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Howard Leight Impact Sport Folding Electronic Earmuff Green

Howard Leight
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The Howard Leight Impact Sport is designed to keep your ears protected while provide you with the ability to have a conversation while at the range. These unique folding electronic earmuffs amplify range commands, and normal conversation to a safe 82dB while shutting out dangerous loud noises like gun shots. The impact sport line of earmuffs employs a built-in directional microphone providing more natural listening and enhancing communication. The Impact Sport run a three AAA batteries and feature a 4 hour automatic shut off. Pick up a pair today and hear the Howard Leight difference.

Specifications and Features:
Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuff R-01526
22dB Noise Reduction Rating
Amplifies low-level sound up to 4 times
Protection against harmful noise
Folds for convenient storage
Soft headband for greater wearer comfort
Connects to iPod, MP3 and other devices
Low energy consuming features a 4-hour automatic shut-off
Hunter Green


Item#: EAR-1526,9-265269,7-R01526,20-HL-R-01526,3-1919819,36900,2-HLR01526
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4.0 5
"This product is comfortable, has great control knob placement, and is easy to use overall. The main issue is that they amplify anything they don't block out. Anything that doesn't hit the decibel level to be cut off gets amplified. So, you can amplify noises which are loud, but not loud enough to be cut off, but are now louder because these things amplify them. Not a bad set of muffs, just know there is a down side to consider. It's kind of cool that they can amplify sounds you wouldn't normally hear."
4.0 5
"I was a bit leery to use these for the first time. If they failed to function, I was seriously going to pay for it in temporary (possibly permanent) hearing loss. But to my delight, they do indeed muffle the bullet sound blast, but as was stated in the previous review, they stop muffling the sound immediately after that blast so you will hear the echo and any sound that doesn't meet the headphone's threshold (user adjusted). To overcome this, I would set the volume lower if I were at the range where rounds were being fired from multiple guns. You can completely turn the sound amplification off so they function just as normal muffs. The coolest function is the fact that they can over amplify sounds greater than what the normal human ear can hear in most cases. I took these hunting and was sitting in the woods and could hear the interstate highway, which was over 5 miles away, like it was just a football field away. I could hear birds chirping all over the forest that I couldn't hear if I removed the muffs. And best of all, I could hear the deer coming from a long way off. Side benefit: they'll keep your ears warm when you're out in the woods on a cold day. I would highly recommend these for anybody who is going to the range and especially for hunting."
5.0 5
"they really work. can not beat the price"
5.0 5
"I have recently purchased these earmuffs for two reasons. 1) As an armed Security Patrol Officer, I hit the range a lot. and these just flat work, in STEREO!! For range commands they don't let me miss anything.As well as muffling the gunfire 2)When I have to clear a building in the middle of the night I plug in our radio to these and can communicate with other Officers and I can hear their responses without giving away my position, PLUS, when I turn them up and can hear better than my normal hearing,in stereo. Good Buy, Good Quality."