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Golden Bear .410 Bore Brass Plated Full Length Steel Shell, 3" Magnum # 4 Buck, 5 Pellets, 1017 fps, 5 Round Box, AG41B5

Bear Ammo
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Simply put, this is some of the best ammo with a steel case on the market today, at an unbelievably great price!

The Barnaul Machine Plant JSC is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant's history goes far in the past to the period of Alexander I. The Emperor ordered the opening of the first cartridge plants in St. Petersburg in 1869. During World War I the plant supplied the Russian Army and operated out of St. Petersburg, During World War II, the plant was relocated to Barnaul, where production of various types of cartridges began.

Distinctly different than anything else on the market, Golden Bear's name describes it's color but not its' unique construction; in which a brass coating encases the steel case. This design allows the ammunition to perform like a brass case at a fraction of the cost. Berdan priming allows for long-term shelf life and sure-fire ignition.

Caliber: .410 Bore
Five #4 buck shot pellets
1017 fps
Berdan primed
Non corrosive
Full length brass plated steel cases
Overall length: 2 3/4". Will fit in 3" chambers only
This round will not fit into a 2 1/2" chamber
Not reloadable
Not for use in the Taurus Judge
5 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 49

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5.0 5
"this is the best you can buy and at a great price.it works excellent in my single shot new england shotgun with 3in. full choke barrel.plus you can buy 2 boxes of this for what 1 box of the other brands will cost you.it also holds a tight pattern if you have the full choke barrel."
– best you can buy
4.0 5
"I bought a few boxes of AMM 876, along with a few boxes of AMM 875, They both worked good. The one problem I had, was when I loaded them mixed. I have a Mossberg pump 410, while loading I put two AMM 875's in, then while putting in a AMM 876, the cap in the one in front went off. Lucky, it blew back. The cap stuck in the one I was putting in. The force split the plastic on the one that the cap blew. The shell didn't go off, gun powder came out. The hard brass shells should be loaded and shoot one at a time."
– Ron
3.0 5
"Well this is a Ok ammo, I think full brass casing still has draw backs though. I have had the brass case a couple times crack down the side after being fired making it very hard to remove from the chamber. I would not recommend the silver bear slug either because of same problem. Other than that it does the job."
– 2006GTO
1.0 5
"I bought a few boxes for my pistol that shoots .410 shot shells and .45 colt ammo. The full brass case made it impossible to chamber the shell. My friend had a different model of pistol that shoots both .410 and .45 colt and couldn't chamber the shell as well. They did however work great in my brothers .410 shotgun so he got some free ammo!THIS AMMO IS NOT MADE TO FIRE IN A 2 1/2 INCH CHAMBER!"
– JB
5.0 5
"The casing is brass plated steel. Barnaul makes it primarily for Saiga AK type guns. The slug ammo casing is zinc plated steel. I have found thhis ammo to be very reliable in my saiga and not subject to the incidental damage that paper or plastic shells incur."
– bill2X
5.0 5
"I've got a Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV 45 Colt/ 3\" 410.This round gives the Snake Slayer 10 near 32 cal. sized shots in just 2 trigger pulls. Awesome! Tested from 20 feet at a paper shopping bag, which by the way is roughly the main mass of the human body. 3/4 inch plywood backing. All pellets hit main mass and out the plywood.I recovered one of the pellets lying a few feet behind the board.It resembled a flattened shotgun slug.Anyways, you can go wrong with these rounds."
– NRA Lifer Since 1980
3.0 5
"The shell expands & makes it difficult to eject from an Argentine single shot Rexio (aka Super Comanche).45/.410 pistol. Otherwise, quite effective. I'm sure this Russian manufactured shotshell is perfect for a Russian Saiga. Just not ideal for an Argentine Rexio pistol. I wish it was. Otherwise, I'd use it everytime. Held side by side with a 3\" Winchester .410 shell, It's exactly the same length. Dispite the 2 3/4\" advertised measurement."
– .410 pistol shooter
5.0 5
"NOT FOR A 2 1/2 INCH CHAMBER! From previous reviews, it doesn't look like it will perform with a 2 1/2 inch chamber. However, a 3 inch chamber looks good.I have a Mossberg .410 Cruiser.Functions like a dream! With a .25 caliber pellet (5 of them per shotshell) there isn't much concern with over penetration. Imagine getting hit with a 25 caliber pistol, 5 times! Now imagine that coming in a burst! Not a good thing to experience.I am writing this from the viewpoint of self defense. Whether it is human or animal, it should do the job as well or better than most pistol calibers. With the added benefit of not penetrating too many thicknesses of drywall, I think it is probably the best choice for indoor defense; not bad for outdoor. (Think of coyotes, etc.)If it's the wife wanting something that will work well, here it is."
– Richard H
4.0 5
"This ammo loads easier than most other ammo into a taurus judge 45/410 pistol. The pattern is also tighter too..did have a problem with one of the case cracked towards the rear of the case."
– sec
1.0 5
"This ammo is very unreliable in my Taurus Judge, Two rounds would not even fire!Ammo that did fire expanded and got stuck in the cylinder and had to be forcefully pushed out with a wooden dowel.Bad ammo for my Judge.THIS AMMO SHOULD NOT BE USED IN 2 1/2 Inch CHAMBERS!"
– Shooter
1.0 5
"the case is so weak on this ammo that it puffs up in the firearm and has to be shoved out from the barrel side with cleaning rods. THIS AMMO IS NOT MEANT TO BE USED IN SHOTGUNS WITH 2.5 INCH CHAMBERS!"
2.0 5
"Some of the cases got stuck while loading them into my Taurus \"Judge\" thus causing a misfire. after adjusting them they did fire. Good shot pattern but packs more of a kick. Had to hammer out the empty cases.THESE ARE NOT MADE TO BE FIRED IN A 2 1/2 INCH CHAMBER."
– arc7499
5.0 5
"this 410 ammo is a great price. It works excellent in my single shot new england shotgun 3\" full choke and in my Rossi single shot 3\" mod. choke."
– RB
1.0 5
"This is not a good product. The casing split on two rounds and 2 did not fire out of 5 in the box. Would not use for any type of gun."
– Ed
1.0 5
"These rounds stuck after firing in my Taurus 3\" chamber judge. Empties were very hard to remove. I will not use these again in my Judge."
– SteveC
5.0 5
"I bought a few boxes of this ammiunition for my Rossi single-shot .410. I had no failures to fire or eject. Be aware that the case measures 6.9cm, which converts to 2.71 inches. The box says 2 3/4\" (2.75 inches). These are fine for 3 inch chambers, but use your discretion in firing them in 2 3/4\" chambered guns. Recoil is fairly stout in my lightweight Rossi, but not excessive. My gun put all of the shot in a roughly 6 inch circle at 5 yards. This is more than good enough for self-defense."
– arch1967
1.0 5
"I tried this in two long guns including the Mossberg 500, and three hand guns including The Judge chambered for 3\" shells, and they had problems in all of them. Not every shell, but enough to be bothersome. The shells expand in the chamber, and many had to be hammered out with a rod down the barrel. There were also safety concerns, as there were many misfires, and some of the shells split down the side. Use the Winchester Super-X for shotguns, and Federal Premium Personal Defense for handguns. Both are cheaper and better."
– Pistol & Long Gun
4.0 5
"got a few boxes of this ammo when i purchased a saiga 410, it shot great, no missfires or hang ups,might not work well in some of the dudes on here pistols but works great in the saiga,fast as you could pull the trigger it shot them with not a single problem, im on here getting more now...."
– labtechtodd
3.0 5
"I heard that these shells expanded in the judges cylinders and had to be forcibly removed but I had to see for my self. I have a 3\" chambered judge and hoped not to have any problems. I loaded up 5 and all 5 got stuck hard. I had to use all my weight to get each out. May be good for other guns but not the judge. They did fire in a nice tight group."
– BigDaddyHatty
5.0 5
"All this .410 ammo works great for us single shot die-hard fans, with the 3\" chamber, before buying any ammo, please check the measurements both US/METRIC measurements. I have an old .410 REVELATION."
– Campaign-1
1.0 5
"bought a few boxes to try in my bond snakeslayer derringer 45/410 3\" chamber,like the rest had to use a screwdriver down the barrel to get them out, they all fired but for self defence i would rather be able to reload a little quicker than getting out a screw driver!"
– bbj500
4.0 5
"I've used these in the super comanche single shot .410/45lc and it's great. About 1 in 5 will expand and have to be pried out of the chamber, but most can be pulled out with just fingers. Excellent grouping, good power. I like em'!"
– Mactrekr
4.0 5
"I bought 2 boxes to try. Fired 5 rounds w no problem loading or ejecting."
– Cliff
5.0 5
"For my .410 Saiga these work flawlessly. They make melons explode. No feeding problems, no ejection problems and no failure to fires as long as it was in the Saiga. I tried a few in my pops old .410 bolt action Mossberg had a failure to fire but the firing pin in that is a lot weaker. I took that same shell out and put it in the Saiga and it fired fine.So if you have a .410 Saiga buy these up because this is a great bargain and a good HD round. For any other .410 shotgun or pistol I'd pass as this ammo\uFFFDs primer needs a heavy firing pin. I have read of the expansion problems that are probably due to tighter chambers. The Saiga's have some loose tolerances but are very, very reliable."
– powpowbangbang
2.0 5
"Used this round in my Tarus Judge Magnum, was comletely dissapointed the primers not always fired off the first hammer strike and most of the rounds expanded and jamed in the chamber."
– Crosshairjunky
5.0 5
"I shoot these in my New England Single Barrel and never had any problems with these shells."
– Gun Man
2.0 5
"Dont shoot these in the judge-althought they have a tight grouping-the shells all but eploded in the judge's cylinder-DON'T SUBJECT YOURS TO THAT!"
– tim
5.0 5
"Works great in my boys sigle shot 410 (Remington sparton) will be ordering more today."
– Jerry
5.0 5
"I see alot of people having issues on here, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SAIGA DON'T USE THEM, they work great in them and might have been designed for use in the Saiga.....so you 410 pistol dudes, try something else..Saiga owners, these are the best for it.!!!!!!!!"
– labtechtodd
5.0 5
"My Saiga only eats plastic shotshells in a finicky manner. Especially from high-cap mags. Some go, some don't. Frequent plastic mashing. Made weapon too unreliable for home defense.Bought a bucket of these brass-coated buck rounds from CTD. Gave the gun a thorough workout with them. Perfect. Not one jam or misfire. Good target spread and penetration of the 5 pellets at gunfight range.Now they are the ONLY rounds I'll use in that gun. And it has become reliable enough to warrant getting more high-caps, laser/light, new forearm for gear mounting, etc. It's my wife's home defense weapon, now. THANKS CTD!Fired a few cylinders' worth of these through my Judge pistol. No good. Expand and stick. Be ready to rod out each spent shell.But they are PERFECT for Saigas!"
– hellgrammite
3.0 5
"Like other Judge 3\" owners I had the same problems. Shells are impossible to remove after firing. I had 1 misfire. Tight destructive pattern though. Wouldnt recommend for The Judge at all."
– Mike
4.0 5
"Fired 20 rounds of these through my old single shot Revelation. Not one single misfire or bad ejection. Just really good inexpensive ammo. I had no problems with these what-so-ever. I'm going to buy some more."
5.0 5
"Just test fired 7 rounds from a H&R Topper. Flawless performance both firing and ejecting. No case swelling at all. The shot cup looks almost identical to the old Remington \"Power Piston\" design. They do burn a little dirty but ain't that what cleaning kits are for?????? I will be buying a few more of these. Good price, quality product. What more could ya ask for?And why don't ya?"
– jsamuel77
1.0 5
"Bought 20 boxes of this 410 to fire in my Judge with 3 inch chamber. None would even chamber. Did not catch the notice on the product spec sheet. (Must click on product detail to see this notice) Clearly states NOT FOR USE IN THE TAURUS JUDGE. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASE !!! No refunds. OUCH !!"
– Monty
1.0 5
"The worst ammunition I've ever bought. I took four boxes (out of 8 that I bought) to my brother-in-laws land this weekend. It was just to see how they shoot. The first shell shot perfectly, my hopes were up. The next six didn't fire at all. I gave up after that. Each misfired shell had a deep pin mark, so they were definitely hit with sufficient force to fire the round. We were shooting a Rossi single-shot field shotgun. Just to make sure it wasn't the gun, I ran out and got a box of 5 Remington Slugger shells. They shot perfectly fine. It is definitely lousy ammo. Wish I could get my money back."
– TD
5.0 5
"Awesome .410 bore ammo. It is great stuff! Love the price too."
– primer
1.0 5
"When I ordered several boxes for my 3\" Judge there was no comment about the ammo being unsuitable for that weapon. In working through about 6 boxes, I found that the cartridges would not clear the cylinder after being shot (had to use a dowel to remove them). On top of that, they had a misfire rate of about 40%, despite significant firing pin strikes on the primers. Sometimes double- or triple- strikes would discharge the ammo. No problems with Winchester 3\" ammo in the same gun. Not worth using it for plinking; don't even consider it for a defensive load."
– Oregon shooter
5.0 5
"I got this ammo for my Arsenal SGL41-61 (Converted Saiga 410). It works just fine with this shotgun. The groupings are pretty tight too.Please ignore all the bad reviews from uninformed Judge owners, who forgot to do their research before ordering."
– Golden Bear
1.0 5
"Purchased the Arsenal Saiga SGL 41 .410 shotgun new and read that Golden Bear 3\" Magnum was the preferred or recommended ammo for the gun. Fired one round and it jammed. Attempted to fire without the cover and this was a hit or miss situation. Send the firearm back to Arsenal for possible repair.Firearm returned and with it three fired shells using Winchester .410 Super X HS X413H7. Huge difference in price!! Possible quality control lacking with the Russian ammo?"
– Bill
2.0 5
"Ordered 2 boxes a few months back, haven't shot them, but happened to open a box and take a look. 3\"? Yeah, 3\" case, but it is 1/2\" empty. These are no more than 2.5\" shells masquerading as 3's. No wonder they are so cheap."
– Bucknot
3.0 5
"I had my own unique experience with these shells. they did not cycle. bought about 50 of them to have fun at the range because they were recommended for the Saiga...yea... failure to eject every round. but they did fire and groups were tight from about 25 yrds. My Saiga cycled other unrecomended plastic shells just fine. might need some fine tuning."
– saiga shooter
1.0 5
"Update to my previous review,I now see that the title page for this ammo says not for use in the Taurus Judge, well that would have been nice to see when i actucally bought it a few months ago. Wish you had posted it then and saved me the trouble, definitely do not use this ammo in Judges."
– Thanks for the Info
1.0 5
"I bought this ammo a few weeks ago with several other .410 cartridge types, in order to experiment with my Taurus Judge 45/410 pistol. I bought 4 boxes of this ammo and almost every single one of these rounds failed to fire. I think 2 actually worked, and the ones that worked were almost impossible to eject. My best guess is that these rounds are more designed for .410 shotguns with stronger firing pins, and not the judge pistols. It is sad because this is one of the only 3 inch .410 shells I can find. I paid the money for the magnum so why not use it right. But long and short of it is if your looking to shoot this in a Judge dont waste your time. At least the ammo shipped in 2 days, thanks CTD"
– Dont Use in a Judge
5.0 5
"The bad reviews are from Judge owners who can't read. This ammo is great for the Saiga 410! I just shot up 50 rounds of this and did not have one problem. I love how quickly this item got shipped to me."
– Mike D
5.0 5
"Fantastic ammo. Bought 100 rounds to break it in and didn't have one failure all morning. Great ammo for the price. I will be buying more. And as usual CTD ships quickly."
– MikeyD
4.0 5
"Shoots well in all my shotguns. I bought some just to try all metal shells. I have no complaints about it."
– Dustin
1.0 5
"I bought some of these for my Rossi single shot .410 with high hopes for them, and always loved brass shells. However, these rounds are absolutely terrible. 95% failed to fire, and the few that did required a few strikes of the hammer to discharge. All other ammo I've found functions perfectly. Will not buy again"
– stark
1.0 5
"Bought a new Saiga .410, bought 100 rounds of Golden Bear #4 Buck and it does not eject. Tried gas setting #1 and it does not even try to eject. Put on gas setting #2 and the empty cartridge STOVE-PIPE jams every time. Shot some 3\" paper rounds and they work wonderfully. Do NOT buy this for a Saiga .410. Heard that these Golden Bear will not eject because after firing, they are still the same 2-3/4 inch length, but the paper rounds expand to a full 3 inches."
– Texas Shooter
5.0 5
"Bought this for my new Saiga 410. These not only shoot accurately, but I have zero feeding problems. I have found my new favorite ammo for this gun."
– Kenny