Gum Creek Vehicle Mount Adapter Universal Fit for Vehicle Handgun Mount Nylon Black GCC-UVHHMA

Gum Creek
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Gum Creek based out of Oxford Georgia right here in the Good Old USA is a relative new comer to the firearm industry. Their offerings are designed for the rigors of LEO Duty, Hunting, and Gun Enthusiasts everywhere. Gum Creek takes a very hands on approach in development and manufacturing, which many of us appreciate, and hand make all of their products. Try out there highly sought after Vehicle Handgun Mount and you will sure to come back to put one in every car you own.

This adapter is intended to be used with the Vehicle Handgun Mount (GCC-UVHHM), sold separately.

Our popular vehicle mount fits the majority of vehicles out there, but there are some that have no gap, a covered gap, or very thick gap edge beneath the steering column. There are also some that have an awkward column design, such as older antique/classic cars. If you have any doubts about our vehicle mount fitting your vehicle, this adaptor is for you.

This adapter will provide you with a safe alternative of installing your vehicle mount to your steering wheel column. The adaptor allows customers in this situation, to still use the vehicle mount as it was intended. It simply bypasses the steering wheel gap attach point and allows you to adjust the vertical height/location of where your holster and mount are positioned under the steering column.

Simply wrap the adapter around the entire steering column, buckle on top, and pull tight. A thin metal ring on the bottom of the adapter strap provides a loop to hook the top part of our Vehicle Mount as if it were the typical gap beneath the steering column. Same function, same location, unobtrusive, problem solved.

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount
Vehicle mount, holster and firear m not included.