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Greek Surplus .30-06 Springfield Full Metal Jacket, 150 Grain M2 Ball , 2800 FPS, 440 Round Bulk Case, Grade A

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This is the correct .30-06 ammo for firing through your Garand or Springfield military weapons. This is not commercial grade ammunition for your deer rifle, but actual Mil-Spec ammunition.

We found the best deal available in this century; original military surplus ammunition from Greece that has been sitting in a bunker for years just waiting for us to find it! Founded in 1874, Pyrkal, known as "Greek Powder and Cartridge Company", is one of the oldest Defense Industries in Greece. As the main producer of ammunition and explosives in the country, they have been a crucial supplier during all the military conflicts, and historically a well established exporter to five continents.

This is true Military Spec M2 Ball .30-06! The Greek HXP (HXP is the headstamp code for the Greek Powder and Cartridge Company of Athens) .30-06 is one of the most sought after surplus ammunition still available. This is the ammo you need if you shoot a Garand or Springfield 1903.
As with any surplus ammunition, each and every round should be carefully inspected before use and we recommend cleaning your weapon.

This super deal is very limited and when this ammunition is gone, there will be no more. Buy now and take advantage of this great deal on premium Grade A ammunition. Surplus ammo may have minor discoloration.

Caliber: .30-06 Springfield
Bullet: Mil Spec M2 Ball
Grain Weight: 150
Bi-metal jacket will attract a magnet
Muzzle Velocity: 2800 fps
Boxer Primed
440 Round Bulk Case in 20 rd Boxes

This is original military ammunition that is 35 plus years old. The brass and bullets may have tarnish, surface corrosion, pitting, and discoloration as yo u would expect with ammunition that has been stored in a Greece bunker. We recommend you clean your weapon after use.

Not Returnable or Refundable in any part or portion, all sales are final.
Total number of Reviews: 11

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4.0 5
"Nice ammo. Had about 5 different lots. About 1/2 was the same lot and year. Still, a great deal."
4.0 5
"I contacted customer service to ask what years this ammo was and was told it was 70's manufactured (my M1 loves 1970 HXP lots). I was also told that it would all be the same lot. Both answers were wrong. I received 3 different lots and it was 1967 and 1968 not 1970's."
3.0 5
"I shoot a lot of surplus ammo in my Garands, M1903 and BAR so I ordered a lot of this ammo. Quite a few of boxes of corroded ammo. Some so bad it is probably unusable. Now I understand the excellent price. You get what you pay for. Beware..."
3.0 5
"I opened several boxes. Two rounds on each end of box were severely corroded on the head/rim. The other 16 rounds I n each box were fine. I have yet to try them at the range. Even so, a great deal. 30-06 surplus is tough to find."
3.0 5
"Low priced .30-06 ammo is hard to find so I bought some, the add didn't say it was 47 years old(it really should have)some heavy tarnish no real corrosion. I will update my review after I've shot some."
5.0 5
"All boxes dated from 1967 68 69. Primer end had some Ammo discolored with NO need to clean. Perfect Ammo."
5.0 5
"Darn good looking for its age, packed in 20rd boxes is a plus, best deal in town and better priced then CMP, wanted to buy more but its out of stock, CTD finally coming down in their prices, will keep an eye on the web site more often now."
4.0 5
"The ammo being sold by CTD is the same Greek HXP ammo being sold via other venues. The ammo was made in the 1970 in general. The mixed lot numbers and dates of manufacture is not uncommon for mixed ammo. The corrosion cited in some reviews is common on the Greek ammo and is believed to be caused by the glue the Greeks used on the cardboard. The problem has been well documented and discussed. The same corrosion was found on ends of rounds sealed in SPAM cans at the Civilian Marksmanship Program. I have fired thousands of rounds of the Greek without any issues. The Greek ammo is loaded slightly hotter than USGI M2 BALL FMJ like Lake City etc."
5.0 5
"This ammo is great. I pulled out the more corroded or tarnished stuff and shot it right away, No problems. (About 3%). Why people are complaining about 35+ year old ammo having a little tarnish is beyond me? 61 cents a round including shipping, you can't beet that. Yes different years and lots. If that's your worry spring for the other stuff. I'll buy this up, Awesome HXP !!"
5.0 5
"Just received my lot, 1977 very clean. Exceeded expectations. Highly recommend this Disco era M2 Ball."
4.0 5
"I bought two cases of the 440 round 20-round boxed ammunition, shipping time 4 business days TX to East Coast. Overall, very satisfied. Now for the details! Case One - all lot 2041-77, boxes pristine, resealed case and will use farther down the road. Case Two \uFFFD a mix master, some apparent water spots on several boxes, and two of the 2043-77 boxes had what looked like rusty water spots on them. The ammo in those boxes was a bit rough but cleaned up nicely with 20 seconds each of 00 steel wool. Will shoot this case first. Here is the lot breakdown. 12 - 2043-77 2 - 2041-77 2 \uFFFD 1144-69 2 - 1111-68 1 - 1104-67 2 - 1102-67 Now about that 1968 ammunition; i opened the boxes and three of the eight end rounds had a little grey corrosion where the glue line went over the edge of the cardboard. Cleaned up nicely with 60 seconds of 00 steel wool. All the 1968 rounds were dusky but will clean up with a little steel wool time. Now I know what to expect when I crack open my cans of 1110-68. Thanks CTD, a happy new customer, will knock on your door if more clipped or boxed HXP shows up."