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Hogue Handall Universal Slip On Rubber Grip Fits Large Frame Autos

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Soft textured rubber slips on to improve your grip. Fits large frame autos, not intended for handguns with grip safeties. Manufactured by Hogue Handall. Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve 
Item#: MGR-001
Total number of Reviews: 33

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5.0 5
"This just showed up FedEx at my house today. It fits my 17 perfectly and, in my opinion, greatly improves the feel of the gun. The pattern work on the sides match those of the gun so it looks like a part of the factory grip. Overall, great quality and well worth the money."
– thejergar
5.0 5
"I use this on my service pistol. I carry a 3G Glock 23, and this grip really fills the pistol out. It works with the factory finger grooves, and makes the pistol tighter in my hand. The only issue is that it rubs against my shirt. I just ordered a replacement because the left side of the grip wore to the point that it tore (took 2 years to wear that far). This is by far the best $10 upgrade you'll find."
– JBav
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of these, one for my beretta m84f and sig sauer 226. They are perfect. I had to do a bit of trimming for the beretta but that was no big deal. The best accessorie for a handgun. The only problem is that it gets caught a tad when you pull the pistol out of the holster but i can get used to that. buy it."
– Sam Gallego
5.0 5
"Bought two of these for my Springfield XD 45 and my Beretta PX4 9mm. Fits both really well, a little work sliding them on, especially the XD. Also on the XD, had to do a little trimming on the top of the grip due to it sliding over the grip safety, but not alot. Definitely recommended for either firearm."
– Ray Ray
5.0 5
"I had this grip on my glock23 and I've been trying to find another grip for my S&W 5906. I slipped it on the S&W and it worked perfectly on both guns. A great addition at a great price."
– smitty
5.0 5
"I purchased one of these for my berretta px4 storm 9mm. I love it maes the gun feel lie it was made for my hand! i would reccomend this to anyone for a quick easy and cheap upgrade, or an addition to an alreadt favorite gun."
– isaacguy
5.0 5
"I bought 3 of these grips:This grip fits perfectly for my Glock 21SF. No modifications were neccessary. It took a grand total of 5 minutes to slide on, but after it was on you know it's not coming off. I absolutely love it. For my two S&W SIGMA 9MM I had to slide the grip on, center it, then cut off the extra rubber. It took 6 minutes to do both guns. When my wife and I shot them, it was like night and day. She absolutely loves the grip because it gives her a better handle on the firearm. I love it because of the control and accuracy improvement. It gives me a better handle on my weapon which gives me more confidence. That confidence allows me to focus more on hitting my target groupings rather than thinking about how hard I'm gripping the gun.I highly recommend this item to any Glock or S&W Sig owner..."
– Vote for Ron Paul!
5.0 5
"I love my Glock, but I hate the Glock grip. This sleeve makes it much more comfortable. It is a pain to get it on, especially if you have the newer Glocks with the finger grooves, but it is well worth it. You will be surprised how much better your gun feels in your hand with this on it."
– JD
5.0 5
"As said below, it is defiantly worth the struggle. I got this onto my Glock 17, over a laser sight pressure switch taped down with electrical tape. I still managed to get it on all the way. A definite must for a good upgrade with a tight budget."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"this grip is a really nice addition to any firearm with boring grips,i have three! on on my glock one on my hi point (i know, i know) and one on my ruger.it really ads support when you fire, i have big hands and this just fits like a glove, really snug tight fitit had to be trimmed down a bit for my hi point but you cant even noticeand if you are skeptical about having a grip with a clip release in the way u can just snip around it, really easy to cut to fit any gunhogue is a great product!"
– big bore josh
5.0 5
"Get a grip and let her rip, absolutely no slip. Fits my Glock 21 perfect. Not to sticky and doesn't get in the way of anything. Wouldn't recommend if your hands are really small. Great product, buy it now and see for yourself."
– Adam from Kentucky
5.0 5
"the best thing i have put on my glock model 22"
– operator
5.0 5
"you gotta have one if you own a glock i own 4 glocks and everyone of them has a hogue handall grip on it."
– big john
5.0 5
"These grips make a world of difference in the grip of my Glock. It wants to stick to your hand when firing. IF you have a Glock these are for you !"
– Jimmy
4.0 5
"I got this for my XD... it fit very well and of course had to cut a little off for the 'grip safety'. the only problem with the rubber grips is the side has slight bulges which change the way the gun feels and pointing angle. Some people love it and say it helps them hold the gun better but I'm not too thrilled about it.Other than that, this is a great product for a good price. I wish they would have put that information on the box/item description"
– harvey
5.0 5
"After what seemed forever with a mix up on my order I FINALLY got the grip in yesterday...just in time to go to the range for my yearly firearms cert. at work. Before I put it on I fired a couple of clips off with the factory grips & then I put THIS on! I skeptical at first...how could a piece of rubber make as much difference as folks say they do? I wondered... \"Waste of $10\" I thought to myself As I squeezed it onto the grip. fits my Zastava 9mm with no trimming..\"ok this is getting better\" I muttered aloud to myself. I gotta say, I was completely amazed at how much better my weapon fit my hand. Thought it was comfortable before...I would tell anyone who owns any gun to grab one of these for your favorite pistol. Grab one for all of them...I will be!!! ordering one for my Hi Point Carbine (yea,yea, yuck it up) and one for the SIG as well!!!"
– Sgt \"T\"
4.0 5
"Fits and feels great. Best of all don't have to take grip apart to install. Slides right on and ready to go. If your hands get sweaty a must have. Also \"Cheaper and Dirt,\" beats factory retail price."
– Beretta PX4 Storm
5.0 5
"I love the Glocks angle but I find the sides a bit lacking. Adding this grip fills the void and makes for the best feeling handgun I've used."
– Sov
5.0 5
"Just got this in the mail today along with some other stuff. I installed it on my HK USP compact in .40 S&W and it fit quite well. A little trimming will be required for aesthetic reasons, but functionally it fits perfectly. Feels excellent as well, can't wait to take it to the range. Ordered on Monday, received today (Thursday) with 3-5 day shipping."
– Tom
5.0 5
"I have had a Glock 17c for like 5 years. Never did anything to it but something was always missing. Now I received my Hogue grips today. It feels solid. I mean I love my Glock because it is a Glock but it feels awesomely good. Grips feel so firm yet very grippy. Thanks Cheaper Than Dirt."
5.0 5
"No other slip-on grip better than Hogue! Just bought another one for my new Glock 26."
– Danja
4.0 5
"Put this on a SigPro 2022 in 9mm. The grips were very comfortable already, but I wanted some front finger grooves. I will have to trim about 1/4\" on the bottom aspect of the sleeve for a cleaner fit, as it just barely hangs over the magwell opening. Great purchase for $10."
– AliasMunky
5.0 5
"I got a Glock 22 for Christmas and have put about 500 rounds through it and love the gun. I finally got to go to the range with my Father-In-Law and he had this grip on his G 22. These grips were such a difference in the feel of the gun that I ordered mine this morning. These grips have a great feel and I would recommend it to everyone."
– JWood
5.0 5
"I just got this grip in the mail today, and it fit perfect on my Taurus PT101. Makes the gun feel soooo much better in my hand. Haven't got to shoot with it yet but plan to tomorow. Im very pleased with it and excited to try it out. CTD = great shipping btw."
– nrgreene
5.0 5
"I put these on everything. Got one on my glock, Got one on my sks, got one on my ak. Anything w/a moderate-size pistolgrip is fair game. Love that palm swell."
– JohnnyD
4.0 5
"I bought this for my High Point C9 9mm it fits good. It just needs a little trimming around the safety, but very happy with it. A good buy."
– solojohnson
5.0 5
"Fits a P22 excellently. Stiffer rubber than Pachmayr. Feels great in hand."
– Cecil
5.0 5
"I got this today and installed it on my Hi-Point 995TS. It fit like a glove and was pretty easy to install. It fits my hand really well and it's made by Hogue. What else is there to say?"
– Sgt Woodard
4.0 5
"nice grip gives me more control in my opinion great product fits my sig p250 full size hand gun it was kind of hard to get the grip over the end of the pistol grip but once it was on it worked in quite nicely and didn't have to do any trimming...but if you happen to live near a cheaper than dirt store you might want to check if they have it in stock first because i paid $22 after a $9.81 shipping fee and then went to the local ctd store here in town and found the same grip for the advertised price on this web site minus the 10 shipping fee so basically i paid $22 for a $9 universal hand grip"
– bin deisel
5.0 5
"Best $10.00 you will spend. Same grip every time improved my shooting from the first clip. A must have"
– Danb531
5.0 5
"Great grip. I use em on most of my tactical pistol grips. Super comfortable compared to that standard checkering on most standard grips. I know the checkering works great with gloves, but I don't use gloves too often. Nice for warmer climates."
– Vacho
5.0 5
"Put this on my Hi-Point 9mm pistol. Very tight to get on, but this was expected since it is not really meant specifically for this gun. Totally worth it though! Grip is much improved."
– Allman71
5.0 5
"Fits perfect on my XD40 its a little tuff getting on but its worth it, not to mention the price is right!"