm convinced these are durable magazines and well worth the money. I mean really, only about $20.00, not bad at all. I gave a four bullet rating just because I haven\uFFFDt exactly completed my \uFFFDtesting\uFFFD yet. I do plan on ordering more. GREAT MAGAZINE!!"
– RSSO #338
4.0 5
"Received three mags today. They seem to be very well made. They fit well, lock in place, slide out easily when ejected. It's been my experience that most Israeli made stuff is good quality, after all, they do have a little practical experience. The acid test will be at the range."
– ConMeGuy
5.0 5
"This magazine will fit the original Armalite AR-180, AR-18 nicely. The AR-180-18 has the Mag release on the right side. This Mag has catch slots on both sides. Also the follower will need to be trimmed slightly so it will not engage the BHO tab in the weapon. This is very easy to do with a dremel tool. I have bought a couple and only had to modify the follower. Expect to buy a few more."
– William
5.0 5
"Worked perfectly with my Colt 5.56mm LE6920 M4 carbine. So pleased I am buying more more!"
– GuyT
5.0 5
"Great mags! Bought 3 of these and 5 of another brand- these work great in my Daniels M4. Good alternative to PMAGS which seem to be made of gold."
– whazupchuck
5.0 5
"I bought 2 to try out and have tested them at the range. They function perfectly! So I've ordered several more. They load easy, no FTFs, lightweight polymer seems to be plenty durable. Good Buy!"
– Glassman
3.0 5
"Let me begin by saying that they seem to function fine in both a sig and a stag. The ridges are less pronounced than a PMAG but that's not a bad thing necessarily. They feel much flimsier than your PMAG and molding looks suspect. Also not compatible with 10 round clips for \"speed\" loading...however, we all know those end up not being speedy anyway. I think they're fine but my gut tells me their durability is suspect."
– Ryan J
5.0 5
"Bought 4 of these. Have shot each of them in my DPMS AR twice, no FTFeeds or malfunction whatsoever. Inserts/ejects smoothly. Quiet, easy to load without a speedloader, will buy more to increase my inventory. Great price too!"
– a NH Patriot
5.0 5
"My original AR purchase came with one of this type of magazine. After firing well over 100 rounds through it I could find absolutely no problems with it. Locks right into the rifle with no problems at all. Even compared to the metal military magazines it comes off well.At CTD's excellent prices I purchased six more of them and have had no problems with any of them either. Excellent product - Very recommended."
– Rover
4.0 5
"OK, up front these feel cheap in the hand, I have my doubts about the quality of the material. HOWEVER the run PERFECT. Have never had a problem using these mags, I may not use them in a defensive role, but for range mags, these are great."
– Adam