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Hornady .17 HMR Ammunition 50 Rounds, V-MAX Polymer, 17 Grains

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The powerful new propellants available today make the .17 HMR a accurate, hard-hitting rimfire cartridge available.

50 Round Box
Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 83170
Caliber: .17HMR
Bullet Type: V-Max Polymer Tipped Projectile
Bullet Weight: 17 Grans
Rounds: 50
Muzzle Velocity: 2550 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 245 ft/lbs
Bullet Diameter: Not Available
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: Not Available
Casing: Brass
Features: Premium quality materials
Usage: Hunting, Target, Range.

Item#: AMM-046
Total number of Reviews: 24

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5.0 5
"I bought a Marlin 917 and have been shooting this stuff out of it ever since. I tried some of the CCI .17 ammo, but it was not able to shoot as well as the Hornady stuff. My best group was 4 shots that were touching from about 100 yards. My average group is probably about 1.5\" at 100 yards. The biggest downside of this ammo is the price and the very light bullet. I live in Illinois and sometimes shoot with a pretty heavy crosswind. I have found that the wind can easily shift the point of impact a couple of inches at 100 yards. Otherwise, great ammo, accurate, not too loud, and much cheaper than centerfire ammo."
5.0 5
"I've tried almost every type of shells and these are by far the best.The only thing that compares to them are Hornady XTP's.The worst shells are CCI's 17 explosive hollow points.They SUCK! There grouping is like, a foot."
5.0 5
"I shoot a Marlin .17cal. and I have tried different grains and manufactures and I always get the best results when I use The Hornady .17 grain V-Max."
5.0 5
"Tight, tight, tight group. Far superior to CCI, Federal, and Winchester. I shoot these out of a CZ 452 varmit. Best 3-shot group was all 3 touching at 100 yds. Anyone who wants to experience the full potential of the .17 HMR, I strongly recommend this ammo in the CZ 452. You won't be diappointed in the extra money you spent."
5.0 5
"I agree with all, these are the best"
5.0 5
"I have shot these polymer tip Hornady rounds and CCI TNT reounds through my rifle and I have to say that these are by far more consistent. I have a very expensive Sniper style rifle based on the Ruger 10/22 Magnum action, and these rounds shoot clean and straight every time. I put the cross hair on the target, and that is where the bullet hits."
5.0 5
"Used these through my Savage 93 to shoot prairie dogs in South Dakota. These have got to be the best ammo out there. Good honest performance and total carnage on targeted animals. Have to use if you are going to shoot some dogs."
5.0 5
5.0 5
"The best and most consistent .17 HMR round I have found. Shooting out of a factory bolt-action Ruger with a Burris 3x9 scope. Accuracy is simply unbelievable at 100 yds and far superior to other brands including CCI, as much as I think and usually prefer CCI. Sometimes costs a little more than the cheap stuff, but it's well worth it."
5.0 5
"This is the ammo that I use in my Marlin 917 VSFT (using a Sweet 17 scope by BSA, also available on this website) and it shoots great! I am honestly shooting groups about the size of a nickel with this stuff, and it is a pretty clean burning propellant compared to the Federal. Although I would suggest trying different brands and grain weights in your gun, just because it works well in my rifle, doesnt mean it will work well in yours."
5.0 5
"I have a Marlin 917V grate gun i have tride diferent types of ammo but i came back to the Hornady 17gr V-MAX.At 200 yards i can put 7 out of 7 in a twist of bottle cap.I allso have a savage model 93R17 also a grate flat shooting gun i alsouse hornady V-MAX in it.There are verry little diference in the accurcy of the two guns.My faverit thing to shoot is them big black verry loude birds. :-) HeHeHe."
3.0 5
"The Hornady .17 HMR V-MAX round was the first .17 HMR ammunition I ever shot. I found the cartridge to be accurate but often failed to properly expand & deliver the terminal ballistics that a V-MAX round is capable of. When the bullet does expand and fragment like the V-MAX is supposed to, it works great; unfortunately, they often did not perform this way. My buddy was selling his marlin .17 HMR with a bushnell 4-18 power scope and 300 rounds of this ammunition for $200.00. After trying his rifle with these cartridges and killing several squirrels from ranges of 25-150 yards, I was unimpressed with the .17 HMR caliber altogether. I passed on the rifle, even though I knew it was a great deal. After another buddy bought the rifle, he brought it out and proceeded to fire the CCI .17 grain TNT ammunition through it; what a difference! The CCI TNT cartridge made me realize how impressive the .17 HMR really is! Now I'm kicking myself for not taking that sweet deal. I bought my own .17 HMR, a Marlin and love it."
5.0 5
"Just got a new Marlin SS917THS and slapped an 'ole cheap 3-9 Tasco I had in the drawer. Picked up 3 boxes CCI and 3 of above. This is, by far the best stuff comparing it to CCI. I don't know about the other stuff out there 'cause just shot two loads above, so far. The little .17 will do 5 shots covered by dime at 100 yds. with no wind. 'Noticed that a 5-10 mph crosswind will push 'um over about 1.5 to 3 inches to right(left incoming crosswind) and a lull will put 'um back in the little diamond. This little gun is more fun than anyone can have with their clothes on. Of course, my wife's probably gonna take it away from me to shoot the Starlings outa her Purple martin houses. Anyway, ya cannot go wrong with the Hornady V-Max stuff!"
5.0 5
"this ammo rocks out of my custom savage with a 24inch barrel honest 300 meter accuracy nickel sise groups printed at 300 and sub dime sised groups at175"
5.0 5
"Never seen an ammo so dependable,reliable,and repeatable.This ammo is what other companies are trying to make up to!In a vise this ammo will light matches for you.Real tight clover shooting round.most of the time a ONE QUARTER INCH GROUPS AT 100 YDS. Im not trying to brag on my skill.this was not me but out of a vise.all i did was pull trigger."
5.0 5
"I just purchased my first .17 rifle, a Savage with the accutrigger. I've only used this ammo in it so far, and I'm too impressed to switch to anything else. Consistent nickle sized groups at 50 yards, just a bit bigger than a quarter at 100. My only complaint here is the price. I can grab boxes of this at the shooting range for a dollar fifty less. Maybe if CTD will price match or give a bulk discount...other than that, gonna buy locally."
5.0 5
"These v-max shells are the best .17 cal. you can get. I have shot several brands and kinds and these are by far the best as of yet. I shot a turkey in the head (eye shot) at around 140-160 yards and never thought twice about my shot due to the hornady ammo."
5.0 5
"This is the only ammo that i will shoot out of my Savage 93R17 with a thumb hole stock and bull barrel. It is the most accurate that i have tested and it makes mince meat out of almost anything that it hits, I absoulutely love it."
2.0 5
"these do group decent but i cant shoot ten rounds without my gun being so gummed up and dirty, they are dirty rounds. i wont be buying these any more"
4.0 5
"This is the second best ammo I have found for my 17hmr rifle. Hence, the 4 bullet rating. The accuracy out of my rifle was not as good as CCI. But, it was better than everything else except for the CCI. It is good stuff no doubt. And it is not that dirty. No misfires or duds either."
5.0 5
"This is the best ammo I have ever used out of my Savage .17 HMR. Really accurate and never had a misfire."
5.0 5
"I've shot 2000 rounds of this and only had one round fail. V-max rounds really do a number on those pesky Montana ground squirrels. Very accurate and dependable."
5.0 5
"I have a Marlin 917V with a BSA 4-16x40 and this is the best ammo I have ever shot out of my .17HMR. I will never switch ammo for this gun again, I am way to satisfied with it. I have killed wild pigs, fox, squierl, coyote, and other game and I think it's the best ammo to use for anything. It groups a quater at 100 yards with ease."
5.0 5
"There is nothing more you could want from this bullet. It shoots consistent 1/2 MOA 5 shot groups on paper and delivers the knockout blow to every critter sneaking around at night. This also seems to be my Savage 93R17 TR rifles favorite round when compared to CCI ammo."