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Golden Bear .30-06 Springfield Full Metal Jacket Brass Plated Steel Case, 145 Grain, 2445 fps, 20 Round Box, AG30FMJ

Bear Ammo
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Simply put, this is some of the best ammo with a steel case on the market today, at an unbelievably great price! Get the reliability of brass, the cost of steel, and the performance of the Bear!

The Barnaul Machine Plant JSC is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant's history goes far in the past to the period of Alexander I. The Emperor ordered the opening of the first cartridge plants in St. Petersburg in 1869. During World War I the plant supplied the Russian Army and operated out of St. Petersburg, During World War II, the plant was relocated to Barnaul, where production of various types of cartridges began.

Distinctly different than anything else on the market, Golden Bear's name describes it's color but not its' unique construction; in which a brass coating encases the steel case. This design allows the ammunition to perform like a brass case at a fraction of the cost. Berdan priming allows for long-term shelf life and sure-fire ignition.

Caliber: .30-06 Springfield
Bullet Weight: 145 Grains
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2445 fps
Brass Plated Steel Case
Berdan Primed
Bi metal jacketed bullet will attract a magnet
20 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 54

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4.0 5
"This ammuntion is accurate at a resonable price. In my Remington 700 BDL, it holds groups of under 1 inch at 100 yards from a bench rest."
– Dan Lewis
4.0 5
"Used in my remington7400 with high capacity clip. no jams and accurate at 100 yds with a red dot scope. It will do the job..."
– good ammo
5.0 5
"I love this ammo!!! It's a really hot round that really gives a bang for your buck like no other..Just as a heads up..with this round my oncore shoots about three feet of flame out the barrel so I can't even tell if I hit my target or not due to the large ball of flame filling my reticle.."
– gunlover
1.0 5
"Horrible ammo...does not cycle properly when used in a M1 Garand. I then switched over to using some military surplus ammo and the surplus ammo worked fine. For some reason this ammo does not cycle very well in the Garand"
– Human
5.0 5
"I bought 80 rounds of this stuff and proceded to fire it through my Garand. It ran just fine in mine, not a single ftf or any other issue. I would reccommend. It might depend on your gun though (other reviewer's Garand wouldn't run it)."
– GarandShooter
5.0 5
"Slid 60 rounds through my H&R M1 this afternoon. Not a single failure to fire, or failure to feed. Great ammo for the price. I'll be ordering some more shortly. Thanks for another great deal CTD!!!"
– Dan
5.0 5
"I bought just 4 boxes of this ammo. Will be buying more! I used this stuff in the open desert with my brand new Savage model 111 with no problems at all. Clean shooting and smooth through the entire 4 boxes of ammunition. Shipping was unbelievable as always, very quick!"
– AZ
5.0 5
"This stuff is great I shoot it out of my bolt action, and it's very accurate. It is very dependable for half the cost of the cheapest around here!!!!!!!!!"
– chris m, manning sc
5.0 5
"This is the best price you'll find. I fired several rounds in two of my M1 Garand rifles, not a single misfire or cycle problem. This ammo worked flawlessly. Also fired this ammo in a 1903 Springfield and Model 1917 Enfield. Again, no problems, will definitely buy more."
– Garry
5.0 5
"At first I was skeptical about buying these. But they rock. I recommend them to everyone."
– B
4.0 5
"They shot and fed ok. If you just want a cheap ammo to play around with they are good for that. It wasn't quite as accurate as the Remington brand, but was ok. I was shooting about 3\" groups at 100 yards with the Remington, and more like 6 or 7 with the Golden Bear."
– ryan
5.0 5
"Ran about 100 rounds through my M1 Grand. No problems at all. I was very pleased with it's performance. I will buy more."
– chris
3.0 5
"I bought ten boxes of this ammo, took some and my M1 Garand to my local indoor gun range. I would like to say that it shot great but it didn't pass the magnet test! The projectile is almost completely steel. It's probaly a good round for penatration (AP) outside but not for indoor ranges where rules and regulations dictate."
– Ron
2.0 5
"This stuff has some coating on it that jammed up the bolt on my Remington 700 so bad that after about fifty shots the bolt was so difficult to operate I had to stop and ask myself whether I was damaging the rifle. I will not make this mistake again even for plinking."
– Jagged
4.0 5
"I put about a 100 of these rounds through my M1 Garand rifle. Functioned great! I had one that didn't fire due to a bad primer but you can't beat the bang you get for the buck with these bullets unless you want to reload your own. They have a weird indentation going around the back section of the round but they all looked like this and fired fine. They seemed to have a lot of powder punch in them but no damage to my op rod!! If you are looking for Garand safe .30-06, these are your bullets!"
– Sean B.
5.0 5
"I bought four boxes of this and shot for the afternoon this weekend. Fantastic ammo at a fantastic price. My Remington 742 BDL loved it. Not one issue and really wasn't that dirty. The muzzle flash is something else though. I had several people at the range ask what the hell was I shooting. I am ordering some more ASAP. Held very tight groups at 100 yds."
– Frank
5.0 5
"This ammo performed very well. I put an entire box through my Savage 111. Bought 4 more boxes already"
– Cpl Cromwell
5.0 5
"Had a blast shooting this stuff it\uFFFDs a little dirty but you can\uFFFDt beat the price also the muzzle flash was insane I had like a 5 foot flame coming out of the front of gun so not so good if you want to stay hidden"
– Tim
5.0 5
"Great ammunition. Was really accurate with iron sights around 100 yards standing and kneeling, after 200 rounds no problem feeding and ejecting with an SA M1 Garand. The only drawback was it is very dirty. I spent a good 75 minutes cleaning. But for the price I\uFFFDm not complaining. And like the guy below me I had a 3 foot fireball flying out my barrel in the middle of the day which I thought was cool."
– Raven
5.0 5
"Good, inexpensive ammo; the consensus at the range is the Russian ammo doesn't use flash suppressant, hence the flame out the muzzle. Some thought I was using hot loads."
– Wayne
4.0 5
"This ammo is a great value for the price, the only ammo I can find for a similar price is for some Federal at Walmart for $14. This ammo did not harm my M-1 Garand, and I am sure it would be even safer in a bolt-action. The Garand is supposed to be able up to a 180 grain bullet. Shipping was $11 for a small order. Thanks Cheaper Than Dirt."
– ed in s fl
4.0 5
"Ammo seemed to be pretty accurate while shooting at 75 and 150 yards groups were decent and doesn't seem overly dirty."
– Matt
4.0 5
"I think the previous reviews were accurate. Here's my take: I bought 200 rounds and fired 100 rounds through my Remington 700 (bolt-action). At 50 yards (max distance at the NRA range in VA), they weren't as accurate as the 20 rounds of American Eagle, which they sell at the range and that I started with, but the Bear were acceptably accurate. I thought the muzzle flash was acceptable. People at the NRA range didn't seem to mind. I don't think I had a 5' flash, though, more like 1', which is fine. The recoil is very easy/soft, so shooting a lot of this ammo is easy.The ammo definitely makes the gun dirtier than any other ammo I've fired. It took me an extra 20 minutes (more solvent/patches, too).Out of the 100 rounds, I had 2 \"difficult to extract\" cartridges. It took 2-3 cycles of the bolt to extract these 2 rounds. First time I had ever experienced that on this rifle, so it was a little unnerving, but acceptable overall.All in all, though, I will buy more of this ammo (at this or a lower price). If your main goal is to send lots of rounds down range at a very affordable price, then this is the best I've found on the internet so far (at ~$11/20rnds, incl shipping)."
– smurray
4.0 5
"I bought this ammo just on a whim because of the price, and I wasn't expecting very much. So I guess when I went to the range and put it though my Remington 770 I was overjoyed with its performance. The first three shots hit in virtually the same spot. Very clean with very little residue. I will definitely be ordering some more."
– JG in MO
5.0 5
"Shot 40 rounds with my Tikka T3 Light. No misfires, ammo is very clean, groups were great. Will definitely buy again."
– Andre T.
5.0 5
"I have ordered this ammo before (from another sight until I saw it here for cheaper) and have put approx. 500rnds of it through various rifles including my Remington 7400 semi-auto and my 1903 bolt. This ammo is cheap (lets face it, it's half price!) compared to others and it shoots amazingly well in every rifle I have tried it in. The only downside I have found (which is more of a fun bonus to the kids I shoot with) is that no matter what weapon I put it in, when I pull the trigger there is a 1ft+ length flame that comes out of the barrel (again...kinda cool, right?) - it hasn't damaged a single weapon though and it's been amazingly easy to clean after. It feeds well, I may have had 3-4 misfeeds with it out of the 500+ rounds, and even those are more likely my new mags than this great ammo. With it as this price, all I have to say is buy buy buy - get it while you can!"
– J. D.
3.0 5
"Just back from the range, 10 shot's with Mossberg 100 ATR, 3 failed to fire, rebooted these rounds, 2 went bang. Third one FtF 2 more times. Accuracy was not as good either. Rating is mainly for CTD's price and quick shipping!"
– Hunski
4.0 5
"Just finished a 2 day long range rifle class with this ammo in a Marlin 30/06. Ran very well but really smoky and a heck of a muzzle blast. My spotter would call hold to let the smoke clear. It rings a steel plate very audibly,only downside is it gets challenging after 400 yards. Overall good cheap stuff."
– j.l.
5.0 5
"Bought 3 boxes of this ammo from here a few days ago. I set up a frying pan at approx 100 yards and was hitting it just fine, but unsure of the groups as others shot at it to before I got to look. Set it up again at about 50 yards and put 2 shots threw basically the same hole, they were touching. I will for sure buy this ammo again for plinking at the range."
– EMAXX620
4.0 5
"I've purchased this as range ammo for my M1. For those who don't know, get an adjustable gas plug for your M1, save your operation rod some torture. I've gotten some of this from various places, and so far it's all shot, no failures of any kind. Muzzle flash, yeah lots of that, and a lil smokey. It does leave your weapon fairly dirty, but for the price, I don't care. Minus one bullet for the dirtiness."
– K.R.
5.0 5
"Shot a box worth out of my M1 this last weekend, worked well.Seemed a little warm but it functioned flawlessly, extraction and ejection were positive and consistent. Accuracy is good."
– Slim
4.0 5
"OK, so here's the straight skinny on this ammo. I'm using a Tikka T-3, taking my shots out to 200 Yrds. This ammo is a bit dirtier than other brands and has a significantly larger muzzel flash. The cases are NOT reloadable. None of this puts me off.It is accurate enough for sighting in any hunting rifle and after that, is just fun to shoot. This stuff is NOT a hunting round (FMJ) so keep that in mind when ordering. I had no \"Failure To Fire\" but then I'm using it in a hunting bolt action rifle. The price is right, thanks CTD. I will tell you this, if you take this stuff to the range, be prepared for some attention from the range staff and other shooters. The flash and report is a real attention getter,,,LOLI had two other shooters and one of the range staff take empty boxes with them so they could order some themselves."
– Roger In Miami
5.0 5
"I just got back from the range and could not be more happy with this ammo! I shot It out of a Browning BAR Mark 1 and it functioned flawlessly! It has VERY consistent accuracy too! I bought one box just to test it, but I WILL BE BUYING MORE! Thanks CTD for the best price on decent ammo!"
– Spencer
5.0 5
"Tried this ammo with my 1943 SA Garand and it worked flawlessly!!! No FTF, no missfires, and no problems whatsoever! Really good price for such a good round. Will be buying more soon!!! A++++"
– Mark From CA
5.0 5
"I shoot these rounds out of a bolt action .30-06 have no problems."
– Big boy
5.0 5
"This ammo shoots great in my Remington 770, which says a lot considering the 770 reports a lot of issues when it comes to cycling ammo. I also like how minimalistically the ammo is packaged, especially compared to Remington ammo. Definitely will buy more, and at this price, I can build myself a stockpile. (:"
4.0 5
"Been playing around a lot with ammo, going to keep this stuff on my \"keep in stock\" list. I did some semi-serious qualification this weekend; this stuff shoots groups much tighter than CMP surplus ammo, better than \"gun show bulk reload\" stuff, and almost as good as stuff that costs three times as much. Considering I'm firing it from a Remington 770 with OEM glass (3-9 fixed focus), it's certainly good enough. Never had a misfire or a misfeed.The loud report and the jet of flame are a plus! Giggle. So far, I haven't had any cleaning issues; nothing more than normal cleaning has been required.As for hunting, keep in mind it's FMJ, not soft point. The report shouldn't be an issue; I don't think you'll have animals stick around for a 157 db report, but run away when they hear one at 164 db.If you're a reloader, you probably aren't reading this review anyway, but it's not reloadable (plated steel)."
– Strongbow
4.0 5
"Great ammo. I shoot this in a 1943 SA Garand and have had no issues."
– Echo3389
5.0 5
"Bought this ammo for range shooting and to help sight in my Howa .30-06.This ammo is as good as it gets for any range/target shooting, and it might even do a hunter some good, too. I was able to sight in my Howa and had tight groups at 200 yards. You will be the focus on the range because this ammo does go boom. Several other shooters came over to ask what type of ammo I was shooting.I had a show and tell meeting several times during my shots. I had no issues with this ammo. It loaded and fired every time.This ammo is great for any range/target shooting. I will be buying more and the price is the best. Thanks, CTD."
– Bob
5.0 5
"Not the first time I've bought this stuff. As always, very quick shipping. My M1 Garand just eats this stuff up! I have several ammo cans full of this stuff for the upcoming zombie apocalypse!"
5.0 5
"I ordered these a few days ago and they came in yesterday, shot 5-6 Rnds and they are tack drivers, the penetration on steel plates were awesome, impressed me due to the bullets light weight; (145gr FMJ) they are what I expected of a .30 cal ball round and then some! Highly recommend these, will be stockpiling these for any Disaster/Survival situation cuz they'll punch through a medium sized tree an tag the enemy hiding behind it. I love them as said highly recommend them to Hunters and Survivalists"
– Andrew
3.0 5
"This ammo is only good for short range shooting. Anything over a 100 yards and the rounds are all over the target, even with a scope. Only good for target practice up to 100 yards max.. No problems with the ammo feeding into or firing from my rifle. Every round of ammo discharged.This ammo shoots dirtier than good quality and a higher price ammo would.You will need to spend a little more time cleaning your rifle."
– Bob
5.0 5
"Ordered this ammo when it was CHEAP and those days are long gone. Every round cycled properly and went bang. Laser sighted my glass at 100 yds and then worked my way out to 700 yds. This isn't ammo where you will be hitting 1MOA at 1,000 yards but it's good enough to keep your skills sharp."
– C
5.0 5
"Good price. Good product. Shot 2in groups @ 200 yds. Every one went bang and where I wanted it to. Good target rounds and maybe even hunting rounds, we'll see!"
– RWG Sr
5.0 5
"Shot 100 rounds pretty accurate, no issues."
– Walker
5.0 5
"This is the best FMJ round I've found PERIOD! I pumped 8 clips of this stuff through my M1 garand and never missed a beat. This is the perfect round for the M1 and the price you just can't beat!!!!"
– Aussie al
5.0 5
"just got a 1903 A3 Springfield and was not sure what ammo to use. I decided to try the least expensive(I was only shooting at paper targets)The golden bear ammo worked just fine. If you are just target shooting give it a try. You can't beat the price."
– cowboy mike
5.0 5
"Bullets arrive promptly they are.clean and in good shape. Good round to stock up on."
– ...
4.0 5
"Fired 40 rounds yesterday trying to sight my scope. Was impressed with these rounds. They fired somewhat clean and on target. Price is right."
– OZ
4.0 5
"Great ammo. Very hot load and the Garand never jammed with it.Buying another 6 boxes.Get ya some"
– Joey Badafuco
5.0 5
"I just love this ammo,good and cheap."
– 30-06
5.0 5
"Tried this out on my Fulton Armory M1 Garand and it worked just fine. The rounds didn't seem to be more powerful than some PPU ammo (designed for the M1). At $12/box, this stuff is a no-brainer"
– EA
5.0 5
"I buy this stuff regularly to shoot in my 1944 Springfield M-1 Garand rifle. My M-1 loves this stuff, never had a problem cycling the gas operation system of the Garand. It makes shooting my M-1 affordable."
– John
4.0 5
"Appears to be pretty decent stuff apart from the odd (exactly 1 in a box of 20) case which probably should have been rejected. They could have been deburred better though this is sort of a standard gripe for cheap ammo. No other complaint at all."
– canidsong