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ProTecht Gun Storage Bag No Rust No Corrosion 12"x52"

12X52 BAG-198
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Made from the same material developed for the U.S. military to eliminate the need for cosmoline, these bags offer years of protection against rust, dust, and surface pitting for your valuables or firearms.

Perfect for long term storage, boating equipment, electronics, or for survival gear. No more greasing your gun to protect it, simply slide it into one of these bags to keep moisture and air out. Moisture, humidity and air are the cause of rust, corriosion, and pitting.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 12X52 BAG-198
ProTecht Gun Storage Bag 12" x 52"
.006 Gauge thick
Total number of Reviews: 13

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1.0 5
"Don't waste your money on this piece of junk, totally useless, open ended, no way to seal the bag.... should have at least come with a twistie tie or something. How do you seal something up that has now way of sealing it?????"
5.0 5
"The instructions that come with the storage bag are very clear and informative and the instructions explain how to seal. My Mosin Nagant M91/30 fits perfectly. To seal mine I put the bag in my rifle case and then just folded the bag to seal. I love not having to worry about humidity or anything with this bag, it takes care of itself. i would highly recommend this item. I would also recommend the smaller pistol sized bag which does have a zip-lock type sealer."
4.0 5
"Great way to protect your investments, great to combat rust and corrosion. If you are worried about sealing it, use duct tape for an air-tight seal!"
5.0 5
"Not sure what that this product deserves a bad rating because there in no incorporated (zip lock, adhesive strip, etc.) method of closing. As you have read from other posters there are different ways to seal the bag. I found that my FoodSaver did the trick. He is how I made it work. I took a portion of a FoodSaver bag (about a 1/4 the length of the storage bag) with both ends unsealed (this allows the machine to draw the air out of the storage bag without sealing prematurely) and put it in the storage bag with the rifle. I lined up the opening of the FoodSaver bag with the storage bag and put it in the FoodSaver, closed the lid and let it go to work. The FoodSaver drew all of the air out of the bag and sealed it very tightly. After it was done, I noticed the heat bar, which melts the plastic and seals the bag, had not completed melted the storage bag. I simply repeated the process 3 or 4 times and the hear bar was able to completely seal the storage bag. Upside, is you get the bag sealed and the weapon vacuum packed reducing the amount of internal air, condensation and room the bag takes up. The downside, you seal in a small amount of the FoodSaver bag. Other than that is seems to be holding up and working great. If my rifle doesn't rust, it is THE perfect bag and worth an extra bullet."
3.0 5
"Its a good item but there is no way to seal it without using tape or some other method. Is it too much to ask to put some sort of zip lock closure?"
4.0 5
"Bought one of these bags to store an FAL long term. The bag is made of a very thick, heavy plastic, and seems very sturdy. While a zipper might be nice, it would make it awkward to put a smaller or shorter weapon in it. I ended up just using Gorilla tape to seal mine. Only reason this gets 4 bullets instead of five is because I noticed that my FAL had managed to tear a few small holes in the end. This was easily fixed by tape, but is something buyers need to be aware of. If you break your weapon down, make sure none of the \"pointy pieces\" rub up against he bag too much, or it may cut a hole."
5.0 5
"Storing several long arms in these bags and they're definitely getting the job done. Had no problem sealing the bags. Will be buying more to set aside and use if I need to store more weapons!"
4.0 5
"My Mosin Nagant fits just fine. I used the pump from my air mattress to suck out the air, then sealed it with duct tape. This would get 5 stars if it had some sort of closure built in."
4.0 5
"These are pretty sturdy bags and I would recommend them if you are not close to a hardware store that sells the thick clear mil plastic to make your own. Like many others have said, it'd be nice if they made them either zip-lock or added some tape to close them up. I used my wife's food saver system to suck out the air and then apply a heat seal afterwards. Works for me. I've returned them to the safe and will check on them from time to time to see if any mold or rust is beginning to develop. My longest gun that still fits in these is a Model 870 Remington Wingmaster that I bought in 1972-73-ish and it has a 30\" barrel for knocking geese down."
4.0 5
"Use a vacuum sealer without the vacuum. You would be surprised what you can fit in a roll of the larger sealer bags. These No Rust bags are the correct atmosphere that you need for many types of items for long term storage. Some desiccant wouldn't hurt either if you live in high humidity areas like I do."
5.0 5
"Use them as designed, on a properly prepped gun, simple science... Nothing touches the gun, because it's in a bag! T9-Boshield is a great product, as is most any marine metal treatment spray. Safari Charlie and even PB Blaster work great.. I simply added z-rust capsules to my safe, and bought a tub of blue desiccant beads... Filled some lidded cups, drilled some holes. Every few months, I dry them out, and put then back in. About a $50 solution for a true 40 gun safe, non-climate controlled."
5.0 5
"I recommend coating your stored firearm with Breakfree Collector (NOT CLP), then simply insert your firearm in the bag and seal the open edge with a good tape, perhaps a couple of layers. Also if you happen to have any heavy paper dessicant packs you might want to toss a few in just for "super" protection. These can be periodically "recharged" by slow heating them in an oven if you feel that over time the dessicant packs have become moisture filled and no longer are functioning as they once were"
5.0 5
"I placed a rifle, a pistol, and a shotgun independently in 3 bags. Folded the flap, and closed with Duct tape. Placed them in a very damp cellar and it flooded twice in the 3.5 years that I left them there. I recently pulled them out. Not a spec of dirt or rust on any of the three, and I had also done the associated Ammo. It all fired perfectly. That is a true testament to the quality of the product. I will be buying more of these."