Hornady .45 Caliber .458" Rifle Bullets 50 Projectiles Interlock JHP 300 Grains 4500

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This is a box of bullets, also referred to as projectiles, which are only used for reloading. This is NOT loaded ammunition and this box of projectiles can not be returned.

Hornady InterLock bullet lock the core and jacket together with a copper ring inside of the bullet, to physically ensure core retention, and maximize energy transfer to the target. The soft point bullets have an exposed lead tip and a broader point diameter that provides rapid, controlled expansion at somewhat lower velocities.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 4500
Hornady InterLock Jacketed hollow Point Point Bullet
Bullet Weight: 300 Grains
Bullet Diameter: .458"
Aerodynamic secant ogive delivers flat trajectories and great accuracy
Tapered jacket for deep penetration and controlled expansion
InterLock ring locks core and jacket together
Lead alloy core is tough enough for any game
Ballistic coefficient: 0.197
Sectional density: 0.204

Item#: AMM-5029