Hornady Lock N Load AP 5 Station Progressive Reloading Press EZJect System Hornady 095100

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The Hornady Lock-N-Load auto-progressive reloading press produces ammo in large quantities. The myriad features of the five-station press allows for faster and more precise adjustments and caliber changes. The Lock-N-Load quick change die bushing system allows for extremely quick caliber changes, requiring adjustment only when first installed into the bushing. A simple 1/8 turn will free the bushing and allow you to swap to a new die in seconds. The Lock-N-Load powder measure also features a quick change ability, allowing you to swap preset charge weights with the simple push of a button to remove the metering instert, and replace it with a new one, already calibrated for the new charge weight.

Specifications and Features:
EZJect Cartridge ejection system
Lock-N-Load die bushings
Case activated powder dropper
Automatic Indexing

Universal case retainer spring
Large Capacity Hopper

Priming System:
The Lock-N-Load AP can be changed from large to small primers as easy as 1-2-3
1: Change the primer seater punch
2: Change the primer shuttle
3: Change the primer feed tube

Case Activated Powder Drop:
Case activated powder drop will dispense a powder charge ONLY when there is a cartridge case present. No more messes.

Quick Change Metering Inserts:
The Lock-N-Load powder measure uses quick-change metering inserts that allow you to switch from one powder to another with the push of a button. Add one to each dieset for the ULTIMATE quick change-over.

Quick Change Lock-N-Load Bushing Systems:
The Lock-N-Load AP has a 5 station quick change bushing system, which allows the Lock-N-Load AP to be changed very quickly; from 223 to  45 in less than 5 minutes. Compare that to any other popular progressive presses on the market.

Universal Case Retainer Spring:
The Lock-N-Load AP has an ingenious case retainer spring that allows you to quickly and easily remove and replace a case at any point in the loading process AND they are universal. Compare that to "other" progressives... they are not so progressive.

Automatic Indexing:
Each station moves 1/2 a stage on the upstroke and 1/2 a stage on the down stroke and the up stroke, making for ultra-smooth function. This process is much smoother than presses that do all their indexing on the down stroke.

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