Great Lakes Bullets .41 Caliber .411" Diameter 215 Grain Cast Lead Semi-Wadcutter Polymer Coated Point Bullets 100 Pack

Great Lakes Firearms and Ammunition
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Michigan-based Great Lakes Bullets and Ammunition produces these cast lead bullets for reloaders using the highest quality components and commercial processing and casting machines. The resulting projectiles are very consistent for weight and concentricity, enabling the reloader to produce ammunition with consistent and reliable performance. Polymer coated for jacketed performance.
Sold in bags of 100 bullets.

Specifications and Features:
Great Lakes Bullets and Ammunition B688655
.41 Caliber
.411" diameter
215 Grain Lead Round Nose Flat Point
Polymer Coated
92 Percent Lead, 2 Percent Tin, 6 Percent Antimony
15 Bernell Hardness
Pack of 100 bullets