Wildgame Innovations Predator Pile Attractant Bait 16 Ounces

Wildgame Innovations
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Attractant Bait is the newest attractant used for coaxing all predators by deceiving their nose. Wildgame Innovations is the first to produce a Highly Concentrated Hunger Stimulant Attractant that resembles a gut pile/harvested animal in a bag. For years, predator hunters used calls to deceive their sense of hearing. The use of electronic motion decoys stimulates their sense of sight tricking them into believing there really is an injured animal. The predator pile is the first and only predator attractant that's edible and smells like a fresh gut pile.

Predator hunters have used actual carcasses of dead animals to lure predators to an area where they can be ambushed. However, hauling and finding animal carcasses is inconvenient. The Predator Pile is a Highly Concentrated Hunger Stimulant Attractant that has many uses in luring predators to within gun range. Trappers can also use the Predator Pile as bait when trying to lure all predators to their trapping sites. Hunters who use bait piles to lure predators to a consistent site can now simply use the Predator Pile as a management tool in eliminating unwanted predators around their precious stock.