Hellfire Hid Searchlight/Weaponlight Model HF4A

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Surefire HellFighter 4 Hid Searchlight/Weaponlight HF4A Like the original HellFighter, the HellFighter 4 (HF4) uses a rugged high intensity discharge (HID) lamp that is virtually immune to failure from recoil, vibration, or impact, since it has no filament to break or burn out. However, the HF4 features some improvements, the most significant being an integral rechargeable backup battery that can run the HellFighter 4 for 30 minutes at full output using no external power source. The integral battery not only provides a backup in case of external power failure, but also makes the HF4 more compact and convenient when used as a handheld spotlight/searchlight. The HF4A can also be activated by the integral rear-located pushbutton click-on/off switch, which also serves as a backup switch should the cable switch assembly be damaged or otherwise fail. Built to withstand intense recoil and combat conditions, the HellFighter 4 has a weatherproof sealed body constructed from high-strength aerospace aluminum finished in Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing. The lamp assembly is protected by a 5mm multi-coated tempered window, and the window itself is protected from dust, mud, and heavy particle impact by the new dual swing-open filter/cover system. The HF4s reflector has also been modified to provide even better beam reach, enabling target illumination out to hundreds of yards, and providing a wider cone of peripheral light for situational awareness and enhanced patrol or search efficacy. Finally, all HellFighter power cables now feature a high-strength polymer sheathing that makes them thinner, lighter, and more flexible, yet even more durable. Features: - 3,000-lumen HID lamp virtually immune to failure from impact, recoil, or vibration - Integral rechargeable back  up battery provides 30 minutes of runtime at high output - Selectable high, low, and strobe output - Modified reflector provides better reach and wider peripheral beam - Swing-open filter/cover allows quick configuration: unfiltered white light, filtered infrared illumination, or protective light-blocking cover - Integral momentary/constant-on pushbutton switch, available remote switches - Powered by BA-5590, BA-5390, BA-2590 military battery or batteries, 12V auto battery, 12V or converted 24VDC-to-12VDC vehicle power supply - Carry handle integrated into rail mount improves overall compactness - Constructed from high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; stainless steel, multi-coated, tempered window - Extremely durable, lightweight power cables - Mounts to quick-detach T-rails or Picatinny rails via included adapter - WeatherproofO-ring and gasket sealed Specifications: - Output-White Light: *High: 3000.0 lumens *Low: 1000.0 lumens - Length: 11.0 inches - Bezel Diameter: 4.10 inches - Weight: 6.5 pounds - Batteries: 1 Rechargeableintegral