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Hogue Grip 1911 Full Size Soft Rubber Cobblestone

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Cobblestone texture which allows for maximum handgun control and tension flexibility, attractive and nonirritating stippling give a modern appearance while providing the control all firearm enthusiasts desire, easy to install and enhanced performance. 1911 Full Size. 
Item#: GRIP-045
Total number of Reviews: 58

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5.0 5
"Put these on my Kimber 1911, fit perfectly. I have put Hogue's on many of my handguns, SIG, Berretta, S&W and have never had a bad fit. These might not be a pretty as the Pachmayr wood/rubber grips (which also fit my Kimber perfectly) but being a single piece of rubber the Hogue grips feel more firmly attached to the pistol frame."
– T
5.0 5
"I have these on my Springfield Armory GI Champion and I love them. Looking to buy another set now for my Dan Wesson"
– Mike
5.0 5
"These grips improved my accuracy with my Springfield 1911 tremendously. The wood double-diamond, checkered grip panels that came on it looked very nice and classic, but would bite into my hand especially down near the mainspring housing. These grips fill my large hands much better and give me a much more secure grip on the gun when firing. The \"bumps\" that make up the finger grooves give a very positive index for a quicker, excellent firing grip when drawing. I have Hogue grips on my Ruger P90 as well, and love them. The fit on both guns is perfectly tight with no extra play in the wrap-around design. For functionality, there are no better grips. Other colors, such as OD green, or Coyote brown would be much appreciated. I would buy them all. But I guess that's up to the good folks at Hogue."
– darkpsychle
5.0 5
"man o man,these grpis feel way better than the one i have on,which was the kimber custom 2 grpis,,didnt like the feel of it,,even though u have sweaty or oil hands,,these grpis will do it job,,it feels realy good,they look good,and they make my kimber more agrresive looking.3 words for ya,,,ADD TO CART."
– u gotta get
5.0 5
"This item is a must have if you own a 1911. Excellent for tactical and range use. This product equally distributes recoil which will give you more stability and control to hit your target groupings and improve your accuracy. The comfort and control that this product gives me is 100 times greater than just having regular grips. Buy it now!"
– Vote for Ron Paul
5.0 5
"I put a set of these on a less than custom gun which shall remain nameless. Prior to that, it shot less than good and it never felt right in my hands. After I put the Hogues on though, I couldn't shoot the gun enough. It went from feeling marginally out there at the end of my hand to being an extension of my arm. It now points where I wnat it to, and is comfortable enough to shoot +P all day. My groupings went from 8 - 10 inches down to about 5 inches. Mind you that with my BBQ gun, I average less than 2 in groups. Thanks Hogue! For turning a boat anchor into an enjoyable piece to shoot."
– Steve
5.0 5
"I got these for my WE Tech M1911A3 Gas Blowback (Airsoft) I had always liked the looks of my stock plastic stippled grips, but they felt slippery on hot days and ruined the feel of the gun in my hands. The Hogue grips (suggested by a friend) made the gun feel amazing, they squish a bit under your hands and help absorb the kick of the gun (real or airsoft) and just feel great. It really accents the already amazing tactical look of the pistol and fits right in. It really is worth it, and when Hogue grips off their website cost $30 - $50 these really are a steal."
– P. Franklin
5.0 5
"Hogue quality at CheaperThanDirt prices - what more can you ask for? Fits nice and tight on my Taurus PT1911 Stainless Steel - Great gun made even better with a rock solid, well textured and perfectly fitting grip."
– Zen
5.0 5
"The best 1911 Grip. I put it on my Springfield TRP and now the weapon feels like its a part of my hand. Absolute comfort."
– Red Dragon
5.0 5
"I installed this grip on my Taurus PT1911. Very snug fit and feels great in the hand. A definite improvement over the stock plastic grips. Would highly recommend."
– thebigsd
5.0 5
"I bought this grip to try to make my llama 1911 hunk of garbage feel and look better.unfortunetly even though llama claims to be a 1911 clone,the holes for the screws WILL NOT line line up.I even called hogue and this is what they told me.So if you have a llama 1911 DON'T BUY.Oh the grips are awsome by the way i have them on my colts,rugers ans sigs,they will blow your mind with comfort."
– deernightmare
5.0 5
"fits great on my AR-15 Grip addapter to fit government grip size.filed it down a bit to work the safety but its comfortable and looks really cool on an AR-15"
– luke
5.0 5
"I have a WWI vintage Colt 1911, with the original wood grips, she shoots great but I have always worried about my wood grips. I was worried that I would break them or they would just one day split. So I was happy to see these grips at Cheaper Than Dirt. I have Hogue grips on my 669 and love them, I was not surprised when my grips for my 1911 arrived and installed like they came from the factory at Colt!The grips are the only aftermarket part on this Colt; the gun was a shooter before and still is. They look real good too! I would buy again, no problem! Buy them and enjoy shooting your old Colt 1911 again with no worries about damaging the old original stocks."
– \"Rope\"
5.0 5
"The grip fits perfectly with my Springfeild 1911. I have tried 3 other simulair grips and this one fits the best in my hand. I diffently recommend this grip."
– C/O Nameless Nv
4.0 5
"I just got to test fire my Colt Gov. Model 9mm with the new Hogue grips and what a difference. The grips greatly improve the balance and feel. I've always used the standard colt issue grips but these are far superior.Heads Up: If grips haven't been off gun in a long time use proper sized screw driver flat tip and lightly tap screw driver handle with soft mallet to free threads of screws. This will keep from damaging slots."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"The grips fit nice and tight on the gun and they are very comfortable. I love how the grips feel, I do not feel like the gun will slip in my hand on a hot day while shooting."
– Brad
5.0 5
"Awesome grip, cant beat it. must for 1911's. much better feel than regular grips."
– Dead_Nutz
5.0 5
"This is definitely one of the best additions to a 1911. The pistol fits much more snug in my hand and the grip is much tighter. This helps me get better groups and control muzzle flip. Definitely a recommended upgrade for any 1911 shooter.Springfield 1911 A1 GI"
– JTB2468
5.0 5
"I've tried 3 different grips until I found this one from Hogue, this is the best grip in my opinion, my 1911 has not have feeding problems nor jamming since, and I have not experienced the grip safety biting into the web of my hand anymore. Any of you care to get this grip for your pistol go right ahead, those who don't have yet or don't want to get one, it's your choice, I think you will miss out a lot. This grip is a buy."
– dleen27
5.0 5
"Put these on my Taurus PT-1911. Wow, what a difference! Highly recommend this product. I actually have Hogue grips on ALL my pistols and AR's. Can't beat em."
– madtown
5.0 5
"fits perfectly on rock island armory g.i. 1911."
– john
5.0 5
"I bought a set of these for my S&W 1911PD. Although as alluded by someone else, they are not nearly as attractive as the wood grips on my gun originally but they are much more comfortable. With that extra comfort, I was able to shoot more and shoot more accurately (went from a 4\" group at 10 yards to a 2\" group at 10 yards). I bought these originally to preserve the original grips on my gun but I was greatly impressed with the rest of the benefits they provided. Well worth the buy. I will be buying for again for my other shooter 1911's."
– 1911 Collector
5.0 5
"I used these on my 2 Kimbers, they were awesome, I just picked up a Springfield Loaded, and before I even took it to the range, I installed the grip. Best Grip out there, A MUST BUY FOR ANY 1911!!!!"
– Best Grip Available
5.0 5
"Just put these grips on my Kimber and all I can say is WOW! Vast inprovement over the ones that came on it. Perfect fit, feel, and look. Only time will tell as far as wear goes."
– Ryan
5.0 5
"These grips are a very snug fit on my Charles Daly and they look great with the stainless finish. I had to trim a little off for my safety to clear but it took about ten seconds with a razor blade. They are comfortable grips and make the gun feel very good in my hands. For only twenty bucks you might as well try them out."
– Robert F
5.0 5
"If ever you were wondering do they make a good wrap around grip for your 1911 the answer is yes!!! This is the best grip i have ever placed on my Taurus PT 1911 AR, the feel, the fit, the grip, i cannot tell you how great this grip really is, what i can say is if you wondered is it worth it??? YES IT IS!!!"
– Bruce
5.0 5
"Bought these to replace the stock wood grips on my Rock Island 1911. I absolutely love them. Cant beat the price."
– Rich
5.0 5
"i bought these grips for my rock island armory 1911. i installed them as soon as i got them and went to the range. the gun is now much more comfortable and fun to shoot. i definately recommend these grips to any one with a 1911!!"
– 1911 shooter
5.0 5
"NO cons just positives with this grip. I put it on my Taurus 1911 and it is so much better than I can ever explain. It also looks good. Buy now don't wait."
– Wyo_Moose
5.0 5
"These grips are awesome! I put them on my Springfield GI model .45. Easy to install and it makes shooting the .45 easier and more comfortable. I like them so much I bought the same type for my Sig 40. You won't be dissapointed."
– .45 King
3.0 5
"I have a rock island armory 1911 45 and the screw holes in the grip are too far apart for my gun."
– ron
5.0 5
"I put it on my rock island armory tactical and it perfect. Very comfortable. Best 20 bucs ia have spent in a long time."
5.0 5
"I bought this grip for my RIA 1911 and it looks and feels 10x better than the stock wood grips. I have much better control and accuracy. Great Grip!!!"
5.0 5
"I bought this for my brother's Taurus 1911 . . . We both like the look of it and he says shooting the pistol feels a lot better with this grip than the factory original . . ."
– Kellen
5.0 5
"These grips are great. Texture is non-slip and the grooves fit perfectly in my hand. Turned my plinking RIA1911A1 into a much more comfy, and accurate plinker. You may have to modify it if you have an ambi safety or other non-GI type parts. If you can\uFFFDt get the holes aligned out of the package, you work it and stretch it a bit... warming it up will help. I have yet to find a 1911 it will not fit, and I have 10 different brands of 1911s in my vault. In terms of durability, I have carried these on my 1911 when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they held up as good as any other would have under the conditions (very rough). You don\uFFFDt have to worry about cracking like wood grips. Also is non reflective, and helps silence clanking against a rifle butt for those tactical situations. With blood, sweat, or mud on my hands, still was able to maintain a good solid. Also with retention exercises noticed an improvement. I have them on all my 1911 pistols."
– popo50
5.0 5
"Excellent grips. Installed them in both of mine and my son's Taurus 1911 ALR and they have a superior feeling and you can see it at the range. Highly recommended."
– Marines Dad
4.0 5
"I installed these grips on my Taurus PT1911. I was looking for something comfortable to replace the hard plastic, checkered factory grips. I had heard good things about Hogue grips so I bought these after seeing many reviews that said, \"I installed these on my Taurus!\" For this price I had to get them.They were a little tough to get on, and that's the only reason why I rated this 4/5.The best way I found to install them was to loosely screw in the bottom to hex bolts, swivel the top up, and screw in the top two. I had screwed in one of the top two and had a bit of a battle getting the last one. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can eventually push / stretch the top to get the last hex bolt on. Once on, they are heaven. They feel absolutely wonderful. I do highly recommend these grips."
– 67 Cuda
5.0 5
"Just got the Hogue grips for my Springfield 1911 A1 GI and they fit perfect, feel great and fit my hand like a glove."
– Jason
5.0 5
"Very easy to install, just need a screwdriver and that's it. Once you put these on it's like night and day. So much more comfortable and easier to grip. Before when a few of my other friends didn't have the grips on their 1911's and they would shoot mine they'd say it was completely different. Now they all have the grips on their 1911's.One of the best accessories you'll put on your 1911 for sure."
– Ray
5.0 5
"I just put these grips on my RIA 1911 G.I. model, and WOW!!!! Easy to install, just un-screw the wood grips pop these on. Then screw these back and thats it. So easy, even a caveman can do it."
– Raul
5.0 5
"This is a great product!! I installed it on my Taurus PT1911, and love it! It gives the gun a much more secure feel while shooting."
– Target Shooter
5.0 5
"These grips are awesome! Incredibly easy to install. They make my Para G.I. Expert Stainless .45 ACP feel like a dream. They improve gun control and grip security. They also turn a good looking pistol into a GREAT looking pistol. Every 1911 owner should buy these. I need to get another pair for my Kimber Custom. Thanks Hogue for making them and thanks C.T.D. for selling them."
– Brian
4.0 5
"Great set of grips! Went on my Springfield Armory 1911 .45 in about 2min."
– Sergeant30
5.0 5
"Springfield GI Champion. This is a very comfortable grip. Fits like factory."
– strength27
5.0 5
"Order 3 of these grips since i have 3 1911 one taurus duo-tone and 2 RIA 1911 put the grips on all 3 talk about some serious gun control highly recommend this product to all 1911 user."
– Davis
5.0 5
"I bought this for my Citadel to replace the cheap, wood ones. Excellent fit. It makes the gun more comfortable and me more confident in my grip on it."
– Paddy H
5.0 5
"I installed this on my Springfield and I am very pleased. It fits my hands well and is much more comfortable than the stock grips. A very tight fit."
– 03 Marine
4.0 5
"I wasn't quite happy with the way it fits my hand. It's still a great grip just a little big for me."
– tomtom
4.0 5
"Got my new grip today, installation was very easy on my Taurus PT1911. Felt amazing in my hands when compared to the plastic factory garbage. My only complaint is it added a little more girth than I had expected, I would prefer a slimmer grip on such a slim handgun."
– AB_Ranger1104
5.0 5
"Fit perfect on my Remington-Rand 1911 .45, went on like it was custom made for it."
– Ray Knourek
5.0 5
"Bought this grip for my Colt series 80 in 38 super, couldn't be more pleased. It fit my hand perfect, it's comfortable and seems durable. it also gave me a natural feel, when i brought it up the sights lined up perfect. To each their own but this one works for me!"
– Jbox
5.0 5
"Just received my Hogue grips and installed them on my 1911 Kimber. The grips made a great 1911 even better. I already had them on my Springfield. If anyone makes a better grip I sure haven't found them. Now,like my Springfield,my Kimber is also a tack driver. If you have stock grips on any 1911, you can't imagine how much these grips improve,not only comfort but accuracy also. The best add on that's on the market,in my opinion. Very good price & it takes about 5 minutes to put them on."
5.0 5
"by far the best $20 spent of my 1911. fits perfect. the texture is awesome not rough and not too smooth. took all of 2 minutes to install. give a totally different feel and look to my 1911. i would recommend this to anyone. very good tactical grip A+"
– Sgt D
5.0 5
"By far the greatest investment to my 1911. Once you have shot your 1911 with this grip you will never want to shoot one without. Very comfortable and gives you better control of the gun. LOVE IT!"
– Dragrat
5.0 5
"Received my Hogue Grip for my new Remington 1911 .45 cal. Awesome. What a difference the new grip is on the gun. Really smooth and grips to your hand well. Keep up the good work!"
– JB
5.0 5
"This grip is the best money I have ever spent. The grip is incredibly comfortable and will change the entire feel of the gun. I give this grip 5 bullets only because I cant give it 6. Its that good. If you have an ambi safety like my PT1911 then you may want to do some very minor trimming on the right side just to make the safety move a little smoother, but this grip is easily worth 3x more than I paid for it. Do yourself a favor and stop reading all the reviews and buy it already."
– Collin
5.0 5
"57 positive reviews and counting speaks for itself...if you own a 1911 you will not be disappointed in these grips best purchase by far on the market for your 1911 fit my PT1911AR like a glove."
– Ziggy
5.0 5
"Great grips. Best money, I have spent.Wish I had another 1911. I would buy some for it."
– Louis